Safest Baby Carrier For Newborn Baby

Are you thinking about starting babywearing with your newborn baby but you have no clue which baby carrier is proper and usable from birth? Don’t worry! Here you’ll find out how to choose the safest baby carrier for newborn. Your baby’s safety and comfort are top priority!

Safest Baby Carriers For Newborn Baby

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Using wrap or classic buckle carrier for babywearing is really convenient as it frees your hands. It’s useful especially when you have more than one child, you need to do household chores or go somewhere where the stroller is too bulky and inconvenient (for example crowded mall or airport). Some parents even use baby carrier instead of a stroller!

As a mom I know that the choice is vast and sometimes overwhelming. If you’re struggling which type of baby carrier and which model to choose, the answer is quite simple: It depends on what’s more comfortable for you and your baby. The most important thing is to choose carrier that is safe for newborn baby. Whether you’re an expectant parent or you already have a newborn baby, here you’ll find the best and safest baby carriers that you can start your babywearing journey with.

So if you’re looking for the safest carrier for your newborn baby, you have two major options: wrap carrier and classic soft structured carrier (buckle carrier) that doesn’t require infant insert. Why these types? And which models are the best? Keep reading and you’ll find out everything.

Whichever you decide to choose, remember that baby carrier for newborn should allow the baby to rest in natural, frog position with hips and knees bent, thighs supported, knees higher than bum and spine naturally curved.

Solly Baby Wrap
Solly Baby Wrap
  • Suitable from birth up to 25 pounds
  • Lightweight, soft and breathable material - less sweating & no overheating
  • Best baby carrier for summer and warm weather
  • Moms' new favorite baby wrap!

Price & available patterns: Get one wrap, save 40% OFF the second (code: WRAP40)
Boba Wrap
Boba Wrap
  • Usable from birth to 35 pounds
  • Flexible fabric - easy to tie and adjust
  • One size - you can share it with your spouse or grandparents!
  • Lots of cute colors

Price & available colors: Boba Website
Baby K'tan Wrap
Baby K'tan Wrap
  • Most comfortable from birth up to 12 months
  • The only wrap that doesn't require tying
  • Available in 5 versions (different fabrics and patterns)
  • 6 sizes - get the wrap that perfectly fits your body

Price & available patterns: Baby K'tan Website
Lillebaby Complete All Seasons
Lillebaby Complete All Seasons Carrier
  • Baby carrier that grows with the child - from birth up to 45 lbs
  • Offers 6 position, depending on the child's age
  • Has a mesh layer for warm weather and zippered cover for colder days
  • Awesome lower back support pillow for parent's comfort

Price & available patterns: Lillebaby Website
Ergobaby Omni 360
Ergobaby Omni 360 Carrier
  • From birth (7 lbs) up to 45 lbs
  • Available in two types: cotton or mesh fabric
  • 4 carrying positions - including facing forward
  • Very easy to adjust

Price & available colors: Ergobaby Website (save 40% today)
Baby Tula Free to Grow
Baby Tula Free-to-Grow Carrier
  • Usable from 7 to 45 pounds
  • Most adorable and cute patterns among soft-structured newborn carriers!
  • Adjusts to different body types and sizes
  • Very comfortable to wear

Price & available patterns: Amazon
Ergobaby Embrace
Ergobaby Embrace
  • Suitable from birth (7 lbs) to 25 lbs
  • Easy to use, ensures proper weight distribution across your body
  • Lightweight fabric = less hot
  • 4 neutral colors

Price & available colors: Ergobaby Website

Best Wrap For Newborn Baby

Generally speaking wraps are perfect solution for newborn baby because they support the baby in most natural position (called frog position or spread-squat position) – if tying is done properly. Of course it requires a bit of practice and it takes some time to learn how to make a secure tie.

Besides, wearing baby in wrap gives the baby sense of security, baby can feel that mom/dad is close, can hear their heartbeat. It also help parents to bond with their baby.

Parents who want to start babywearing are usually a bit hesitant about using a wrap as it requires learning how to tie it. But wraps are definitely worth considering, because they have lots of advantages: they are comfortable and secured for newborn babies. Besides, this is a pocket-friendly option – wraps are much cheaper than good soft structured carriers.

1. Solly Baby Wrap

Solly Baby Wrap - One of the best carriers for newborn baby
Solly Baby Wrap

Solly Baby Wrap is a trendy newborn wrap and my personal favorite on this list. This wrap is designed to offer excellent babywearing for newborns weighing 7-8 pounds. It will remain useful until the baby is around 25 pounds (most parents agree that it’s most comfy up to approximately 9 months). Solly Baby say their wrap is perfect for preemies too, but I’d suggest consulting with your pediatrician or babywearing expert first on whether your baby is ready.

Solly Baby Wrap comes as a long fabric measuring approximately 5.5 yards. On the one hand, this means that you’ll need to learn how to tie it on your upper body correctly. This is usually quite challenging for most parents at first. But it gets easier once you get a knack of it. Besides, most parents agree that Solly soft fabric makes wrapping and tying easier than other wraps!

Furthermore, Solly Baby has a couple of videos that make tying this wrap quite easy. Most parents who are currently using it say that they can wrap it around their upper body and put the baby in within 45 seconds! You can check the tutorials here.

On the positive side, the design of Solly Baby Wrap means that everybody in the family can be able to wear the baby comfortably. The size and design of this wrap make it a suitable choice for both petite and plus-size parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles who wish to help with the baby.

