Hatch Rest Vs. Rest Plus – Which Night Light Sound Machine Is Better?

Let’s talk baby sleep. Specifically, let’s compare two of the popular and best baby sound machines & night lights – Hatch Baby Rest vs. Hatch Rest Plus.

Hatch Rest Vs. Hatch Rest Plus

Everybody wants their baby to be a great sleeper, but the question is how? Spring for baby sleep experts? (How do you get a certificate in baby sleep, anyway?) Try out expensive baby sleep systems advertised on social media?

Or, try a parent-tested (and baby-approved) sound machine and nightlight? The Hatch sound machine first hit the market when it did well on the show “Shark Tank”. Since then, moms have been raving about how the Hatch Baby Rest helps their babies sleep better.

At first I was really hesitant about it, but I decided to opt for this regular version of Hatch Rest (I didn’t want to pay extra for the upgraded version). For my babies, who’ve always been light sleepers, it turned out to be really helpful and improved their sleeping pattern. Now they are all grown up preschoolers but still love their cute nightlights!

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Most Popular Choice
hatch rest
hatch rest baby plus
Best Features
❤️ It’s a 2in1 device: sound machine and night light
❤️ Lots of lullabies, soothing sounds, and lighting colors
❤️ You can control it with your phone
❤️ Cheaper than Rest+
❤️ It’s a night light, sound machine, 2-way audio monitor & alarm clock
❤️ You can control it with your phone or Alexa
❤️ Cord-free use thanks to rechargeable battery (perfect for travel & camping)
✖️If you have a separate baby monitor, you don't need this upgraded Rest+, just Original Rest version
Recommended by 29300+ verified buyers!
Recommended by 5400+ verified buyers!
Most Popular Choice
hatch rest
Best Features
❤️ It’s a 2in1 device: sound machine and night light
❤️ Lots of lullabies, soothing sounds, and lighting colors
❤️ You can control it with your phone
❤️ Cheaper than Rest+
Recommended by 29300+ verified buyers!
Availability & Price
hatch rest baby plus
Best Features
❤️ It’s a night light, sound machine, 2-way audio monitor & alarm clock
❤️ You can control it with your phone or Alexa
❤️ Cord-free use thanks to rechargeable battery (perfect for travel & camping)
✖️If you have a separate baby monitor, you don't need this upgraded Rest+, just Original Rest version
Recommended by 5400+ verified buyers!

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What’s The Difference Between The Hatch Rest and Hatch Rest Plus?

These devices look the same and share many of the same features – a touch ring controller, 9 white noise sounds, brightness options and the ability to control the device from another room with a smart phone app.

The Original Hatch Rest

  • Smartphone Controlled via the Hatch Sleep app (uses Bluetooth)
  • 10 lighting options + downloadable colors through the app
  • 11 sounds (9 white noise, 3 lullabies)
  • Time to Rise setting
  • Programs for naps, overnight and wake up
  • Toddler lock prevents your child from adjusting settings on their own

The Hatch Rest +

  • Control with your smartphone via the Hatch Sleep app (uses a WiFi connection)
  • 10 lighting options + down-able colors through the app
  • 11 sounds (9 white noise, 3 lullabies)
  • Time to Rise setting
  • Programs for naps, overnight and wake up

Additional Features Only On Hatch Rest +

  • Hands-free voice control with Alexa compatibility
  • A two-way audio monitor: you can hear AND talk to your child through it
  • An alarm clock
  • Rechargeable battery holds 8 hrs of power, offering cord-free use

Should I Choose Hatch Baby Rest Or Rest +?

If you already have a baby monitor with video and audio, Rest version will be sufficient for you, and you don’t need the upgraded Rest+ which costs extra few dollars.

If you’re on smaller budget, it may be a good idea to get the original Hatch Baby Rest, which is more pocket-friendly, and combine it with one of the cheap best baby monitors under $100.

On the other hand If you like the idea of having 3in1 device (nightlight, sound machine and audio monitor), the Rest+ is your best bet. You won’t have to spend more money on separate audio baby monitor.

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Hatch Rest Review

The Hatch Rest is a quality sound machine with a lot more features than typical white noise sound machines: lighting options, sleep programs, wake up features and more!

As you can see in the picture the base of this device only features Hatch logo, but there is no digital clock – in contrast to Plus version.

Hatch Rest Night Light Sound Machine
Hatch Rest

Smartphone Controls

First of all, it can be controlled by an app on your phone – this means you don’t have to enter baby’s room to adjust the volume! That, my friends, is probably the best feature.

While the machine will work without the app, functionality is limited, and really – don’t you love the option of using bluetooth to manage all the controls of your child’s nightlight?

You can set up the lights and noises directly on the device, but if your baby has been sleeping soundly for the past hour, do you really want to crawl into their nursery just to adjust the volume?

No, dear parents, you want to use the wonderful app, while sitting on the couch or cozy in your own bed, to turn down the sound.


A night light that does so much more: with different colors, time settings and even wake up options.

10 Light Settings

The Baby Hatch is a sound machine / night light – and the nightlight part is really important, because it can be a dim light for midnight diaper changes, and later on, a reading light for bedtime stories.

If, you’ve ever considered changing a baby’s diaper in complete darkness, just to not risk turning on the bright light and fully waking your newborn, please, just get the Hatch Baby Rest!

With the Hatch Baby Rest, you can choose a specific light setting (I like the red-tone light the best) to help keep the room as dim as possible, but still properly clean up that dirty diaper.

Hatch Rest Review and comparison vs hatch rest plus


The Hatch Rest machine is designed to help your baby learn to fall asleep and stay asleep. It includes features like customizable lights (over 10 colors and an endless color wheel) to keep your baby happily dozing off in their crib, relaxing to all those colors and the soothing sounds.

