Best Strollers For Jogging (2020)

Having a baby doesn’t mean you have to give up your healthy lifestyle. You can run with your babies which is also an excellent way to lose weight after pregnancy. But to do that you need properly chosen, safe and top-quality jogging stroller.

Below you can find my ranking of best jogging strollers for 2020 and my buying guide which will help you to decide which model is right for you and your kids.

Best Jogging Strollers 2020 & Strollers For Running

Me and my husband love being active. Sport, especially running is very important part of our life. We jog, run marathons and half marathons. That’s why good jogging stroller is crucial for us.

No matter if you’re looking for a single stroller jogger or double running stroller, you’re in the right place.

1. BOB Revolution Flex 3.0 Jogging Stroller

My rating
1. BOB Revolution Flex 3.0 Jogging Stroller
  • New upgraded model with redesigned seat, better ventilation and more storage space
  • Highly-rated jogging stroller for avid runners
  • Price range: $$$$
2. Chicco TRE Jogging Stroller

My rating
2. Chicco TRE Jogging Stroller
  • Removable seat gives you option of converting this stroller into a car seat carrier
  • BEST value for the money
  • Price range: $$$
3. Thule Urban Glide 2 Jogging Stroller

My rating
3. Thule Urban Glide 2 Jogging Stroller
  • Top-quality construction + modern design
  • Breeze to push
  • Price range: $$$$$
4. Bumbleride Speed Jogging Stroller

My rating
4. Bumbleride Speed Jogging Stroller
  • Eco-friendly fabrics
  • Large storage basket
  • Price range: $$$$$
5. Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight Jogging Stroller

My rating
5. Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight Jogging Stroller
  • Tire pump and parent organizer included!
  • Some parents use it even for 5-year-old kids
  • Price range: $$
6. Schwinn Interval Jogging Stroller

My rating
6. Schwinn Interval Jogging Stroller
  • Fits large children
  • Cheapest model in the ranking
  • Price range: $
7. Jeep Deluxe Patriot Open Trails Jogger

My rating
7. Jeep Deluxe Patriot Open Trails Jogger
  • Includes child tray and parent console
  • Compatible with a few infant car seats (some don’t require any adapters!)
  • Price range: $

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7 Best Single Jogging Strollers For 2020

On the market there’s many running strollers, but to be honest not every model is safe enough for jogging with it. To my ranking I’ve chosen only the best jogging strollers, that are made of quality materials and have features that provide safe ride.

Here is my list of top running strollers for 2020 for one baby, based on parents experiences:

1. BOB Revolution Flex 3.0 Jogging Stroller

BOB Revolution Flex 3.0 Lunar Jogging Stroller - one of the top strollers for running
BOB Revolution Flex 3.0 Jogging Stroller

BOB Revolution Flex has been one of the most popular jogging strollers in the last few years, and recently it has been redesigned and upgraded. It’s not only one of the top joggers but also one of the best strollers this year.

BOB Flex has adjustable suspension system – probably the best on the market. Thank to it, this jogger stroller provides ultra-smooth, cushioned ride, no matter if you go over cobblestone, gravel, grass, sand or wooded trails. You can also adjust the suspension to your baby’s weight.

It rolls like a breeze also thanks to big wheels with air-filled tires. Front wheel is 12.5″ (bigger than other models have) and the rear wheels are 16″. Like in other jogging strollers, front wheel swivels which makes the stroller more agile and easier to turn, but it also locks for added stability during running and walking over bumps.

There’s also single action brake, very easy to set and release even in flip flops. Big plus for BOB.

The version with reflective Lunar fabric is my favorite one!Lunar fabric glows in the dark to keep you and your baby safe and visible in low light. It’s perfect for parents who like strolling or jogging in the evening or early in the morning.

BOB Revolution Flex Lunar - Reflective Fabric makes this one of the best strollers for running in the evening
Reflective fabric of BOB Revolution Flex Lunar 3.0 glows in the dark

There are few other things that I like about this stroller. It has 9-position adjustable handlebar that can literally accommodate parents of all heights and a safety tether. There is also oversized canopy that goes really low and covers the baby down to the knees. The upgraded model of this running stroller has mesh and plastic peek-a-boo window with magnetic closure. Finally – no noisy Velcro!

