67 Best Christmas Gift Ideas For Baby (2023) | For Every Budget

Best Christmas Gift Ideas For Baby In 2023

To see the joy on a child’s face after unpacking Christmas gifts – it’s priceless. This moment is definitely worth the effort. No matter if it’s the first Christmas with the baby or the third one – I’m sure you want it to be magical.

Instead of running from store to store, take a look at my tips and my gift ideas for babies. See what will be suitable for a newborn, what will make one-year-old baby happy and what will bring joy to a 2-year-old child.

Below you see my three favorite Christmas gifts for babies from 0 to 36m+. If you scroll down you will find the whole list of Christmas gift ideas for baby for 2023.

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My favorite Christmas Gift Ideas For Baby
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Most Popular Choice
lovevery block set for christmas for baby
SmarTrike Xtend Convertible Bike
Best Features
❤️ Fun way to learn important cognitive skills, develop creativity and practice hand-eye coordination
❤️ Wooden storage box converts into a pull car and shape sorter
❤️ Non-toxic & durable
❤️ Best convertible for teaching your kiddo to ride a bike
❤️ Converts from a balance bike to normal kids bike - it's an investment for 2-4 years
❤️ Promotes dexterity and creativity
❤️ Helps to practice hand-eye coordination and stimulates baby vision
❤️ Inexpensive gift for newborns and infants
✨ Suitable from 18+ months
✨ Suitable from 2+ years
✨ Suitable from 0 months+
Most Popular Choice
lovevery block set for christmas for baby
Best Features
❤️ Fun way to learn important cognitive skills, develop creativity and practice hand-eye coordination
❤️ Wooden storage box converts into a pull car and shape sorter
❤️ Non-toxic & durable
✨ Suitable from 18+ months
Availability & Price
SmarTrike Xtend Convertible Bike
Best Features
❤️ Best convertible for teaching your kiddo to ride a bike
❤️ Converts from a balance bike to normal kids bike - it's an investment for 2-4 years
✨ Suitable from 2+ years
Availability & Price
Best Features
❤️ Promotes dexterity and creativity
❤️ Helps to practice hand-eye coordination and stimulates baby vision
❤️ Inexpensive gift for newborns and infants
✨ Suitable from 0 months+
Availability & Price

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Check with me the most adorable Christmas gift ideas for 2023 and choose the perfect gift that will put a big smile on your child’s face (without forcing you to spend a fortune!).

Of course you can use this list also for other occasions like baby shower party or child’s birthday. My list contains not only toys, but also other useful baby products.

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Amazing Christmas Gifts For Baby In 2023 To Make Your Xmas Magical

Here are my Christmas gift ideas for baby for 2023 in a wide price range – so you could pick something that suits your budget. I put everything in order depending on recommended baby’s age and the type of the gift.

Recommended age: 0 months +

1. Fisher Price Perfect Sense Playmat With Toys

Fisher price baby play gym and mat for Christmas giftFind It On Amazon

This is definitely one of my favorite playmats in a medium price range. It’s very interactive and looks super cute! It has simple design so you don’t need to worry that your little one may get overstimulated! It offers great space for infants for overhead play and tummy time. Padded mat provides additional support.

There is so much to do and explore! The mat is super soft and comfy. There are many different activities so you can be sure the baby will enjoy this playmat for a very long time.

There is a mirror, light-up musical otter, toys made from various fabrics and a teeter. Each feature helps to stimulate baby’s sensory, develop motor skills and strengthen upper body through tummy time. Thanks to this playmat babies can have their own cozy space for entertainment and education.

2. Lovevery Play Gym

Lovevery Play Gym as Baby Christmas Gift

>> Check Price <<

This is my favorite gift because it’s perfect for learning during playtime and it can serve the baby for many months!

The mat has 5 educational and entertaining zones. There are clack & white cards that support newborn baby visual development. There are colorful tabs that help baby to learn new colors and new textures.

Other elements give baby the opportunity to practice fine motor skills and learn the cause and effect. There is also a built-in pocket that allows to play in hide & discover which helps children to develop object permanence. Beside supporting infant’s cognitive development, this play gym is also very useful for practicing eye-hand coordination.

The best thing about this Montessori play gym is that your little one is able to focus on one toy at the time, and doesn’t get overstimulated.

This gym is excellent for infants for a tummy time. It encourage baby to lay on the tummy and explore new toys and hidden elements. It’s really important for building baby’s upper body strength.

Lovevery play gym stimulates baby’s senses and helps in comprehensive development. It provides so many different activities so you can be sure your baby will have lots of fun for a long time!

3. Tiny Love Black & White Activity Play Mat

Tiny Love Black and White Activity Play Mat, Christmas Gift Ideas for 2020 2019 2018Get It On Amazon

This playmat is beloved by many parents and children! It’s great for infants for their tummy time and overhead discovery and for toddlers who can already sit. It is excellent place for fun and learning new things. There are many toys hanging down from the bats and a black & white mobile above baby’s head. There is also a large mirror and educational book with pictures appropriate for newborn’s sight.

The whole mat is black & white, which works best for stimulating infant’s developing vision. It also provides stimulation for tactile development, and helps to learn skills like above object permanence and cause & effect.

It’s also easy to fold and takes a little space so it’s not only simple to store but also perfect for travel!

4. Toki Mats Non-Toxic Play Mat

Toki Mats standard size play matCheck All Adorable Patterns (NOW 10% OFF)

This play mat is really awesome but it is an idea for a little more expensive gift. If you want to give your little one truly non-toxic and organic playmat, this is your best choice. It’s also perfect shower gift idea for eco-conscious parents!

It is made of natural latex foam and doesn’t contain substances that could be harmful for babies.

This playmat is 1″ thick so it give the children proper support when they practice tummy time or crawling.

In my opinion it’s one of the best ideas for long-lasting baby gifts. Once the baby is able to sit upright or walk it can be used for seated play as well.

Toki Mats are available in two sizes and various cute patterns so make sure to browse the brand website!

5. Pingko and Friends Baby Care Play Mat Foam Floor Gym

Pingko and Friends Baby Care Play MatGet It On Amazon

We started using this playmat when boys were two months old. It is soft so they could lay comfortably on it during tummy time and practice neck control. Now it serves us for playing and learning. This mat is not only for baby’s entertainment but also helps learning the alphabet and new words.

This mat was also very helpful for crawling and learning how to walk – it’s definitely better than a hard floor, so all the falls didn’t hurt so much 🙂 I love this mat – it engages baby in many ways, it helps in baby’s development and makes learning so much fun.

