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Scientific Research:

Hip Dysplasia In Newborns And Infants – Everything You Need To Know From Diagnosis To Treatment & Prevention
In this article I present the risk factors of hip dysplasia, revealed by many scientific studies. What is the relation between swaddling, babywearing and hip dysplasia? Can parents prevent their babies from this condition?

The Role Of Father Involvement During Pregnancy And Childbirth
Find out why father’s involvement in pregnancy and childbirth is important and what are the benefits of his support. There have been some interesting studies on this topic conducted recently.

Postpartum Depression – Risk Factors, Symptoms & Effects (Overview Of Recent Studies)
There are lots of new studies on postpartum depression and its effects on mother and baby. See the newest findings and find out how postpartum depression differs from baby blues.

Autism vs Asperger Syndrome – Differences In Children’s Behavior & Functioning
In this article I focus on autistic disorder and Asperger syndrome. How do they differ in symptoms and how they affect child’s behavior? What are the early signs of autism?

Smoking During Pregnancy – Short-Term & Long-Term Effects
Effects of smoking during pregnancy are a very popular topic for scientific studies. The results are clear: it causes numerous health problems, both for the child and the mother.

Singing To Baby – How Does It Affect The Relationship Between Mother And Baby?
It turns out that singing to baby has a lot of positive effects – not only for baby’s cognitive skills, but also for baby-mother relationship. See the current studies outcomes.

Keeping Mother And Baby Together After Childbirth – Positive Effects Of Skin-To-Skin Contact
Uninterrupted skin-to-skin contact between mother and baby right after childbirth is recommended by WHO and UNICEF. How does it affect mom and baby health? Are there any contraindications?

Is The Firstborn Always Jealous Of The New Baby?
Arrival of the new baby changes the firstborn world. Read what psychological studies say about firstborn reaction to sibling and learn how to deal with child’s jealousy.

Mommy-Baby Bond: Building Attachment Through Oxytocin and Dopamine
Did you know that oxytocin is called “the cuddle hormone” and that it stimulates dopamine? Find out what is the relationship between oxytocin and dopamine and how they both affect mother-baby bonding.

C-Section – What Are The Benefits & Risks For Mother And Baby?
Find out what is the good and bad side of cesarean section – according to scientists and current research! Is C-section a better method of delivery than a vaginal birth?

Pregnancy & Disorders: Influence Of Obesity And Diabetes On You And Your Baby
Obesity and diabetes (both before and during the pregnancy) may have a big influence on the new mom’s and her newborn baby’s health. See the results of new research.

Tips For Parents:

New Strollers Coming Out In 2020 – First Sneak Peek
2020 is around the corner and I’m super excited about the new and upgraded strollers that are going to hit the market. Check which strollers are worth waiting for!

Should You Buy A Travel System Or Separate Car Seat And Stroller?
Lots of new parents wonder if it’s better to get a travel system as a set of matching car seat and stroller or get both pieces of baby gear separately. Which solution gives you better quality? Which one is more pocket-friendly?

Learning Through Play – The Importance Of Play In Child’s Healthy Development
In this article I’m focusing on educational activities that are both entertaining and helpful in supporting child’s development – especially their fine motor and gross motor skills, cognitive skills (logical thinking, problem-solving), as well as imagination, creativity and social skills.

Stroller vs Baby Carrier – Should You Get Both Or Pick One? (Pros & Cons)
There are multiple situations when using a child carrier is more beneficial, however in some cases pushing a stroller is more convenient than babywearing. So should you buy both or pick one (and which one)? In my article I focused on whether a baby stroller or baby carrier is more useful for travel and daily walks.

Tummy Time – What Is It & What Are Its Benefits For Baby’s Development?
How to do tummy time and when it is the right time to start it? Read more about its benefits and how to make it more enjoyable for your little one.

Flying With Baby – Advice, Tips & Tricks For First Travel With Baby
Here you can find my recommendations for your first flight with a baby: what to keep in mind and how to prepare for this trip. Find out which is more convenient for traveling with infant: stroller or baby carrier.

Side-by-side Double Stroller vs Tandem Double Stroller – Tips By Mom Of Twins
What stroller type is better for two babies: side by side or tandem? Find out what are the benefits and disadvantages of both types and choose a model that suits your style!

Which Items For Newborn Twins Are Really Useful & Necessary?
Which gadgets are truly “must-have” and will make your life easier and which products you can skip? Having twins don’t mean that you have to buy twice as much baby gear and spend a fortune!

Boba Wrap vs Baby K’tan Carrier – Which One Is Better?
Detailed comparison of two most popular baby wrap carriers. Which one is better and which one is easier to use for babywearing beginner? This article will give you the answers and help you to decide which wrap is best for you and your baby.

