What Is The Best Stroller For Growing Family?

Do you plan on having two kids, year after year? Or maybe you’re expecting right now and looking for the best stroller for baby and toddler? It seems like a single-to-double stroller will fit your growing family perfectly!

Best Expandable Strollers For Growing Family

If you have one child right now and only consider having another kid in the future, it would be impractical to purchase a double stroller.

However, if you could have only one stroller for all your (future) babies it would be quite useful and probably financially beneficial, right?

Especially if you could use “smaller” version of it right now – for your one child – and expand it later for the second baby.

Nowadays you have that possibility! Now parents who plan on having second child quickly after the first one (let’s say within 3 years) have new, innovative solution: expandable stroller that grows with the children.

UPPAbaby Vista Gregory

Seating option: Single – 4, Double – 8 (+ possibility of adding PiggyBack Board)

Weight: Stroller + one seat = 26.6 lbs, Rumble Seat = 6 lbs, Bassinet = 8.8 lbs

Check availability & price: Amazon or PishPosh Baby

Baby Jogger City Select - Best single to double stroller
Baby Jogger City Select

Seating options: Single – 5, Double – 11 (+ possibility of adding Glider Board)

Weight: Stroller + one seat = 29.5 lbs, Sibling Seat = ~6 lbs

Check availability & price: Amazon or PishPosh Baby

Evenflo Pivot Xpand Modular
Evenflo Pivot Xpand

Seating options: 22 (including 6 in single mode)

Weight: Frame = 22.4 lbs, Toddler seat = 6.2 lbs, SafeMax car seat = 7.6 lbs

Check availability & price: Amazon

Bugaboo Donkey2
Bugaboo Donkey2

Seating options: Single – 5, Double – about 15

Weight: Stroller + one seat = ~29.3 lbs, Stroller + two seats = ~33 lbs

Check availability & price: Amazon or PishPosh Baby

Cybex Gazelle S - one of the best expandable strollers
Cybex Gazelle S

Seating options: Single – 8, Double – 14 (+possibility of adding gliding board)

Weight: Stroller + one seat = 27.7 lbs

Check availability & price: Amazon or PishPosh Baby

Thule Sleek - one of the best strollers for growing family
Thule Sleek

Seating options: Single – 4, Double – 9 (+ possibility of adding standing board)

Weight: Stroller + one seat = 28 lbs

Check availability & price: PishPosh Baby

Baby Jogger City Select LUX 2017
Baby Jogger City Select LUX

Seating options: Single – 8, Double – 12 (+ possibility of adding Glider Board)

Weight: Stroller + one seat = 30.4 lbs

Check availability & price: Amazon or PishPosh Baby

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7 Best Strollers That Grow With The Family

Convertible, expandable strollers are long-term investment. You start using them with one seat, than you just add another seat when the second baby comes into the World. In many cases, it’s cheaper to buy second seat than second stroller.

And one single-to-double stroller takes less space than two strollers. With two kids you will need that space in your home, trust me!

Without further ado, I present you my new list for 2022 with 7 best strollers for growing family that easily expand from a single to a double mode.


This is my favorite single to double stroller, mostly because of its beautiful look, top quality, useful features and versatility. Of course it’s not cheap, but I trust me – here you really get what you pay for. VISTA’s quality is unbeatable.

UPPAbaby VISTA 2018 - Gregory
UPPAbaby VISTA 2018 (Gregory)

Besides, the basic set includes not only the frame and toddler seat (with bumper bar), but also a bassinet!

Now let’s take a look at UPPAbaby VISTA’s functions.

What are the seating options on VISTA?

VISTA can be used for one child – with one infant car seat/bassinet or standard toddler seat.

As a stroller for twins UPPAbaby VISTA gives you the possibility to attach two MESA Infant Car Seats, two bassinets and two toddler seats (one regular seat + Rumble Seat for sibling).

If you want to use VISTA as a stroller for baby and toddler, you have two seating combinations to choose from: MESA + Rumble Seat or bassinet + regular toddler seat.

UPPAbaby VISTA - Seating configuration for two kids
UPPAbaby VISTA – Seating configuration for two kids
You can find additional attachments for siblings on PishPosh Baby: MESA Infant Car Seat, Second bassinet, Rumble Seat (includes its own adapters), Upper Adapters (for attaching bassinet, MESA or regular seat on top), Lower Adapters (for attaching bassinet or MESA at the bottom) and PiggyBack Board

Toddler seat

Standard toddler seat (included in the basic set) can be used from 3 months up to 50 lbs. It has really generous canopy with sun visor that fully protects baby from harmful sun rays.

It is reversible and features one-hand deep recline. However, keep in mind that VISTA has bucket-style seat which means the whole seat goes down, not only the backrest. It’s not a fully flat recline therefore it’s not suitable for newborns.

Other features that I love about VISTA’s seat: high-quality deep padding, bumper bar (included!), adjustable calf rest and user-friendly harness.

UPPAbaby VISTA is equipped with reversible seat with one-hand recline and large canopy

Rumble Seat which is a sibling seat is very similar to the standard seat. It has the same functions, however it is smaller. You can use it from 3 months only up to 35 lbs! It’s usually sufficient up to 2-2.5 years.

There is also option of adding PiggyBack board – for older sibling. Thanks to that VISTA can accommodate even 3 kids. Standing board is a perfect solution for a preschooler who prefers to walk but sometimes needs a place to sit and rest during a stroll.

UPPAbaby VISTA with MESA Infant Car Seat and PiggyBack board
UPPAbaby VISTA with MESA Infant Car Seat and PiggyBack board

What terrain is VISTA suitable for?

This is what I love about UPPAbaby VISTA. It’s a versatile stroller. You can use it on flat pavement, gravel paths in parks or playground, short grass… It can even handle cracked sidewalks!

All thanks to big, non-inflatable, solid wheels and great suspension system.

This single-to-double stroller is perfect choice for urban parents who sometimes go for a walk on uneven terrain.

VISTA as a stroller for siblings – Pros & Cons



+ Awesome breathable bassinet and toddler seat included in the basic seat – just add Lower Adapters and VISTA is ready for your baby and toddler

+ Option of adding standing board for third child

+ Quick and easy switching between different seating options

+ Exceptional quality = stroller for long term

+ Large canopy for full protection from sun and wind + silent peek-a-boo window

+ Canopy slides up to make more room for growing toddler

+ Enormous basket with the capacity of 30 lbs. It will easily fit a large diaper bag and other necessities for two babies. The basket is useful even in double mode

+ Versatile wheels and good suspension – for those who like to stroll on slightly harsher terrain

+ Telescoping handlebar for short and tall parents

+ VISTA is easy to push and maneuver even with two kids

+ One-hand folding

+ Flip flop friendly parking brake


- Rumble Seat is smaller than standard toddler seat and can hold only 35 lbs. Because of that it won’t serve you as a stroller for twins very long

- The only toddler seat that attaches in lower position is Rumble Seat (regular seat attached only in upper position). When you use this stroller for baby and toddler, the infant car seat goes to the upper position, so you need to put Rumble Seat at the bottom

- When you use double VISTA with bassinet, you can’t keep your newborn baby close to you because bassinet is in the bottom while the regular toddler seat is on top

My rate:

More information about UPPAbaby VISTA features you can find in my full review.

2. Baby Jogger City Select

This is another all-around single to double stroller that handles multiple types of terrain in city. It offers over 16 different seating configurations to adapt to growing family’s needs. Really impressive!

Baby Jogger City Select
Baby Jogger City Select (Anniversary Edition for 2018)

The basic single set includes frame and regular toddler seat. It doesn’t come with the bassinet like VISTA but currently it’s almost two times cheaper than VISTA. Keep in mind that you can also purchase double version of BJ City Select with 2 seats (check it here).

Here’s a quick summary of the most important features.

What are the seating options on Baby Jogger City Select ?

As a single stroller it can be used with toddler seat (reversible), infant car seat or bassinet (both front and rear facing).

What’s really great is that City Select has 11 seating configurations in a double mode – more than VISTA has!

There are 2 configurations that I like especially. I will tell you more about them in a second.

