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What Is The Best Stroller For Big Kid?

Does your child grow faster than its peers and has already outgrown your current stroller? Or maybe your child is 4 or 5 years old but sometimes still wants to ride in a stroller? Maybe the school is far from your home and your kid is not able to go on foot the whole distance and you could use a stroller sometimes? Or maybe your child is recovering from a surgery or has a medical condition and a stroller for big kid would be useful for you?

No matter what is your reason, I would like to help you choose the right stroller for you. That’s why I created a ranking of the best strollers for big kids. I present you 15 models with wide variety of features and different weight capacity. I hope you will find here a stroller that will meet your needs!

Best Strollers For Big Kids

Name  Image Stroller Type  Weight  Maximum Capacity  Where to buy?
GB Pockit
GB Pockit Umbrella stroller 9.5 lbs 55 lbs
Inglesina NET Inglesina NET Umbrella stroller 11.2 lbs 55 lbs  
Joovy Groove Ultralight 2017 Joovy Groove Ultralight 2017 Umbrella stroller 15.7 lbs 55 lbs  
Baby Jogger 2016 City Mini GT Single  Baby Jogger 2016 City Mini GT Single Full-sized stroller 22.5 lbs 65 lbs  
Maclaren Techno XLR  Maclaren Techno XLR Full-sized stroller 15.8 lbs 65 lbs  
Britax 2017 B-Agile 3 Stroller Britax 2017 B-Agile 3 Stroller Full-sized stroller 18 lbs 55 lbs  
Baby Jogger 2016 City Mini GT Double Baby Jogger 2016 City Mini GT Double Double stroller 32.6 lbs 100 lbs  
Maclaren Twin Techno Maclaren Twin Techno Double stroller 26.2 lbs 110 lbs  
ZOE XL2 BEST Double Stroller ZOE XL2 BEST Double Stroller Double stroller 16 lbs 100 lbs  
Maxi-Cosi Dana For2 Maxi-Cosi Dana For2 Double stroller 35 lbs 100 lbs  
Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight Jogging Stroller Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight Jogging Stroller Jogging stroller 25.7 lbs 75 lbs  
 Thule Urban Glide Thule Urban Glide Jogging stroller 23 lbs 75 lbs  
BOB 2016 Revolution PRO BOB 2016 Revolution PRO Jogging stroller 30.5 lbs 75 lbs  
BOB 2016 Revolution PRO Duallie BOB 2016 Revolution PRO Duallie Double jogging stroller 36 lbs 100 lbs  
Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogger Stroller Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogger Stroller Double jogging stroller 43 lbs 100 lbs  

This is the list of the most reliable and tested strollers for big kids from all brands and top-rated by all parents.

Most of strollers are design to accommodate a baby up to 30 or 40 lbs. That’s understandable if we consider that most of kids ride in a stroller till 3 years, when they weigh about 30 lbs. But every child develops at a different pace therefore sometimes a child can be bigger than its peers or want to ride in a stroller longer than other kids or there can be some medical reasons.

Manufacturers respond to those needs and many of modern strollers have higher weight limit and longer seat. Nowadays many strollers can accommodate bigger and taller kids, up to 50 lbs or even 75 lbs!

Below you can find review of 15 big kids strollers.

Umbrella strollers for big kids

Umbrella stroller are getting more popular nowadays. They are perfect for travels or day trips, mostly because they are super lightweight and easy to carry. They feature compact fold thanks to which they fit into carry-on luggage compartment on airplanes.

However, small weight doesn’t mean that they are crappy or less functional. You might also think that umbrella strollers are only suitable for small and light children. Not at all!

There are few great models of umbrella strollers for big kids. Most of umbrella strollers have many useful features (like full-sized strollers). They provide comfortable and safe ride which is still crucial even for older children.

