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Explore my helpful parenting & baby tips on the website or take a look at my super-popular course: “Stress-Free Parenting: Strategies for a Happier Home”.


About my course

5 chapters that helps every mom to being better human being for your loves!

1. Understanding Parental Stress

– Recognizing the common sources of stress for parents.

– How stress can affect your overall well-being and your family dynamics.

2. Importance of Self-Care

– Exploring the significance of your self-care in parenting.

– Practical strategies for fitting self-care into a busy mom’s schedule.

3. Effective Communication

– Improving communication within your family to reduce misunderstandings.

– Strategies for active listening and expressing feelings.

4. Time Management

– Tips for efficiently managing your time and household tasks.

– Creating routines and schedules that work for your family.

5. Parenting Challenges

– Handling common parenting challenges like tantrums, sibling rivalry, and picky eating.

– Positive discipline techniques to maintain a calm atmosphere at home.

Other Moms About My Course

Still not convinced? Take a look what other Moms says about “Stress-Free Parenting: Strategories for a Happier Home”.

I cannot express how much this course has transformed my parenting journey. As a mother of three, I was constantly feeling overwhelmed, but ‘Stress-Free Parenting’ provided me with practical strategies to regain control. The emphasis on self-care and effective communication has made a world of difference in our home. Highly recommended!


Jessica Watson

35 yo, 3 kids

I stumbled upon this course during a particularly tough time in my life as a new mom. It was a game-changer! ‘Stress-Free Parenting’ helped me understand and manage my stress, turning my home into a happier place. I’m now equipped with effective tools to navigate the challenges of parenting, and it’s had a profound impact on our family dynamics.


Monica Toney

30 yo, 1 kid

As a working mom, I often found it challenging to balance my career and family life. This course offered me a lifeline, with insights on time management and organizing our household. It also provided a wealth of knowledge on self-care and stress reduction, which has allowed me to be a more patient and present mom. I can’t thank the Zooey enough!


Ana McCormack

42 yo, 2 kids

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LittleBabyGear was created in 2016 by Zooey, mom of three. It stared as a small blog about baby strollers and over the years expanded to a parenting website where we tests products for babies and moms.

Together with a team of medical doctors, registered nurses and doulas from 5 different countries, we write not only about baby gear, but also about pregnancy, postpartum, breastfeeding, baby sleep, developmental milestones, and many other topics and problems that parents face during infancy and toddlerhood.

Our articles are always based on thorough research, medical papers and scientific articles to provide our readers with fact-based knowledge and tips.