This thing is also easy to store because we can roll it up or just fold it. However, we never did that, it lying on our floor the whole time. Sometimes me and the daddy were walking on it in flip flops and the material was still untouched. We were using it for two years now and it was in a really good shape.

“It’s easy to clean with a wet cloth that’s the waterproof fabric. It survived our boys’ first birthday party when daddy was blowing soap bubbles and the whole liquid spilled out on the mat. It stayed intact!” ~ Zooey

6. Nuby Teething Blankie

Nuby Teething BlankieCheck It On Amazon

Are you looking for inexpensive Christmas gift ideas for teething baby? This Nuby Blankie will be perfect! It’s very versatile toy. It has many teething surfaces so the baby can massage sore gums.

In the middle of the blankie there is a plush animal: lion, frog, monkey or bear and they squeak when squeezed! There are also four different fabrics to capture child’s attention and stimulate their senses. Nuby Teething Blankie is suitable for newborns and teething infants.

7. Finn+Emma Organic Holiday Apparel

Finn+Emma Holiday ApparelCute Holiday Clothes Up To 20% OFF

Celebrate your baby’s first Xmas with the cutest and softest holiday bodysuits and pajamas. The whole Finn+Emma collection is made of certified organic cotton and uses non-toxic dyes – safe for your little one’s delicate skin. I’m sure you and your baby will LOVE these adorable prints!

The best thing? If you have a baby and toddler you can get matching outfits – isn’t it just the cutest thing ever?

8. Our best soft book for babies from ToBeReadyForLife

Our best soft book for babies from ToBeReadyForLifeCheck It On Amazon

This gift will make your infants and toddlers very happy. It’s an entertaining and educational cloth book that has numerous adorable and stimulating features. There is a mirror, peek-a-boo flap, different textures and it also makes sounds! During reading this book you have a chance to strengthen the bond with your baby.

Your baby will have so much fun while practicing sensory skills, imagination, communication, language and reading skills. It is never too early to start reading book to a baby. Moreover, this toys is also packed in a luxury gift box which makes it the perfect Christmas gift idea for baby!

9. Solly Baby Swaddle

Finn+Emma wooden toy archCheck All Beautiful Patterns

This is a gift for Christmas or baby shower, that will satisfy both the baby and parents. I think it’s a fantastic choice because it provides the newborn baby with warm, cozy and soothing feeling of being snuggled, just like in the womb! At the same time, it’s a game-changer for parents because it helps to sooth colicky infants, calms the baby and helps them to fall asleep.

When used properly – for sleeping at the back – it reduces the risk of SIDS.

Solly Baby has a huge offer of super cozy swaddles for babies. They have been recognized as hip-healthy by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute which means they are safe for baby’s hip joints!

Solly swaddles are made of the softest and coziest fabric ever – and babies love it! It’s elastic and stretchy to make swaddling easier, at the same time it’s strong and gives proper support for baby’s body. And the best part is that this fabric is breathable and prevents your little one from overheating and sweating.

There are dozens of different color options and they all look so adorable. It’s a wonderful and super useful gift for the first months. Babies and moms love it!

Don’t forget to use code LITTLE10 to get 10% discount!

10. Natemia Extra Soft Baby Bamboo Hooded Towel

Natemia Extra Soft Baby Bamboo Hooded TowelCheck All Cute Designs (now up to 13% OFF)

Bamboo Towels are hypoallergenic and bacteria resistant which makes them great for children with sensitive skin and skin conditions. With Bamboo Towels from Natemia we can wrap our babies closely to keep them warm. The hood covers baby’s head and hair and it has funny ears so baby looks in it so sweet and adorable!

These towels are made from 92% natural bamboo and 8% microfiber which makes them extra soft and plush. They will make all babies super comfortable after the bath time. This is perfect Christmas gift idea for infant or toddler, whether it is for you child or friend’s. It is very useful, eco-friendly and charming.

PRO TIP: Would you like to get 10% OFF your whole order on Natemia website? Discount also applies to products that are already on sale! Go to Natemia official website, choose your favorite organic products and apply the code: NATEMIA10 at checkout.

11. Solly Baby Wrap

Solly Baby WrapBrowse Available Patterns

I didn’t want my article to include only toys, so I decided to show you some products that work perfect as Christmas gift, that are practical and can make the first months with a new baby a bit easier. Solly Baby Wrap is one of them.

Babywearing with Solly Baby reduces infant crying and helps babies with gas and reflux. It promotes bonding, soothes the baby and reduced postpartum depression in moms! There’s one more advantage: it gives you those precious hands-free moments!

It’s important to notice that Solly Wrap is certified as safe for baby’s hip and keeps the child in natural, healthy “frog position”.

One of the best things about Solly Baby Wrap is its fabric – it’s lightweight and butter soft. It’s probably the only wrap that doesn’t make mom and the baby sweaty! The fabric is breathable and wicks the moisture away, preventing the baby from overheating.

What you will also love about it is its universal size and flexible material – suitable for petite and plus size parents.

Solly Wrap is mostly usable during the first 9 months – it’s a great long-lasting and practical gift!

PRO TIP: You can now get Solly Wrap 10% OFF with code LITTLE10. 👉 Grab your 10% discount here!

12. Eco Pea Co Organic Diapers For Sensitive Skin – One Month Supply

Eco Pea Co Newborn Diapers Month SupplyCheck All Packages & Sizes

I decided to put them on my list, because it is so obvious that parents really need A LOT of diapers, yet they are rarely bought as a gift 🙂 I think most of parents would be extremely happy to receive one month supply of diapers! Maybe it’s not the most fancy gift ever, but it’s useful and practical and parents will certainly use it.

I picked the Eco Pea Co diapers because they are truly organic, vegan, gluten-free and eco-friendly (not tested on animals!). They are made of biodegradable bamboo sheets, and free of fragrances and harmful chemicals like chlorine. Simply perfect for infant’s sensitive skin. At the same time they are extremely absorbent and have a wetness indicator for your convenience and your little one’s comfort.

13. Photo Studio Session

Photo sessions of newborns or for 1-year-old babies are really popular nowadays. The pictures are not only great memento, but also super adorable. Newborns laying in a cute pose, wearing sweet clothes or wrapped in blankets. I’m sure you have also seen some photos for 1-year-old baby photo session: with a birthday cake laying everywhere. 🙂

Christmas Gift Ideas for Baby
Photo Session – Excellent Christmas Gift Idea for Baby

I’m sure that in your area there are couple of photographers, but of course the prices may vary. So if you wonder what Christmas gift would be awesome for a newborn or 1-year-old baby, photo studio session is always a hit!

