2024: Safe & Best Baby Carrier For Hip Health & Hip Dysplasia Prevention

Babies love being cuddled and cradled in their parents arms. But you can’t do it all day, right? Your arms would hurt and you wouldn’t be able to do any of your daily tasks. But there is solution to that: using an ergonomic & best baby carrier, safe for hips of your child! It has emotional benefits too and it’s perfect for bonding

High Quality Comfortable Best Baby Carriers 2024 Chosen By Mom best baby carrier hip dysplasia prevention

Key Takeaways:

  • You should only use hip-healthy baby carriers that keep your infant in natural frog position (M-shaped legs, knees higher than the bum, things supported from knee to knee and C-shaped spine). This allows their hips for natural flexibility and develop in healthy way.
  • If you want to be extra safe, look for hip dysplasia certified baby carrier.
  • After testing dozens of baby carriers I found this Ergobaby Omni 360 to be the best baby carrier to prevent hip dysplasia. It has ergonomic, adjustable seat, and it is safe for baby’s hips in every position (whether you carry your baby in facing in or facing out position).
  • The best wrap carrier for hip health is this Solly Baby <<

There are hundreds of different baby carriers on the market, but as it is with other baby gear – not all of them are worth recommendation and investment. It may be really confusing and difficult to choose proper carrier that would be comfortable and safe for the child and you. But don’t worry – Zooey‘s got your back. 🙂

In this article I present you my favorite 5 carriers, in various styles and designs, and wide price range. My list includes only most quality and versatile carriers that are highly recommended by hundreds of parents. Choose the one that best suits your life style!

This article is not a substitute for medical advice or consultation. It may contain affiliate links.

Most Hip-Healthy Carrier
Ergobaby Omni 360
Easiest To Use
Best Features
❤️ Suitable from birth without infant insert (from 7 lbs)
❤️ 4 safe carrying positions (including outward facing)
❤️ Fantastic option for at least 3 years of babywearing
✖️Not the most affordable carrier
❤️ Most breathable soft-structured summer carrier - made from linen
❤️ Includes lumbar support and crossable shoulder straps
❤️ Super easy to put on and adjust
✖️ Doesn't allow to carry baby facing forward
❤️ Padded with ultra-soft and breathable fabric
❤️ Available in many beautiful and cute patterns
❤️ Works perfect as first baby carrier
✖️ May be more comfortable to start using it when baby is few weeks old
Recommended by 93% of verified buyers!
Recommended by 89% of verified buyers!
Recommended by 88% of verified buyers!
Most Hip-Healthy Carrier
Ergobaby Omni 360
Best Features
❤️ Suitable from birth without infant insert (from 7 lbs)
❤️ 4 safe carrying positions (including outward facing)
❤️ Fantastic option for at least 3 years of babywearing
✖️Not the most affordable carrier
Recommended by 93% of verified buyers!
Easiest To Use
Best Features
❤️ Most breathable soft-structured summer carrier - made from linen
❤️ Includes lumbar support and crossable shoulder straps
❤️ Super easy to put on and adjust
✖️ Doesn't allow to carry baby facing forward
Recommended by 89% of verified buyers!
Best Features
❤️ Padded with ultra-soft and breathable fabric
❤️ Available in many beautiful and cute patterns
❤️ Works perfect as first baby carrier
✖️ May be more comfortable to start using it when baby is few weeks old
Recommended by 88% of verified buyers!
Availability & Price

5 Best Baby Carriers For Hip Dysplasia Prevention – Reviews

Ready to find the best baby carrier for hip support? Here are my top 5 choices, safe for babies and comfy for parents!

1. Ergobaby Omni Baby Carrier – One Of The Best Baby Carriers For Plus Size Moms

This is one of the newborn-ready carriers from Ergobaby. It’s suitable from 7 to 45 lbs which means you can use it from birth, if your newborn baby weighs more than 7 pounds. And it works best up to approx. 3 years.

Ergobaby Omni - Provides most natural position for the baby
Ergobaby Omni

This soft structured carrier comes in 4 versions: made from cotton, made from cotton+mesh (Ergobaby Omni 360 Mesh), made from premium and softest cotton (Omni Dream) and the last one made from most breathable fabric (Ergobaby Omni Breeze).