Solly Baby Wrap - Basil new color
Being hip-healthy means that Solly Baby Wrap keeps the baby in ergonomic spread-squat position allowing their hips for proper development

So, what makes Solly Baby Wrap to stand out from other carriers? First and foremost, I’d say the fabric! This carrier is made from a unique material called Lenzing Modal. Besides being an awesome choice for eco-conscious parents, Lenzing Modal is one of the best fibers out there thanks to its lightweight, strong, stretchy, and breathable nature.


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To give you a clearer perspective, modal is considerably lighter and slimmer than fabrics made from cotton and cotton blends but equally strong. Besides, this fiber is incredibly softer than Tencel, and it also wicks moisture away.

All these features make it one of the best baby wraps for summer and for areas that have a warmer climate. The length of this wrap makes it possible to use it even in colder months because you can have a few more layers around the baby to create enough warmth.

So, if you’re struggling to find a baby wrap that doesn’t leave you and the baby sweaty, or if you want a baby wrap that you can use all year round, I believe this one might interest you. It’s the best breathable wrap and allow the air to circulate through the fabric keeping you and the baby cool and comfy all the time.

Solly Baby Wrap - Made of lightweight breathable fabric
Solly Baby Wrap is made of a lightweight breathable fabric that keeps you and the baby cool during summer strolls and cuddling

To add to its ease of use, Solly Baby Wrap has a self-closing pouch sewn on one end. When the wrap is not in use, you can fold it and store it in this pocket. This leaves you with a small and neat bundle that you can throw in your bag, and it won’t take a lot of space.

Besides being user-friendly, the other primary reason why I would highly recommend this wrap for use with newborns is that this is a hip-healthy product. Solly Baby Wrap is recognized by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute for its ability to hold the infant in the spread-squat position. This frog-leg position, as it’s also called, puts the legs in M-position, thereby promoting optimum development of the hip joints. This position is comfortable for the baby, too, since the weight is on the bum, not on the legs.

This means that you can carry on with other household chores, engage with your other older kids, or take a walk to the grocery store without the fear of the baby being uncomfortable. Of course, you’ll need to make sure that you’re wrapping the carrier correctly.

Lastly, Solly Baby Wrap is available in over 20 eye-catching colors and prints. So you can babywear your little one and continue bonding without losing your sense of style.

Solly Baby Wrap for newborn baby
On Solly Baby website you can choose from over 20 gorgeous colors and patterns

It’s crucial to keep in mind that Solly baby wrap is meant for front carrying, inward-facing position only. It’s not safe for carrying the baby on your back or outward-facing when in the front position.

What parents think about Solly Baby Wrap?

Going through the tons of reviews that parents have left on Solly website, this baby wrap is for keeps for most moms and dads. Go to and see for yourself how much parents love this wrap!

One of its standout features among most parents is how it fits both mom and dad and pretty much anyone else in the family effortlessly.

Another common highlight among the reviews is how cozy, comfortable, and soft this wrap is for the baby. Most parents say that the babies fall asleep every time they are put in it. Actually, I came across a couple of parents who say that this is their only way of soothing their babies and putting them to sleep.

Solly baby has also been compared to several other popular baby wrap brands. In most instances, Solly emerges as the best thanks to its lightweight design and excellent breathability. Quite impressively, most parents also say that this wrap is incredibly easy to use.

There aren’t many negative reviews for this wrap. However, there are reports that it starts to show signs of wearing with time.

This happens with all baby wraps, especially after hours of daily use, and I don’t think this is a deal-breaker.

This baby carrier is for you if:

  • You want a wrap that you can use all year round
  • You are looking for a carrier that will be used by several other caregivers besides you
  • You want something breathable and wicking moisture away for spring and summer walks
  • You don’t want a wrap that will overheat the baby
  • You are eager to learn wrap tying

This baby carrier is not a good choice if:

  • You want a carrier that doesn’t require tying
  • You’d prefer structured carrier that allows for various carrying position

>> Check our detailed review of Solly Baby Wrap here

2. Boba Baby Wrap Carrier

Boba Wrap - Suitable For Newborns
Boba Wrap

Classic Boba Wrap can be used from birth up to 35 lbs. Although it has high weight limit, it works best up to about 20-25 lbs. It’s perfect for newborn babies and it will easily serve you up to 1 – 1.5 year.

Boba Wrap comes in one size – but it’s about 5.5 yards (5 meters) long and it’s highly adjustable so even very small and big parents can tie it properly and wear it comfortably. Lots of plus size moms (size 18-26) agree Boba Wrap is very comfortable. If you’re a petite person – about 5ft tall – you’ll be able to adjust it to you too (you can always tie it with a bow on the side to make the ends shorter).

Boba Wrap is highly adjustable and can be shared between different wearers
Boba Wrap is highly adjustable and can be shared between different wearers

And of course you’ll be able to adjust it as the baby grows too.

The classic wrap is 95% of cotton knit + 5% of spandex which ensures it will retain its shape. You can throw it in your washing machine, re-adjust it many times as you share it with other caregivers and this wrap won’t loosen or sag!

At the same time this fabric is very stretchy and flexible so you can adjust it to your body type and it won’t cause any pressure on your back, waist or shoulders. With Boba Classic Wrap you won’t have to guess how much space you should leave. The fabric will cling to your body and snuggle your baby.