The seat offers deep recline – useful when your toddler wants to take a nap during stroll. The newest model has also improved seat design with better cushioning, ventilation and one-hand recline. The seat has weight capacity of 75 lbs. There’s also very big storage bin underneath the seat which can easily accommodate large diaper bag. BOB Revolution Flex 3.0 has 6 additional pockets for parents essentials – this is one of the upgrades made for 2019.

Although this is a high-end product it has few drawbacks that I have to mention. First of all, it doesn’t come with accessories so if you want to add an infant car seat, parent or child tray you need to spend extra money.

Small footrest is another disadvantage. And the thing I dislike the most is 2-step folding. It’s not very difficult, but it’s definitely harder than in many other models. Folded BOB Revolution Flex is also bulky so you may have problems with fitting in to the trunk if you have a small car. It’s weight – 28.5 lbs, is decent (typical for running strollers).

All colors of BOB Revolution Flex 3.0 in 2020
BOB Revolution Flex 3.0 comes in 4 colors. Don’t forget to compare their prices as they may differ a little

What other parents think

BOB Revolution FLEX has been a top stroller for running for the last couple of years. Parents also love the upgraded model – released last year – it quickly became very popular.

Here is my summary and list of features that parents praise and complain about.



+ Quick and easy to assemble

+ Provides smooth ride and protects baby from bouncing around

+ Handles the most difficult and bumpy terrain, even the sand

+ Easy to operate with one hand

+ Pushes with no effort

+ Sturdy and strong

+ Canopy fully blocks the sun


- Bigger and bulkier than many other models

- Lack of must-have accessories (adding them may be costly)

Generally speaking BOB Revolution FLEX 3.0 (regardless of the fabric type) is one of the best-selling joggers, highly rated by other parents. The price may vary a bit for different color versions so don’t forget to check all options. Skip to Amazon – seller recommended by BOB – to compare all prices and get the newest upgraded model.

My rate:

Keep in mind

This big stroller may be difficult to store or transport, especially if you have a small apartment and small car. Moreover, it’s one of the most expensive single jogging strollers (but it is an investment for years).

3 Reasons Why You Will Love This Jogging Stroller

1. If you’re a serious and advanced runner and love off-road trips this stroller is definitely for you. It has probably the best suspension system ever.

2. It’s one of the easiest to push strollers. You can steer it with one hand and you won’t feel the weight, even if you have a heavy 3-year-old in the seat.

3. FLEX is available with Lunar fabric. Thanks to this reflective fabric you will be visible in low light.

Psst! There is also another great jogging stroller from BOB Revolution – PRO 2016 model. It has the same features like FLEX with one exception – PRO has additional awesome handbrake. It’s very useful for those how like hiking and jogging in hilly area. You can read more information in my full review of BOB Revolution PRO or you can just check its current price on Amazon.

2. Chicco TRE Jogging Stroller

Chicco TRE
Chicco TRE – one of the best running strollers for 2020

Chicco also offers top-quality jogger with many useful features in a medium price range. To be honest, it may be the best equipped jogging stroller at this price.

What distinguished this jogging stroller from other models at this price is the removable seat. You can detach it from the frame and switch it for KeyFit or KeyFit 30 infant car seats. Of course you can also install the car seat into the regular seat and use two canopies to fully protect the baby from sun, wind and rain. It’s really awesome that this jogging stroller has two ways of creating travel system.

So you can actually use this stroller since birth – through first 6 months only for strolling with an infant car seat, and then switch it for the regular seat and use the stroller for all-terrain walks and runs.

Chicco TRE with infant car seat
Chicco TRE can be used as infant car seat carrier

Let’s take a look at other features. It has 3 spoked wheels with pneumatic tires. Front one is 12″, the rear ones are 16″. Another awesome function is that you can switch between locked and swivel front wheel using the hand activation from parent console. You don’t have to bend and touch dirty muddy wheel to lock it. It’s really great that a medium price range stroller has this feature.