Here are my favorite umbrella strollers for big toddlers:

1. GB Pockit

My rate:
GB Pockit features tiniest fold in the World
GB Pockit features tiniest fold in the World

This stroller can accommodate child up to 55 lbs and additional 11 lbs of gear in storage basket. It weighs only 9.5 lbs which makes it the most lightweight stroller for big kids. Moreover, it features tiniest fold in the World! It folds into a small package which can easily fit into hand luggage compartment on airplane or it can be carried in a bag.

GB Pockit is perfect travel stroller for older children. It is design for urban parents who are on the run with their kid. It’s small and light, but very sturdy and made of durable materials, so it can serve parents for couple of years.

My 3 year old daughter is 33lbs and 38in and she still has plenty of room in this stroller. I read many review of GB Pockit and many parents us it for 4 or 5-year-old children. For me it’s the best stroller for older child.

GB Pockit - stroller for older children
GB Pockit – stroller for older children

Other features that I like about this big kid stroller is good-sized basket under the seat which can hold up to 11 lbs of our essentials. There are also pivoting and lockable front wheels – swivel wheels increase maneuverability and locked wheels make the stroller more stable which is essential when we are going over uneven terrain.

GB Pockit is also convenient to push and navigate thanks to adjustable handlebars. My husband is much taller than me and we both can easily push it.

The newest version features also infant car seat compatibility and reclining seat. GB Pockit PLUS 2017 will be on sale in October this year so stay tuned 😉 In the meantime you can check out GB Pockit which was a bestseller last year.

2. Inglesina NET

Inglesina NET umbrella stroller for older children
Inglesina NET – umbrella stroller for older kids

This is my second favorite stroller for big toddlers. Its weight is just 11.2 lbs which makes it the perfect stroller for traveling by car, train or plane. The maximum weight recommendation is 55 lbs. I did some online research about this stroller and read that even 4-year-old kids ride in it!

The height limit is about 41-45 inches. So if you are looking for a stroller for tall kid, Inglesina Net might be just what you need.

Let’s see what other features NET offers. It has good-sized canopy with UPF 50+ to provide maximum protection for the little passenger. The seat cover is made of mesh which provides great ventilation even during hot summer days. Seat pad is removable and washable.

Folding NET is really a piece of cake! And after folding it stands on its own and the seat fabric doesn’t touch the ground. Folding doesn’t require bending down which is great for parents who have back problems. Moreover, there is a shoulder strap so we can conveniently carry the stroller on the shoulder.

“I was using this stroller when my daughter Haley for little over 2 years old and I was right after the second (twin) pregnancy so it was really important for me to have light and easy to fold stroller, because I couldn’t lift heavy things and bend down often.” ~ Zooey
Inglesina NET
Inglesina NET

Inglesina NET features recline, but it’s only 2-position. However, these positions allow for comfortable ride and watching the surrounding or taking a nap. Really not so many umbrella stroller at this price have reclining seat, so it’s still a plus for Inglesina Net!

It offers also cup holder and mesh basket under the seat which can accommodate few diapers, wipes, some snack, drinks and toys.

3. JOOVY New Groove Ultralight Umbrella Stroller

JOOVY New Groove Ultralight umbrella stroller for big kids
JOOVY New Groove Ultralight – can accommodate even 4-year-old kid

This is another great umbrella stroller for larger toddlers. It weighs only 15.7 lbs and has weight capacity of 55 lbs. My friend has 4-year-old son, he’s almost 40 inches tall and still fits into this stroller.

The newest model of Joovy Groove Ultralight features improved all-wheel suspension, adjustable footrest and near-flat recline which is a comfortable position if our toddler would like to take a nap on-the-go. Large canopy has one peek-a-boo window and UPF 50 to protect our rider from harmful sun rays.

Under the seat there is mesh storage basket with zip closure where we can fit our necessities and baby’s gear. There are also two cup holders.

This big kid stroller is easy to push and navigate even when we are going through narrow spaces. After folding Joovy doesn’t take up much space, it stands on its own, locks automatically and can be carried on a shoulder.