Cool Air Mesh version is perfect choice if you are having your baby during summer months or if you live in a warmer climate. If you need something even more breathable, go to the Breeze – it allows the air to circulate through and keeps the little one from sweating.

Now let me tell you more about its useful features that you’re going to love. First of all, it offers 4 carrying positions.

You can carry your child on your front – this position is suitable from birth. As the baby gains more neck and head control (around 5 months) you can start using facing out carrying position. And when the baby can sit upright unassisted you can also use your Ergobaby Omni as a backpack carrier and wear it on your back or try hip carry position.

Another important thing is that Ergobaby Omni has been rec ognized as “hip healthy product” by The International Hip Dysplasia Institute. It means that all carrying positions are ergonomic and allow the infant to rest in most natural position (with M-shaped legs).

It’s crucial especially during the first 6 months when baby’s developing hips are at greatest risk of dysplasia. This baby carrier supports the infant in frog position which promotes healthy hip and spine development and prevents from dysplasia.

In Ergobaby Omni child can keep their knees bent and higher than the bum, and the spine is naturally rounded. It doesn’t force the child to straighten legs and back too early. Instead, it gives good support for infant’s bottom, thighs and back and keeps the them snuggly.

The bucket seat can be adjusted as the baby grows so it always supports baby’s thighs from knee to knee, as recommended by babywearing experts. There is also extendable back panel which you can adjust to provide proper neck and back support, accordingly to baby’s size.

This ergonomic design makes Omni simply one of best baby carriers for hip dysplasia prevention!

Ergobaby Omni - Suitable from birth
Omni easily adjust to petite and plus size parents

Of course as one of the top baby carriers, Ergobaby Omni is ultra-comfortable not only for the child, but also for the wearer. Parents can easy adjust all straps to find the most comfortable fit for their body size.

Wide, padded shoulder straps can be worn straight (like backpack straps) or X-crossed – perfect solution especially for petite moms. There is also wide adjustable waist belt (long enough for plus-size moms and dads).

Thanks to all those features Ergobaby Omni ensures even weight distribution and doesn’t strain parent’s hips, pelvic area or shoulders. Moreover, some parents even say the weight spread is so great they barely feel toddler’s weight!

And since all straps have wide range of setting they fit parents with petite or large body frame.

What also makes Omni one of the highly-recommendable baby buckle carriers in 2024 is its user-friendly design. I went though hundreds reviews and according to parents who have Omni, it is perfect e for beginners, as well parents who are often on the go and need a baby carrier that is simple to use and adjust.

There’s no need for infant insert, so you can put it on and position the child really quickly.

Thanks to crossable shoulder straps kid’s weight is more evenly distributed along wearer’s shoulders and back. Most users agree that even when you wear it for few hours it doesn’t strain your back and doesn’t cause hip pain. Parents also praise the quality and durability of the material.

Ergo Omni best baby carrier hip dysplasia
Omni has lots of padding on shoulder straps and waist belt to prevent you from shoulder strain or hip pain

Something that customers might complain is that the waist belt lacks padding on the sides so it may rub your skin a bit. On the other hand, padding on the lumbar area and belly is awesome.

Parents also recommend getting the Air Cool Mesh or this Breeze (now up to $60 cheaper!) for warm weather, as the cotton version gets hot quicker.

Ergobaby Omni is great choice if you:

  • Want a carrier that grows with the child and can be used from birth up to about 3 years.
  • Want a baby carrier that supports the child in natural, frog position and contributes to proper hip development.
  • Love to have multiple carry positions (including outward facing).
  • Need an easy to put on carrier that doesn’t require infant insert.

Ergo Omni may not be good choice if you:

  • If you want less bulky carrier or are looking for the best affordable baby carrier (in that case go for this Ergobaby Embrace which is a fantastic newborn-ready, hip-healthy, and super-lightweight buckle carrier).

2. Baby Tula Free-To-Grow – Cutest & Softest Buckle Baby Carrier For 2024

This is the most fashionable and super cozy baby carrier in this ranking, and it will definitely continue to be one of the best selling buckle carriers in 2024.