Recommended age: 3 months +

14. Baby Einstein Soft Blocks Toys

Baby Einstein Soft BlocksFind It On Amazon

These soft block are beloved by many kids! They can stack them up and then knock them down. There are many different colors, patterns and shapes, some of the blocks make crinkle noises or vibrate to stimulate babies senses, hold their interest for a long time and provide maximum fun! It also help to learn cause and effect.

Each block is quite big and super soft therefore it can be a very versatile gift idea for babies 3-36 months.

15. Skip Hop Bandana Buddies Soft Activity Toy

Skip Hop Bandana Buddies Soft Activity Toy Gift Idea for BabyFind It On Amazon

This elephant was my son’s favorite toy for almost a year! He started using it when he was 3 months old and since then he wanted to take it everywhere, concentrated and played with every part of it for very long time.

Why he loved it so much? Well, it has different fabrics, textures and colorful patterns, rattle rings and squeaker, crinkle and a mirror! He played with it at home and during walks thanks to an attachment to stroller. He loved the green leaf which helped him at the beginning of teething and the ears that rustle. It was wet all the time 🙂

This elephant is really awesome, it provides multi-sensory play and it’s so cute and fun!

16. Skip Hop Explore and More Roll Around Rattle Toy

Skip Hop Explore and More Roll Around Rattle ToyFind It On Amazon

Excellent gift for an infant (from 3 months), that support tactile and visual development. This rattle is very colorful and there and few version with different animals. I love the one with hedgehog and the one with owl. There are also rattle beads. This thing really attracts baby’s attention and stimulate its vision and hearing.

Thanks to this toy baby can learn how to grasp, shake, roll and toss. There are also few rubberized parts for teething baby to stimulate gums. The teethers, beads and wholes are very attractive to a baby and they encourage to touch and explore. It can be one of the first baby’s educational toys and excellent teether.

17. Vulli Sophie la Giraffe

Vulli Sophie la GiraffeGet It On Amazon

Probably one of the most popular teethers in last couple of months. It’s not only great for soothing sore gums but engages the baby in many positive ways: contrasting spots provide visual stimulation. Sophie the Giraffe is also easy to recognize and very quickly becomes a familiar object for the baby.

She squeaks to stimulate baby’s hearing and amuse baby. There are numerous parts to chew: legs, ears, horns so is perfect for irritated gums. It’s made of natural rubber and food paint (that’s why it fades).

18. Infantino Discover & Play Soft Blocks Toy

Infantino Discover and play soft blocks developmental toyFind It On Amazon

These four soft block have different colorful pictures and patterns and introduce baby with letter, numbers and animals. Each block has crinkles, satin tags and knotties. One also makes rattle sound.

They can provide fun for infants and toddlers so it is a gift that can serve for years. The blocks are soft and lightweight. Kids can built with them different constructions or stack them up and then knock them down.

They promote motor skills, hand-eye coordination and visual sensory development. They also help to learn the alphabet, numbers, and new words. They also encourage playing with other kids which helps in socialization. Great durable gift, that stimulates baby’s senses and makes the playtime a blast!

19. Baby Banana Infant Training Toothbrush and Teether

Baby Banana Infant Training Toothbrush and TeetherCheck It On Amazon

I love this thing! It’s great for teething baby because baby can massage irritated gums and little teeth with thick bristles. It’s also really awesome for developing good oral hygiene habits – it’s never too early for that! 🙂

Thanks to this baby toothbrush child can get used to brushing teeth and learn that it isn’t scary! This is excellent gift idea for baby from 3 to 12 months.

Recommended age: 6 months +

20. EZPZ Mini Mat

EZPZ Mini Mat baby spoon bowl cupGet This Feeding Mat

Another practical and long-lasting gift! EZPZ offers super cute placemats for infants and toddlers. They have built-in compartments that resemble smiling face – creating positive mealtime experience.

The Mini Mat is perfect for babies who start solids and according to many parents – it’s a game-changer for successful BLW experience.

Placemats have lots of advantages: they help to keep your table and floor clean and save your time on post-meal clean up. They also support baby learning to eat and drink independently.

And once the baby outgrows it, it can be used for other purposes. EZPZ Mini Mat works great for playtime, doing art projects, painting or playing with dough. Its silicone, heat-resistant and durable material ensures this is a gift for years!

PRO TIP: I also recommend these adorable silicone bibs for babies from Loulou Lollipop. They have a deep food-catching pocket – which makes them perfect for spoon- and self-feeding. They are available in multiple color variations with cutest prints ever!

21. VTech Baby Lil’ Critters Roll and Discover Ball

VTech Baby Lil' Critters Roll and Discover BallFind It On Amazon

This plush ball is great for entertaining and learning. It has soft textures and tags that attract baby’s attention and promote tactile development. This ball also help to learn color, number and object thanks to colorful pictures. It also encourage baby to crawl thanks to a motion sensor that triggers sounds and phrases when the ball is tossed or rolled around! So it aid cognitive and motor skills development. Excellent for children from 6 months to 2 years.

22. Sassy Developmental Bumpy Ball

Sassy Developmental Bumpy Ball Gift for BabyFind It On Amazon

This toy engages baby in numerous ways and stimulates the senses. There are many different textures and materials that aid tactile sensitivity development. Chunky sized bumps encourage baby to reach, grasp and transfer from one hand to the other.

It is super colorful, has many different pattern and also makes rattle sounds to help in sensory development. High contrast colors and bright colors are appropriate for infant’s developing vision and help baby to focus. This toy is suitable for baby from 6 to 12 months old.

23. The First Years Stacking Up Cups

The First Years Stacking Up CupsCheck It On Amazon

Another great toy that engages baby in numerous ways. There are 8 colorful cups which baby can stack together or built a pyramid with it. The cups have different sizes and colors so they help to learn differentiation, practice counting and learn colors.

The First Years Stacking Up Cups
The First Years Stacking Up Cups

Babies can put things inside the cups and take them out or hide things underneath. There are so many ways to play and learn! I used these cups to hide other toys underneath and teach my kids that objects still exist even if we don’t see them. All of my three kids love to play with these cups!

