Best Baby Bottles – 9 TOP Picks For Every Feeding Need (And Budget!)

The choice of baby bottles on the market right now is huge and can make parents feel overwhelmed. There are glass, plastic and silicone ones, for colic and for gas, for upright feeding, for formula, and for breastfed babies. How to pick the right one? In this article I’ll share with you my list of the best baby bottles, which moms most often add to their registry.

Best Baby Bottles 2022

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As mothers, we strive to give our babies everything they need, especially with nourishment. From the newborn phase and well into toddlerhood, we dedicated ourselves to breastfeeding. The experience can be beautiful, but also filled with challenges.

More often than not, we might realize it is time to switch to bottle feeding.

Bottle feeding presents its advantages, but it will require some time to get used to it. The baby might refuse to take the bottle, he/she might suffer from gassiness and fussiness, or the milk might flow too fast or too slow making your baby fussy. You can prevent these issues by choosing the best bottle for your baby.

As you will realize all baby bottles have their benefits and limitations – there is no such thing as one perfect bottle that will suit each child. Bottle-feeding requires some experiments and error and trail, and lots of patience!

Whether you’re pumping exclusively and bottle-feeding, mixing breastfeeding and bottle-feeding, or your infant is exclusively formula-fed, or you just want to introduce a bottle to your breastfed baby “just in case”, here are the most recommendable baby bottles that worth trying.

Best Baby Bottles – Mom’s Favorites (full ranking below)


Tommee Tippee Closer To NatureTommee Tippee

LittleBabyGear Verdict: Best Bottle For Newborn Baby

  • Breast-like flexible nipple
  • Good for gassy babies - reduced risk of air ingestion
  • 6 nipple flow rates, including extra slow flow for newborns
  • Connects to a breast pumps

Nanobebe bottleNanobebe

LittleBabyGear Verdict: Best Bottle For Breastfed Babies

  • Breast-like shaped bottle - Easier transition from breastfeeding to bottle feeding
  • Milk is spread into a thin layer so it cools and warms more quickly
  • Unique design helps to prevent overheating and loosing precious nutrients
  • Compatible with many popular breast pumps
  • Easy to clean

Olababy GentleBottleOlababy

LittleBabyGear Verdict: Best Silicone Bottle

  • The placement of the nipple mimic mom's breast to reduce bottle refusal and promote semi-upright feeding
  • Colorful and soft-textured bottle stimulates baby's senses
  • Made of durable, non-toxic and safe material
  • Very easy to clean
  • Turns into a sippy cup (if you add a lid)

9 Best Bottles For Every Baby Feeding Need

The multitude of baby bottles available on the market can make you feel overwhelmed. However, be perseverant and choose one that will be the right fit for your baby. This will guarantee your little one benefits from adequate nutrition, growing into a healthy child, while enjoying the bottle-feeding itself.

1. Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature – Best Bottle For Newborns

Which baby bottles are the best for newborns and will ease the transition from the breast to the bottle and back? Tommee Tippee bottles seem to be a wonderful choice. I especially like their motto: “A Latch Made In Heaven”.

Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature
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Here you have a bottle that promises an easy-to-latch-on nipple that is flexible and stretchy, just like mom’s breast. It has a wide base to encourage natural latch. This helps newborn babies to accept the bottle.

Moms like that it stretches as the breast, with the nipple releasing just as much milk as the baby needs. The anti-colic valve is also an advantage, as it reduces the airflow and decreases risk of gassiness. I’ve seen lots of moms praising this bottle for helping their gassy babies, as well as for relieving acid reflux.

5oz bottles come with a newborn nipple which has an extra slow flow but, as the baby grows, you can change the bottle to 9oz which has a slow flow nipple (3m+) or 11oz bottle with Y-cut (6m+) for bigger appetite. It’s important to notice that at any time you can just get the nipples separately – and choose the flow rate accordingly to your baby’s abilities and preferences.

Last, but not least, you can use a pump adapter and connect it to breast pumps for immediate use. Tommee Tippee adapter works with standard neck breast pumps from brands: Ameda, Philips Avent, Evenflo, Lansing, Medela and Spectra.