Baby Jogger City Select - over 16 seating combinations
Baby Jogger City Select offers over 16 seating combinations. Here you can see some of them

If you want to use this single-to-double stroller for two toddlers, you will need regular seat (included) and sibling seat (Second Seat Kit sold separately) or you can simply buy it as a double stroller.

Both seats are reversible and you have 4 ways of attaching them. I love that City Select allows the babies to ride facing each other. So much fun!

For newborn twins you can use Baby Jogger City Select with two bassinets or two City GO Infant Car Seats.

Now let’s talk about seating configurations for baby and toddler.

Baby Jogger City Select - seating options for baby and 3 year old - with toddler seat and bassinet or infant car seat
Baby Jogger City Select – seating options for baby and 3 year old. Bassinet and infant car seat goes on top, while toddler seat attaches below

In contrast to UPPAbaby VISTA, Baby Jogger City Select allow you to attach bassinet on top and toddler seat at the bottom. Thanks to that you can keep an eye on your newborn baby while your toddler has more privacy.

This seating configuration makes City Select one of the best single-to-double strollers in 2022.

If you want to attach infant car seat and toddler seat you have 4 options. Toddler seat can be front or rear facing, on top or at the bottom, the car seat also attaches in lower and upper position.

It’s a solution for those who are looking for a good stroller for baby and 3 year old.

For an older child who usually walks, you can add Glider Board to each configuration (single or double).

Baby Jogger City Select allow toddlers to ride facing each other. There is even a room for third, older child!
Baby Jogger City Select allow toddlers to ride facing each other. There is even a room for third, older child!

Toddler seat

Baby Jogger City Select beats VISTA in one more category: the sibling seat is exactly the same as the regular toddler seat included in the basic set. Both seats have capacity of 45 lbs and expandable headspace (you can adjust the canopy as the baby grows).

Each toddler seat feature multi-position recline and adjustable calf rest. Just like on VISTA, here the seats are bucket-style so the lowest recline position is not fully flat. I would recommend using the regular and sibling seat from 3-6 months.

PRO TIP: There is also a newer version of this stroller which looks fantastic. As a single-to-double stroller, it has 24+ seating configurations, can accommodate up to 3 kids (with a gliding board) and has more compact fold than VISTA! Check out this new expandable stroller: Baby Jogger City Select 2 >>

The only thing that I’m a bit disappointed about is the canopy size. I love the large canopies on City Mini strollers, but the sunshade on City Select doesn’t extend enough in my opinion.

There are 3 panels, but the canopy lacks additional sun visor. It will probably block the sun out of baby’s eyes, but the torso and legs will be still exposed to sun rays.

Baby Jogger City Select - Stroller for siblings
Baby Jogger City Select is a fantastic stroller for siblings

What terrain is City Select suitable for?

Similar to VISTA, Baby Jogger City Select is designed for urban parents who like occasional off-road walks. It can handle gravel (but not very loose), short grass, hard-packed paths and uneven sidewalks.

It has big wheels with forever-air. In contrast to VISTA’s all-wheel suspension, here we have only front-wheel suspension. It cushions the ride, but I wouldn’t take this expandable stroller on very bumpy trail.

Baby Jogger City Select as a stroller for siblings – Pros & Cons



+ Over 16 seating configurations

+ 2 rare configurations: toddler seats facing each other and bassinet on top while the toddler seat is at the bottom

+ Regular and sibling seats are exactly the same

+ Non-inflatable wheels are good for slightly uneven terrain

+ Simple and quick folding

+ Flat fold that makes storage and transportation easier (it is more compact than VISTA)

+ Reversible seat with multi-position recline, adjustable calf rest and adjustable canopy

+ Extendable handlebar (rather for average and high parents)

+ Large storage basket

+ Easy to use handbrake


- The handlebar may be too high for short parents (less than 5'4" tall)

- Not the biggest canopy

- Storage bin is a bit hard to access

- One of the heaviest strollers for growing family

3. Evenflo Pivot Xpand Modular Travel System

It’s time for a budget option for growing family. Usually expandable strollers are expensive, but this model is perfect for parents on a tight budget.

Evenflo Pivot Xpand Modular
Evenflo Xpand Modular Travel System – the only expandable stroller in this ranking that includes infant car seat

Evenflo Pivot Xpand comes with toddler seat, SafeMax Infant Car Seat, built-in upper and lower adapters and one cup holder. And all of that costs about 2 times less than UPPAbaby VISTA or NUNA Demi Grow (click here to check the exact price on Amazon). How great is that?!

You probably wonder is this cheaper stroller for growing family has all the necessary features. Let’s find out!

What are the seating options on Evenflo Pivot Xpand?

Generally speaking this single-to-double stroller allow you to attach one or two infant car seats or toddler seats onto the frame – both rear and from facing.

Toddler seat can be also converted into infant mode – it’s not a carrycot with flat position, but it’s suitable for smaller infants like 3 months old.

Evenflo Pivot Xpand Modular - 22 seating configurations
Whether you have twins or a baby and a toddler this stroller will adjust to your needs

Of course you can use Evenflo Xpand as a stroller for baby and toddler with one SafeMax Infant Car Seat (on top) and one toddler seat (at the bottom).

Your newborn baby will be closer to you, while your older child can ride facing front and observe the World or ride facing you when he wants to lie back and take a nap.

So as you can see, when you purchase Evenflo Xpand you have everything to use it from birth for one child or to use it for two kids: newborn and toddler. If you’re looking for an inexpensive good-quality stroller for baby and 3 year old, this one will meet your needs.

If you’d like to use it for newborn twins, you just need additional SafeMax car seat. It’s also available separately for example on Amazon.

Another great thing about this single to double stroller is that sibling seat is exactly the same as the regular toddler seat included in the basic set. Each has capacity of 55 lbs and easily attaches in upper, middle or lower position – depending on your needs.

Evenflo Pivot Xpand Modular - For two toddlers
Toddler seat and sibling seat are exactly the same

With Evenflo Pivot Xpand you don’t have problems like with UPPAbaby VISTA and Rumble Seat – which is the only toddler seat that attaches in lower position, but has smaller capacity (35 lbs) than the regular seat.

I have to mention one more thing that I’m sure you’ll love: all adapters are included and built-in! You don’t have to remember about attaching or detaching adapters or worry about losing them. It’s so convenient!

Whenever you need to put the seat in upper position you just slide the adapters up. And when you need to attach the seat in lower position you just have to flip the adapters out of the storage basket.

Evenflo Pivot Xpand Modular - Single-to-double stroller with built-in adapters
All you need for your baby and toddler is included! Slide the adapter up and attach the infant car seat to keep your newborn baby close to you. Flip the adapters out of the basket and attach the toddler seat – rear or front facing

Evenflo also plans to release on the market a standing board for Xpand stroller. It should be available this fall.

Toddler seat

I’ve already mention few things about the toddler seat, but there are some other nice features that I have to show you.

There is 3-position recline, easy to do with one hand. The lowest position is pretty deep and you can additionally adjust the calf rest to make it even more comfortable place for nap. But keep in mind that even the infant mode is not suitable for newborn baby, since it’s not completely flat.

The seat is reversible, comes with a bumper bar and generous padding.

Evenflo Xpand - Toddler seat features
Reversible seat with one-hand recline and 5-point harness

The canopy is the biggest drawback for me. It’s not small, but I wish it could go lower to protect baby from sun even better. The 3 panels are sufficient to cover baby’s face, but probably that’s it.

Good thing about the sunshade is the mesh peek-a-boo window with silent closure.

If you want to read more about this expandable stroller and the SafeMax Infant Car Seat here’s my full review of Evenflo Xpand.

What terrain is Evenflo Pivot Xpand suitable for?

This is probably one of the reasons why this model is cheaper than many other single-to-double strollers.

It’s less versatile than UPPAbaby VISTA, Baby Jogger City Select or Thule Sleek. The wheels, which are made of rubberized plastic, are good for flat surfaces like pavement, maybe hard-packed gravel in park – the rear-wheel suspension should be sufficient for that. But that’s it.