24. Fisher-Price Rock-a-stack

Fisher-price Rock-a-stack Christmas gift ideas for babyGet It On Amazon

This type of toys is one of my boys’ favorite! We have three different models, one made of wood and two plastic ones like this one. It’s also great for teething! Fisher-price Rock-a-stack has a bat-at rocker base and five colorful rings in different size. Top ring is shiny, has swirling, rattling beads inside and makes rattle sounds which is so much fun for kids!

This educational toy helps to learn how to grasp and stack and differentiate among sizes and colors. My boys have been playing with it for like 3 or 4 months now and they still like it and they are getting better and better with stacking!

25. VTech Drop and Go Dump Truck

VTech Drop and Go Dump Truck Christmas Gift Ideas for BabyGet It On Amazon

This is another gift idea for baby over 6 months. Child can drop colorful rocks into the dump truck or press buttons which help them to develop hand-eye coordination, learn colors, numbers, tools and melodies.

When the rocks are in the bucket, the child can push or pull the truck and watch the rocks rumble around inside the bucket. Then baby can unload the bucket by lifting it up. Each activity promotes baby’s motor skills. It is a great toy for early education.

26. Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Baby’s First Blocks

Fisher Price Baby's First Set of BlocksFind It On Amazon

Pretty simple but very engaging educational toy. There are ten blocks in five different colors and shapes. Child can sort and stack these colorful blocks and thanks to it can learn how to identify and match shapes.

This toy is awesome for hand-eye coordination and cognitive development. Great for 6-month-old babies and 1.5-year-old toddlers. Baby will have fun with it for a long time.

27. Lamaze Peek-A-Boo Forest

Lamaze Peek-A-Boo ForestFind It On Amazon

Who says that learning can’t be fun? This soft book is excellent and fun way to learn about animals. It has colorful cloth pages with pictures of animals and peek-a-boo flaps that help to develop hand-eye coordination. Baby can also practice fine motor skills while turning pages.

Lamaze Peek-A-Boo Forest book
Lamaze Peek-A-Boo Forest

There are also fun stories with rhythms to promote language development. This book stimulate many baby’s senses thanks to colorful pictures, crinkles and different textures. There are also other books in this series with other animals and objects!

28. Baby Einstein Discovering Music Activity Table

Baby Einstein Discovering Music Activity TableGet It On Amazon

This toy engages baby in many ways and stimulates its senses. It introduces baby with sounds, melodies, colors and numbers in three different languages: English, Spanish and French. It helps to develop motor skills by pressing different buttons, flipping book pages and rotating a ball with rattle beads. There are also lights and drumming sounds that rewards baby. All those elements stimulate baby’s vision and hearing.

Baby Einstein Discovering Music Activity Table
Baby Einstein Discovering Music Activity Table is an excellent musical toy for infants and toddlers!

I really like this toy because it can be used for children at different ages. If your baby can stand already, you can use it as a table. And if your baby is younger and can already sit straight you can use only the board and let your kid play on the floor.

29. Hape Double Bubble Wooden Toddler Bead Maze

Hape Double Bubble Wooden Toddler Bead Maze
Find It On Amazon

This is very engaging educational toy, great for toddlers from 6 months and up. Babies can move wooden beads from one end to the other, watch them falling down, spinning and rolling. They can also slip larger beads over the smaller ones which demonstrates them the concept of “inside and outside”.

This toy help to develop hand-eye coordination, promotes dexterity and creativity. With this bead maze your child will have funny playtime and learn new things.

30. Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Toolbox

Fisher-Price Laugh &amp; Learn Smart Stages ToolboxFind It On Amazon

This toolbox is an awesome toy that grows with the baby. We can choose the level that is the best for our baby. We can choose songs, words and phrases adjusted to baby’s age and developmental stage. There are also sing-along songs that help baby to develop verbal skills and they are also excellent opportunity for parent-child interaction.

There are three levels, first one for babies from 6 to 12 months and the second one for kids from 12 to 18 months and the third one for children over 18 months. At the first level baby can practice tapping pegs, opening and closing the toolbox and batting the roller. Each activity rewards baby with shape and color names, funny sounds, words and songs!

At the second lever baby can learn how to identify shapes and color. With this toolbox your baby can also learn few Spanish words and phrases! Voice phrases encourage and reward baby for playing and learning. At the third level baby can engage in role-play with the toolbox, which helps to develop imagination, creativity and problem solving skills.

31. Swimming Lessons

Christmas Gift Ideas for Baby
Even small babies can start learning to swim!

You can start swimming with your baby really early. There are also special courses for infants, toddlers and preschoolers where they can learn to swim under the watchful eye of the coach

Recommended age: 9 months +

32. VTech Alphabet Activity Cube

VTech Alphabet Activity CubeFind It On Amazon

Great toy for early education to introduce a toddler with letter. There are five sides of fun activities to keep babies entertained and teach them new things. This cube plays over 100 songs and phrases, there is a keypad and phone that help to learn numbers, piano keys that introduce baby with shapes, colors and music and shape sorter.

Baby can also practice motor skills thanks to turning, sliding and moving different parts of the cube. This toy is pretty big which makes it perfect also for younger kids – from 9 months and up.

33. Melissa & Doug K’s Kids Match and Build Soft Blocks Set

Melissa &amp; Doug K's Kids Match and Build Soft Blocks SetCheck It On Amazon

These blocks are super soft and each has a different picture: numbers, cars, animals and other objects. Baby can play with them in many different ways: built up and knock down, pair numerals and quantities (for example cube with number 10 and cube with 10 butterflies), match everyday shapes and animal halves (put together head and tail of zebra or panda).

All blocks can be arrange to complete a picture puzzle! It helps develop sensory and motor skills, hand-eye coordination, cognitive skills, creativity, imagination and communication skills. Thanks to this toys babies will laugh and learn at the same time! It is one of my favorite Christmas gift ideas for baby over 9 months and up.

34. VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning WalkerCheck It On Amazon

This is a great gift idea for a toddler that will serve a long time. It has two parts: the walker and removable interactive panel. The latter is for early learning, it has two colorful spinning rollers, five piano keys which play music, three shape sorters and three buttons that light-up. All of these features are awesome for developing motor skills and discover new things like animals, colors, shapes and numbers.

VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker gift for baby
VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

And when the baby is ready he/she can start to learn walking. There are two tensions settings on the rear wheels to provide easier or harder pushing. Tighter setting is great for hard floor and free spinning setting is suitable for the carpet. Thanks to the speed control Walker doesn’t run away.

It is really awesome, because it engages child in many ways and it’s entertaining and educational for younger and older toddlers.