As you can see all the popular breast pumps are compatible with it, to allow moms to pump and feed the baby right away, which saves time and hassle as you don’t have to pour the milk from milk container to the bottle. Plus, it’s less items to clean!

Whether you’re pumping exclusively, mixing breast- and bottle-feeding or supplementing with formula – this bottle is definitely worth trying with a newborn baby. For many infants it was a great solution and helped them to avoid nipple confusion.



+ Breast-like nipple that flexes and stretches

+ Reduced risk of air ingestion thanks to the anti-colic valve - great relief for gassy babies

+ Extra slow flow feeding ideal for newborns - no choking on milk (5 other flows available separately)

+ You can connect it to breast pumps (pump adapter sold separately)

+ Increases the chance the baby will accept the bottle and makes transition from breastfeeding to bottle feeding back and forth much easier

+ Suitable for breastmilk, as well as formula


- Markings may fade away after some time

- Nipple gets collapsed or clogged sometimes

- There's a gap between the cap and the bottle where baby's fingertips may get stuck - be careful about that!

2. Nanobebe – Best Bottle For Breastfed Babies

I recommend the Nanobebe bottle for breastfed babies. It has a unique shape that resembles the breast and has two main advantages. It allows to warm and cool down the bottle faster, preserving breastmilk valuable nutrients. Moreover, it works perfect for breastfed babies, and infants who refuse bottles!

Nanobebe bottles for breastfed babies who refuse bottle
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If you are wondering which baby bottles are the best, you may add this one to your list. Why? It has a unique shape designed to allow babies enjoy breastmilk nutrients, unaffected by heating.

Thanks to its dome shape, Nanobebe spreads milk into a thin layer allowing you to warm or cool it down at least 2 times faster than other bottles! This means the breastmilk is less prone to harmful effect of high temperature and its nutritional value is well preserved.

What’s more, you can use it not only for warming up and feeding breastmilk but also for pumping and storing. Moms have found it a significant advantage that they can connect this bottle to a pump, thanks to the breast pump adaptor. It’s compatible with many popular breast pump brands like Spectra, Ameda, Lansinoh, Medela and many more.

If you get this Newborn Set or Started Set adapter will be included in the package. If you buy just the bottle, you can get the adapter separately too.

Another interesting feature, which parent like, is the two-vent anti-colic system. This reduces the risk of colic, as it prevents swallowing air.

Stackable design of this bottle allows to save space in the fridge.

Nanobebe 5oz bottle is perfect for newborns and young infants. There is also Nanobebe Stage 2 Transition Bottle which is bigger (8oz). There are 5 nipple flow rates to choose from, including flow for preemies and newborns.

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+ Bottle resembles the breast, allowing the baby to transition from breastfeeding to bottle feeding more easily

+ Milk spreads into a thin layer, cooling and warming quicker than in standard bottles - preventing overheating and damages to precious nutrients

+ Advance venting system to prevent air ingestion and gassiness

+ Babies love holding the bottle, learning easier to self-feed

+ Breast pump adaptor allows moms to pump directly into the bottle

+ Easy to clean


- Risk of leaks if the bottom is not secured properly

- Price in the high range

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3. Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Options+ Anti-Colic Bottle – Best Bottle For Colic

Dr. Brown is a name every mother is familiar with. Their bottles are available in both borosilicate glass and BPA-free plastic, being well known for their unique anti-colic system. Dr. Brown’s bottles are probably the best choice for colicky and fussy infants.

Dr. Brown's Anti-Colic Bottle
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In case you are wondering which Dr. Brown’s bottles are the best, in my opinion, the Natural Flow Options+ stand at the top of the list.

The anti-colic glass baby bottle is durable and it can withstand high temperatures. You can get a silicone sleeve for it (available on Amazon) to prevent it from breaking in case it falls down.

It comes with a soft silicone nipple for comfortable feeding – you can choose wide or narrow neck, depending on your baby’s age and preferences.

This is a baby bottle for both breast milk and formula. It has a specially designed anti-colic vent system that reduces gas build-up. Lots of parents raves about Dr. Brown’s bottles for helping their babies’ fussy tummies, by reducing colic, winds and spit-ups. The result? Better digestion and more good sleep at night.