JOOVY New Groove Ultralight umbrella stroller for big toddlers
JOOVY New Groove Ultralight Umbrella Stroller

To sum up, Joovy Groove Ultralight 2017 is an umbrella stroller for big toddler, it can accommodate tall kids, offers many useful features and provides comfortable ride. And has reasonable price!

Full-sized strollers for big kids

Lightweight and umbrella strollers are great because they are easy to lift and carry, but sometimes they don’t offer as many features as full-sized strollers do. I found few awesome (and light) standard strollers for older children with higher weight limit and longer seats, than umbrella strollers offer!

Here are my TOP 3 full-sized strollers for bigger toddlers.

4. Baby Jogger 2016 City Mini GT

Baby Jogger 2016 City Mini GT
Baby Jogger 2016 City Mini GT

It is a great city stroller for big kid with maximum capacity of 65 lbs! This is very high limit as for a standard stroller. City Mini GT is also a very comfortable stroller for tall child. Actually it has one of the longest seat back I’ve found on the market! Even kids over 40’’ fit comfortably in this stroller. Moreover, the seat is nicely padded with plush fabric.

Besides, we can adjust the seat belts height, recline the seat and adjust the canopy to provide more comfy ride for our passenger. The stroller is fairly large and has a leg rest. Therefore Baby Jogger 2016 City Mini GT is awesome for tall toddlers and older kids who still ride in a stroller or older children with medical conditions.

Parents praise this stroller for a large extendable canopy with UV 50+ protection. Thanks to it our toddler can enjoy strolls on sunny days. There is also a peek-a-boo window so you can keep an eye on your passenger.

This is an everyday stroller, great for running errands in the city, shopping with a baby and using public transportation. Moreover, it has awesome all-terrain wheels and thanks to them you can take this stroller on dirt and stone roads or over grass with no trouble.

Baby Jogger City Mini GT is very light and we can carry it in one hand
Baby Jogger City Mini GT is very light and we can carry it in one hand

Baby Jogger City Mini GT has adjustable handlebar which is essential for me, because my hubby is 1 foot taller than me. We can both push this stroller easily. What I also like is the hand-operated brake which gives us maximum control over speed and let us slow down or stop immediately at any time.

Folding City Mini GT is a piece of cake thanks to patented folding mechanism. You just lift a strap and the stroller folds itself! Then it locks automatically so the stroller stays in that position during storage or transportation. Besides, we can carry the stroller thanks to the strap in the middle of the seat. The stroller itself weighs only 22.5 lbs so it’s pretty light to lift.

Thanks to City Mini GT getting around with a toddler is super easy. In my opinion this is the best full-sized single stroller for big kids.

5. Maclaren Techno XLR

This is another big kid stroller with really high weight limit of 65 lbs! Although it’s a full-features stroller it weighs only 15.8 lbs. For such a light stroller, it can handle pretty heavy passenger!

Maclaren Techno XLR
Maclaren Techno XLR

The seat is nicely padded and very roomy to provide more comfort for bigger children. It features fully recline multi-position seat so our toddler can enjoy comfy ride or lay back for a snooze. There is also extendable leg rest which makes the stroller more comfortable for taller kids.

The canopy is adjustable and made of waterproof fabric. Maclaren Techno XLR has four small wheels so it works better on even terrain than bumpy trails, but thanks to four wheel suspension it glides smoothly. Adjustable handles make pushing very easy for both short and tall parents.

Big advantage of Maclaren Techno XLR is that it comes with many accessories. It includes premium wind-resistant rain cover, headhugger and shoulder pads and winter boot! It’s pretty uncommon for full-sized strollers to come with so many extra convenient items, so XLR gets a big plus from me!

This stroller features also very compact fold and has carry strap. So when our toddler gets tired of riding in a stroller, we can easily close the stroller and carry it on a shoulder. It a great feature especially if we are using this stroller for big kid who can walk but sometimes still wants to ride in a stroller.