Boba Wrap - Best Baby Carrier From Birth
Classic Boba Wrap is very stretchy and forms around baby’s body

The fabric is breathable, but you need to wrap it around your body few times, therefore it may get hot in the summer for some parents. Most users recommend so you and the baby dress lightly. Some parents recommend using Classic Boba Wrap only during fall/winter or in a mild climate. Keep in mind that there is also a bamboo version of Boba Wrap, which is made of 66.5% bamboo, 28.5% cotton and 5% spandex. It’s lighter, more breathable and wicks away moisture. It works nice for summer months and warmer climate (Check the Bamboo Boba Wrap on Boba Official Website).

Boba Wrap Bamboo - with older baby
Bamboo Boba Wrap

Why I think Boba Wrap is one of the best and safest baby carriers for newborns? It allows to carry the baby in most natural position and it is approved by The International Hip Dysplasia Institute and certified as healthy for baby’s hips!

Some moms use Boba Wrap for going out with their baby, for example to the grocery store, shopping mall or even baseball games. It’s also useful for moving around the house especially if you have more than one child, want to prepare a meal or something.

Boba Wrap Frees Your Hands
Boba Wrap frees your hands so you could take care of home duties

You can also use Boba Classic Wrap for breastfeeding – it gives you the privacy and the baby sheltered and cozy place. Most parents who use Boba Wrap also agree that it helps to sooth fussy and colic baby. It also provides comfy place for naps for an infant.

Using Boba Wrap for babywearing is useful especially for parents who have more than one child
Using Boba Wrap for babywearing is useful especially for parents who have more than one child

As with other wraps, you will need to practice tying few times, but once you do it will be easy and quick. Boba Wrap comes with clear instruction with photos, you can also find very useful videos showing how to do the secure tie.

Thanks to proper tying the baby will rest securely and his weight will be evenly distributed across your body.

Keep in mind that Boba Wrap is designed only for front wearing. Baby’s legs should be in M-like position (bent in knees and hips) and the knees should be higher than the bum. This is also called froggy position, it’s most natural and healthy position for infant hips.

Boba Wrap allow the baby’s spine to be in natural, curved shape. It gives proper support for baby’s back, as well as neck and head.

What parents think about Boba Wrap?

Boba Wraps are one of the most popular wraps on the market and it has few thousands reviews on Amazon and few hundreds reviews on Boba Website! Lots of parents who have been using Boba Wrap love it and consider it the best wrap type carrier for newborn baby. Click here to check overall rating and read some of the customer reviews on Amazon or visit Boba Official Website.

Many parents who own Boba Wrap say that learning how to tie it is not very complicated and once you practice it few times it’s very easy to do. Parents also praise the soft and stretchy fabric that forms around the baby. It’s a snuggle warm place that cuddles the baby in. It’s actually very similar to way the baby feels in the womb. Another advantage is that it’s easy to clean in a washing machine.

Moreover, this wrap is highly-adjustable and can fit both petite and plus size moms. Some short parents complain it feels too long, but you can always tie a bow on one end to make the wrap shorter. Users also recommend bamboo version for hot weather and hot climate, it doesn’t get hot as much as the cotton version.

This baby carrier is for you if:

  • You want something really cozy, snuggly and supportive for your newborn baby
  • You don’t mind practicing how to tie it at the beginning
  • You want something that not only you could use, but also other caregivers
  • You want something lightweight and easy to store in a diaper bag

This baby carrier is not a good choice if:

  • You’d prefer something that doesn’t require tying
  • You want something that will serve you longer (even up to 3 years like a soft structured carrier)

3. Baby K’tan Baby Carrier

Baby K'tan Wrap - Suitable For Newborn Baby
Baby K’tan Wrap

This baby carrier is also suitable from birth up to 35 lbs. Most parents agree it works great up to the first year.

Similar to Boba Wrap it is available in two fabric versions. Baby K’tan Original is made of 100% natural cotton knit. Baby K’tan Breeze is made of breathable mesh on one side and soft cotton on the other side.

Depending on the weather you can decide if you want to place the mesh in front or on your back. As the name says, Baby K’tan Breeze allow for better air circulation, it doesn’t get hot and reduces moisture. It’s good choice for moms who are having their baby over the summer or for those who live in warm climate like in Florida.

Baby K'Tan Wrap
Baby K’tan Breeze offers better air-flow – this model is good choice for summer

But besides better breathability it is the same as the Original model and offers the same stability but some parents find it a bit less stretchy.

Lots of parents praise Baby K’tan wraps for ultimate comfort they provide. The material is soft and stretchy so you don’t have to worry about pinch points.

Some users mention the wrap may stretch out a bit as you use it, but it returns to the original shape during washing. It’s actually quite useful because it reminds you to wash it regularly.

These are actually the only similarities between Boba Wrap and Baby K’tan Wrap. Let’s see what’s unique about Baby K’tan Baby Carrier.

Baby K'tan Wrap is also a good baby carrier for dads
Baby K’tan Wrap is also a good baby carrier for dads

First of all, it comes in 6 sizes therefore depending on your height, size and body type, you need to choose one that would fit you snuggly. On Baby K’tan Official Website you can see lots of tips how to choose proper size. You can also find there useful sizing calculator. I find also few positive reviews on Amazon about Baby K’tan customer service as being very helpful with choosing the right size.