Baby Tula Free To Grow Carrier
Baby Tula Free To Grow Carrier

Baby Tula Free To Grow comes in two version. One is made of 100% cotton, the other one has a mesh vent in the middle of the back panel for increased circulation. Of course the mesh version is a better choice for summer and warm climate, because it’s more breathable.

Tula is available in SO MANY COLORS and fashionable designs! The brand often adds new prints to their collection and some of the older fashions get cheaper! My favorites from the current collection are Three Dots and Love – which you can see in my review here.

Keep in mind that the availability and pricing changes frequently so don’t forget to check which patterns are now on sale.

Now let’s talk about Baby Tula features. It can be used from 7 pounds without the need for any infant insert. The maximum capacity is 45 lbs, but in most cases this carrier will serve parents up to 2-3 years. It’s a fantastic infant-to-toddler baby carrier that is safe for hips.

It offers 2 carrying positions: you can wear your baby on your front facing inward and on your back. Front inward position is great for newborns, infants and toddlers.

What distinguishes Tula is that you can adjust it for your newborn or older child to ensure safest & ergonomic position. It gives you the ability to adjust the width of seat and length of the body panel, as your little one grows so their thighs are always supported from knee to knee.

Furthermore, this awesome carrier doesn’t force the child to straighten the spine artificially. It provides proper support for infant’s natural position (frog position) with M-shaped legs, bent hips and C-shaped spine. It allows baby’s spine and hips to develop at natural pace.

Baby Tula Free To Grow - Spread Squat Position
Tula keeps the baby in spread squat position which is best for their hips

Baby Tula Free-To-Grow has been included in the list of “Hip Healthy Products” made by The International Hip Dysplasia Institute. It provides good support for infant’s legs (and prevents them from dangling).

This high-quality baby carrier is oh-so comfy for parents too. It has highly adjustable shoulder straps and waistband with wide range of settings – for petite and large parents. Shoulder straps have rich padding to minimize the shoulder and neck strain.

The design of straps and buckles makes it quick to put on and take off. And nothing digs into your skin or hurt your underarms and breasts. Besides, it can be shared between wearers, because it adjusts even for plus size moms and very tall dads.

The soft and rich padding and multiple adjustments allow for even weight distribution and thanks to that you don’t experience back pain even after long periods of carrying. According to parents who left an online review of Tula Free To Grow – it is the softest & coziest buckle carrier.

Baby Tula hip dysplasia baby carrier

Other features of this soft-structured carrier include: foldable hood that protects the baby from sun and wind (it can be also used during breastfeeding to give you and your child more privacy), and a storage pocket on the waistband.

There is one thing you should keep in mind – some parents noticed that not all newborns fit this carrier and sometimes you need to wait a few weeks to start using it. Consult your pediatrician and/or babywearing expert to make sure that your baby is ready for the carrier.

Tula Free To Grow is great choice if you:

  • Would like to have a carrier with ultra-soft fabric that is very comfy for the baby.
  • Want to have facing out carrier, that keeps the child in ergonomic position all the time.
  • Want a soft structured carrier that is probably most comfortable to wear and quickest to put on.
  • Would like to have a carrier with beautiful, unique pattern.

Tula Free To Grow may not be good choice if you:

3. WildBird Aerial – Easiest To Use Buckle Carrier

Aerial is fairly new on the market and it’s rather on the high end. So why did I include it in my ranking of the best baby carriers 2024? The answer is simple. It has fantastic simple design, it serves parents even up to 4 years, and it’s way less bulky than other buckle carriers, because it’s made from lightweight and breathable linen fabric.

WildBird Aerial suitable from birth
WildBird Aerial

This WildBird Carrier is suitable from 7 to 45 pounds. It can be used from birth (if the newborn weigh at least 7 lbs), and you don’t need any infants inserts.

This baby carrier is truly a long-term investment. Many parents start using it from day one and carry even 4-year-old kids in it!

Thanks to it’s ergonomic design infants can sit in a position that is safe for their hips, with their legs in M-like shape.

It is definitely one of my favorite newborn-ready carriers!