Evenflo Xpand - City stroller for siblings
Evenflo Xpand – City stroller for smooth surfaces

Although the wheels have better traction than the wheels on single Evenflo Pivot Modular stroller, they are still not suitable for bumpy terrain or off-road because the stroller would bounce too much.

So if you decide to purchase this single-to-double stroller, keep in mind it’s made for city use only. Moreover, according to many parents it feels more clumsy and more difficult to maneuver & turn in narrow spaces with two toddler seats.

Evenflo Pivot Xpand Modular as a stroller for siblings – Pros & Cons



+ Basic set is newborn-ready as well as ready to use for baby and toddler (thanks to included infant car seat and toddler seat)

+ Adapters for lower and upper attachment are included and built-in

+ Toddler seat and sibling seat are the same (each can hold up to 55 lbs!)

+ Reversible seat with one-hand recline, converts to infant mode and includes bumper bar

+ Ultra-light infant car seat with awesome safety features

+ Adjustable handlebar

+ Cup holder – included

+ HUGE storage basket

+ Easy and quick folding

+ Cheap


- Less versatile wheels than on other expandable strollers in this ranking (best for flat surfaces)

- Canopy could extend further

- No bassinet option (not even sold separately)

4. Bugaboo Donkey2

This is probably most famous and fashionable single to double stroller, perfect for baby and toddler, as well as twins.

Bugaboo Donkey2 comes in three different modes: Mono, Duo and Twin, which additionally can be purchased in dozens of color versions. This expandable stroller offers the biggest customization, when it comes to fashions and colors!

Bugaboo Donkey2
Bugaboo Donkey2 with aluminum frame, base fabric in grey melange and canopy in ruby red

And it’s probably the only stroller that expands across, not along (not like a tandem, but like a side-by-side stroller).

Now let’s see what features Bugaboo Donkey2 can offer a growing family.

What are the seating options on Bugaboo Donkey2?

Basically there are 3 versions of Donkey stroller: for one child there is Mono and for two babies we have Duo or Twin. In each mode parents have few seating configurations.

Bugaboo Donkey2 - Mono
Bugaboo Donkey2 – Seating configurations in Mono version

As a single stroller Bugaboo Donkey2 can be used with one infant car seat, one bassinet or one toddler seat (rear or front facing). In this mode the frame is narrower (23.6″) and allow you to attach side luggage basket.

As your family grows and the second child comes into the World you can easily extend Donkey’s frame for the second seat (it will be 29.5″ wide).

Bugaboo Donkey2 - Duo
Bugaboo Donkey2 – One example of seating configuration in Duo version

In Duo mode – which is designed for a baby and toddler – you have few options. You can use Donkey2 with one infant car seat and toddler seat, one car seat and one bassinet, one bassinet and one toddler seat.

We have also third mode – Twin. As the name says it’s an option for twins. You can install two infant car seats, two bassinets or two toddler seats.

Bugaboo Donkey2 - Twin
Bugaboo Donkey2 – Examples of Twin mode

What is noteworthy, in each mode Bugaboo Donkey2 allow you to attach the bassinet and toddler seat both rear or front facing. So for example in Twin mode, your babies can ride facing you, the World or each other.

Bugaboo offers one type and size of the bassinet, as well as toddler seat. The latter one has capacity of 37.5 lbs so we can assume it will serve for about 3 years. It’s a very good investment!

Don’t forget to visit PishPosh Baby store to see prices for all configurations and available colors: Mono, Duo & Twin. If you need more details on Donkey2 read my full review.

Toddler seat

The seat is reversible and features one-hand recline. Similar to other expandable strollers in this ranking, Donkey2 has bucket-style seats which means they don’t feature fully flat recline for newborn babies.

Each seat comes with a belly bar and high-quality padding – available in many beautiful colors.

The best thing about the toddler seat is the canopy size – when you fully extend it, it covers baby legs! You’ll love that feature on hot summer days.

Bugaboo Donkey - Long canopy
I love how far the canopy extends!

Bassinet also has such a long sunshade. It almost touches the apron when fully open. Perfect protection from wind for newborn baby.

I only wish there was a peek-a-boo window – it’s a bummer that such an expensive stroller lacks this feature.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: The brand has updated this famous stroller to Bugaboo Donkey3 which was released last year. The upgraded stroller has: new canopy made of a different fabric and equipped with TWO peek-a-boo windows (finally!), new easier fold, as well as a zippered side luggage basket.

What terrain is Bugaboo Donkey2 suitable for?

This is one of the biggest advantages of Bugaboo Donkey2 stroller – it’s multi-functional and suitable for almost all kinds of terrain.

Previous version had air-filled tires, now Donkey2 has foam-filled tires but they imitate the feeling of pumped ones. So the ride is still cushioned and smooth but you don’t have to worry about getting punctures anymore!

Bugaboo Donkey2 wheels provide ultra smooth ride
Bugaboo Donkey2 wheels provide ultra smooth ride

Thanks to large wheels and all-wheel suspension Bugaboo Donkey2 will easily go over cracked sidewalks in NYC, gravel and grass in parks, cobbled streets or even dirt roads. It’s so smooth and easy to handle that some parents have even taken it to the beach!

I wouldn’t use it as my primary all-terrain stroller (joggers are better choice for that), but it’s definitely good choice for occasional off road trips.

Bugaboo Donkey2 as a stroller for siblings – Pros & Cons



+ Very stylish and fashionable

+ Bugaboo offers huge customization and vast choice of colors

+ High-quality, durable – it will last for years and many kids

+ Switching between different seating configurations is a piece of cake

+ The frame extends for Twin and Duo mode – thanks to that Mono version is narrower and has useful side basket

+ Reversible toddler seat and bassinet

+ Amazing suspension and wheels that handle multiple types of terrain

+ Extendable handlebar for parents of all heights

+ Very easy to push and operate

+ Awesome, large and extendable canopy on toddler seat and bassinet


- In Twin and Duo mode you can only use the basket under the seats which is only decent. I wish it was deeper and more spacious

- It a side-by-side stroller and in Twin and Duo mode it is wide. You will probably fit through most of standard doorways, but it may not be a good choice for restaurants or very crowded places

- No peek-a-boo window on canopies

- Smaller capacity of the toddler seat than on other single-to-double strollers

- VERY pricey

5. Cybex Gazelle S

Now it’s time for a beautiful, expandable stroller that recently has stolen my heart: Cybex Gazelle S. It’s amazing how much this stroller has to offer, especially for siblings with a small age gap (1-2 years).

Cybex Gazelle S - Expandable Stroller 2022
Cybex Gazelle S

What’s really awesome is that Cybex Gazelle comes with a regular toddler seat and an extra shopping basket with capacity of 25 pounds. In a single mode you will have A LOT of storage space for all your necessities, diaper bag, groceries and more!

To use Gazelle from day one you will need a Cybex bassinet or infant car seat. The brand also says that the main seat offers infant-ready recline suitable from day one, however I think it’s safer to use a bassinet or car seat in the first few months.

When you welcome your second child – you can use Gazelle as a double stroller. Overall, this expandable stroller offers 23 seating configurations allowing you to use this stroller for an infant and toddler or twins!

Important: There is also option of adding infant car seat. The frame can actually hold two car seats at once. But keep in mind that Gazelle is compatible only with Cybex and selected GB infant car seats (adapters sold separately). This stroller doesn’t work with car seats from other brands like Chicco or Graco.

What are the seating options on Cybex Gazelle S?

As a single stroller, it can be used with a toddler seat (included), bassinet or infant car seat (purchased separately). You can attach it in the middle position, slide the adapters up to attach it higher or open built-in lower adapters to attach it lower – which is super useful when you want to pair one seat with a shopping basket.

When baby no. 2 comes into the World, you can expand Cybex Gazelle – altogether you have 14 double seating configurations (some of them are now shown in the picture below). You can also add a gliding board for oldest sibling.

Cybex Gazelle S - Seating configurations
Cybex Gazelle S – 20 out of 23 seating configurations for one or two kids

What’s noteworthy – Cybex expandable stroller can hold two bassinet, two infant car seats or two toddler seats at the same time. Therefore it can even serve as a twin stroller, and you can use it with infant car seats or bassinets during the first few months.