It’s also useful if you live far from the nursery school or school and your toddler is not able to go the whole distance on foot. When he gets tired we can jump into the stroller at any time!

Maclaren take care also for children safety. Their strollers are made of high quality materials that meet highest safety standards. Therefore we can be sure it will last couple of years.

6. Britax 2017 B-Agile

Britax 2017 B-Agile
Britax 2017 B-Agile

I love B-Agile because it weighs only 18 lbs, which is just a little more than umbrella strollers weigh! Its recommended capacity is 55 lbs therefore this is a stroller for big toddler.

It has light aluminum frame so it’s very easy to lift and carry. The 3-wheel configuration with dual and swivel front wheel is great for going over city sidewalks and gravel paths.

The stroller is very maneuverable and features really tight turning radius. All-wheel suspension gives us smooth and bumpless ride. What I also like is the brake – it’s not only easy to use but also when it’s set the stroller stands still and doesn’t wobble.

Large canopy with mesh peek-a-boo window provides great ventilation and excellent protection for sun rays. The seat has multi-position recline so we will definitely find the best position for our toddler.

Britax 2017 B-Agile
B-Agile 2017 is awesome, multi-tasking city stroller for big kid. No wonder it’s Britax bestseller!

Britax 2017 B-Agile offers large mesh basket underneath the seat which can hold our essentials, baby gear, shopping bags and many more. Folding is also very easy, we can quickly close the stroller using just one hand.

Double strollers for big kids

Do you need a double stroller for big toddlers? Maybe your twins are taller than their peers and you need a stroller with longer seats?

I found on the market few double strollers for bigger kids with high weight limit and seats that can accommodate taller children.

Check out my list of the best double stroller for big toddlers.

7. Baby Jogger 2016 City Mini GT Double Stroller

Baby Jogger 2016 City Mini GT Double Stroller
Baby Jogger 2016 City Mini GT Double Stroller

This one is a great multi-tasking and all-terrain double stroller with weight limit of 50 lbs per seat. The stroller itself weighs 32.6 lbs which is not so much as for a double pushchair.

Seat height is 21in which is pretty much compared with other strollers. I’ve read in other parents’ review that even 4 and 5-year-old children fit into this stroller! Definitely a big kid stroller.

Baby Jogger 2016 City Mini GT Double has all-terrain rubber wheels which work great on city sidewalks and dirt roads. However, this stroller, despite its name, is not for jogging with kids. If you are looking for a jogging stroller for big kids just keep scrolling.

Other features that City Mini GT Double offers: adjustable handlebar which provide comfortable pushing for tall and short parents, compatibility with infant car seats, hand-operated brake, individually reclining seats and two large, independently adjustable canopies, each with two peek-a-boo windows.

Oh, one more thing. This stroller has patented folding technology and actually it folds itself! It made my life so much easier, when I was recovering from a C-section.

>>Here you can read my full review of City Mini GT Double<<

8. Maclaren Twin Techno

Maclaren Twin Techno
Maclaren Twin Techno

This is one of the best strollers for older children. It can accommodate two toddlers, each up to 55 lbs! It’s really hard to find a stroller witch such a huge weight limit (110 lbs of combined carrying capacity!). Stroller’s basic weight is only 26.2 lbs which is really nice as for a double stroller.

Maclaren Twin Techno might be actually the only stroller you will ever need, because you can use it from birth (with Carrycot) until you child goes to school! Even 5-year-old and 44 inches tall children can comfortably fit in this stroller and rest their feet on the footrest without being squeezed. Twin Techno is one of the best strollers for tall kids for sure!

This stroller features also adjustable waterproof canopies with peek-a-boo window and UPF 50+, four-position recline seats and extendable leg rest. Twin Techno has six dual wheels which work excellent on flat terrain. There is also large mesh basket under the seats which can hold babies’ gear, your bag and few shopping bags!

If you want a stroller for big toddlers or a stroller for big kid and baby you should go for Maclaren Twin Techno, because you can use it two different seats.