As your child grows, you can choose a color that means bedtime. For example, perhaps ‘blue means bedtime’ for your kids – simply set the light to remain blue from 7:30 pm until 7:00 am. While they may not be able to read a clock just yet, they can understand they need to stay in their bed as long as the color is blue.

Wake Up

Here’s where it gets really good: use the Baby Rest app to teach your child appropriate morning rise times.

If your toddler is anything like mine, it’s unlikely he or she will need anything to wake up – what the light does is tell your kids it is NOT time to rise, and they should stay quietly in their room until the light turns green (or whatever color you select that means ‘wake up’).


As a white noise machine, it has over 11 different sounds to choose from, everything from ocean waves, wind and rain.

The sound quality of the Hatch Baby Rest is great and parents shared how well their newborns slept with this device, compared to other noise machines.

Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine and Night Light


With the Hatch Sleep app, you can set up various programs: design a nap program for your baby’s 1 hr afternoon nap, and another for nighttime rest.

Power Cord

One negative aspect of this machine, which many parents remarked on, is that that electric cord on the Hatch Rest is quite short. You may need to set up your nursery with the outlet location in mind, just for the Hatch to be in a good spot.

PRO TIP: Don’t forget to read reviews written by other parents who have bought the original Rest and have been using it for a while. Check reviews on Hatch website here >>

Hatch Rest + Review

The Rest+ is an upgraded version of the original Hatch nightlight, with some additional features.

Hatch Rest Plus Review and Comparison vs. Hatch Rest
Hatch Rest Plus

Smartphone Control With Alexa Compatibility

A device of the future: you can control it your phone or with your own voice.

You still need to download the Rest App to get the most functionality out of the Hatch Plus, and requires that you connect to Wi-Fi in order to set up.

But once you’ve done that, all of the controls are at the tip of your finger (or, even your lips!) Just state a command to control the led clock, adjust clock brightness, change the volume level or choose a from different noises to help your baby down for the night.

A Two-Way Audio Monitor

A device that does more: this sound machine / night light is also a two-way audio monitor. You can hear your crying baby, or even soothe them with your own voice with with Hatch+.

But, the device must be connected to WiFi for this function to work.

Hatch Baby Rest Plus


It offers all the same 10 light features as the original Baby Rest, with intuitive lighting options and adjustable brightness levels, so you can get the perfect brightness for that late-night feeding.

Wake Up

It has the same “Wake up” feature to teach your kids what time in the morning they can get up and start the day.


This device has the same great sound quality, and 11 sound options as the original Hatch Baby Rest.

LED Clock

The Hatch Rest + also has an alarm clock / digital clock that displays at the bottom of the device, for your convenience. You can use it as your child’s alarm, later on.

Hatch Rest Plus - you can steer it with your phone or Alexa

Cord-Free Use

Whereas one of the limitations of the original was the short power cords, the Plus has a built-in battery, so if it accidentally becomes unplugged, it will still operate (for 8 solid hrs).

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Which Smart Sound Machine Is Best: Hatch Baby Rest Vs. Rest Plus?

So, what’s the final verdict? Honestly, these are both great devices, so the real contest here isn’t which one has the most bells and whistles – it’s which one best suits your family and home.

And the real winner, friends, is not the baby sound machines: but happy, well-rested babies (and their parents!).

Original Hatch Baby Rest

Parents that already have an audio or video monitor and are looking for something to use during baby and toddler years should pick the original version.

Hatch Rest+

A do-it-all device that serves as an alarm clock, nightlight, sound machine and two-way audio monitor: this is the best pick for new parents that are after one machine will be useful for years ahead.

Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machines – FAQ

Before you decide to add one of these two smart devices to your little one’s nursery, here are few more things you should know.

Is The Hatch Machine Worth It?

So, is a night light / sound machine that has lighting options to change a diaper in the middle of the night really worth it? Do you need a device with colored lights for drowsy babies and programs for both naps and nighttime?

Is Hatch Rest worth it

What about a “time to rise” setting to help toddlers stay in bed just a few minutes longer? Absolutely! This machine is so helpful.

This product is a total game changer for baby’s sleep. the Hatch Baby Rest device is totally worth the cost.

Is The Hatch Rest Plus Worth It?

The Hatch Rest+ has a few features different from the original Hatch baby rest: namely, it can be controlled with Alexa voice commands, and doubles as a baby monitor. Yes, it is a bit of a splurge, but not when you think of how helpful these features are.

If you do not already have a baby monitor, I think this is a good buy, because the Hatch Rest + really does so much – you’ll be using this device for years.

Is Hatch Rest or Hatch Rest Plus better?

Can You Play Music On Hatch Baby Rest?

No, you cannot play your own music on the Hatch Baby Rest. There is a “library” of nine white noise sounds and three different lullabies to choose from.

The only music you can play is from those three lullabies on the sound machine. They have been specially selected to help little ones relax and drift off on their own.

How Long Does Hatch Rest Plus Battery Last?

The Hatch Rest+ has a backup battery that lasts for 8 hrs. This battery kicks on if electricity is cut off. You could even take this in an RV and use it for that first night, no electricity needed!

Which Hatch Sound Is Best?

Which is best? Well, parents, that depends on if you want something more hi-tech that plays multiple roles in your nursery, can be linked with Alexa and be an audio monitor, then go with the Rest Plus.


If you already have a monitor and are looking for something that focuses solely on helping your baby sleep better, then you cannot go wrong with the original Hatch Rest.

But in the end, the real winner is not either of these baby sound machines, but happy well-rested babies (and their parents!).

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