As a stroller for growing family, Cybex Gazelle S allows the toddler to ride in lower position and newborn baby in upper position, close to the parent. For newborn baby you can attach the bassinet or infant car seat.

The best part is that you can attach the regular toddler seat with capacity of 48.5 lbs at the bottom. Therefore your older child (let’s say 2 or 3-year-old) can ride in lower position, while your younger baby is on top, closer to you.

This is the biggest difference between Cybex Gazelle S and strollers like VISTA or Sleek which offer smaller seat for older sibling (or give you the option of keeping your newborn baby in lower position).

There is one more thing that I need to tell you. When you install the bassinet on top, your older child can only sit on front facing you. However, with the infant car seat on top, the toddler seat can be facing in or out at the bottom.

Cybex Gazelle S - Best seating options for a newborn baby and toddler
Cybex Gazelle S – Two best seating options for a newborn baby and toddler

If the toddler is facing you the seat reclines, but baby’s view may be blocked a bit by the bassinet or car seat. On the other hand, when the toddler is facing out, he can observe surrounding but the seat doesn’t recline at all.

As you can see there are some limitations, when it comes to seating options, which you need to keep in mind if you’re thinking about buying this stroller. But I think it’s still awesome to have the option of keeping the newborn bassinet in upper position – which is a rare option even on high-end expandable strollers!

With two toddler seats attached children can face in or out and sit in the same or opposite direction. There is possibility for the kids to face each other which is awesome, because they can talk and play together.

PRO TIP: What you’re going to love about Gazelle is that you only need adapters to attach infant car seats. When you expand it from a single to double stroller, you don’t need any adapters for the second bassinet or second seat! Adapters for the lower position are hidden in the frame, while the adapter for the upper position are exactly the same that you use for the middle position (when you use Gazelle as a single stroller) and they simply slide up! It’s really cool that you don’t have any extra small parts to always remember about and be careful not to use!

It’s so easy to change between all seats! It’s a really fantastic stroller for growing family.

Toddler seat

This toddler seat has a few features that prove high quality of Cybex Gazelle S.

The backrest recline to almost flat position, the calf rest is adjustable too. These two features, plus cushy padding, make the seat super comfy for naps on the go.

Cybex Gazelle - Toddler seat has near flat recline and oversized canopy
Cybex Gazelle – Toddler seat has near flat recline and oversized canopy

What you and your toddler will really like is that the seat is really upright – more than seats on other expandable strollers! You can see the upright position in the previous pictures.

Another awesome thing is the canopy – it expands far out and fully covers the baby from sun, even when the seat is fully reclined. LOVE IT!

Sibling seat is exactly the same as the main seat, has the same capacity (48.5 lbs) and includes a bumper bar.

What terrain is Cybex Gazelle S suitable for?

This single-to-double stroller has big and wide wheels with built-in suspension which make it easier to maneuver and stable at the same time. It’s very convenient to push and rides very smoothly. Similar to VISTA and City Select, this expandable stroller can easily roll over cracked pavement, gravel driveways and park trails!

Of course on a bumpy dirt road it shakes a bit, but on slightly rough terrain it performs really well and the suspension visibly cushions the ride.

Cybex Gazelle S - Fold
Folded Gazelle takes up quite a lot of space, but it fits in most of the car trunks. And you can fold it with two seats attached! There’s no need to remove the sibling seat before folding – how cool is that!?

Cybex Gazelle S as a stroller for siblings – Pros & Cons



+ When you use this stroller for baby and toddler, bassinet/infant car seat can be attached on top

+ Sibling seat has the same capacity as the main seat

+ Adapters for sibling seat or another bassinet are built-in

+ Reversible seat with near-flat recline and adjustable leg rest

+ LARGE canopy provides exceptional protection from sun rays

+ Telescoping handlebar

+ Spacious underseat basket + extra shopping basket

+ Operates and pushes smoothly with one hand

+ Folds easily with one hand (no need to remove the seats!)


- Works only with selected infant car seats (Cybex or GB)

- Expensive

Cybex Gazelle S is one of the luxurious expandable strollers in 2022 and also quite expensive. Therefore before you decide to buy I recommend you to check available discounts on Amazon and on PishPosh Baby.

6. Thule Sleek

This is a fairly new stroller for growing family that hit the stores last year. It’s a combination of multi-functionality, maneuverability and beautiful design.

Thule Sleek 2018
Thule Sleek

You’re probably interested what is included in the basic set? Well, Thule Sleek stroller comes with the chassis and one regular seat (click here to find out how much it costs). Other additional options include: bassinet, sibling seat, adapters for infant car seat and standing board.

What are the seating options on Thule Sleek?

As one of the best single to double strollers for 2022, Thule Sleek offers many seating configurations for one or two kids. And with additional standing board there will be even a place for the third, older child!

As a single stroller it can be used with infant car seat (at the beginning there will be adapters for Maxi-Cosi and Chicco car seats), bassinet or reversible toddler seat.

You can easily expand Sleek into double mode by adding second car seat, bassinet or sibling seat (which has smaller capacity than regular seat).

Thule Sleek - All seating configurations
Thule Sleek – All seating configurations

If you want to use is as a stroller for baby and toddler, you can attach the infant car seat on top and the toddler seat at the bottom.

However, this stroller has the same issue with bassinet + toddler seat configuration as UPPAbaby VISTA. In this configuration bassinet has to be attached in lower position while the toddler seat goes on top.

It’s not that bad, because the regular seat attaches really high on the frame therefore parents can easily check on their newborn baby in the bassinet.

However some parents may still find it inconvenient so I had to mention it.

Thule Sleek in double version
Thule Sleek in double version with two toddler seats

In contrast to Evenflo Xpand this stroller doesn’t include adapters which are required for expanding it to a double version. You will have to purchase upper and lower adapters separately (they are sold as a set).

Toddler seat

Here are the basic features of Thule Sleek toddler seat:

  • It can be easily reversed so the baby can face parents or the World
  • There is rotating bumper bar
  • You can recline the seat using one hand. Calf rest is adjustable too
  • 3-position recline allow your baby to sit upright and watch surrounding (I love how straight this position is!), rest or take a nap
  • Lowest recline position is not flat and it’s not newborn-ready. Thule Sleek has a bucket-style seat so the whole seat tilts back, not just the backrest
  • The canopy is extendable and fairly big. There is zippered mesh panel that gives great air-flow, sun visor for protection from UV rays and silent peek-a-boo window. The amount of shade is really impressive, but rather only when the seat is in upright position.

You should keep in mind that the sibling seat has smaller capacity than the regular seat – 33 lbs instead of 48.5 lbs.

Features of Thule Sleek toddler seat - reversible, reclining and equipped with vented canopy
Thule Sleek toddler seat is reversible, reclining and equipped with vented canopy

What terrain is Thule Sleek suitable for?

This is a city stroller for everyday use, not jogging like other Thule strollers. However, the manufacturer didn’t forget about adding amazing wheels and suspension on this model too.

The wheel size is very similar to VISTA’s (8″ in front and 11″ in the back). The tires are non-inflatable so you don’t have to worry about adding air once in a while or having flat tire. They are filled with foam and rubberized.

This makes this stroller pretty versatile and suitable for many types of terrain: uneven pavement, gravel park paths, grass in the playground or even cobblestone. But of course Thule Sleek is not designed for running or even walking on super bumpy trails.

Thule Sleek as a stroller for siblings – Pros & Cons



+ High-quality materials and fabrics

+ Elegant look (I like Grey Mélange version especially, you can check it here)

+ Versatile wheels that can handle uneven terrain + suspension in each wheel for more comfortable ride

+ Reversible seat with 3-position recline

+ Extendable handlebar for convenient pushing

+ Ventilated canopy protects baby from sweating and overheating

+ Possibility of adding Glider Board


- Sibling seat has smaller capacity than the regular seat

- When you use it with bassinet and toddler seat, the former one has to be attached at the bottom

- The storage basket is extendable and has useful cover, but the size is only average

- When the seat is fully reclined the canopy doesn’t block the sun very well

Are you hesitating whether this stroller is good choice for your family? Find out more about it in my in-depth review of Thule Sleek.