It has been recognized as one of the “Hip Healthy Products” by The International Hip Dysplasia Institute. It doesn’t interfere with natural hip development and allows the child to rest in most ergonomic position (frog position, also called spread-squat position).

In WildBird Aerial infant can maintain rounded spine, bent hips and keep knees higher than the bottom. This position is most natural for the baby during first ~6 months. At this time baby usually gains neck and head control and starts sitting unassisted. Then you can start using Aerial as backpack carrier (for back carry).

WildBird is also very comfortable for older infants and toddlers. It offers plenty room even for a big baby. I’ve read many customer reviews of this carrier and it can be used well into toddlerhood.

WildBird Aerial one of the top choices of best baby carrier for hip dysplasia 2024
WildBird Aerial is comfortable for infants and kids even up to 4 years

This buckle carrier has pretty simple design and offers 2 carrying positions: front carrying inward facing and back carrying (for older kids who can sit upright). These are the most useful and popular positions and in many cases they are totally sufficient.

I love that Aerial has next pillow for the baby which you can fold down for extra support for smaller baby or keep it up for taller child.

Now let’s see what features this amazing baby carrier includes for parents’ convenience.

There are wide, padded shoulder straps that adjust for different body types which allow to spread baby’s weight along your shoulders and back. You are going to love the fact that they are not crazy bulky like on other carriers – which means they won’t be sliding off of your shoulders.

The waist belt also offers wide range of width settings. And the best thing is that this strap is fully padded on each side so nothing digs in or rubs your skin (other baby carriers have padding at the back and front, but lack it on the sides). Big plus for WildBird!

All straps are easy to adjust so you could fit the perfect tightness and snugness for your body and your baby size.

The shoulder straps are X-crossed at the back which ensures even better weight distribution, and they also prevent back strain. They are also incredibly easy to clip, even with a squirmy baby!

Wildbird baby carriers good for hips
All buckles are very easy to reach so you won’t have problems with putting with baby carrier on by yourself!

What’s more, it’s so easy to adjust the baby in it and lower the carrier for nursing – it’s definitely a breastfeeding-friendly carrier. Plus the fabric is machine-washable so the whole carrier is easy to clean (no need to worry about milk stains!).

Except for being so easy to use, WildBird Aerial is also super breathable, because it’s made from linen. In contrast to other soft-structured carriers it is so much more lightweight and keeps both of you from sweating and overheating.

There’s one more thing – it comes in two sizes so it will fit both petite parents and caregivers with bigger body frame.

WildBird is great choice if you:

  • Want a soft structured carrier for hot summer that won’t make you sweaty.
  • Would prefer one baby carrier that you can use from birth to toddlerhood.
  • Want a carrier that is comfortable even for older and bigger kiddo (3-4 years old).
  • Would like to have a simple to use carrier that super easy to put on when you’re alone.
  • Want the best baby carrier for hip support (both for the baby AND YOU!).

WildBird Aerial may not be good choice if you:

  • Want a carrier that offers more carrying positions.
  • Are on tight budget,

4. Lillebaby Complete Airflow – Best Baby Carrier For Back Pain In 2024

Lillebaby Complete Airflow is the most versatile model in my ranking of 2024 best baby carriers, when we consider available carrying positions.

Lillebaby Complete Airflow - Extendable back panel
Lillebaby Complete Airflow

Similar to Ergobaby Omni and Baby Tula, Lillebaby is suitable from 7 to 45 lbs. Therefore if your newborn baby’s weight meets the lower limit you can use this Lillebaby carrier – and you don’t need an infant insert.

It offers 6 carrying positions. You can wear Lillebaby Complete Airflow on your front (with newborn, infant or toddler), on your hip and back. There is also possibility to carry the baby facing outward.

What’s really great is that this soft-structured carrier has cupped seat that can be adjusted, accordingly to baby’s age and size. Thanks to that the child can always rest in the position that is most natural for their development stage.

With Lillebaby Complete Airflow you can carry your newborn on your front and the baby can be positioned in natural frog position (with knees bent and higher than the bum and legs in M shape). This ergonomic baby carrier provides support for baby’s legs from knee to knee.