It’s noteworthy that you can remove the vent system (the green straw) as the baby grown and you feel it’s the right time. You don’t have to get different bottle for older baby!

For easy cleaning, Dr. Brown’s bottles are dishwasher and sterilizer safe.

The bottle made from BPA-free plastic offers similar benefits, reducing the risk of nipple confusion. Just keep in mind that in contrast to glass, plastic bottles need to be changed every few weeks/months.



+ Perfect bottle for gassy and colicky newborns and infants

+ Reduces gas build-up which helps to relieve colic, wind and spit-ups, and facilitates digestion for better night's sleep

+ It's easy to get the right flow (6 flow rates to choose from, including one for preemies)

+ Available in both glass and BPA-free plastic

+ Warms up easily

+ Venting system is removable (good option for older babies)


- Because of the advanced vent system, it is more difficult to put together and may leak if not secured properly

- Cleaning the vent system is a bit difficult and annoying

- Glass bottle is heavier (less comfortable for the baby to hold) & at risk of breaking - it's best to invest in a silicone sleeve

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4. Playtex Baby VentAire – Best Bottle For Semi-Upright Feeding To Prevent Gas & Reflux

Babies are prone to gas and reflux, especially in the first stage of their lives. Parents often ask themselves: what is the best baby bottle for acid reflux? Playtex Baby VentAire may just fit the description.

Playtex Baby Ventaire bottles
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Specially designed to prevent accumulation of air in baby’s belly (which often leads to painful colic and winds). It has a patented anti-colic bottom vent that ensures the air doesn’t get into the milk.

The angled design allows parents to feed their babies in a comfortable position, reducing the risk of both air ingestion and ear infections.

Many experts recommend more upright position for bottle-feeding to prevent spitting up and reflux. With standard bottles it’s not always easy to feed the baby in semi-upright position because it’s harder to get that last bit of milk out of it.

The angled Playtex Baby bottle makes semi-upright feeding much easier. As a mom myself, I really like that it promotes healthy feeding.

Besides, this bottle is really convenient for the baby to hold in their little hands.

The silicone nipple with wide shape resembles the breast and babies can easily latch on. It facilitates switching between breast and bottle.

It’s important to note that Playtex Baby VentAire comes in two sizes: 6oz and 9oz which are a bit bigger than majority of baby bottles. Moreover, each bottle has 6 parts which makes cleaning a bit harder.



+ Anti-colic system & unique angled design to prevent air ingestion and spit-ups

+ Comfortable for upright feeding and for babies to hold on their own

+ Nipples available in various flows, flexible and with a soft texture

+ Recommended for babies who suffer from colic or acid reflux

+ A suitable solution for tongue-tied babies


- Risk of leaking from both white rings (when the seal is not tightened properly)

- Nipple prone to collapse

- Might flow too fast for a newborn

5. Olababy GentleBottle – Best Silicone Bottle

Here we have another baby bottle made of non toxic silicone. It’s 100% BPA-free, PVC-free, and Phthalate-free. Babies seem to like its unique shape and its cute colors! What’s more, it’s been recommended by hundreds of parents!

Ola Baby bottles bestt Silicone Bottle
Check price & available designs

According to Olababy the GentleBottle attractive colors and shape allow for visual stimulation, as well as encourage baby’s development through touch – all of that while feeding!

We all know that infants are active explorers and gain new skills everyday. Why not use the feeding for stimulating their development? The texture and colors are appealing for the baby and engage their senses.

Besides – to be perfectly honest, I love these cute mint and coral colors too!

There is an off-centered soft nipple with wide base – that mimics the breast which helps baby adapt to bottle-feeding and reduces the risk of bottle refusal and nipple confusion.

According to many parents the design of the nipple is very practical – the placement is more realistic. It seems to work wonderful for breastfed babies. Besides, the nipple placement makes the bottle more convenient for semi-upright feeding than standard bottles. Dozens of parents praise the Olababy bottle nipple design.

There is also dual vent system that prevents air bubbles from getting into baby’s mouth and tummy – as a protection from colic.

Wide neck makes cleaning very easy. Just like other bottles, this one is available in small and big size: 4oz and 8oz, and with 5 different nipple flow rates.



