Solly Baby Wrap vs WildBird Ring Sling [NOV 2023] – Which One Is Best?

It’s time to compare two incredibly popular baby carriers: Solly Wrap vs WildBird Ring Sling. In this detailed comparison you’ll find out which one is easier to put on, more comfy to use, and SAFER for the baby.

Solly vs Wild Bird Solly baby wrap vs ring sling

Key Takeaways

  • Recommended Age: Are you hesitating if Solly or WildBird is better for a newborn baby or heavier child? I recommend Solly Baby Wrap is newborns and babies up to approx. 6-9 month. WildBird Sling is most comfortable for babies from 3-4 months, up to 1.5 years.
  • Breastfeeding: If you’re wondering if Solly or WildBird is better for breastfeeding on the go, my recommendation would be the ring sling – it’s so easy to adjust for nursing.
  • Ease Of Use: If you’ve been asking yourself “Is Solly Baby or WildBird Ring Sling easier to put on and adjust?” – you need to know that learning how to tie the wrap takes some time. WildBird Ring Sling is the easiest baby carrier.
  • Warm Weather: Is WildBird better choice for summer than Solly Wrap? Actually, both baby carriers are fantastic for summer weather and keep you from sweating, but the Solly Baby Wrap is slightly better (more airy fabric that has one additional benefits: it wicks moisture away).
  • Softness: The wrap fabric is buttery-soft and feels so cozy. The linen ring sling gets softer with each washing.
  • Comfort For Parents: WildBird puts more weight on one shoulder and one hip. Solly Wrap is better for parents with back pain, as it ensure more even weight distribution.

Solly and WildBird are popular not only among new moms, but also moms of multiple children. According to so many parents both carriers are lifesavers and help moms to get things done. These are one of the most comfortable baby carriers and both look so pretty.

But which one should you actually choose: Solly or WildBird? Or maybe it’s best to get both?

Let’s find out how Solly Baby Wrap and WildBird Ring Sling differ and which one will actually works better for your little one.

This article is not a substitute for medical advice. It may contain affiliate links.

My Top Choice
Solly Baby Wrap better than Wildbird
Wild Bird Ring Sling or Solly
Best Features
❤️ Coziest & safest wrap for babywearing with newborns and young babies up to 9 months
❤️ Great for warm weather and summer
❤️ One of the best carriers for Disney
❤️ Lightweight and compact sling for babywearing with infants and toddlers
❤️ Easy to put on
❤️ Makes breastfeeding on the go easier
Favorite colors: Rising Sun & Sea Glass
Favorite colors: Selene, Owl, Acadian
Recommended by 1100+ moms!
Recommended by 94% of verified buyers
My Top Choice
Solly Baby Wrap better than Wildbird
Best Features
❤️ Coziest & safest wrap for babywearing with newborns and young babies up to 9 months
❤️ Great for warm weather and summer
❤️ One of the best carriers for Disney
Favorite colors: Rising Sun & Sea Glass
Recommended by 1100+ moms!
Availability & Price
Wild Bird Ring Sling or Solly
Best Features
❤️ Lightweight and compact sling for babywearing with infants and toddlers
❤️ Easy to put on
❤️ Makes breastfeeding on the go easier
Favorite colors: Selene, Owl, Acadian
Recommended by 94% of verified buyers

My Personal Choice

Before we jump into comparing these two carriers, I’d like to give you a quick answer, based on my experience.

LittleBabyGear Verdict: Is Solly Baby or WildBird better?

According to many parents, you can’t go wrong with either Solly Baby Wrap or WildBird Ring Sling. They are lightweight and much, much less bulky than structured carriers, yet they are very supportive. Both are ultra breathable and look gorgeous.

Personally I prefer Solly Baby wraps and my favorite prints are: Sun Rise & Sea Glass.


For me Solly Wrap worked better. Newborn baby feels so securely in it and the wrap snuggles are just the best!

This was the best and most often used baby item that I bought in the first year! We used it for around 10 months, before switching to bigger, soft-structured carrier.

It was just enough stretchy to get the snug fit for the baby and it didn’t sag or squeezed him. Besides, it was so comfy to wear, I’ve never felt pain in shoulders or back.

It’s the lightest and most breathable baby wrap I have ever tried. I’ve never felt hot or sweaty on our walks, even though we have 70+ degree weather for most part of the year.

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Solly Baby vs WildBird – Main Differences

If you’re hesitating between Solly and WildBird, first you need to learn how these two differ. Focus on your comfort and needs, and choose the best option FOR YOU.