In this position child can maintain naturally rounded back and the carrier supports their spine, hips and thighs. At the beginning (~first 3 months) baby’s arms are inside Lillebaby Airflow, legs can be both – inside and outside the carrier, depending on how you adjust the seat width.

Lillebaby Complete Airflow - All carrying positions
All carrying positions that Lillebaby Complete Airflow offers

Of course facing out position is suitable only for a child who can hold their head up and I would rather recommend it only for short periods (you can read more in my article about baby carriers safety rules). But the good news is that Lillebaby allows for facing out carrying, while keeping the baby in ergonomic position, without straining their crotch and hips.

As the child grows you can adjust the seat width, as well as the head and neck support (there is extendable back panel). There is also foldable hood which can be used for protection from sun and wind or when the baby need privacy (during nursing or napping). It provides additional head support.

PRO TIP: Whenever you use the hood or extended back panel, check baby’s airways more frequently.

All in all Lillebaby Complete is a fantastic infant-to-toddler carrier and it can fit even chunkier kiddos.

It is made from mesh fabric that allows the air to circulate through, and it wicks the moisture away. Thanks to that you and the baby can stay cool longer. The whole carrier is machine washable

As you can see Lillebaby Complete is very comfortable for the baby, supports infant’s natural position and actually grows with the baby. How about parents comfort: is Lillebaby Airflow comfy for the wearer as well?

There is a wide sturdy waist belt with rich padding. Lillebaby carrier has also a special pillow in lumbar spine area. This makes it an amazing baby carrier for parents who struggle with back pain. This awesome lumbar support is a unique feature of Lillebaby carriers.

It provides good support for lower back, doesn’t strain wearer’s hips and allows to evenly distribute baby’s weight. Many customers praise Lillebaby Complete Airflow for being easy on their back or even helping with removing some pressure off their lower back.

According to customers all adjustments take a bit practice, but after few times you’ll be able to quickly adjust the carrier to your body type and find the perfect fit.

Lillebaby Complete Airflow - Best carrier for back pain
Lillebaby Complete Airflow is often recommended as best carrier for back problems because it offers great lumbar support and thanks to wide, padded straps it doesn’t strain your shoulders or neck

This is one of the best-sellers among ergonomic & high-quality baby carriers. It has few hundreds reviews on Lillebaby website (you can check here for yourself). It’s truly incredible score.

Some parents complain the fabric is a little rough and may irritate baby’s skin, but it gets softer after a few uses.

Another drawback is that Lillebaby Complete is less comfortable for petite wearers (see for example these customer reviews: this customer review & this mom review). Some small parents complain it doesn’t adjust all the way to their size and feels bulky. For average and plus size parents this carrier works great.

Lillebaby Complete Airflow is great choice if you:

  • Want a carrier that offers multiple position for front, hip and back carrying, including facing out
  • Struggle with back pain and need a carrier that would be easy on your back
  • Need a carrier for plus size mom (or dad)

Lillebaby Complete Airflow may not be good choice if you:

  • Are a very small person (for example less than 5’2″ tall) and have petite upper body
  • Are looking for an inexpensive carrier

5. Solly Baby Wrap – Best Baby Carrier Wrap For Summer

I decided to include Solly Baby Wrap as an example of best baby carrier 2024, because it is a fantastic solution for newborns and smaller babies. And since this wrap is very unique, because of innovative ultra-soft and airy fabric, it’s perfect for all year round babywearing. It’s also the most inexpensive baby carrier for hip health.

Solly Baby Wrap for dad
Solly Baby Wrap – fantastic carrier for dad

Solly Baby Wrap is not only an amazing carrier for warm weather, but it’s also user-friendly and according to dozens of parents – it’s easier to put on than many other baby wraps!

You’ll love this wrap because it doesn’t make the wearer or the baby sweaty and hot. It is the most breathable wrap out there, that is easy to tie at the same time.

Of course it does require learning tying method which takes some time, but trust me. This infant carrier wrap is the best one in terms of lightweight design and provided air circulation. It wicks moisture away, allow the air to go through which means you and the baby don’t get overheating. This makes it a great baby carrier for Disney Vacation and warm weather for example in Florida.