PRO TIP: If you’re not a fan of plastic toys, I recommend you this wooden push walker. It comes with colorful beads that allow to practice counting, a maze, shape sorter, and mirror. This educational toy encourages role-play thanks to build-in xylophone which allows kids to play familiar sounds and melodies.

35. VTech Care for Me Learning Carrier

VTech Care for Me Learning CarrierFind It On Amazon

This is excellent Christmas gift idea for baby from 9 months to 36 months. It includes sweet plush puppy, interactive pet carrier and pet care accessories like bowl, comb, bottle and ball.

This toy is not only super adorable and entertaining, but also helps to learn colors, shapes, new sounds and songs, and how to take care of a pet, because it encourages role-play! It plays numerous songs, melodies and playful phrases so it’s very stimulating and helps to develop motor skills.

Recommended age: 10 months +

36. HABA Walker Wagon

HABA Walker WagonGet It On Amazon

It is super helpful for taking first steps. We can adjust the wheel speed depending on the surface and baby’s walking skills. If your baby just started to learn walking you can increase the friction for a slower pace. It’s also very sturdy, doesn’t run away and doesn’t top over easily, which makes it a perfect push toy for early walkers.

It is made of wood and very durable. It can serve your baby as a walker and a storage for other toys or a stroller for dolls! It’s recommended from 10 months. Thanks to this walker first steps will be super fun!

PRO TIP: If you’re looking for a wooden push walker, but you’re on a smaller budget, I recommend you this Buddy Stroller from Lovevery. It’s almost 4 times cheaper than HABA Wagon! It promotes motor skills development and helps to practice balance and learn independence – crucial for learning to walk. Moreover, it encourages kids to pretend-play and allows them to develop their creativity and imagination. Lovevery push walker is made of organic and non-toxic materials and it’s suitable for 12m+. It’s a gift for years – even 4 or 5 year old kids can use it for role-play.

Recommended age: 12 months +

37. Toddler Easy 2-piece Matching Puzzles

First 2-piece Matching Puzzles For ToddlersGet This Set Of 5 Boxes On Amazon

This set includes four boxes of 2-piece cardboard jigsaw puzzles. Colorful pictures engage babies in this easy matching game and help them to learn new words, recognize familiar objects, notice similarities and differences.

All elements are easy to grasp even for small hands and supports development of fine motor skills. These simple jigsaw puzzle are a perfect way to practice hand-eye coordination.

If you want to give your baby or toddler their first jigsaw puzzles, this is a great choice. This toy is very interactive, educational and provides excellent fun. Recommended for supervised play for kids from 12 months.

38. Melissa & Doug Safari Jumbo Knob Puzzle

Melissa&amp; Doug Safari Jumbo Knob PuzzleCheck It On Amazon

This knob puzzle is a fantastic choice, before you introduce your little one to jigsaw puzzles. They support baby’s cognitive skills and logical thinking.

This wooden board comes with three pieces with pictures of animals. Each piece is quite big and thick – no choking hazard – and it has easy to grasp knob. This is a fantastic way to practice fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and cognitive skills like recognizing shapes, familiar objects and similarities. I’m sure your baby will love this cute giraffe, lion and elephant!

39. First 100 Board Book Box Set (3 books)

First 100 Board Book Box SetCheck It On Amazon

Great set of three educational books which will stimulate your baby to learn first words and new objects. There is a book with first 100 words, first 100 animal and book with numbers, colors and shapes. Each has plenty of colorful photographs to attract baby’s attention.

40. Lovevery Play Tunnel

Organic Cotton Lovevery Play TunnelGet This Breathable Play Tunnel

This organic cotton tunnel gives babies plenty of opportunities to practice crawling, work on muscles strength and balance – which are crucial for other skills like walking and running. Even if your little one is already making first steps, it’s still important to practice motor skills and work on coordination.

Lovevery Tunnel works fantastic for playing hide & seek, allowing siblings to play together and practice they social skills. It also encourages healthy competition. Besides, it’s a wonderful opportunity to strengthen bond with mom and dad.

If you’re looking for entertaining & educational long-lasting gift that engages toddlers and preschoolers, Lovevery is a fantastic choice!

It stands out from other play tunnels because it’s made of breathable organic fabric – to prevent your baby from sweating and overheating!

It’s one of my favorite toys for crawling babies.

41. VTech Sit-To-Stand Ultimate Alphabet Train

VTech Sit-To-Stand Ultimate Alphabet TrainFind It On Amazon

It is a great educational toy for toddlers from 1 to 3 years old. It grows with the baby: at first it can be used as a floor toy, then a ride on, baby walker or pull wagon for other toys! There are 10 different activities like clock, alphabet blocks, storybook, gears, all of it help baby to learn the letters, numbers, colors, melodies, phrases, animals and objects and develop motor skills.

There are balls, knobs, buttons and other colorful elements that babies can grasp, shake or swing to practice their motor skills.

There is also number pad and walkie-talkie which encourage role-play! This toy is very colorful and makes so many sounds to engage babies in many positive ways.

There are many colorful buttons with different shapes and numbers to keep baby’s attention and help to learn new things. For older toddlers this remote is also great for stimulating imagination.

Thanks to so many features children can learn something new every day and the toy will remain interesting for them for a very long time.

42. Fisher-Price Chatter Telephone

Fisher-Price Chatter TelephoneFind It On Amazon

My daughter loved this telephone when she was 1.5-3 years old! It helps not only to learn colors and numbers, but also encourages role-play. Babies can pretend they talk on the phone, practice their verbal and social skills by imitating words and phrases they have heard. It also develops babies’ imagination and creativity.

Fisher-Price Chatter Telephone
Fisher-Price Chatter Telephone

Parents, siblings and friends can join the fun to help baby in socialization. Kids can also develop their motor skills while using a spinning dial, picking up and hanging up. Dialing rewards baby with saying “hello” or “goodbye” to encourage communication.

This is a classic toy, that children can also pull-along to develop their coordination and balance. Besides, it has a friendly face with eyes that move when baby pull the phone along. Great toy for exploring, discovering, learning and playing!

43. Melissa & Doug Deluxe Chomp and Clack Alligator Wooden Push Toy and Activity Walker

Melissa &amp; Doug Deluxe Chomp and Clack Alligator Wooden Push Toy and Activity WalkerGet It On Amazon

Great wooden walker which helps baby to take first steps, develop hand-eye coordination and promote motor skills. It has sturdy construction so it is suitable for early walkers. It offers also few more activities like chomping alligators, wheels with colorful fish, spinning butterfly and it also makes noise when child pushes it.