The biggest and most obvious difference between these two baby carriers is that the Solly is a baby wrap, while the WildBird is a ring sling.

Solly comes as a long piece of fabric that you need to wrap around your body and tie. There are two straps X-crossed on your baby and baby’s weight is distributed across both of your shoulders.

WildBird fabric is shorter than Solly and has two rings built-in on one end. You need to thread the loose end through the ring and then tuck it under the other ring to lock the fabric. This way you’ll create hammock-like (or pouch) seat for your baby.

The pouch comes from one shoulder to the opposite hip. In contrast to Solly Wrap, with WildBird ring sling the fabric goes over only one shoulder. I recommend you to check out these tutorials – they will help you to master the sling!

Solly Baby Wrap vs Wild Bird Ring Sling

According to moms who own the wrap and ring sling, Solly ensures really good weight distribution so it doesn’t strain your shoulders or back. Even if you use it for several hours each day you don’t experience back pain and the baby doesn’t feel heavy at all.

On the other hand, some moms say that WildBird may strain your shoulder, because it doesn’t offer that even weight distribution. Baby’s weight is put on one of your shoulders so you may feel pressure after wearing it for a while. Because of that, you may be able to use the sling for shorter periods during the day. Nevertheless, lots of moms say that they use WildBird “all the time”, even 3-4 times a day, just that they need to take breaks from babywearing more often.

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To save even more money, use the code: LITTLEBABYWILDBIRD10 at checkout for EXTRA 10%. Choose your favorite color & grab all discounts here >> Some ring slings are even $40 cheaper!


Solly Wrap is available in one version made of 100% Lenzing Modal fabric. It’s super thin, lightweight, cozy, silky soft and gentle, and really breathable. According to parents it’s the best wrap for hot and humid summers, as the fabric wicks away moisture and keeps you and the baby from getting hot. Moms also rave about its softness – it’s SO NICE to the touch and feel so buttery.

At the same time, Solly fabric is really strong and provides good support for baby’s body. It keeps the baby so snuggly and you can literally feel how secured your little one is. There’s also just the right amount of stretch in this wrap, therefore it’s easier to find the right tension and tightness with Solly than with other baby wraps (which are much more stretchy or too stiff).

Solly vs Wild Bird - Fabric and length Solly baby vs wild bird

On the other hand, WildBird Ring Sling comes in a few versions:

  • Solid – made of 100% linen which provides long-lasting support and ensures good airflow. My favorite print in Solid is the Acadian – it looks gorgeous! Among linen slings you can find single-color versions, as well a few with patterns – woven with two colors to create patterns and strips.
  • Modal – made of blend of 75% Modal and 25% linen. This combination makes the sling strong, supportive, and breathable but more stretchy and softer than other versions. From Modal collection I LOVE this Owl design – it’s extremely popular and lots of moms have bought this color. It’s gender-neutral and looks beautiful with different outfits. If you like it, make sure to get it while it’s still available!

According to parents who own WildBird Ring Sling, it turns out to handle hot weather really well! It doesn’t make you hot or sweaty, even when it’s 90+ degrees outside. Lots of moms recommend WildBird for summer months, because linen allows the air to circulate through. But keep in mind that if you happen to sweat, this type of fabric doesn’t wick away the moisture, but rather absorbs it.


This is another huge difference between Solly and WildBird sling – the latter one is much, much shorter.

Wild Bird is 2.05 yards (1.88 meters) long, while Solly is 5.5 yards (5 meters) long. You can also get a slightly longer version of WildBird which is 2.5 yards (2.28 meters) long. Still, it’s so much shorter than Solly.

The difference in length is due to the design – Solly is a piece of fabric that you need to wrap around your body. Besides, such a long wrap is perfect choice for if you want to share the wrap with other caregivers who have different body types. Solly easily fits petite and plus-size parents (even up to ladies size 22-24).

The ring sling from WildBird should also fit most sizes (I know that moms wearing sizes 18 and 20 use it comfortably).

Putting It On / Tying

Solly Wrap is fairly easy to put on, especially if you try it a few time in front of the mirror, you’ll quickly learn how to tie it properly and securely. It’s elastic, but not excessively stretchy so it’s easy to find the right tightness so that the baby is not sinking or squeezed in it.

There are a few steps to follow to put the wrap on and properly position the baby in it – this obviously take some time. Before you head out somewhere, give yourself a few minutes for putting the Solly on.