What’s really awesome about this wrap is that it’s ready to wear right out of the box. It’s a wrap but it doesn’t require complicated tying or wrapping your body in few layers of fabric!

Using it is really simple. First you need to put both loops over your head, just like a necklace, the connector loop should be behind your neck. Then place each arm through one loop. Once you put your baby inside the wrap and stretch the fabric over his body, add the sash. Put it around your body, high on baby’s back. This is the only one tie that you’ll have to make. You need to tie the sash on your back. And that’s it.

Baby K'Tan Wrap - Ready to use out of the box
Baby K’tan Wrap is ready to use out of the box. Wide shoulder straps and the connector loop provide even weight distribution

Baby K’tan Wrap allow the baby to stay in natural position (spread-squad / frog position) with knees higher than bum and naturally curved back. The three layers of the elastic fabric support baby’s back properly and snuggle him at the same time.

You can also spread the fabric over baby’s ear (but not further) to provide soft head and neck support. Fold the fabric on the opposite shoulder to keep it out of baby’s face.

Baby K’tan Wrap is certified as hip-healthy – according to The International Hip Dysplasia Institute if you wear this wrap correctly the child can rest in ergonomic position that is healthy for his hips.

Baby K'Tan Wrap - Baby Carrier For Newborns
Baby K’tan Wrap supports infant’s natural position

Baby K’tan Wrap is very user friendly, easy to wear and lightweight. It goes over two shoulders therefore baby’s weight is evenly distributed. This way the strain of shoulders and neck is reduced. According to parents who have been using Baby K’tan Baby Carrier the wrap supports baby’s weight properly therefore your back and arms doesn’t hurt during carrying your baby.

What’s really awesome about this unique wrap is that your baby is well secured by 3 layers of the fabric, but it doesn’t make you hot and sweat that much! And according to parents it’s fairly simple to position the baby properly in the wrap and it does feel safe.

Lots of parents praise Baby K’tan Wrap for being extremely functional and easy to put on. Many moms use it all the time, for babywearing. Some moms use it also for breastfeeding as it is so comfy. If you feel a bit insecure about nursing in public, this wrap will definitely help you.

As you can see in the video below, putting Baby K’tan Wrap on is hassle-free. If you love the idea of carrying baby in a wrap but tying it is too confusing for you, Baby K’tan Baby Carrier is great solution!

What parents think about Baby K’tan Wrap?

Baby K’tan Original and Breeze are extremely popular and have hundreds of positive reviews on Amazon.

As advantages parents mention hassle-free wearing – the wrap is ready to use out of the box. The cotton version is very soft and stretchy. The baby feels secured in it. Some user praise this wrap for helping the baby with reflux. Baby K’tan Wrap is perfect for breastfeeding in public and when you’re not wearing your baby in it, you can still wear it on like a scarf.

As disadvantage parents mention that it’s not adjustable – you can’t share it with other caregivers. They also complain about sizing. Getting the right size may be quite difficult. Most parents recommend that if you’re in-between two sizes, size down.

If you want to see more opinions on Amazon or see parents recommendations about proper sizing ->click here.

This baby carrier is for you if:

  • You want something really easy to put on, that doesn’t require complicated tying
  • You’ll be the only person who wears it
  • You want something that makes breastfeeding in public easier
  • You want a baby carrier that would be easy on your back and shoulders

This baby carrier is not a good choice if:

  • You’d prefer something adjustable, that you could share with other caregivers
  • You want a carrier that you could use more than 12-18 months

Something to keep in mind:

  • Breeze is more breathable (good for warm weather) but less stretchy. Some parents say it feels a bit scratchy against the skin.

Best Soft Structured Carrier For Newborn Baby

Soft structured carriers (also called buckle carriers) are what parents usually have in mind when they are looking for a baby carrier for their newborn. This type is most popular nowadays. No wonder, buckle carriers are simple and quick to use and comfortable for parents even for longer periods of babywearing.

Most babywearing beginners prefers soft structured carriers over wraps, because they are easier to wear and adjust. Besides, you don’t have to practice using it as much as tying a wrap. With soft structured carrier you can master babywearing much quicker.

Most buckle carriers are designed for infants who can sit unassisted or at least hold their head up (usually around 3-6 months). But there are few models that are also usable from birth. Some of them require adding an infant insert, while others are newborn-ready without any additional insert.

PRO TIP: Avoid buckle carriers with narrow panel that doesn’t support baby’s legs from knee to knee. In such carrier baby’s legs and spine are artificially straighten. This position may have negative impact on child’s hips.
PRO TIP 2: If you’re using front-facing carrier, the baby should face you. If you’re wearing carrier on your back, your child should face your back.

As we are considering here only the best and safest baby carriers for newborns I will recommend you 3 models that don’t require an infant insert. Why? Mostly because these carriers are designed for newborn babies and they grow with the baby.

On the other hand, carriers that require insert are designed for older infants and the only way to make them suitable from birth is by adding the insert. Of course it does work, but here we are talking about the best and safest way to carry our babies. Besides, some parents complain the inserts feel bulky, get hot quickly and make it really difficult to position the baby properly.

4. Lillebaby Complete All Seasons

Lillebaby Complete All Seasons Baby Carrier - You can use it all year round
Lillebaby Complete All Seasons Baby Carrier

Lillebaby Complete All Seasons is a best-seller among versatile, all-in-one baby carriers. It has all the features to make babywearing safe and comfortable, both for the baby and the caregiver.

