Stroller wagon for big kid – great stroller alternative?

Recently two stroller wagon combos appeared on the market. They combine functionality of strollers with a wagon’s large capacity. Can it be an alternative to a big kid stroller? What these wagons can offer to parents? Aren’t they too big for an everyday use? My thoughts on stroller wagons First of all, I need to […]

What is the best lightweight stroller for travel with baby?

When you are traveling with a baby you have to be prepared for any surprises. Properly chosen, safe and comfortable lightweight stroller can make family vacations much easier. Light, compact and portable stroller is a must have if you plan on traveling with your baby, no matter if you’re going to travel by plane, car, […]

77 Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Baby 2017 & 2018 + BONUS

To see the joy on a child’s face after unpacking Christmas gifts – it’s priceless. This moment is definitely worth the effort. No matter if it’s the first Christmas with the baby or the third one – I’m sure you want to it to be magical. Instead of running from store to store, take a […]

10 Baby Products Parents CAN Live Without

First visit to a baby store can make you feel dizzy 🙂 We have strollers, cribs, changing tables, cute and designer clothes, fluffy blankets, toys, stuffed animals and many other accessories… You may want to ask: which of these things we are going to REALLY NEED? Which baby items are a waste of money and we […]