Solly Wrap - Tying

Moreover, because the fabric of Solly Baby Wrap is SO LONG, some moms say that putting it on is a bit less convenient because the long ends may drag on the ground. If you’re at home this is not an issue, but if you’re on the go and want to wear your baby you need to be extra careful. Putting the Solly on on a parking lot or in a park means extra hassle because you need to hold the ends to prevent them from getting dirty. Once you have the wrap on you and the loose ends bother you, just tie a bow.

Because of that moms recommend putting the wrap at home, before you get to your destination. If you’re out and about it’s best to keep the wrap on, even when you take some breaks from wearing your little one.

Other than that Solly is very simple to use, you can easily find the right, snug fit and the baby feels really secure in it. I also recommend you to watch these Solly tutorials, which have been extremely helpful for me when I was learning how to tie it properly.

On the other hand, WildBird ring sling is very easy and quick to put on and tucking the fabric through the rings is also pretty simple. Once you do it, you’re set, you won’t have to do it again (you will just need to loosen and tighten the fabric). So once you create the “pouch”, it takes a few second to put the WildBird on. There’s long loose end of fabric, but it doesn’t drag on the ground and you can also wrap it around the ring if it bothers you (the sling looks so pretty this way!).

WildBird Sling - designed to be worn on one shoulder

However, according to parents who own this ring sling and Solly, it takes more time and tries to learn how to position the baby in it to give them proper support. Some moms say that they didn’t feel confident about the baby being secured, and it took them a few weeks to master it.

To summarize, I would say that Solly is easier to use from the beginning. It’s easy to tie it, get the secure and snug fit and position the baby, but it takes more time to do it and you need to be careful with these long loose ends. You’ll get used to that anyway.

With WildBird it’s more difficult at the beginning to position the baby properly, but it’s super simple to create the pouch. Once you master everything, and have the pouch ready, it’s super quick to put on.

Carrying Position

WildBird sling can be used for wearing your baby on your front facing inward or hip carrying.

It’s important to notice that Solly is designed only for front carrying facing inward. As other stretchy wraps it’s not suitable for back carrying or facing outward.

Weight Limit

Solly has lower weight limit – 25 lbs. Most parents use it up to 9 months, some were able to use it till baby’s first birthday. Some moms also mention that Solly is easier and most comfortable to use with newborn baby and during the first few months.

wild bird ring sling vs solly baby

WildBird has capacity of 35 lbs so it will serve you longer than the wrap. It has stronger fabric so it can accommodate toddlers too. You can also go for the double layer sling – it has the same capacity but it’s much thicker and stronger so it feels even more supportive. Most parents agree that this ring sling is most comfortable and easy to use when the baby is slightly older (4-6 months).


Solly Wrap is a few dollars cheaper than WildBird Solid version. However, if you’d like to get the Modal version of the sling, it costs about $15 more than Solly. Pattern is $25 more than the wrap, and Double sling costs $45-$60 more than Solly.

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Ultimate Decision: Solly Wrap vs WildBird – Which One Is Better?

Both the wrap and sling are wonderful, top-quality and SO COMFORTABLE for the baby and mom. You can’t go wrong with either Solly or WildBird.

If you’re financially able – get both. According to many moms these two products turned out to be the best and most useful from their baby registry and they’ve been using them all the time. Solly is best for wrap snuggles in the first months, and when the baby gets heavier and bigger (around 20 pounds) you can switch to the WildBird sling. Solly and WildBird are the perfect couple!

If you’re opting to get just one of them, consider two things: when do you mainly want to babywear and which one is most comfortable to you?

Reasons To Choose Solly Baby

  • Solly Wrap is definitely the best choice for babywearing with newborn baby, and you will get the most out of it in the first 6-9 months.
  • It’s easy on your shoulders and back thanks to even weight distribution.
  • Moms agree that with young baby it’s super comfy, and the baby feels so cozy and most securely in this wrap.
  • Solly is also the best choice if you want to create womb-like space for your little one and enjoy skin-to-skin cuddles.
  • You may also want to get Solly, if you’r looking for the coziest wrap for the first months, and then you plan on switching to buckle carrier when the baby gets bigger.
  • One more reason to get Solly is that it’s slightly cheaper than WildBird.

Choosing WildBird

  • It takes few seconds to put it on.
  • It’s a breeze to breastfeed in WildBird Sling.
  • Moms mostly recommend the ring sling from 4-6 months. If you don’t plan on babywearing from one day, this is a perfect choice. Of course you can babywear from one day with WildBird too, but it can be a bit more difficult to position the baby properly in it (which is extremely important in the first months – in order to avoid hip dysplasia).
  • If you don’t mind taking longer time to learn how to use it from birth – this can be a fantastic investment and may serve you even for 2 years.
  • Its lightweight and breathable fabric makes it an amazing choice for summer or warm climate.
  • Keep in mind that with heavier child it may be less comfy to wear, because it will strain your shoulder even more. But it’s still great to have this cozy sling even if it’s just for occasional use.