It’s great everyday city stroller, not only for strolls in parks but also running errands and shopping with kids.

9. ZOE XL2 BEST Double Stroller

ZOE XL2 BEST Double Stroller
ZOE XL2 BEST Double Stroller

This is a great double lightweight stroller for big kids, perfect for travel or running errands in the city. It weighs only 16 lbs (WOW!) which is very little for double stroller. Maximum weight recommendation is 50 lbs per seat. Zoe features long seats with 23’’ from the bottom of seat to canopy. This big kid stroller can accommodate even a 3 or 4-year-old passengers!

Here are few things I like about ZOE XL2 BEST: it has lightweight but durable aluminum frame, it folds easily and quickly, there are two child cup holder, one child tray, one parent cup holder and double padded belly bar.

ZOE XL2 BEST Double Stroller for older kids
ZOE XL2 BEST Double Stroller – great stroller for older kids

This stroller features also large, extendable sunshades with storage pockets on the back where we can keep our essentials like keys or phone. Canopies have also peek-a-boo windows with magnetic closure which is a big plus.

Pushing ZOE XL2 BEST is like a breeze and the wheels roll nicely, but this is not an off-road stroller. It’s great choice for urban parents, who are often on the go with their toddlers.

ZOE XL2 BEST Double Stroller for big kids
ZOE XL2 BEST Double Stroller weighs only 16 lbs and has maximum capacity of 100 lbs!

If you are looking for a double stroller for big kids that you could travel with or use public transportation with, ZOE XL2 BEST is just for you.

10. Maxi-Cosi Dana For2

This is a double stroller for bigger toddlers thanks to maximum capacity of 50 lbs per seat. It is also a stroller for older children and it can be used up to 4 years. There is about 23’’ from the bottom of the seat to the top of the canopy so you can be sure your 4-year-old will fit there comfortably.

Maxi-Cosi Dana For2
Maxi-Cosi Dana For2

Maxi-Cosi Dana For2 is also a great stroller for big kid and baby, because we can use it with one infant car seat and one toddler seat.

What other features I like the most? There are large canopies that provide full coverage from bright light. Canopies feature peek-a-boo windows so we can spy on our toddlers during strolling.

The seats have multi-position recline so our toddlers can sit upright and watch the surroundings or lay back and take a nap. Dana For2 is convenient to maneuver and turn even in tight spaces. There is also good-sized basket for all your family’s gear and one parent cup holder.

Folding Dana For2 is pretty simple and after that stroller doesn’t take up much space which makes transportation and storage more easy.

The stroller itself weighs around 35 lbs and 31.5’’ wide so it fits easily through regular doorways and elevators.

No matter if you have two larger twins or close-in-age siblings, in Maxi-Cosi Dana For2 they will travel together in comfort.

Jogging strollers for big kids

You like jogging with your toddler but he/she grows faster than peers and is already too big for your current jogger? Don’t worry! I found few awesome jogging strollers for big kids with the highest weight recommendation on the market!

Just choose one jogger from the ranking below and you’re ready to hit the trail with your toddler.

11. Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight Jogging Stroller

Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight
Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight jogging stroller

The newest Zoom 360 Ultralight weighs only 25.7 which is really very little for a jogger. It’s one of the best strollers for older children, thanks to a maximum capacity of 75 lbs and long seat that can accommodate a child up to 42’’ tall. Even at maximum load this stroller is still very sturdy and easy to maneuver or turn.

Inside of the seat there are mesh pockets so our toddler can keep there some snacks and other take-alongs.

This jogger has good-sized wheels: 16’’ in the back and 12’’ in front with pumped tires. Moreover, the front wheel can be locked straight to increase stability during running or going over bumps. And when the front wheels swivels it gives maximum maneuverability and agility.

Large canopy gives your child plenty of shade while you’re on the go. You can see your passenger through a peek-a-boo window. I like the canopy and the stroller fabric because they provide great air-flow.

Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight includes also very practical parent organizer. We can keep our keys and phone in a zippered pocket and even two bottles of water in beverage holders.

After folding this stroller doesn’t take up much space, especially if we consider it is a jogger. We can fit it into car trunk or storage in a garage.

Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight jogging stroller
Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight can handle rough terrain

And last but not least, Zoom 360 Ultralight is one of the cheapest jogging strollers on the market today! So if you are looking for a jogging stroller for big kid, but your budget is limited, don’t hesitate anymore and go for Zoom 360.

12. Thule Urban Glide

Thule Urban Glide
Thule Urban Glide

This is one of the most popular jogging strollers for bigger toddlers. No wonder, it has maximum capacity of 75 lbs, while the stroller itself weighs only 23 lbs – which is super light for a jogger! And based on the opinions of other parents I can say that this stroller can be used even for 4 or 5-year-old children. This is truly a big kid stroller!

There are two big 16’’ wheels in the back and two smaller one – 12’’, in front. Swivel front wheel gives more maneuverability and it can be locked for more stability. There is also great working rear-suspension system that absorbs all impact and provides very smooth ride.

If you want light jogging stroller for big child, that will handle the hardest terrain, Thule Urban Glide will satisfy you!

Other great features of this stroller: it has adjustable handlebar for parents of all height. Multi-position canopy gives full coverage and great protection from sun rays. It has also peek-a-boo with magnetic closure. I know how much you love magnetic closure.

The seat features near flat reclining so our toddler can snooze during strolling. The seat is very comfy thanks to soft padding and there is great ventilation thanks to vented top.

There is also large and easy-access storage basket under the seat with zip closure, made of water resistant fabrics. Storing and transporting is very easy thanks to compact fold.

Thule Urban Glide jogging stroller
Thule Urban Glide – great stroller for jogging with big kid

This stroller can accommodate a big child, but at the same time it is very lightweight, narrow and full-featured so it can be also used as an everyday stroller!

13. BOB 2016 Revolution PRO

BOB 2016 Revolution PRO
BOB 2016 Revolution PRO

In my opinion, this is one of the best single jogging strollers for big kids. I started using it when my daughter was about 8 months old. It weighs 30.5 lbs and offers maximum capacity of 75 lbs.

It features very solid and sturdy construction which makes this stroller perfect for transporting bigger toddlers.

PRO has large wheels which works amazing on bumpy terrain like unbeaten paths, cracked sidewalks or sandy beaches. Rear wheels are 16’’ and the front one is 12.5’’. The front wheel can be set in two positions: swivel for better agility and locked forward for more stability during jogging on rough terrain.

With BOB you can go over the most challenging terrain thanks to amazing suspension system that absorbs all shocks and bumps.

BOB Revolution PRO jogging stroller
BOB Revolution PRO is one of the best jogging strollers for big toddlers

There are two more features that I love about BOB Revolution PRO. It has adjustable handlebar with 9 different position. Therefore I can lower it down and my husband can set it higher for more comfortable pushing. Moreover, this stroller is equipped with two brakes – typical foot-operated parking brake and additional handbrake which is essential for controlling the speed while jogging down the hill.

BOB Revolution PRO is not the smallest stroller, but it’s a jogger made for the toughest terrain and it’s serve this purpose perfectly. Besides, this stroller is pretty easy to storage because it features compact fold and we can also take off the wheels so the stroller would take less space.

If you are looking for a real jogging stroller for big kids, that would go over any kind of terrain, this stroller is made for you!

>>Click here to read my full review of BOB Revolution PRO<<

Double jogging strollers for big kids

I decided to present you also two double joggers for older kids – the best that you can find on the market today.

14. BOB 2016 Revolution PRO Duallie

BOB 2016 Revolution PRO Duallie
BOB 2016 Revolution PRO Duallie

Let me introduce you my favorite and absolute #1 double jogger – BOB Revolution PRO Duallie. It can accommodate two children, each up to 50 lbs. If you’re a fan of jogging and have two big kids, this stroller won’t let you down!