7. Baby Jogger City Select LUX

This is newer, upgraded version of standard City Select stroller. This model has even more seating configurations, improved suspension, brake and folding mechanism.

Thanks to these upgrades, Baby Jogger City Select LUX is one of the best single to double strollers on the market this year.

Baby Jogger City Select LUX
Baby Jogger City Select LUX in single and double version

What are the seating options on Baby Jogger City Select LUX?

Let me start by saying that LUX offers over 20 seating configurations. You can use it with one or two infant car seats, bassinets or toddler seats. You can also add a Glider Board for older child or a Bench Seat instead of second normal seat.

With such a vast choice this stroller will definitely fit any growing family.

You can start using City Select LUX for one child and it’s suitable from birth if you add a bassinet or infant car seat.

You can attach any kind of the seat in lower or upper position – the latter one is very convenient especially with newborn baby as you can easily check on your baby whenever you want and bond with him.

Baby Jogger City Select LUX - most of the seating combinations
Apart from these configurations Baby Jogger City Select LUX allow you to attach Bench Seat and Glider Board as well

In contrast to old City Select here we don’t have middle position on the frame.

As a stroller for twins City Select LUX allow you to attach two infant car seats, two bassinets or two toddler seats at the same time. And the best part is that toddlers can seat facing each other! As you can see it’s a rare configuration, so big plus for Baby Jogger.

If you’re looking for the best stroller for baby and toddler, City Select won’t disappoint you either. There are so many options!

In both modes: infant car seat + toddler seat and bassinet + toddler seat you have the ability to put the toddler seat at the bottom and keep your newborn closer to you. It’s perfect! This is probably the biggest advantage of this expandable stroller.

Baby Jogger City Select LUX can be purchased as a single stroller with one toddler seat (you can always add sibling seat later) or as a double stroller with two toddler seats. Visit PishPosh Baby store to compare the prices: single City Select LUX vs double City Select LUX.

If you have a toddler and preschooler or even older child you can replace the second (upper) seat with a bench! So your older kiddo can jump and enjoy riding in the stroller when he gets tired. It makes City Select LUX really awesome stroller for siblings.

In most single or double configuration you can add a standing board. Many children loves to ride along – it’s a great fun for them.

Baby Jogger City Select LUX - expandable stroller
Baby Jogger City Select LUX with a toddler seat and Bench Seat (sold separately)

As you can see, you can customize your Baby Jogger City Select LUX whenever you need to! Check my full review for more info!

Toddler seat

Similar to other strollers in this ranking here we also have bucket-style seat with multi-position one-hand recline (not newborn-ready). The calf support is adjustable as well.

Toddler seats are reversible which gives the babies possibility to face parents, the World or his their sibling.

I like the padding on the seat – it’s really rich and comfortable for the baby. And easy to clean (the seat cover is removable)!

What is really great is that the second toddler seat – for sibling – has the same size as the regular seat.

The weight limit for each seat is 45 lbs but I would say the seat will serve you up to 3-3.5 years, considering its size.

Baby Jogger City Select LUX double stroller
This is amazing stroller for toddler twins

I like that this single to double stroller offers adjustable canopy that slides up to make more headroom as the baby grows. 3 panels give decent amount of shade – it’s not bad but I wish the canopy extended a bit further. Big plus for mesh viewing window with magnets.

What terrain is City Select LUX suitable for?

This single to double stroller has rubber tires with foam filling and upgraded all-wheel suspension. But some parents say it doesn’t work as good as on standard City Select!

According to many parents this stroller works best on smooth surfaces like pavement, asphalt and hard-packed gravel. But if you plan on strolling on uneven terrain more often, parents recommend the old model – City Select or other strollers like VISTA or Donkey.

City Select LUX will handle short grass or other slightly uneven surfaces, but it may shake more. Besides, with two seats it’s more difficult to steer.

Baby Jogger City Select LUX as a stroller for siblings – Pros & Cons



+ Probably the biggest choice of seating options

+ Possibility to attach the bassinet on top, while the toddler seat is below

+ Option of switching second seat for the Bench Seat

+ Glider Board for older child

+ Sibling seat is a full-sized seat – with 45 pounds of capacity, one-hand recline and good, soft padding

+ Canopy slides up and down so you could adjust it to baby’s height

+ Mesh peek-a-boo window gives good ventilation

+ Large storage basket (the access in double mode is a bit harder)

+ Automatic lock, no need to remove the seat before folding like on old City Select

+ Extendable handlebar


- Less versatile wheels – they handle uneven terrain but with more bouncing and shaking (it’s better to use it in city on flat surfaces)

- Some parents complain about the position of the handbrake

- Folding is fairly easy but takes practice

- No self-standing fold

Quick summary

I think my reviews say a lot about advantages of expandable strollers. But you may have noticed some of the limitations that single-to-double strollers have. So what you should keep in mind when you’re planning to buy one?

  • Usually parents expect that they will be able to keep their newborn baby in a bassinet on top while the toddler sits at the bottom. Not all strollers for growing family offer this configuration. For example, UPPAbaby VISTA and Thule Sleek lack it. They only allow to keep the bassinet close to the ground, while the toddler seat goes on top. I’m not a fan of this configuration.
  • When if the bassinet can be attached on top position it makes it impossible to recline the toddler seat (while it’s facing out) or blocks the older child’s view (while it’s facing in). Peg Perego Team and Baby Jogger City Select have this issue.
  • In order to make the stroller shorter, some single to double strollers have seats mounted really close to each other. With two toddler seats it’s usually not that bad, but the biggest problem is with two bassinets. For example on UPPAbaby VISTA, Nuna Demi Grow, Baby Jogger City Select and Thule Sleek strollers the bassinets are so close to each other that it’s a bit difficult to keep an eye on the newborn in lower position.
  • To make the expandable stroller more compact some brands designed their strollers in a way the lower seat attaches where the storage basket is. So it’s basically impossible to use the basket in a double mode. Nuna Demi Grow and Joolz Geo2 have this issue.
  • Some of the single-to-double strollers offer smaller seat with lower weight limit for sibling than the main toddler seat. This reduces stroller usability.

Nevertheless, even with these few limitations expandable strollers are awesome solution if you plan on having second child quickly after the first one. You just need to be aware of these few issues. 🙂

If you’ve realized that expandable stroller is not what you need and you’d prefer a standard double stroller here are my top choices. If you need a stroller only for one child click here to check my ranking of the best single convertible strollers that work with different infant car seats.

Pictures of UPPAbaby VISTA belong to UPPAbaby. Source: https://uppababy.com
Pictures of Baby Jogger City Select and City Select LUX belong to Baby Jogger. Source: https://babyjogger.com
Pictures of Bugaboo Donkey belong to Bugaboo. Source: https://bugaboo.com
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Pictures of Thule Sleek belong to Thule. Source: https://thule.com
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About Me - Zooey BarnettHello Moms! I am Zooey. I am a wife and a mother of three amazing kids: almost 5-year-old Haley and 2-year-old twins Jesse and Matthew. I am a jogger, cooker and blogger.

If you have a question or a comment, do not hesitate to write to me! 🙂

35 thoughts on “What Is The Best Stroller For Growing Family?

  1. The Cybex Gazelle S is in fact compatible with Graco and Chicco carseats with the adapter sold separately! This is the main reason I chose Cybex over UB. I have a Graco Snugride 30 click connect Carseat and it works perfect using the metal bar adapter. I was able to save over $300 keeping my existing Carseat by going with the Cybex. Not to mention not having to purchase the adapters and not paying the extra money for the bassinet that I didn’t need.

  2. My son is already over 38 inches tall and he will be 4 by the time our baby is born. He LOVES riding in the stroller and he is special needs so I am thinking we will need a double. What one do you recommend that can have a tall toddler as well as an infant car seat attached at the same time?

    1. Hi Kassondra,
      Most of these expandable strollers (that you can use as a single or double) don’t have very tall seats. Baby Jogger City Select has quite roomy seats, but it really depends on how long is your child’s torso and legs. Or you could also check out the City Select LUX with a bench seat instead of a toddler seat (if your child doesn’t need back support?)