This soft structured carrier is suitable from 7 to 45 pounds. Therefore it is usable from birth only if the newborn’s weight exceeds the lower limit. Being able to use this baby carrier for newborn without additional insert is one of the feature that parents love.

The maximum capacity is really impressive and thanks to many adjustments this carrier can serve you even up to 3-4 years.

Lillebaby Complete All Seasons Baby Carrier - You can also wear it on your back
With older kids you can use Lillebaby Complete All Seasons for back carrying

Lots of parents who have posted a review on Lillebaby Website have used this baby carrier for newborn baby, as well as 1 and 2 year old kid.

Lillebaby Complete All Seasons allow you for “360 degree carrying” as it offers 6 different positions. You can carry the baby on your front (in fetal, infant or toddler position), hip or back. There is also option or carrying the baby facing out.

As you can see Lillebaby Complete All Seasons grows with the baby and offers different positions for different age and development stage. You can see all carrying positions in the picture below.

Lillebaby Complete All Seasons Baby Carrier - 6 positions
Lillebaby Complete All Seasons Baby Carrier offers 6 positions, depending on baby’s age and development stage

I find it one of the safest baby carriers for newborns as it provides healthy position for baby’s hips, whether you’re wearing the baby on your front, hip or back.

This baby carrier has been evaluated by The International Hip Dysplasia Institute as “hip healthy” as it doesn’t interfere with baby’s hip natural development.

There is a bucket seat with adjustable side panels therefore you can widen or narrow the sitting area, depending on your baby’s size. Thanks to that the newborn baby can maintain natural frog position with knees bent and higher than the bum and back naturally rounded. This position is crucial especially during first 4-6 months, as it is a kind of prevention of hip dysplasia.

Lillebaby Complete All Seanons - Newborn-ready
Lillebaby Complete All Seasons is newborn-ready

Whether you’re using Lillebaby Complete All Seasons for a newborn baby, infant or toddler, child’s legs are always properly supported. Moreover, this ergonomic baby carrier provides proper back support and doesn’t force the baby to straighten his legs or spine unnaturally.

PRO TIP: You can save even up to 55% if you decide to buy this carrier on Lillebaby Website as open box (condition: like new, with standard warranty). Hurry up – the availability may be limited! >> Here you can check which colors are available as open box <<

What you’ll also love about Lillebaby Complete All Seasons baby carrier is the extendable back panel. You can fold it down or extend it, depending on baby’s size and neck control. It provides additional support for baby’s delicate head and back and prevents infant’s head from hanging out of the carrier.

You can also adjust the width of the head panel. It’s very useful feature during the first few months when the baby lacks neck control. It also allow to keep a taller baby secured in the carrier. This soft structured carrier is a truly long-term investment.

Lillebaby Complete All Seanons provides ergonomic position for the baby
Lillebaby Complete All Seanons is equipped with extendable back panel that provides extra neck support

Another feature that makes Lillebaby Complete All Seasons one of the best baby carriers for newborns is the adjustable hood. You can use it to provide extra head support for sleeping infant, to protect the baby from sun and wind or to give you and your baby privacy during nursing. When not needed it can be stowed away or detached.

There’s one more important reason why I’ve chosen Lillebaby Complete All Seasons as an example of the safest baby carrier for newborn. Right after the birth, infant’s body doesn’t regulate its temperature therefore it is very useful to have a baby carrier that prevents baby from sweating while keeping him warm and cozy at the same time.

This baby carrier from Lillebaby offers all of that. It has adjustable central panel that you can zip down to reveal breathable mesh (perfect for hot weather and newborns born during summer months) or zip up to keep baby warm during more chilly weather. It’s so useful to have such a versatile baby carrier – you can use it all year round.

Lillebaby Complete All Seanons features extendable panel and zippered mesh part
Lillebaby Complete All Seasons features extendable panel and zippered mesh part

But that’s not all!

If a mom is going to use the baby carrier with her newborn baby, it means she’ll be using it right away giving birth. Her back and pelvic area are already strained after pregnancy, we definitely don’t want a baby carrier to cause additional back pain or pressure on neck and shoulder. Therefore the baby carrier for newborn has to provide exceptional comfort and safety for mom too. And Lillebaby Complete All Seasons does it perfectly.

Lillebaby Complete All Seasons Baby Carrier - Great lumbar support
Lillebaby Complete All Seasons features great lumbar support

It has wide, adjustable waist belt with deep padding and additional lower back support. Shoulder straps are adjustable and padded as well and can be worn crossed or as backpack. All that helps to spread baby’s weight evenly across mom’s body without straining her back, shoulders and neck.

All straps adjust easily and offer wide range of settings therefore Lillebaby Complete All Seasons can be shared between wearers. According to customer reviews it’s a perfect fit for petite moms (like 5ft tall), as well as plus size moms and tall dads (over 6ft tall).

There is also useful zippered pocket on the panel where mom can put her ID or baby’s teether.

This buckle carrier is made of 100% cotton and it is machine washable, so no worries about the stains if the baby spills.

Lillebaby Complete All Seasons comes in wide range of colors and styles. Some of them have colorful patters and pictures on the central panel. Below you can see some fashions, for more visit Lillebaby Official Website. Keep in mind that the price may vary for different color versions.

Lillebaby Complete All Seanons - Some of the color versions
Lillebaby Complete All Seanons – Some of the color versions

What parent think about Lillebaby Complete All Seasons Carrier?