Chicco TRE Jogging Stroller has also adjustable FlexCore suspension so you can choose firm ride when you’re jogging and soft ride when you’re strolling over bumps and debris. The suspension is foot-activated. Adjustable suspension is a big advantage, especially that other strollers at this price don’t have it.

What I also like about this jogging stroller is the handbrake which doubles as a deceleration brake that allows you to slow down at any time and fully control the speed and as a parking brake that lock the rear wheels in place.

Moreover, there is an adjustable handlebar with 4 height settings. It’s also very rare feature among jogging strollers at this price range. There is also a safety tether attached to the push bar to prevent the stroller from running away from you.

Chicco TRE Jogging Stroller
Chicco TRE is pocket-friendly, yet it has many features of high-end models!

The main seat has multi-position recline and you can adjust the back rest with one hand. There’s an extendable 3-panel canopy which provides really nice sun coverage. There’s a plastic and mesh peek-a-boo windows with magnetic closure.

That’s not all! This stroller has really reasonable price and comes with two accessories, that many high-end products don’t include. It is equipped with parent console that has two beverage holders and one pouch (for your key and phone) and a belly bar that also serves for installing the infant car seat.

Now let’s talk about the size and weight of Chicco TRE. It weighs 28.5 lbs which is not a little, but it is a typical weight for joggers. Moreover, this jogging stroller feature one-hand fold with self-stand for easier storage at home and quick-release wheels for easier transportation in car trunk. If you have small trunk this stroller may be too bulky to fit in, but detaching the wheels should help.

Chicco TRE - Fold
Folded Chicco TRE should fit in your car trunk, but you may need to detach the wheels

What other parents think

This stroller is only getting more and more popular recently. I checked it on Amazon when I was creating this ranking of the best jogging strollers for 2020. There are a lot of positive reviews. You should check if there are any new reviews on your own, because it changes really quickly. Just click here and skip to customer reviews on Amazon.

Below you can see what features parents like and dislike.



+ Easy assembly

+ Glides smoothly

+ Adjustable suspension works amazing and the tires are high-quality and hold air well

+ Absorbs shocks on gravel and tough trails

+ Well-made and durable

+ Big canopy goes far down

+ Reasonable price

+ Includes a few accessories


- Storage basket isn’t very roomy (fits only a medium-sized diaper bag)

- Takes a lot of space in car trunk

Keep in mind

If you have small car you are going to struggle a bit to squeeze it in and you’ll need to fold down the front wheel to make it more compact which means getting hands all dirty. If you have big car trunk you won’t have that problem.

3 Reasons Why You Will Love This Jogging Stroller

1. It’s probably the best equipped jogging stroller at this price. It’s convertible and has many versatile features like the most expensive strollers but at much affordable price.

2. Many moms use it as primary and only stroller: since birth with infant car seat for long walks and when the baby gets older for jogging. It helps to recover physically (and mentally) after the pregnancy and lose weight.

3. It’s one of the few jogging strollers that has a removable main seat and converts into a car seat carrier.

3. Thule Urban Glide 2 Jogging Stroller

Thule Urban Glide 2
Thule Urban Glide 2

This is one of my favorite models in this ranking of the best jogging strollers for 2020. Thule knows how to make a heavy-duty and safe stroller.

Frist of all, it weighs only 25.3 lbs which makes it one of the lightest running strollers on the market. It’s easier to lift and put in the car trunk or carry down the stairs than other models. This model is also very slim and easily goes through normal doorways and elevators.

There is nicely padded seat with vented top and near-flat recline so your child can comfortably nap on-the-go. This stroller is equipped also with extendable sunshade which covers baby down to the knees. It can protect baby from all weather conditions. There is also a peek-a-boo window that closes with magnets.

What many parents like about Thule Urban Glide is the adjustable ergonomic handlebar. It rotates from 35.5″ to 44″ from the ground and makes pushing easy for all-height parents. Thanks to it you won’t stoop over the stroller and you don’t have to worry about wrist pain.