It weighs 36 lbs which, to be honest, is a decent weight. But remember that BOB Revolution PRO is really heavy duty vehicle and it works excellent on any type of terrain, seriously, just name it 🙂

I’ve been jogging with BOB Revolution PRO Duallie for six months already and I’ve taken it to the beach, snow, wooded paths and unbeaten roads in the countryside. It always glides like a breeze, no exceptions!

Here are some features I like the most in this jogger. It has two brakes – one foot-operated and one hand-operated which gives us maximum control. Handbrake is very useful especially if you like to jog in a hilly area.

BOB 2016 Revolution PRO Duallie has two brakes, safety strap, large storage backet and two big peek-a-boo windows
BOB 2016 Revolution PRO Duallie has two brakes, safety strap, large storage backet and two big peek-a-boo windows

Just like the single PRO, Duallie also has 16’’ rear wheels and 12.5’’ front wheel. BOB features air-filled tires which are great for bumpy terrain. Front wheel locks forward which gives the stroller more stability. It’s crucial when we are going over rough surface. And swivel front wheel increase maneuverability which is useful during turning and going through tight spaces.

Thanks to excellent suspension system your toddlers will enjoy smooth ride and won’t get bumped-around. Adjustable handlebar offers 9 height position which is great for all-height parents.

To sum up, in my opinion BOB Revolution PRO Duallie is the best double jogging stroller for big kids available on the market today. It has awesome wheels and amazing suspension which allow you to go wherever the adventure is calling you!

>>You can also read my full comprehensive review of PRO Duallie here<<

Feel free to check out also other great BOB jogging strollers for big toddlers: Flex and Sport Utility.

15. Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogger Stroller

Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogger Stroller
Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogger Stroller

This stroller is a great option for those who have twin toddlers or two big children at similar age. Each sit can accommodate a child up to 50 lbs and 42’’ so this is truly a stroller for big toddlers. I’ve read many reviews and found out that some parent used it even for 5 and 6-year-old children!

As for a jogger it has pretty unusual 4-wheel construction. Front wheels can be locked straight for greater stability or they can swivel which makes the stroller more agile. Navigator has pneumatic tires like a bicycle. Thanks to them we can jog over uneven terrain.

This stroller comes with a parent tray which is equipped with two cup holders, storage and MP3 speakers! That’s pretty fancy feature. 🙂

At the back of the seats, just under the canopy there are two mesh windows which provide extra air-flow. This is very useful during jogging on summer days. Seats feature multi-position recline providing very comfortable ride for our toddlers.

Baby Trend Navigator weighs 43 lbs which is quite a lot, but it offers quick and easy folding. When the stroller is folded it has pretty compact size which allows for easy storage or transportation in a car trunk.

This double jogger has very pocket-friendly price. So if you want a solid jogging stroller for big kids, but you have to stick to your budget Baby Trend Navigator might be great solution for you.

As you can see there are few great strollers for big kids so I’m sure you will find something for you. There are different types of big kids strollers, they have different features, different weight limit and different size of the seat.

Therefore, no matter if you are looking for a stroller for older children, bigger toddlers or a child with some medical condition, make sure the stroller you picked has the capacity you need and other features that will fulfill your family’s needs.

Remember that it’s not safe to use a stroller for a baby that exceeds the weight limit, because the stroller is less stable then and it might easily tip over or broke. Not to mention that it’s not comfortable for a child when he/she is hitting the canopy with his/her head or his/her feet touch the ground during a stroll.

best strollers for older children

If you still hesitate or can’t decide which stroller is the best for you, let me know by using the comment section below and I will do my best to help you! 🙂

Hello Moms! I am Zooey. I am a wife and a mother of three amazing kids: 3-year-old Haley and almost 1-year-old twins Jesse and Matthew. I am a jogger, cooker and blogger

If you have a question or a comment, do not hesitate to write to me! 🙂

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