It’s truly amazing how popular this ergonomic baby carrier is. It has a few hundreds positive reviews on Amazon and over 700 reviews on Lillebaby Website!

Parents praise its breathability and the zippered mesh panel. They love the versatility and all the available positions, as well as adjustable sitting area that always provide safety and comfort for the baby. Another advantage is lumbar pad which makes this carrier wonderful for parents who struggle with lower back pain. According to first time parents Lillebaby Complete All Seasons is very user-friendly and ability to use it without bulky and hot insert is great.

This baby carrier is for you if:

  • You’re a babywearing-beginner and need something easy to put on and adjust
  • You want a carrier that fist different body types
  • You want a model that you offers many different carrying positions – for diffent baby’s age
  • You need a carrier that can be used all year round
  • You have back problems and need a carrier that doesn’t strain back and shoulders

This baby carrier is not a good choice if:

  • You’re on a tight budget
  • You have very small upper body (the shoulder straps may seem a bit too wide)

5. Ergobaby Omni 360

Erogbaby Omni 360 - Baby Carrier Suitable For Newborn
Erogbaby Omni 360

Let’s start with the all-in-one carrier from Ergobaby. This baby carrier can be used from birth, but the baby must weighs at least 7 pounds.

Did you know that you can use Ergobaby Omni 360 even up to 4 years?! Yes, 4 years. It can hold a child up to 45 lbs. It may be actually the only carrier you will even need.

It’s truly amazing how this all-in-one baby carrier grows with the child and easily adjust to kid’s size.

This buckle carrier is super versatile and offers few positions which is really great because toddler has different preferences than infant, right?

So with Ergobaby Omni 360 you can carry the baby on your front, hip or back. Carry your newborn baby on your front (tummy-to-tummy position) – no insert needed. As the baby grows, can sit unassisted and has good neck control (around 6 months) you can switch to hip position or even start wearing your baby on your back.

Ergobaby Omni 360 - All carrying positions
Ergobaby Omni 360 – All carrying positions

Ergobaby Omni 360 offers one more position – you can wear your baby on your front and facing out. I’m not a fan of this position in general, but had to mention there is such a function.

What I love about Ergobaby Omni 360 Baby Carrier is the adjustable sitting area. You can adjust the panel width so it always supports baby’s legs from knee to knee – in every position.

Moreover this baby carrier supports the infant in M-like position, where the knees are bent are higher than baby’s bottom. So the newborn baby can rest in the most natural ergonomic position (frog/ spread squat position).

This is one of the reasons I chose Ergobaby Omni 360 as an example of the safest baby carrier for newborn. Moreover, it is approved as “hip healthy” product by The International Hip Dysplasia Institute. This means it allow baby’s hip to develop naturally.


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You can see how the Ergobaby Omni 360 works for newborn in this video:

There is also a neck pillow that flips in and out to give the baby additional support when they lack neck and head control. This carrier is also equipped with tuck-away hood with protection from harmful sun rays (UPF 50+).

Okay, so we saw that this buckle carrier adjusts to provide the baby with safety and comfort. How about parent’s comfort?

You’ll love that Ergobaby Omni 360 adjust to wearer’s body too. It fits petite and larger parents easily thanks to adjustable waist belt (it goes from 26″ up to 52″!) and adjustable shoulder straps (28 ¾” – 48 ¾”).

The waist belt has nice big padded support pillow – to reduce the pressure on lumbar spine during babywearing. It really helps to decrease lower back strain. Shoulder straps are also padded and can be worn 2 ways: like a backpack or crossed. It really useful feature, because it allows to evenly distribute baby’s weight across wearer’s body and minimize shoulder and back pain.

Erogbaby Omni 360 - Baby Carrier For Newborn Baby
According to many parents Erogbaby Omni 360 is better than Original because it doesn’t require infant insert for newborn baby

There is one more feature that moms will love: you can wear the waist belt higher or lower, depending on what’s more comfortable for you. It’s very useful during postpartum, especially if you had C-section.

This ergonomic baby carrier is available in two versions: Premium Cotton and Cool Air Mesh. The latter one has breathable mesh padding. It makes it a great baby carrier for summer and hot weather. And the best thing is that both versions are machine washable therefore baby’s spilling won’t be a problem.

This soft structured carrier comes with detachable storage pocket – nice touch Ergobaby! When I had a newborn baby I liked to keep our favorite soother at hand.

What parents think about Ergobaby Omni 360?

Ergobaby Omni 360 is one of the most popular buckle carriers. What parents who have been using it, love the most is the suitability for newborn baby without the need of additional insert. Moreover this baby carrier is highly adjustable and fits petite and plus size mom and dad. It is very comfortable for the wearer. If you’d like to read customer reviews on Amazon click here. I also encourage you to check parents reviews on Ergobaby Website.

This baby carrier is for you if:

  • You want a carrier that grows with the baby
  • You need a carrier that will be easy on your back and provides really good weight distribution (important for moms after C-section)
  • You want to share the baby carrier with other caregivers
  • You want a carrier that adjust to petite and plus size body

This baby carrier is not a good choice if:

  • You live in a very hot climate or have tendency to sweat a lot
  • You have limited budget

6. Baby Tula Free-to-Grow

Baby Tula Free-to-Grow
Baby Tula Free-to-Grow

And last, but not least – Ergonomic Baby Tula Free-to-Grow Baby Carrier.