Baby swing vs baby rocker vs baby bouncer – Which one is best for your baby?
In this article you will find out what are the differences between baby swings, rockers and bouncers. Each of these devices has its own benefits and drawbacks. Choose the right one for your baby!

Do you need a carrier for your toddler?
Is there a good carrier for a 30-pound child? What are the benefits of using toddler carrier? When should you stop babywearing? My article will give you answers to these and many more questions.

How To Keep Baby Cool In Stroller – Mommy Advice
Summer around the corner but you’re not sure which temperature is safe to take your baby outside? Read my tips how to prepare to summer strollers and how to keep baby cool during heat.

When Should Babies Hold Their Own Bottles?
Are you curious when will your baby be able to hold the bottle? There are couple of things that you can do to encourage your little one, but also dangerous mistakes like bottle propping, that you should always avoid!

Why Are Bottles Bad for Toddlers’ Teeth? – Weaning Baby Of A Bottle
When and how to start weaning the baby from bottle? How to make this process easier for the child? AAP recommend to say goodbye to bottle around 12-18 months. Otherwise there may be unpleasant consequences like tooth decay.

How To Get Baby Poop Out Of Clothes – Tips For Removing Tough Baby Stains
Removing those pesky baby stains may be challenging but there are so proven methods to get rid of them! Find out how to remove poop, pee and spit-up stain from your baby’s clothes.

3 Wheel vs 4 Wheel Stroller – Which One Is Better?
Some parents prefer four wheel strollers and say that 3 wheels make the stroller unstable. Other love three-wheelers for their maneuverability and one-hand steering. I compared both types and made final assessment on whether a 3-wheel or 4-wheel stroller is better.

Stroller Maintenance & Cleaning – How To Keep Your Stroller In Good Condition
There are a few simple tricks that will help you to keep your stroller in good conditions. If you will properly take care of it, it will serve you for years!

New Strollers For 2019 – Quick Preview Of Strollers Coming Out Soon
Here is my list of new strollers that hit the market in 2019. Find out what top baby brands have prepared for parents this year and which buggies are worth waiting for.

Big kid stroller – what is it and why would parents need it?
Are you looking for a stroller for 60-pound child? Your 5-year-old still like to ride in a stroller sometimes? Or maybe you have a big child with medical conditions and you need a stroller that will serve you longer than a regular model? Don’t worry – this article will give you all information you may need about big kid strollers.

What is the best lightweight stroller for travel with baby?
If you’re going on a trip (by plane or by car) with your baby, you should read this article. Having good and portable lightweight stroller may be a game changer. There are buggies that you can even take as carry on!

Physical Activity In Postpartum Women: Benefits, Risks & Contraindications
Are you considering getting back to exercising after giving birth? Remember – safety first. Find out when can you start working out and what are the warning signs that your body is not ready yet, and what are the benefits of physical activity in postpartum.

Reading To Baby – Benefits For Baby And Parents (+Tips)
According to American Academy of Pediatrics reading to baby has a lot of positive effects on baby’s development. You can start reading to your baby from day one! How to do it? Read my article for some useful tips.

Living In A Small House With A Baby – Tips For First Time Parents
Having a baby doesn’t mean that you need to move into a bigger house. With my space-saving tips, you will learn how to prepare your studio apartment for your baby arrival.

All You Need To Know Before You Start Running With Special Needs Child
In this article I talk about running with special needs child – how to start, what equipment is needed and what are the benefits.

63 Best Christmas Gift Ideas For Baby (2019) + BONUS
Are you wondering how to choose a gift for 6-month-old baby or a 3-year-old toddler that would please the child and parents? My list includes the best gift ideas for Christmas – that won’t cost you an arm and a leg! 🙂 The list has been recently updated for 2019!

2019 Best Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals For Baby Stuff (Strollers, Carriers, Toys & More!)
Best promotions and discounts for baby strollers, carriers, toys, accessories and many more! Check my list of top Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.

Nutrition for toddlers. What can 1-year-old child eat?
Are you wondering what type of food you can include to your toddler diet? In this article I talk about products that 1-year-old can and can’t eat.

10 Baby Products Parents CAN Live Without
Is a high chair and wipe warmer really a must-have for first time parents? What items of baby gear you should skip and save you money on?

How to choose the right baby stroller – Buying guide
Most comprehensive and detailed stroller buying guide you will ever find! Find out what types of stroller are currently on the market and pick the right one for you and your little one.

Buying the first stroller – TOP 8 advices
Are you expecting your first baby and wondering what features your stroller should have? Read this article and avoid first-time parents common mistakes.

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