Solly Baby Wrap Review

Solly comes as a long piece of fabric that you need to wrap around your body. It’s suitable from birth up to 25 pounds and most parents recommend it up to 9 months.

Moms agree that Solly is the coziest and softest wrap ever. It’s made of lightweight and thin material, which is very supportive at the same time. It’s breathable and wicks away the moisture so you and the baby are always dry and don’t get hot. It’s the best wrap for summer or hot and humid climate.

Solly Baby Wrap is a long piece of fabric - it come sin one size and thanks to high adjustability it can be shared between caregivers

Solly allows you to wear your little one on your chest (facing inward) and according to parents it cuddles the baby so snuggly and securely. The wrap is elastic enough to get the right tightness for the baby, but it’s not excessively stretchy so you don’t have to worry that your baby will start to sink or get squeezed.

What’s important Solly Wrap is approved as hip-healthy and keep the baby in natural ergonomic position (spread squat / frog position) with knees higher than the bum, and good support from the end of one knee to the end of the other knee.

Lots of moms say that their babies fall asleep in Solly Baby Wrap immediately, it helps them to soothe fussy infants, reduces crying, and helps with colic and gas. Wrap cuddles have also tons of emotional benefits, both for the baby and the mom.

>> Read my full review of Solly Baby Wrap

According to moms who own Solly, this wrap is a lifesaver and helps them to do more things around the house. It allows you to keep your little one close to you, while still keeping your hands free.

Solly makes your life easier in the first months of baby’s life – whether you’re a new mom or have other kids to run around after.

Solly Wrap comes in dozens of beautiful and cute colors and prints

One of the strongest points of Solly is that it distributes baby’s weight so evenly across your body and doesn’t strain your shoulders, back or pelvis. Baby feels light to carry around.

Moms also rave about Solly Baby Wrap beautiful colors and prints – they all look so stylish and cute. You can see the whole collection here.

WildBird Ring Sling Review

WildBird comes as a piece of fabric with two rings sewn-in on one end. The sling doesn’t require so much tying as the wrap, you just need to slide the fabric through the rings and create a pouch for your baby. The sling is designed to be worn on one shoulder and goes from the shoulder to the opposite hip.

It’s suitable from birth up to 35 lbs. Some parents use it with newborn babies, but it’s easier to use (position the baby) when the infant is a bit older and bigger – around 4-6 months.

Moms say that it’s strong enough to hold 1 or 2 year old child, but after baby’s first birthday they usually use it less often, because it’s harder to carry heavier baby when all the weight is on one shoulder. But still it’s good to have a cozy carrier that you can use when the baby gets older, even if it’s just for occasional use!

Wild Bird Ring Sling is suitable for plus size parents

The biggest advantage of WildBird Ring Sling that moms often mention is that carrying the baby in it feels so natural. One mom said “WildBird feels like motherhood”. It holds the baby in the same way that you would naturally hold them with your hands.

It’s also hip-healthy, according to International Hip Dysplasia, and keep the child in ergonomic frog position with M-shaped legs. Just keep in mind that it may take a bit longer to learn how to put the baby in this position in the sling. Take your time to master it.

>> Read my review of WildBird – the best ring sling right now

One of the biggest advantages of WildBird sling is its quality – some moms have kept it for another child and it still works wonderful.

This ring sling comes in 4 versions, made of linen or blend of linen and modal. Each one is ultra breathable and lightweight, but the one made from modal is more soft and stretchy. Moms say that WildBird works really well in summer and hot weather.

Once you get a good hang of it, it’s so quick to put on, even when you’re on the go (no long ends that would drag on the ground). Adjusting the tightness is also very simple (it may require re-tightening a few times during the wear).

Ring Sling for dad, baby carrier for dads, Wild Bird ring sling
Wild Bird Ring Sling (Modal version, color: Amethyst)

According to moms who own WildBird, this ring sling is a must have if you need your hands to be free. It will help your baby to rest and calm down. You’ll be able to take care of home duties or the rest of the kids, while cuddling with your little one at the same time!

Another advantage that moms mention is the beautiful design of WildBird sling – all colors are gorgeous and the sling looks so pretty on you even then you’re not carrying the baby in it.

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