      If you’re okay with a side-by-side double stroller then Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Double would be your best option – lots of parents uses it even for 5 year old kids, it has long backrest. You can attach an infant car seat on top of one seat for the newborn baby. This stroller is as long as a single stroller, but wider. Still pretty easy to operate 🙂 You can check my review here: https://www.littlebabygear.com/baby-jogger-city-mini-gt-gt2-double/

  3. Hey Zooey,
    I am a mother of a soon to be 15 monts and currently 4 months pregnant with baby #2. This article was extremely helpful in gettin info for the evenflo pivot expand (which I was considering) but also for other options that my be better. I do have a price range that I do not want to exceed but other than that love love love this blog!!
    With that being said can you tell me what your thoughts are on the Maxi Cosi Lila Stroller which can also be converted to a double with attachement seat and stroller option. The reviews I saw on buy buy baby the website itself were pretty good but I love how you access the details of the stroller as a whole. I would love to know what you think

  4. Hi Zooey!

    Thanks so much for your excellent reviews and perspectives!! Hoping you can provide some sage advice for our situation. I have a 22-month old (30 lbs) with twins due in Sept. I’d love a stroller that would allow all 3 to “ride” recognizing that the toddler would likely be on a glider board or equivalent.

    We live in SF and mostly use a stroller for walks/errands from our house (grocery, playground, etc) and sometimes from the car. We have to get through a very narrow doorway to where we store the stroller so it definitely needs to be tandem, not side by side. And one that doesn’t feel too long or unwieldy is a bonus.

    We currently have a Nuna Pipa infant car seat that we will use for one twin and then we are deciding whether to purchase a second infant car seat or just go with a convertible. If we were to go with a convertible then I presume we would need a bassinet (unless we always planned to “wear” at least one twin). I suppose we could even put 2 twins in a bassinet when they’re really small.

    I’ve mostly been looking at the City Jogger City Select, the Joovy Qool or the Thule Sleek. I’d love your thoughts on these or any others that you might recommend for us.

    Oh, and one other thing – I recently tried a City Select and felt like I kept tripping on the glider board. Is that generally a problem? Any tips?

    Thank you!!

    1. Hi Kate,

      I checked all the possibilities and here’s what I came up with and some things to keep in mind 🙂

      1. Joovy Qool works only with Nuna Pipa model (Joovy hasn’t tested it with Pipa Lite or Pipa Lite LX, so it’s hard to tell if they attach securely). Do you have the original model of Pipa?

      2. I think that Joovy Qool could be a good option but rather for two kids (two newborns, two infants or toddlers). It works for three kids as well but only when twins are at least 6 months old and can sit in normal toddler seats. Here’s why: Qool offers awesome bench seat which would be great for older sibling, but if you attach two infant car seats to the stroller, there is no room for the bench (I mean you can attach the bench, but the child would hit the rear infant car seat with his head). Of course there is option of using Qool with one infant car seat/bassinet for one of the newborn twins, and toddler seat/bench seat for the older child. But you would have to wear the other newborn baby in a baby carrier. Once the twins are 6 m.o. you can switch to 2 toddler seats, and the older child could ride on the bench seat. Joovy Qool would be definitely a good choice since you mainly use your stroller in the city, but for the first six months one newborn would have to be in a baby carrier (you may want to read my guide for newborn-ready carriers).

      3. Thule Sleek sibling seat has smaller capacity – only 33 pounds. It won’t serve you as long as the normal seat.

      4. Baby Jogger City Select is probably my favorite one. You can use it with two car seats or two bassinets (the latter one is not ideal because they are really close to each other), and add the Glider Board for the older sibling. Toddler seat and sibling seat have the same capacity. And yes, tripping on the board is pretty common issue with all strollers and boards. The child will stand between you and the stroller (I’m now sure how tall he/she is but his head will be probably right behind the canopy or next to the handlebar. You will have to push the stroller from further back and take short steps not to trip on the board. You can get used to it, especially if it’s a solution only for short walks. Good thing is that Baby Jogger Glider Board has adjustable telescoping brackets so it may be closer/further from the back of the stroller (and you). Of course you can also use this stroller for one newborn baby and toddler (in normal seat) and wear the other newborn in a carrier.

      5. Keep in mind that steering and turning a stroller with three kids is more difficult, the stroller feels heavy. And also be careful when your toddler jumps on the board/bench seat and hold the stroller so it won’t tip over.

      Let me know if you have more questions!:)

      1. Hi Zooey,

        Thanks so much for the response! Very informative. We do have the Nuna Pipa so it would work with the Joovy, but super helpful points about the bench configuration. It’s not a deal-breaker but could be more convenient to have versatility from the beginning.

        I do have another question – we have to fit our stroller thru an extremely narrow doorway and I think the City Select might be just a tad too wide. I noticed that the Lux is a bit narrower than the Select. Do you also recommend the Lux? How does that compare to the Joovy or others that you might recommends


        1. Hi Kate!
          There is a very small difference in width between those strollers. Joovy Qool is about 24.8″ wide, Baby Jogger City Select is about 25.6″ wide, the LUX is maybe an inch narrower.
          LUX is awesome stroller as well, but I prefer it as a single stroller. With two kids I prefer the original City Select, it feels more easy to operate and push. For three kids LUX has the same configuration as the original model – two seats + Glider Board.

  5. Hi there, thanks for your excellent reviews!!
    We’re trying to figure out if the perfect stroller for our family exists (let’s even say price isn’t an issue for now):
    We live in a city and don’t have a car, so we need something that works well for curbs, poorly paved sidewalks, hills and every day wear and tear, including rainy weather.
    I don’t care about carseat adapters, but I’m looking for a stroller that allows for a bassinet on top and a toddler facing the world on the bottom (and then converts easily to two seats, ideally where either seat could face either direction) without feeling unbalanced, and without forcing the toddler to sit upright all the time (sometimes baby’s gotta nap!).
    The size of the fold isn’t too important, but our apartment door is narrow and we want to be able to get it through the door without folding it….

    Does such a stroller exist???

    1. Hi Anna,
      It’s actually very hard to find a stroller that would allow for this configuration (with bassinet on top and toddler seat facing out on the bottom). I found only one stroller that gives you this option: Peg Perego Team. Of course as the seat and bassinet are close to each other, in this configuration toddler seat cannot be reclined. Once you switch the bassinet for second toddler seat, they can face either direction and you can recline them for nap time. The wheels are not air-filled so they are not great for very rough terrain, but cracked sidewalks or gravel won’t be a problem. Unfortunately this stroller is not ideal – it is heavy (for single mode it’s 32 pounds…).

      Another option could be Bugaboo Donkey2 where you could attach seat and bassinet next to each other. But if your door is narrow you may have problems with fitting through (it’s 29″ wide).

  6. Just wanted to add that Peg Perego is now offering car seat adapters for the Cybex/Nuna/Maxi Cosi car seats for the Team stroller.

    1. Hi there! Could you let me know where did you find these adapters? I can’t find them on Peg Perego website, there are only adapters for other PP strollers.

          1. Thank you for introducing me to the Team. I was a bit disappointed when I looked in spring of 2017 that there was no double option (or single to double option) with reversing seat AND seats that have a true recline. Made a compromise with a Mountain Buggy Duet. THEN I happened to see this site while looking for a friend and was intrigued by the PP Team. Went down the rabbit hole researching…. Found one on Craigslist and took the plunge! We won’t use the doubles option much with our 4.5 year old and 2 year old, but we are planning to have number four in the next 12-18 mos. Plus we often have friends and cousins over so having another seat is great for tired legs on the way back from a park. We live in an urban neighborhood and the stroller is more like a car. So many Vistas everywhere but I love that the bassinet is up close, the seats are “equal” in terms of weight capacity and size, the basket is easier to use, and of course the TRUE RECLINE. Take a dive down on OT and PT pages and you’ll see why some of us get obsessed with a true recline… 😉

          2. I’m so glad to hear that Team works well for you! 🙂 and I’m happy that my review was useful for you 🙂 Thank you!

  7. Hi!

    I am first time mom and planning on having potentially up to 3-4 kids, and hoping to space them out 1-3 years about. We currently live in the city but will move to the suburbs in the next few years. I am trying to decide on the best stroller for our growing family! I am really interested in the Thule sleek stroller and the city select lux stroller but have read some negative reviews about both. What do you suggest?!