Thule Urban Glide 2.0 - running stroller for 2020
Thule Urban Glide 2.0 – new model that hit the stores last year. It comes with twist handbrake, large canopy and soft padded harness

This running stroller has 3 wheels with air-filled tires. Inflating is easy to do and you can use normal bike pump for it. Front wheel is 12″, the rear ones are 16″. As in other joggers the front wheel swivels to provide you with better agility and locks to create longer and more stable wheelbase – designed for jogging and going over harsh terrain. It hasonly a foot-operated parking brake. There is also rear suspension that cushions the ride over gravel and unbeaten roads and a safety wrist strap.

Thule didn’t forget about one more important thing – when we go out for a jogging session with the baby, we take a lot of stuff and need large storage space. This jogging stroller provides parents with spacious basket under the seat. It has also zippered cover made of water resistant material.

Jogging with Thule Urban Glide in woods
Here you can see previous version – Thule Urban Glide. It’s not very different from the newest (2018) model – the major upgrade was the handbrake. Both models are awesome for rough terrain like trails in woods

It is noteworthy that the new model – Thule Urban Glide 2.0 from 2018 is an upgraded version which is equipped with a handbrake – perfect for controlling speed on hilly terrain. Another difference between this and the older model is the canopy – now it is made of UPF 50+ material to provide even better protection from the sun.

The new Thule Urban Glide 2.0 weighs a little more than previous Urban Glide (about 2 lbs more). You can compare prices for both models and different color versions on Amazon. Here is the regular Thule Urban Glide and here is the Thule Urban Glide 2.0.

If you want to read more about the new Thule Urban Glide 2 read my full review.

What other parents think

Urban Glide 2.0 has been released last year and quickly became highly-rated and popular jogger. It has lots of positive review. Don’t forget to check current number of reviews and current overall rating anyway!

In the table below you can see what parents love and complain about most often.



+ Great maneuverability

+ Breeze to push and run with

+ Great sport stroller for serious runners, serves also as everyday stroller

+ Top-quality and well equipped

+ Very solid and sturdy

+ Large storage bin can accommodate all necessities for day trip or few shopping bags

+ Adjustable handlebar is perfect for parents of different height

+ Fold fits in most of the car trunks

+ Very easy folding and opening mechanism


- Locking the front wheel takes practice

- The highest setting for the seat is still reclined (read more about this complaint in customer reviews on Amazon)

- Some parents mention the seat is pretty narrow

- Some customers complain the wheel base is wide

Keep in mind

Unfortunately none of the models of Thule Urban Glide comes with any accessories. Snack tray, cup holder, parent organizer or rain cover are sold separately. If you want to turn this stroller into a travel system you need to buy special infant car seat adapter which is also sold separately. You can check the accessories on Amazon and see if there are any discounts available (for example, here is the rain cover).

3 Reasons Why You Will Love This Jogging Stroller

1. It’s not bulky like other joggers. Thanks to such a lightweight and compact design this jogging stroller can be also used as an everyday, urban stroller.

2. It’s easy to put in the car trunk and doesn’t take up the whole space – perfect for parents who have small cars.

3. For such a high-quality and nicely equipped running stroller the price is really reasonable.

4. Bumbleride Speed Jogging Stroller

Bumbleride Speed Jogging Stroller
Bumbleride Speed Jogging Stroller

This is the most expensive and fancy single jogging stroller in this ranking. It offers many versatile features that make it suitable for everyday use and workout sessions. But is it really worth the money?

It has 3-wheel construction and air-pumped tires like other models. Great thing is that it includes tire pump (at this price it would be weird if it didn’t).

There is one useful feature that is rare among joggers. It has Speed 3 Steering System which offers three setting for the front wheel: full lock for running and the toughest terrain, partial 30 degrees swivel for light jogging and 360 degrees swivel for walking and everyday use.