You can start using this soft structured carry from one day, if your newborn baby weighs at least 7 pounds. And you don’t need any infant insert – you just have to adjust the body panel properly. Lots of parents say this is the best feature, especially during warm months because the infant insert can get hot quickly.

And as the name says – this baby carrier grows with the baby and can hold a child up to 45 lbs. Therefore you can use it from infancy through early toddlerhood.

Baby Tula Free-to-Grow design is quick simple and thanks to that very user-friendly and everything is easily adjustable.

In contrast to other two buckle carriers in this ranking, it offers only 2 positions: front facing (tummy-to-tummy) and carrying on back. There is no facing-out position, which is fine by me. I honestly think these two positions are sufficient, especially for parents who are not babywearing experts. And what’s most important – both positions are comfy and safe for the baby.

Baby Tula Free-to-Grow offers two positions - you can wear it on your front or back
Baby Tula Free-to-Grow offers two positions – you can wear it on your front or back (suitable for older child)

What you’re going to love about this buckle carrier is that the body panel adjusts in width (3 settings) and height (two settings) to comfortably accommodate baby at different development stage. The sitting area widen from 5 to 15 inches and lengthens from 11 to 17 inches.

Baby Tula Free-to-Grow carrier provides healthy position for baby’s hips and spine as it mimics baby’s shape and size. It allows the newborn to rest in frog position, with rounded spine and knees higher than the bottom (baby naturally positions his hips and legs in the M-like shape).

Infant’s legs doesn’t dangle and the spine is not force to premature straightening. It provides good amount of support for baby thighs – from one knee to another and thanks to that the hips and spine can develop naturally. This is the main reason I picked Tula Free-to-Grow as one of the safest baby carriers for newborns.

It has been evaluated as hip-healthy by The International Hip Dysplasia Institute as well.

Baby Tula Free-to-Grow
Baby Tula Free-to-Grow is suitable for newborns and can hold a child up to 45 lbs

As the child grows you can adjust the body panel so the baby’s bottom, legs and back are always well supported.

Moreover, this baby carrier has extra padded edges in leg area. Therefore it doesn’t rub baby’s back of the knee and doesn’t irritate baby’s delicate skin as you’re enjoying longer periods of babywearing.

What’s really awesome is that Tula Free-to-Grow is equipped with detachable mesh hood. It is designed to provide extra head support for sleeping infant, protect the baby from sunrays and wind while you’re exploring outdoors or running errands as well as give you more privacy while breastfeeding.

Oh, there’s one more thing that make Tula Free-to-Grow perfect baby carrier for newborn. It comes in two versions. Both are made of 100% cotton, but one version (called Coast Mesh collection) has breathable mesh panel made of polyester.

Baby Tula Free-to-Grow - Usable From Birth
Baby Tula Free-to-Grow Mesh Coast – This version provides is more breathable

If you’re having your baby during summer or live in hot climate this version is definitely a good choice as it provides nice air-flow and keeps the baby from overheating. If you live in mild climate the regular cotton carrier will be sufficient as it is breathable and good for all year round use too.

According to parents who own Tula Free-to-Grow this carrier is soft and sturdy at the same time and it doesn’t feel like the baby is going to fall out.

Both versions are available in numerous colors with unique prints. Who said that babywearing cannot be stylish and fashionable?

In the pictures here I present you some of the most popular Baby Tula Free-to-Grow fashions. You can check which ones are currently available on Amazon by clicking here.

Baby Tula Free-to-Grow - Suitable for newborn, infants and toddlers
Baby Tula Free-to-Grow comes in numerous styles and patterns

Of course wearer’s comfort is also very important (especially if a mom is going to wear her baby during postpartum). Baby Tula took care of everything. This buckle carrier is equipped with wide padded shoulder straps that are easy to adjust as your body changes after the pregnancy, as well as you share the carrier with others.

The waist belt is tall (5″) and has rich padding as well. You can adjust its length from 27 up to about 57 inches! Thanks to all that features and adjustments parents of different sizes and body types can find comfortable fit. Moreover, adjustable straps allow for even weight distribution across wearer’s body which reduced the pressure on wearer’s lower back, shoulders and neck.

Baby Tula Free-to-Grow - Suitable up to 45 lbs
Baby Tula Free-to-Grow adjusts to wearer’s body type, as well as baby’s size

According to customer reviews the weight spread is really awesome and even if you wear a toddler for a longer period, you don’t feel the added weight and it doesn’t strain your shoulders and back that much!

There is also useful storage pocket in front of the waistband.

What parents think about Baby Tule Free-to-Grow?

There are so many positive reviews on Amazon and Baby Tula Website of Free-to-Grow carrier. Parents praise it for being usable with newborn baby without an insert, as well for being very easy to put on and adjust (although it does take a bit practice). It is also a bit easier to use with a bigger baby (above 10 pounds).

It adjust for petite and plus size moms, it’s compact and lightweight. Lots of parents are very satisfied with Tula Free-to-Grow and say it’s so comfy for the babies they instantly fall asleep in it. For hot weather parents recommend the Mesh Coast version. Lots of users also agree Tula carriers are stylish and have beautiful patterns.