    1. Hi Emily – sorry for late reply!
      I prefer the City Select over City Select LUX. It’s suitable for more rugged terrain and in a double mode it pushes easier. For me it feels more convenient.
      I like Thule Sleek too, but it has some drawbacks (which I mentioned in this article). I’m not a fan of some of its configurations and the sibling seat has smaller capacity.
      You may want to check the Peg Perego Team – it allows you to put the bassinet on top and toddler seat in lower position which I find very important if you have a newborn baby and a 2 or 3 year old 🙂
      Let me know what other features are important to you and I will try to help you narrow down your choice!

  8. Hi Zooey great post and thanks for sharing, I`m having my first child in 2 months and I was wondering if you can recommend a stroller which is ideal for infants and toddlers, lightweight, easy to handle, comes with a bassinett (ok, if it doesn`t) and can fit in truck? Also one with an easy folding mechanism will be a huge plus since i travel a lot. Thanks in advance 🙂

  9. Hi Zooey!

    Thank you for your informative and thorough review of the different double tandem strollers. I’ve read them quite a few times and would love your invaluable input.
    I am having a hard time deciding which stroller to get as I have a 21 month old (~28lbs) and am due in 2.5 weeks with my second baby. The kids will be 22 months apart.

    We live in the New York metropolitan area and need a double stroller that can handle going up and down stairs in case elevators are broken on the subways; this means that the stroller needs to be sturdy so it won’t break into different section mid-haul with the two kids in their respective seats. This is something I wonder with a stroller not mentioned here, the Zoe. (Btw, what do you think of the Zoe?)

    We walk to most places– one handed maneuverability would be great.

    We buy groceries and would put them in the storage unit under the stroller to be carried home. So something where the storage is not tiny is also earns a brownie point.

    We prefer not having the bassinet since we have a Graco Click Connect car seat and would love to use that with one of the strollers that it is compatible with.

    We tried the Vista, the City Select and the Sleek. The rep for Thule’s Sleek said that their car seat adapter works with the Graco but their website says something different. Or perhaps I am not going to the right part of the website?

    Have you tried the Evenflo Xpand in person? How is its build quality? I haven’t had a chance to see an Evenflo in real life yet but I’ve heard it’s not as solidly built. Is this true?

    Also, what is the difference between the City Select and the anniversary edition?

    Thank you in advance for your help!

    1. Hi Coco!
      I will try to answer all your questions, if you need more info just let me know.
      1. Let’s start with the Zoe stroller. Did you mean Zoe XL2 or Zoe tandem? I haven’t tried the tandem model, but I have Zoe XL2 included in my ranking of best lightweight double strollers 🙂 It’s really awesome as a second stroller, perfect for trips in the city and traveling. But it’s not suitable from birth (the recline is not fully flat) and it’s not compatible with infant car seats. Therefore I can recommend it only when your second baby is able to sit upright unassisted. The quality is really good, no need to worry about breaking in half! And it’s only 17 pounds so if you need to carry it down the stairs it wouldn’t be difficult. It has quite spacious storage basket, however it’s made of a mesh therefore I wouldn’t put there anything heavy!
      2. Thule Sleek – I checked their website too and I don’t see an adapter for Graco, on the other hand I see on Amazon that Thule says Sleek is compatible with Graco. It would be better to contact them directly.
      3. Evenflo Xpand – it’s an inexpensive alternative. The price is about 2 times lower than other expandable tandem strollers’. The quality is good, but not as amazing as City Select or Vista 🙂 It’s not all terrain. On uneven surfaces it’s less smooth than City Select. But I still recommend this stroller, it’s a good choice for 2-3 years, and it’s worth considering for those who need a stroller only for city use. Just keep in mind that right now it’s not compatible with car seats other than Evenflo. The adapter for Graco was supposed to be released in January, but it wasn’t. It should be available this Spring.
      4. Baby Jogger City Select – the only difference between the regular and anniversary model is the appearance. The anniversary edition has leatherette accents (on the harness) and included belly bar. There are no functional differences.
      City Select is actually the stroller I recommend you, mostly because of the configurations it offers, as well as the price and quality ratio.
      What I like about City Select most is that you can put the toddler seat (with capacity of 50 lbs) in lower position – for your older child, while keeping your newborn closer to you. With VISTA – if you want your toddler to seat at the bottom, you need a different seat (Rumble Seat) which has lower capacity – 35 lbs which means shorter usability. City Select is compatible with some of the Graco car seats (you can find proper adapter in the list posted on their official website).
      The stroller is very agile and easy to operate with one hand. It handles many terrains and the storage basket is impressive. It will easily hold a few shopping bags. It’s a bit heavy to carry, but on the other hand it’s super strong, and feels very stable and sturdy.

      1. Hi Zooey!

        THANK YOU so much for your thoughtful replies. You are like a trusted friend with a wealth of knowledge and we really really appreciate it!! 😀

        We are now looking at the City Select and the City Select Lux. The Baby Jogger website says that the City Select Lux folds 30% lighter but weight wise I am not sure if it’s a big difference? When we saw the anniversary edition, we noticed the fabric on the floor sample was fraying and unraveling. Not sure if that was a fluke, what has been your experience with the quality of Baby Jogger strollers?

        I called Thule about its Sleek stroller, and sadly, its car seat adapter is not capable at this moment with the Graco car seats. 🙁

        I meant the Zoe tandem as we want a stroller that’s front and back. NYC stores can be narrow at times and maneuvering across crowded sidewalks made us think it is best to get something that isn’t too wide. Too bad the Zoe strollers are not available in stores for purchase as we really like to touch the products we will buy to see how they are constructed.

        All in all, thank you for your thoughtful input. Have an amazing day!

        1. Hi Coco!
          I’m glad to hear that my reply was useful for you 🙂
          The City Select LUX is actually slightly heavier than the regular City Select – about 1 pound. But it has smaller fold (City Select: 11.6 x 25.6 x 34.6 inches; LUX: 10 x 21.5 x 30.5 inches). In my opinion the difference is not big and I still prefer the City Select, mostly because it feels easier to operate with two toddlers in it. Our car has a big trunk so these few inches weren’t a problem for us, but it’s always good to compare these dimensions with your car trunk and see if it fits easily. 🙂

        1. We tried the bench seat few times and my daughter loved it. 🙂 When she was 2.5-3 years old she usually didn’t want to ride in a normal seat, she preferred to walk, but on longer distances the bench seat was very useful. She loved to jump on it when she got tired.
          It’s a good solution if a toddler prefers to walk and needs to sit in a stroller only for a few minutes. It may be a good alternative for a regular seat. But if the child still like to ride in a normal seat, or even take a nap, it won’t be very useful. So it really depends on what your baby likes more 🙂
          Keep in mind the bench is only compatible with LUX, not with the regular City Select.

  10. Hi,

    What would be the best option for a two year old and a new born. Mostly used for walks/beach trips/ events etc.

    I currently have a Chicco Key fit for our infant seat.

    1. Hi Amanda,
      If you want a tandem stroller then I can recommend you Baby Jogger City Select. It has big wheels that can handle different types of terrain and rugged surfaces (like cracked sidewalks, gravel paths, grass, snow or sand). I think it will work for the beach walks too, if the sand is not very deep or loose. I really like this expandable stroller because it allows you to have your newborn in the upper position, closer to you (in a bassinet or infant car seat) while your toddler is riding at the bottom. And you can install the normal toddler seat at the bottom with the capacity of 45 lbs (many other expandable strollers have a different seat for sibling with smaller capacity, but not City Select).
      There is also an adapter for the Chicco KeyFit that allows to attach the infant car seat to the stroller frame.

  11. Hi there!!! I’m looking for the best stroller for my 3.5 yr old (33 lbs), 19 month (27lbs) and newborn. On a day to day basis we use the Thule double jogging stroller and older kid is on his scooter, but I recognize that I will most likely need a tandem when we travel or run to the store, etc…. I want the sibling seat to be able to have a good recline, because naps are always important! A bench or glider board is a must if the three year old gets tired and wants a nap. We have the maxi cosi car seat. I don’t typically use bssinets, so I’m not worried about that feature. Something that is not ridiculously heavy is preferred. I truly appreciate your thoughts!