Front wheel is 12″ and the rear ones are 16″ which is typical among jogging strollers. There is also all-wheel suspension that soak up bumps on the road. This model has really great performance and resistance when you’re moving at speed.

Bumbleride Speed can handle any type of terrain
Bumbleride Speed can handle any type of terrain

I also like that it weighs only 26 lbs which is really nice as for a jogging strollers. It has light aluminum frame.

Folding is fairly easy and 1-step. This stroller has also automatic lock and stands on its own when folded. However, keep in mind that is stands on the handlebar which may get dirty or rip if you put the stroller on rough ground.

I like that the fold is pretty compact, especially for such a big jogger. It should fit in most of the car trunks. Folded Speed is smaller than BOB Revolution FLEX or Graco FastAction Fold.

Another feature, which may be a big advantage at least for some parents, is the eco-friendly fabric and lack of harmful chemicals on this stroller. You can read more about it on brand’s official website.

I also like the Bumbleride Speed seat which is softly padded and has single-lever recline. There is also vented backrest with a cover. Adjustable handlebar has 5 height settings and safety strap that you can put around your wrist.

The canopy is large and goes pretty low, however I’m not sure it will cover the baby knees. It is made of material with UPF/SPF 45+ protection. There’s also peek-a-boo window that closes with magnets.

This jogging stroller has really spacious basket under the seat with a pouch for the tire pump. This bin should easily accommodate even large diaper bag. There are also few other storage pockets.

On the back of the seat there is a mesh beverage holder, mesh pouch for small items and a zippered pocket for your phone and keys. Inside the seat there is a pocket for baby’s snacks or favorite toy.

Bumbleride Speed can be used with infant car seat
Bumbleride Speed can be used with infant car seat

Bumbleride Speed has one more asset. The main seat can be detached and switched for an infant car seat. So when you add the car seat this stroller won’t get much heavier or bulkier (like when you attach the car seat to the regular seat).

This Bumbleride stroller is compatible with many car seat brands: Maxi Cosi, Cybex, Nuna, Graco and Chicco (adapters are sold separately). Thanks to that you can use it from birth as a car seat carrier (for strolls, not running).

There is one more feature that distinguished this jogging stroller from other models. It is compatible with a bassinet so it can be used since birth as a pram. Other joggers in this ranking don’t offer carrycots. Of course Bumbleride bassinet is sold separately.

This jogging stroller is not flawless. It’s really expensive but doesn’t include accessories (except for the tire pump). If you want to use it with infant car seat, you need to spend extra money on special adapter. Parent tray, travel bag or weather shield are also sold separately. It’s a bummer that Bumbleride Speed is so pricey and you still have to spend extra money on accessories that are a must-have.

Bumbleride Speed is very expensive, however it includes only a tire pump (other accessories are sold separately)
Bumbleride Speed is very expensive, however it includes only a tire pump (other accessories are sold separately)

Let’s summarize. This stroller is high-quality, made of nice durable materials, looks really chic and the overall performance is admirable (thanks to versatile front wheel and good suspension). However, it is high-end product and when you add its price to that the price of necessary accessories you end up spending a fortune on a stroller! If you have big budget go for it, but if you have also other expenses there are other great joggers with similar features and more pocket-friendly price.

What other parents think

Bumbleride Speed Jogging Stroller doesn’t have many reviews on Amazon – it’s expensive so it’s not as popular as cheaper models. However the opinions are very positive (at least at the time I’m writing this ranking, check how it looks now). Here are the features that parents mention.



+ Easy to steer – you don’t wheel the weight when you push it

+ Rolls smoothly even on gravel, grass and dirt trails, it even handles sandy beaches and mud

+ Changing the settings on the front wheel is very easy

+ Some parents use it not only for off-road jogging, but also as an everyday stroller

+ Fabrics are nice to the touch

+ Canopy gives full coverage

+ Feels light

+ Large storage space under the seat

+ Sturdy and high-quality – customers agree it’s worth every penny


- Folding takes some practice

- Peek-a-boo window is placed on the top of the canopy (instead of the back of it) so shorter parents can’t see their child through it while pushing the stroller

- No cup holder or snack tray included

Keep in mind

This jogging stroller is pricey. If you are thinking about buying it, make sure it meets your needs and check what other parents wrote about it on Amazon. You can also find there available discounts.