Alligators open and close their mouths with a clacking noise as the baby takes steps. This noise and animation encourage baby to take another step. With Chom&Clack Alligator Push Toy learning to walk can be a joyful activity. This walker is suitable from about 12 months.

44. VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Spinning Tower Playset

VTech Go Go Smart Wheel Spiral Tower PlaysetFind It On Amazon

The best toys for infant are the long-lasting ones, that engage kids in many ways and stimulate their senses. This playset from VTech is an excellent example of such toy! It’s colorful, makes sounds, has different elements, and children can play with this toy in so many ways.

It is a great gift for toddlers from 1 year and preschoolers. It helps to develop baby’s creativity through playtime. It’s great for developing motor skills – children can build the track with colorful pieces, turn the gate and then push vehicles through 4 levels and 2 courses.

There is a car wash and a gas station, but the tower can be also used to racing! When the car is passing through certain points it triggers music and funny phrases.

All those elements encourage baby in role-play. This toy helps them develop motor skills, creativity and imagination. It also encourages to play with other kids supporting your little one’s social skills.

45. Hape Shape Sorter Wooden Pull Turtle Toy

Hape Shape Sorter Wooden Pull Turtle ToyCheck It On Amazon

Super adorable and educational toy. It engages baby in many different ways: there are colorful various shaped blocks that a child can sort and throw in proper shaped hole. We have here: circle, triangle, square, star and oval so baby can learn to identify and differentiate these shapes, train logical thinking and practice hand-eye coordination.

Baby can also pull this turtle toy along and during that the sorting shell will spin! It is a perfect educational gift for baby over 12 months. It has solid wood construction which makes it very durable – it will serve and attract baby’s attention for a long time.

Recommended age: 18 months +

46. Lovevery Block Set

Lovevery Block SetCheck Over 400 Positive Reviews

My favorite wooden blocks for kids are the ones from Lovevery – designed for children from 18 months up to 4 years. Kids can stack, roll, sort, categorize, count and connect these colorful blocks – which is obviously perfect opportunity for them to practice their spatial ability, problem-solving skills, logical thinking, creativity and imagination.

These blocks introduce toddler to new shapes and colors. Depending on the developmental stage of your little one’s growth, they can create more or less complex constructions. The blocks can also helps toddlers and preschoolers to learn letters and numbers. Moreover, these blocks arrive in a wooden storage box that your child can convert into a pull car or use as a shape sorter!

Lovevery uses only water-based and non-toxic paints for their wooden blocks which is a huge plus.

What distinguishes Lovevery blocks from other sets, is that they engage kids in more activities, that are both educational and entertaining. They are made of durable materials and provide hours of fun. This is a gift for years!

47. Maxim Deluxe Wooden ABC Blocks

Maxim Deluxe Wooden ABC Blocks Christmas Gift Idea For BabyGet It On Amazon

These alphabet blocks are made of wood which makes them super durable. They can serve your toddler or preschooler to learn letters and words, practice hand-eye coordination and develop motor skills. Even 1-year-old child can start learning alphabet in a fun way thanks to these colorful blocks.

48. Friction Powered Cars, Push and Go Toy Trucks Construction Vehicles Toys Set for 1-3 Year Old Baby Toddlers

Friction Powered Cars, Push and Go Toy Trucks Construction Vehicles Toys Set for 1-3 Year Old Baby ToddlersFind It On Amazon

This set contains dump truck, cement mixer, bulldozer and tractor. If your children loves all vehicles as much as my boys, this set of toy trucks will be awesome gift for them! My twins love to watch passing cars, trucks, garbage trucks. The bigger the vehicle, the greater is their excitement.

That’s why I bought for them this set of trucks and they love to play with them! Pushing the friction car is a great exercise for hand-eye coordination. And chasing moving vehicles is excellent opportunity for improving walking flexibility and muscles strength.

The drive in those cars is activated by pushing them backwards and then releasing them, then the cars roll apretty long distance forward (without batteries!). Thanks to this toy children can learn to distinguish vehicles, learn their names and functions. It’s promotes their cognitive development and curiosity. Kid scan also learn colors and shapes of vehicles. It enhance baby’s learning interest.

49. Step2 Whisper Ride II

Step2 Whisper Ride IIGet It On Amazon

Thanks to this toy the child can feel like a real driver! Parent can push or pull it. It provides so much fun and very smooth ride thanks to special wheels. There are two cup holders – one for the kid and one for the parent, seat belt and a storage.

On the steering wheel there is a honking horn that gives even more fun. Some parents use it instead of a stroller for older toddlers. This toys is suitable for kids from 18 months up to 4 years, but I know that sometimes parents use it even for 12-month-old children.

50. Step2 Play Fun Climber Ball for Toddlers – Durable Outdoor Indoor Kids Slides and Crawl Space with 10 Balls

Step2 Play Fun Climber Ball for ToddlersGet It On Amazon

With this thing your children will have an incredible fun while learning coordination and balance at the same time! There are stairs to climb and a slide to zoom down. Kids can also crawl under it! They can also move the balls through the maze.

This slide engages children in many positive ways, it’s super enjoyable and great for their physical development. Excellent Christmas gift idea for baby over 18 months.

51. Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Classic Xylophone

Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Classic XylophoneCheck It On Amazon

It’s not only an educational musical toy but also a pull-along toy thanks to easy-rolling wheels! Child can tap on the colorful keys using a mallet, which helps to develop eye-hand coordination and motor skills.

This toy also grows with the baby and when your child is ready he can follow the colors and play a real song! And during pulling baby practice balance and coordination. Older toddlers love xylophone! It’s recommended that kids play with it while supervised.

Great toy for kids over 18 months – it stimulates their auditory sense, allows them to develop sense of rhythm, learn new sounds and melodies.

Recommended age: 24 months +

52. Melissa & Doug Sorting Barn

Melissa and Doug Barn SorterBuy It On Amazon

This colorful sorter introduces baby to farm animals. It includes a wooden barn with holes where the baby needs to fit 10 pieces: cow, pig, goat, sheep, horse, dog, chicken, duck, tractor and farmer.

This unique sorter promotes cognitive skills like matching and sorting, problem solving skills, recognizing shapes and familiar objects, plus it’s a great opportunity to practice fine motor skills and manual dexterity. Each piece is think and easy to maneuver in child’s little hands.

The barn has a carry handle allowing kids to bring it from one room to another and encourage them to creative play.

Suitable form about 2 year, it can be an excellent gift for toddlers.