Read more customer reviews on Amazon

This baby carrier is for you if:

  • You want a lightweight and compact carrier
  • You want a baby carrier that provides proper weight distribution and you barely feel the weight of the baby
  • You want a carrier that will serve you for couple of years
  • You want something that is comfortable for both small and big person

This baby carrier is not a good choice if:

  • You’d prefer a carrier that offers more carrying positions
  • You don’t want to spend that kind of money on a carrier

7. Ergobaby Embrace

Ergobaby Embrace can be used from 7 pounds up to 25 pounds
Ergobaby Embrace

If tying the wrap seems confusing to you, and the buckle carriers feel too bulky and hot, then Ergobaby Embrace is the solution for you.

It’s cozy for the newborn baby, while being light and comfortable to wear for the parent. Moreover, this ergonomic carrier is more affordable than many other buckle carriers!

You can use Ergobaby Embrace from birth, but the minimum weight is 7 pounds and the minimum height is 20 inches. The weight limit is 25 pounds. The size make it perfect for newborns and babies up to 12-18 months.

Why I included Embrace in my ranking of the safest baby carriers for newborns?

It allows the baby to maintain the natural frog position (spread-squat position) with legs in M-shaped position and knees higher than bum. The soft fabric supports naturally curved spine of a newborn baby and gives proper neck and head support. Just like other Ergobaby carriers, Embrace is approved as hip-healthy by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.

It doesn’t force the baby to straighten his legs and back which could increase the risk of hip dysplasia. In Ergobaby Embrace the baby stays comfortable in the M position and his hips can develop properly.

Ergobaby Embrace - Newborn Carrier
As a newborn carrier Ergobaby Embrace can be used from 7 up to 25 pounds

Embrace allows you to carry your baby on your front (tummy-to-tummy). This position is good for baby’s digestion because the movement of your body massage baby’s belly. It helps with reflux and colic.

For short periods you can also use Ergobaby Embrace in facing out position. It’s only suitable for babies higher than 26″ and with good neck and head control.

Another thing that parents of a newborn baby will love is that this carrier is very easy to use and lightweight. It doesn’t require tying and learning how to use it is simple. Babywearing-beginners will find it very convenient.

Fastening and putting it on takes a few seconds and the only things that you need to practice is adjusting its tightness and positioning the baby (as in other types of baby carriers). Once you do it a few times you’ll be doing it really quickly.

Thanks to adjustable fastening it can be shared between wearers! It easily adjusts and fits plus size mom too.

If you’re still worrying that using this carrier for a newborn baby will be confusing and difficult, here is a video that will help you.

As you can see in all photos, Ergobaby Embrace has some buckles like other buckle carriers, but it’s less bulky and thick. At the back it has wide X-crossed shoulder straps that look like wrap fabric.

And this is one of the reasons why you will love to use this carrier with your newborn baby.

Ergobaby Embrace has X-crossed fabric shoulder straps that look like a wrap
Ergobaby Embrace has X-crossed fabric shoulder straps so it looks like a wrap on your back – it feels lighter, thinner and doesn’t make you sweat

Although this carrier looks a bit like a wrap, it has only one layer of fabric – on your back and on your front. So you won’t get hot as quickly as with cotton wraps.

Because the whole carrier is thinner and the shoulder straps are flat, Embrace feels lighter than buckle carriers too and doesn’t make you sweat that much.

Even though the fabric is thinner and lighter, it’s still very strong and properly supports baby’s body. Thanks to wide X-crossed shoulder straps and generously padded waist strap baby’s weight is evenly distributed and the risk of lower back pain or shoulder strain is minimized. It means that after long period of babywearing, you’re less likely to feel exhausted, sweaty or sore.

And last but not least, you will love the Ergobaby Embrace fabric. It’s a knit jersey fabric that is soft and delicate for newborn baby skin, as well as light and comfortable to wear.

What I love about this carrier is that it comes in variety of beautiful colors (check them all on Ergobaby Official Website). I’m sure that all parents will find a model that suits their style.

Ergobaby Embrace - carrying positions
Embrace allows you to carry your baby in 3 positions, depending on your baby’s age. From left: newborn facing in, baby facing in, baby facing out

There’s one more thing that you’re going to love about Embrace newborn carrier – it’s machine washable. You won’t have problems with cleaning it after diaper blowout or getting rid of stains after breastfeeding.

My rate:

What parents think about Ergobaby Embrace?

I went through customer reviews on Ergobaby Website and what parents mention most often is that it’s very easy to put on, just like a structured carrier, yet the fabric is soft and nice to touch like a wrap. It doesn’t irritate infant skin.

Another advantage is that it’s light and less bulky than other carriers, therefore you can wear it longer without experiencing pain and sweating. Parents also like the X-crossed fabric shoulder strap which feel well-secured and distribute baby’s weight properly.

Some buyers say not all buckles are easy to reach. Another downside is low weight limit – some babies hit the 25 pounds before the first birthday. Of course the lower weight capacity is a tradeoff for a lighter fabric.

Would you like to check the Amazon customer reviews too? Just click here

This baby carrier is for you if:

  • You want a baby carrier that is easy to use even for babywearing-beginners
  • You want something that is not bulky, heavy, thick and doesn’t make you sweaty after a few minutes
  • You want to use baby carrier for longer periods without experiencing shoulders strain
  • You need a carrier only for a newborn and don’t plan on baby wearing after the infancy period
  • You’re on a small budget and need a carrier under $100

This baby carrier is not a good choice if:

  • If you want a carrier that will serve you longer (for 2 or 3 years). You should choose one with higher weight limit – but keep in mind it may be more bulky and hot to wear

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