    1. Hi there and sorry for late reply!
      Among these expandable strollers (which I find most reliable ones out there) I think the Baby Jogger City Select will work best for you. It’s compatible with Maxi Cosi Mico Max 30 and Maxi Cosi AP. Sibling seat and the main toddler seat have the same capacity of 45 lbs (in contrast to many other expandable strollers which have smaller sibling seat). You can also attach a Glider Board for your oldest kiddo. Toddler seat is reclinable – the best configuration is to have the car seat on top and toddler seat at the bottom, facing you. This stroller is really agile, especially considering it’s a tandem model, and it offers smooth ride. It’s all-terrain, easy to steer and navigate, and it offers over 16 configurations as the kids are growing.
      It’s about 2.5 lbs lighter than Thule Urban Glide Double (and 5 lbs lighter than the Urban Glide 2 from 2018).

  12. Hi Zooey!
    Thanks so much for this post… I think I’ve read it about 5 times 🙂 I’m hopeful you can weigh in on my personal situation if it’s not too much to ask!
    I am due with #2 in two weeks and have a HEAVY almost two year old (34 lbs). We live in Brooklyn and my son spends much of his time “out and about.” Most days, he is with his babysitter at the library, at classes and at friends’ houses and he usually naps in his stroller (Uppababy Cruz). Things that feel important to me:
    – not having baby #2 in the seat close to the ground
    – enough space for the big kid and preferably not too far “under” the baby
    – adjustable handle bar height- babysitter is 5’2″ and Dad is 6’2″
    – somewhat roomy basket or storage space, though I realize this is a lot to ask
    – ideally not impossible to fold, it won’t be going in a car but it will have to go up one flight of stairs

    After a few months of contemplating, I’m leaning towards the City Select or the Lux- can you let me know the main differences for my situation? Also, is there a reason you didn’t include the Peg Perego Team? That’s a new one on my list.

    Thank you SO MUCH for any guidance you can offer! I really appreciate it!

    1. Hi Louisa, thanks for your comment!
      City Select or the Team will probably be the best choices among expandable strollers.
      Peg Perego Team is not on my list yet because I didn’t want it to be too long and add another stroller that costs over $700. But right now I’m updating all of my rankings for 2019 – this one is next on my list – and I’m pretty sure the Team will take Demi Grow’s place, considering its performance and what it offers 🙂
      If your child is already 34 lbs definitely skip VISTA, Thule Sleek and Bugaboo Donkey as they have small capacity on toddler sibling seat (which your older child would have to use).
      Baby Jogger strollers are worth consideration for sure. They offer seating configurations that I think would meet your needs. The main difference between City Select and City Select LUX is the amount of seating configuration. LUX has a few more options, it also allows you to switch the upper seat for a bench seat. Nevertheless I prefer the original City Select, especially in a double configuration. It feels more sturdy and easier to steer, especially when the ground is not completely smooth.
      For a newborn baby and 2-year-old City Select has a few configurations. But if you don’t want your newborn to ride at the bottom, the best 2 options are:
      1. bassinet in upper position + toddler seat in lower position, facing you (you’d be able to recline the seat a little bit for your napping toddler, but since the seat faces you, the bassinet would block his/her view a bit);
      2. infant car seat in upper position + toddler seat in lower position (it can be facing you – giving your toddler possibility to nap in a reclined seat, or facing out – if your toddler wants to look around and observe everything, but in that position the seat cannot be recline at all – it’s a common issue with expandable strollers).
      The handlebar is extendable, so it would be okay for Dad, but I’m afraid the lowest position may be slightly too high for a 5’2″ person 🙁 I wish it was 1-2 inches lower.
      Storage basket is really big; with infant car seat + toddler seat it’s rather easily accessible, with a bassinet or 2 toddler seats it’s a bit more difficult.
      Fold on this stroller is a piece of cake, you just pull two handles located in the middle of the frame and it collapses in half. It works smoothly and takes few second (it requires using both hands though).
      So as you can see there are some limitations that you’d have to keep in mind, but it’s definitely one of the best options, especially for a newborn and bigger toddler.
      Peg Perego Team has similar seating configurations: infant car seat or bassinet on top and toddler seat at the bottom.
      Toddler can sit facing you or out (when facing out the seat cannot be reclined).
      Fold is fairly easy too, the handlebar is rather high, just like the one on City Select stroller (it also slides in and out). The basket is quite big, but not very deep. For a diaper bag it will be sufficient. Keep in mind that the access to it is a bit difficult with two seats attached.
      Two things that I like on Peg Perego Team more than on City Select are: awesome canopy on toddler seat (it’s really long and has additional sun visor so it REALLY fully covers the baby from sun), and more upright seat which toddlers usually love 🙂
      Although Peg Perego Team is a fantastic stroller and has a lot to offer, there is one thing that I don’t like – it’s heavy (almost 32 lbs with one seat). It’s even heavier than City Select.
      Oh, one more thing – If you choose Peg Perego, you will receive the toddler seat and bassinet, so the only thing you will need to use it as a double stroller is the adapter (that allow you to attach the bassinet). With City Select you will need to purchase the bassinet + adapters for the toddler seat to install it at the bottom.

      1. Thank you so much Zooey! This is all so helpful. I’m days away from making my decision, but all signs are pointing to the City Select. Especially being at the OB’s office yesterday and seeing three of them 🙂

        1. Hi Louisa! I’m glad that I could help a bit 🙂 and I hope the City Select (or any other stroller you’ll choose) will serve you well 🙂
          Don’t forget to check online for discounts before purchase, some colors of the City Select are often on sale and much much cheaper! Take care 🙂

  13. Hello

    I am pregnant with first baby due in 3
    months and hoping to have another within a few years ….

    Therefore I am looking for a single- double stroller and trying to decide between the donkey duo which my friend loves meaning I would have to buy a car seat separate and was thinking of the maxi cosi car seat as I want light stroller and car seat or the more reasonably priced Evenflo Pivot modular that comes with car seat but no bassinet.

    I understand the huge price difference which is a factor however I want something that is easy to use, maneuver and that has good storage and that is easy to use on different terrain. I am very confused as it’s my first baby and I am also worried the donkey would be too wide as a double or with the basket as I like to go for long walks with my dogs and obviously will want to with baby.

    Any help or advise is welcome

    1. Hi Alyssa!
      Here are few things that you should consider:
      -You want to have another baby, but how quickly? If within 2-3 years I don’t think Donkey would be a good choice. The regular seat has smaller capacity than on other strollers and usually can accommodate a baby up to 3 years. I think it wouldn’t serve you very long as a double stroller. It’s a better choice for twins or for babies born year after year. If you plan on having baby number 2 after a year, it’s perfect. It’s 29″ wide so it fits through standard doorways, but sometimes it may feel a bit cumbersome for example in a small grocery store. But for outdoors excursions it’s not a problem and it has really amazing wheels and suspension so the terrain won’t be a problem at all.
      -Evenflo Pivot Xpand is great budget option, but it’s not designed for harsh terrain or anything like that. The more difficult surface the more it wobbles. It’s easy to maneuver on sidewalks or flat paths but not on uneven terrain, especially in a double configuration (it’s heavier hence more difficult to push in general).
      -You may want to check the Baby Jogger City Select, a medium-price expandable stroller. It can handle different types of terrain as it has better wheels than Xpand. Maneuvering is really easy and it’s definitely good choice for long distance walks. It expands just like Evenflo stroller (like tandem model which means double version is longer, but not wider than a single mode), but what differentiates this model from Xpand is that it allows you to attach a bassinet for your newborn baby, as well as many different car seats – Maxi Cosi included. The basket is big too.

      *What’s noteworthy is that all double strollers are more difficult to push (when compared to single strollers), whether it’s a side-by-side stroller like Donkey or tandem like Xpand (it’s longer so turning is a bit more challenging and takes practice).

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