If a regular shape sorter is not challenging for your little one anymore, this barn sorter may be a great next step! The wooden construction is very solid therefore this toy will definitely serve your baby for a long time.

53. Melissa & Doug Beginner Wooden Pattern Blocks Educational Toy With 5 Double-Sided Scenes and 30 Shapes

Melissa &amp; Doug Beginner Wooden Pattern Blocks Educational Toy With 5 Double-Sided Scenes and 30 ShapesGet It On Amazon

This educational toy consists of 5 two-sided boards, each has a recessed design template that need to be filled with geometric pieces. Baby can play with 30 geometric shapes and try to complete the picture with these parts. It’s great tool for learning colors, shapes, common objects and developing matching skills.

Melissa &amp; Doug Beginner Wooden Pattern Blocks Educational Toy With 5 Double-Sided Scenes and 30 Shapes
Melissa & Doug Beginner Wooden Pattern Blocks

Children can also create their own design which allows them to develop their creativity and imagination. It is a great Christmas gift idea for baby around 24 months and up.

54. SmarTrike Xtend Balance-To-Pedal Bike

Xtend Balance Bike Christmas Gift Idea For ToddlerNow 30% OFF (use code LITTLEBABY for extra 5% OFF)

Balance bike is a wonderful gift idea for a 2-year-old child & up.

What are the benefits of a balance bike? It’s much better solution for teaching a child to cycle than using training wheels. It helps kids to practice balance, coordination, and their motor skills.

Once they gain confidence and master balancing, they will quickly learn how to cycle, because pedaling is the easiest thing to learn in the while process. Besides, experts agree that balance bikes are much more comfortable than bikes with stabilizers and teach kids all necessary skills, before they switch to a regular bike.

The whole process of learning to ride a bike is much easier and pleasant with a balance bike!

And the best thing about Xtend bike is that once your child is ready to pedal, you can convert it into a pedal bike! Everything is included in the set and the bike features multiple adjustments to fit a growing kiddo.

It’s another gift that will serve your toddler or preschooler even for 3-4 years! Best investment ever.

PRO TIP: If you’re on a tight budget or prefer to get just a balance bike for your child, I recommend you to check this inexpensive running bike from SmarTrike. It’s lightweight, and grows with the child thanks to adjustable frame, saddle and steering wheel. Right now it’s 30% OFF, and you can get extra 5% discount if you use code LITTLEBABY at checkout! This is the lowest price this year.

55. EZPZ Happy Mat

EZPZ Happy MatGet Your Happy Mat

Thanks to this Happy Mat, mealtime will be a fun experience. This colorful placemat encourage toddlers to self-feed and protects your table and floor from messes and spills. Self-feeding is a great opportunity for the child to learn independence and practice hand-eye coordination.

This placemat is made of silicone so it’s very easy to clean with a wet cloth, but you can also toss it in the dishwasher.

Older toddler can use this placemat for play time as well! The compartments work well for paints or play dough.

This is a practical gift that will satisfy the child and parents – we all love things that save us time on cleaning! 🙂

SALE ALERT! You can get all EZPZ products 22% OFF! Choose your favorite baby dishes and utensils and collect your discount here with code: EZPZSINGLE22.

Recommended age: 36 months +

56. Melissa & Doug Magnetic Chalk/Dry Erase Board + Letter & Numbers

Melissa and Doug Board Educational Toy For Kids ChristmasGet This Set On Amazon

This was a gift for my boys third Christmas and they love using it! This board offers so many educational features and activities. They can draw or write their first words on the chalk board or on the dry erase part. We also use it for playing charades which promotes creativity and social skills! It also helps kids to practice conversional skills and common phrases.

The magnetic part and included letters are perfect for teaching them alphabet and reading simple words. Number are great help for teaching our older daughter counting and some simple math operations.

If you’re looking for an educational toys that serve the child for a long time – this is one of the best options. Even 7-year-old kids can use this board!

57. Play Doh Set

Play-Doh Ultimate Fun Factory, Great First Play-Doh Set Multipack Set for KidsFind It On Amazon

This is one of my kids favorite educational toys and they love to play with it all together for hours!

This set includes activity & store table, 12 colors of non-toxic play dough and over 35 tools, shapers and cutters that allow kids to create different shapes, animals, ice creams and basically anything they can imagine!

Some of the benefits of playing with dough are: it teaches colors, shape recognition, and of course supports kids imagination and creativity. It also encourages to team work and promotes social skills. Play dough is also beneficial for children fine motor skills and teaches them precision and strengthen their fingers.

This toy would be interesting mostly for older toddlers, it’s recommendable for 3 years+.

PRO TIP: If you’re on tight budget, I recommend you this smaller set of Play Doh. It doesn’t include the table, but it comes with 6 colors and over 25 shapers which deffinitely will be sufficient for hours of fun and creative play.

58. Animal Adventures Rocker

Animal Adventures Rocker For kidsGet It On Amazon

Whether you’re buying a Christmas present for baby girl or boy, there are multiple styles and colors to choose from, including: unicorn, bee, horse, elephant, flamingo and more. This modern rocking horse is perfect for indoor and outdoor playtime!

It’s suitable for older children from about 1 year. The seat is really nicely design to keep children from falling forward or back. It has sturdy construction and smoothed corners and edges to keep baby safe during playing.

There are two handles that baby can hold on to, they are very easy to grasp. It provides excellent fun and help children to learn coordination and balance.

59. EverEarth Garden Activity Cube. Wood Shape & Color Sorter, Bead Maze & Counting Baby Toy

EverEarth Garden Activity CubeFind It On Amazon

This active cube offers 6 sides of activities that provide excellent fun and help babies to learn. Child can sort shapes, count beads, slide animals, spin gears, push beads through a maze. It’s great not only for motor skills, but also encourage curiosity and problem solving skills.

Different colors, shapes and sounds stimulate babies senses. Thanks to this toy child can learn to reach, grasp and hold, recognize and differentiate color and shapes. With abacus a child can learn counting to ten.

EverEarth Garden Activity Cube
EverEarth Garden Activity Cube is great for developing social skills!

It also promotes socializing and sharing because children can play with their siblings or friends and learn together! You babies will have so much fun they won’t even notice they’re learning!

Manufacturer recommends this toys for kids over 36 months, but I know that many parents give it to 12-month-old babies! There are some small pieces, so parents’ supervision is recommended, but the activities aren’t too difficult for 1-year-old children.