+ The placement of the nipple is more realistic - designed to mimic mom's breast - it reduces the risk of bottle refusal and promotes semi-upright feeding

+ Colorful and soft-textured bottle attracts baby's attention and stimulates their senses

+ Made of non toxic, safe and durable silicone

+ Very easy to clean and use

+ Adapter for breast pump allows to express milk directly into the bottle (compatible with Spectra and Medela)

+ Parents rave about awesome Olababy accessories that help to transition the baby all the way to solids

+ You can switch the nipple to sippy cup lid!


- May leak if not screwed properly

6. Philips Avent BPA-Free – Best Glass Baby Bottle

Glass bottles have a lot of advantages to offer and it’s really great that such a reputable company as Philips has some in their offer. Their bottles are BPA-free, and equipped with a soft nipple that mimics the breast.

Philips Avent Glass baby bottle
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An interesting feature is the spiral nipple design, combined with comfort petals, which prevents the nipple from collapsing. Moreover, it makes the nipple more flexible (just like mom’s nipple) and allows the baby to latch on easily.

If you’re mixing breastfeeding and bottle-feeding this feature will make switching easier for the baby.

Glass bottles are resistant to high temperature changes, so you can store them in the fridge and then warm them up without worrying about breakage. Don’t forget to get bottle sleeve for better protection in case it falls to the floor (you can find it on Amazon).

These bottles are equipped with an anti-colic valve technology that releases the air from the bottle, without getting into baby’s belly. This of course reduces the discomfort during feeding. Philips Avent Natural bottles are compatible with breast pumps from the same brand.

What parents also like about this bottle is its simple design – there are not many parts to clean and assemble.

Last thing worth mentioning is that it comes in two sizes: 4oz and 8 oz and there are 6 nipple flow rates to choose from accordingly to your baby’s developmental stage and preferences.



+ Glass is durable, heat-resistant and the bottle develops no smell over time

+ Nipple shape prevents it from collapsing

+ Wide neck design and not many parts - for facile cleaning

+ Simple to put together (enormous advantage for busy parents)


- Risk of leakage

- Heavier than a normal bottle, and it might take longer for the baby to learn to hold it independently

- Risk of breakage (I recommend getting a silicone sleeve)

7. Comotomo – Easiest To Clean Bottle

The best part of Comotomo bottle is that it’s made of a soft squeezy silicone, it has a wide neck and just a few pieces that are super easy to clean. Judging from parents opinions, this is probably the easiest to clean baby bottle.

Comotomo easiest to clean bottle
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The motto of Comotomo, “breastfeeding in a bottle”, shows that this is one of the bottles designed for breastfed babies.

Interestingly, the bottle boasts a unique, soft silicone material. It mimics the breast, and it allows babies to transition to bottle feeding, reducing the risk of bottle refusal.

There is no surprise so many babies like holding and squeezing these bottles – just like they do with mom’s breasts!

I love that it’s made of silicone – which is still pretty rare among baby bottles. It’s lightweight just like plastic, but safer, while being also more durable (and unbreakable) in contrast to glass bottles.

Besides, you can clean it in a dishwasher or microwave steam sterilizer. It’s also safe to sanitize it in a boiling water (bottle and nipple – max. temperature 180℃, cap and outer ring – max. temperature 120℃).

The baby bottle from Comotomo comes with non-leaking dual air vents to prevent swallowing air bubbles. Lots of parents praise this bottle for helping their colicky and fussy babies.

A slow flow nipple is available for newborns, while 3 other faster flow rates are for older babies. There are 2 bottle sizes: 5oz and 8 oz.



+ Air vents to prevent colic and gas

+ Made from hygienic silicone material; no toxic chemicals to worry about

+ Easy to hold and squeeze - similar to mommy's breast

+ Wide neck design facilitates the cleaning process

+ Breast-like nipple to help baby with transition to bottle

+ Bottle mimics the milk letdown (as in breastfeeding)


- Measurement markings are hardly visible

- Nipple might collapse, causing the baby to become fussy

- The bottle might take longer to warm up

8. NUK Simply Natural Baby Bottle – Best Cheap Bottle For Baby

NUK bottle has a simple design, and a unique nipple with multiple tiny holes, instead of just one. Destined to mimic the flow of milk from the breast, it offers the natural feeding experience. The best part is that NUK Simply Natural bottles are inexpensive, and if you decide to get them as a bulk, the price will be even more pocket-friendly.