Another great thing about this wrap is that it’s suitable from birth and supports baby in the natural position. You’ll be able to easily position your infant in frog position (with M-shaped legs and C-shaped spine). This wrap carrier support infant’s body, without putting pressure on their delicate spine and developing hips.

What’s important Solly Baby Wraps are approved as hip-healthy by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute. They promote healthy hip development and may prevent from hip dysplasia.

Solly Baby Wrap - this is how you tie it around your body
This is how you tie it around your body. According to majority of parents this carrier is much easier and comfortable to wear than other baby wraps and it is the best wrap carrier for summer thanks to its innovative breathable, lightweight fabric

It’s actually a perfect choice as first baby carrier. Besides, it costs much less than high-quality soft structured carriers (you can read more about different types of carriers here).

This baby wrap carrier by Solly Baby is suitable up to 25 pounds. Parents usually use the wrap from birth up to 9-12 months. They love how easy it is to put on and to position the baby – it takes only a little practice. Instruction are easy to follow. Lots of parents say that this is the easiest baby wrap carrier out there!

It can be used for front carrying, facing inward position. It’s a newborn and infant carrier, and because of that it doesn’t allow for outward carrying or back carrying. Nevertheless, during the period of first 9 months, the front inward facing position is sufficient.

It really imitates the way baby felt in the womb. Thus it has lots of emotional benefits (for example it helps with soothing and putting child to sleep, facilitates parent-baby bonding and helps with colic).


Now it’s a perfect time to get this wrap at more affordable price. Get 10% OFF your favorite color with code: LITTLE10. >>Grab your discount here<<

Another feature that distinguishes Solly Baby Wrap among the most amazing infant carriers in 2024 is its beautiful design and lots of fashionable patterns.

What’s also important is that Solly Baby Wrap comes in one size – it’s a long piece of a fabric. According to many customers it’s easy to adjust it to make it comfortable to wear and snuggle for the child. Even very short moms (5ft tall) and tall plus size moms don’t have any problems with adjusting it to their body.

Moreover, the thing that parents often rave about is the perfect combination of stretch and support this fabric gives. It’s lightweight, elastic and flexible therefore you can easily form it around your body, while being very supportive for infant’s body.

Because of one universal size the Solly Baby Wrap can be shared with other caregivers which is a big plus. Dad can borrow it from mom too!

Solly Baby Wrap is safe for baby's hip joints because it keeps the legs in M-shaped position
Solly Baby Wrap is safe for baby’s hip joints because it keeps legs in M-shaped position and back naturally rounded

Another advantage is that it’s comfortable to wear, it distributes kiddo’s weight across wearer’s body in a proper way, therefore it doesn’t strain your back or shoulders.

The only thing that several moms noticed is that the fabric shows some signs of wear after few months, especially if you wear it for many hours each day.

Solly Baby Wrap is great choice if you:

  • Need a breathable baby carrier for warm weather
  • Want a wrap, but you don’t want to sweat while wearing it
  • Would like to have a carrier that snuggles the baby and forms tightly around infant’s body
  • Are looking for an inexpensive baby carrier

Solly Baby Wrap may not be good choice if you:

  • Would prefer soft structured carrier that offers more carrying positions
  • Want a carrier that will serve you longer than for a year
  • Want more simple carrier that is quicker to put on (in this case check out this WildBird sling – it also allows for skin-to-skin snuggles, but doesn’t require tying and is super easy to use)

Final Decision: What Is The Best Baby Carrier To Prevent Hip Dysplasia?

After testing so many options and going through dozens of online reviews, I think that Ergobaby Omni 360 is the best baby carrier for hip dysplasia prevention. It offers the best hip support and ensures the baby maintains the safest position for healthy hip development.

My rate:

The purpose of this article is informative. It’s not a substitute for professional medical advice or medical care. Remember: safety first! Consult your doctor/pediatrician in case of any doubts. The author of this article does not accept any responsibility for any liability, loss or risk, personal or otherwise, incurred as a consequence, directly or indirectly, from any information or advice contained here. This post contains affiliate links. If you choose to buy something using these links, I receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you. Your support helps me run this blog.


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