PRO TIP: If you like this sorting type of toys, but this one is out of your budget, check out this cheaper cube by Hape Brand. It comes with a shape sorter and 6 different blocks, a maze, spinning and many more. Your child can learn to identify and differentiate colors and shapes, develop fine motor skills and problem solving skills.

60. Melissa & Doug Disney Mickey Mouse Wooden Shape Sorting Clock

Melissa &amp; Doug Disney Mickey Mouse Wooden Shape Sorting ClockFind It On Amazon

This is a great gift idea for toddlers. It help older children to learn to tell time. For younger kids (around 1 or 2 years) it’s also very attractive and have great educational value – babies can sort colorful block with different shapes and number. They can practice motor skills, hand-eye coordination and learn to differentiate and match shapes! It’s definitely very educational toy and children at different ages can learn new things thanks to it.

61. Lego City

Lego CityCheck Its Price On Amazon

My last recommendation goes to Lego City – I picked the City Central Airport set, but basically all Lego building sets are awesome and have tons of benefits for child’s cognitive, social and emotional development!

This set includes toy charter plane, airport terminal, fuel tanker and luggage truck, plus 6 minifigures: pilot, ground crew and passengers. It is recommendable from 4 years, but some 3-year-olds will be able to build it too. Just keep in mind there are a lot of small elements, so this toy is recommended for supervised play. This can be a great opportunity for team work and strengthen parent-child bond.

Building Lego sets has lots of benefits. It promotes fine motor skills, planning skills, problem solving and logical thinking. It improves creativity, communication skills, perseverance and frustration management.

The best thing about Lego is that it can engage children even for long hours and it will be interesting for them even when they get older.

My boys still like to build sets that they received 2 years ago and have built it already couple of times so they have almost memorized the whole instruction!

62. Zoo Or Aquarium Membership

Christmas Gift Ideas for Baby

Kids love to watch animals and regular visit at the zoo or aquarium can be not only very enjoyable but also educational. For some kids watching fish in aquarium might be also soothing. Besides, visit at a aquarium is always a good idea, regardless of weather conditions.

63. Creative Classes For Kids

Christmas Gift Ideas for Baby

This is excellent gift idea for a baby around 2 or 3 years. It can be not only educational, but also an opportunity for socialization, playing with other kids and learning social skills.

64. Other Classes For Children

Christmas Gift Ideas for Baby
After-school activities can be a really awesome gift for a child. Choose something related to kid’s hobby and passion!

If you are looking for a gift for older toddler or preschooler you can fund him some after-school activities, depending on his interests. Maybe your child dreams about to go skiing or likes to paint? You can give him lessons as a gift!

Christmas Gift Ideas for Baby

The choice is vast: sports and dance classes, ballet, robotics classes, cooking classes, art classes and many more! This is excellent gift because it is an investment in a child’s development. But remember that these classes should be linked with child’s hobby and passion, not yours!

65. Swimming Pool/ Trampoline Park/ Climbing Wall Pass

Christmas Gift Ideas for Baby

If your child likes this kind of physical activity it will be a really awesome gift for him/her! And the child will enjoy it for a very long time after Christmas.

My personal fav is climbing wall – although it’s more of a gift for 4-5 year olds.

66. Match Tickets

Christmas Gift Ideas for Baby
Take your child to his favorite team’s match!

It can be a great gift idea for older toddler or preschooler. If your child is a huge fan of basketball, baseball or soccer, you can give him a ticket to the game of his/her favorite team! You can be sure he will go crazy with joy!

67. Travel

Christmas Gift Ideas for Baby

Most kids really love to travel with their parents. It’s not only a great experience, but it can be also very educational for them. Therefor if you are looking for a gift for your babies or your grandchildren you can organize or buy a trip! Put under the Christmas tree some plane tickets or train tickets – for kids it will be even more fun than traveling by car!

My rate:

How I Created This Christmas Gift For Baby Buying Guide

Choosing a gift for infants and toddlers isn’t an easy task. Whether you are a mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, aunt or a family’s friend, you want to pick something useful, pretty, entertaining, engaging baby in many ways, something that the child and parents will love and something that express your generosity. WOW! That’s sound pretty difficult!

Although gifts are not the most important, it is worth to think for a while about what you will put under the Christmas tree. Therefore don’t put off Christmas shopping to the last minute. Searching for the perfect Christmas gift for the baby is best to start early, even in November or early December.

To make it all easier I did my own research and made a list of Christmas gift ideas for baby for 2023.

What were my criteria while picking best gift ideas for babies?

  1. First of all, I checked what other parents think about baby gift. Even if my children have this toy I check others review, I always do that.
  2. I chose gift that will be interesting and engaging for baby for a longer time.
  3. They should be useful or have an educational value and serve baby and parents for some time.
  4. I chose different types of gifts with wide price range – there’s so many amazing gifts out there that won’t cost you an arm and a leg!

If you have already done some research in online stores, then you’ve probably notice that when we are looking for a gift for baby (especially infant), we can find many products that in fact are not a gift for the baby, but for a parent!

Baby carrier, blanket or baby sleeping bag are rather something that parents need, not the baby, nevertheless this stuff is useful and always welcome! Of course there are few things that also can be perfect as a gift for the baby.

I also give you age recommendation for each product which I check on each brand’s website. However, it is very common practice to give baby a toy/product that will be suitable in couple of weeks or months, not something that is suitable only now and will quickly become boring for the baby!

Besides, parents also give their children toys and products earlier than the recommendation states. Even if the baby doesn’t get the toy’s purpose yet, he/she can already have super fun and start learn with it. Of course under the supervision of parents! 🙂 Besides, age recommendations are only approximate, because each baby develops at different pace and different things are attractive at each developmental stage.

Adorable Christmas Gift Ideas for Baby

I hope that my Christmas gift ideas for baby 2023 will be useful for you and you will find the perfect gift! If you still hesitating which one to choose – write to me in the comment section below and I will try my best to help you!

Do you have more ideas for awesome Christmas gifts? Let me know about it a comment so I could try it and include to my list!

Pictures with sign “www.littlebabygear.com” were taken by me. Other pictures belong to each brand (source: each brand’s official website). Your trust is really important to me: This post contains affiliate links. If you choose to buy something using these links, I receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you. Your support helps me run this blog. Thank you so much

The purpose of this article is informative. It’s not a substitute for professional medical advice or medical care. Remember: safety first! Consult your doctor/pediatrician in case of any doubts. The author of this article does not accept any responsibility for any liability, loss or risk, personal or otherwise, incurred as a consequence, directly or indirectly, from any information or advice contained here.

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