NUK Simply Natural Cheap Baby Bottles
Check price & available sizes

The nipple is soft and flexes just like mom’s breast – majority of babies find it simple to adapt, with the risk of nipple confusion being minimized.

The flexible nipple helps the baby latch on easily, not to mention the tongue can move as it would do at the breast. There is a slow flow nipple with three holes, recommended for newborns. For older babies, there are other nipples available, with six and nine holes.

The advanced anti-colic air vent protects against air ingestion. This baby bottles works great for both formula and breast milk.

NUK bottle and its nipple are also easy to clean. It’s made of BPA-free plastic, and according to many parents it feels very durable, thick and sturdy – not cheap at all!

Make sure to get the right nipple flow – some parents say the slow flow with 3 holes may be too fast for a newborn baby.



+ Designed to mimic the natural breast milk flow thanks to flexible nipple with multiple tiny holes

+ Wide nipple allows the baby to eat comfortably and reduces the risk of nipple confusion

+ Easy to clean and use

+ Sturdy, does not tip over when you measure formula

+ Clear measurement markings


- May leak (especially if filled too much)

- Cap does not always stay on

- Nipple may collapse, with the baby becoming frustrated by the interruption

- The transition from three to six holes is too much for some babies

9. PopYum Bottle – Best Bottle For Formula

The PopYum bottle impresses with its unique design, having separate compartments for the formula and water. It is one of the best bottles for babies fed with formula, allowing parents to quickly prepare a fresh bottle. They work wonderful for making bottles on the go.

PopYum bottle for formula
Check price & available sizes

PopYum bottle keeps the formula in separate container above the water. All you have to do is press a button on the side and the powder releases into the water. Mix it well and feed your baby.

All can be done with one hand – while holding the baby in other arm.

Importantly, there is also a funnel that protects from contamination.

PopYum stands out as a bottle for formula, because it allows you to prepare the bottle when you actually need it. Before that – water and formula are separated.

It’s very convenient when you’re traveling or out and about with your baby. Standard bottles are less convenient for formula-feeding on-the-go.

I also like the wide nipple which allowed for a natural latch, and the anti-colic vent, to protect against air ingestion.

As it contains only five parts, the bottle from PopYum is easy to assemble and clean. This can be a timesaving feature.



+ Prepare a bottle on-the-go

+ Timesaving, as it is easy to assemble and clean

+ Natural latch thanks to the wide nipple & anti-colic vent to prevent air bubbles in baby's tummy

+ Convenient solution for formula feeding

+ Funnel keeps formula separated from the water - you only mix it and make the bottle when the baby is actually hungry


- May flow too fast, especially for a newborn

- The preparation process takes some time to get used to

Choosing The Right Bottle For Your Baby – Important Tips

Trying to decide on the right bottle for your baby? Here are a few tips that might help you:

  • Choose the bottle size in accordance to the baby’s age: start with the ones recommended for newborns and move up as time passes.
  • Consider the nipple flow: a newborn will probably prefer a slower flow, while an older baby will need a medium or high flow. There are also nipples especially made for premature babies.
  • Silicone is one of the best materials for the actual bottle and nipple. If you prefer a glass bottle, be extra careful when handling it. If you’re not sure which type of a bottle to choose and how many baby bottles you will need – read this article.
  • The shape of the bottle matters more than you think. Choose one that is ergonomic, as this will allow the baby to self-feed.
  • Consider the accessories that might go with the respective bottle. For instance, a pump adaptor if you plan on expressing breast milk; portable bottle warmer if you travel frequently, and a set of cleaning brushes for bottles and nipples.

As a parent, you will always know what your baby needs. If you are shopping for baby bottles, I recommend you to try several and see which one fits your little one the most. Good luck!

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Pictures of baby bottles belong to specific brands. Sources: Nuk, Philips Avent, Nanobebe, Comotomo, Dr. Brown’s, PopYum, Playtex Baby, Tommee Tippee, Olababy.

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