3 Reasons Why You Will Love This Jogging Stroller

1. Thanks to awesome wheels and suspension it can handle ANY type of terrain. No matter if you run, jog or walk.

2. It can be used from birth as car seat carrier so it can be really your only stroller.

3. It is made of top-quality materials and eco-friendly fabrics. It is an investment for years.

5. Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight Jogging Stroller

Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight Jogging Stroller - Still a great stroller for running in 2020
Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight Jogging Stroller

This is very popular, medium price range jogging strollers. It’s lightweight, high-quality and easy to operate.

Like other running strollers it has 3-wheel design with 16 inches rear wheels and 12 inches front wheel which swivels for better maneuverability and can be locked for greater stability for running and strolling over uneven terrain.

There are pneumatic tires, so you need to remember about inflating them once in a while. What’s really great is that the bike pump is included with the stroller. There is a foot-operated parking brake that locks the rear wheels and safety strap for your wrist. Moreover, it has a shock absorbing suspension which makes this stroller jogger suitable even for dirt, unbeaten roads as it smooths the bumps.

Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight Jogging Stroller
This is one of the best strollers for running with a baby

What most of parents love about Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight is its lightweight aluminum frame. The whole stroller weighs only 25.7 lbs which is really little, especially for a jogger.

The multi-position recline seat can accommodate a passenger up to 75 lbs so you can be sure this stroller will serve you for a long time. There are mesh pockets inside the seat where you baby can keep some snacks or take-alongs. The canopy extends pretty far to give the baby nice protection from the sun and wind.

This running stroller can be also turned into a travel system with many car seat from major brands. Adapters are sold separately. Thanks to this function you can use Zoom 360 Ultralight from birth, however remember that you can start running with your baby from about 6 months when he can sit unassisted and hold his head up.

Another big advantage of Zoom 360 Ultralight is the storage space: it has large underseat basket and parent organizer (included!) so you can keep your phone and keys in safe, zippered pocket and two bottles of water (or sippy cup) at hand.

Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight accepts infant car seat from major brands
Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight is compatible with popular infant car seat brands

The best part is that this well-equipped running stroller has really reasonable price. These high-quality features put this jogger in line with high-end competing models.

Keep in mind that Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight comes in 4 color versions: Black, Red, Blueberry and Charcoal. Availability and price may vary for different colors. Before you decide to purchase this stroller make sure to compare prices for all color options. You can do it on Amazon.

What other parents think

At the moment of writing this review, Zoom 360 Ultralight has over two hundreds reviews on Amazon (and most of them are positive!). Here are the main things that parents mention most often.



+ Very easy to push and turn – you don’t feel the weight even with a heavy toddler

+ Sturdy and stable

+ Provides smooth ride, handles gravel and dirt trails well

+ Pretty compact fold (as for a jogger)

+ Good-sized storage basket

+ Includes useful console for parents essentials

+ Large canopy provides good coverage

+ Easy to recline seat

+ Many parents say folding and unfolding is easy, however for a few customers it was more difficult and took practice

+ Good quality for low price


- Big size

- If you have a small car trunk or small apartment you may need to take off the wheels for more easy storage

- No handbrake

- The material is not very soft

- Unadjustable handlebar – pushing is more comfortable for average and tall parents

If you want to learn more about what other parents think about Joovy Zoom 360 you can skip to Amazon’s customer review.

Keep in mind

Although this stroller has high weight limit and can accommodate a heavy toddler or even preschooler, it’s not very comfy for taller kid.

The seat back is about 18″ high, there are extra 2″ of netting and there are few more inches to the top of the canopy, so it gives child plenty room to grow. However, if the child has longer torso (over 18″) you won’t be able to recline the seat.

3 Reasons Why You Will Love This Jogging Stroller

1. It’s light and makes pushing a breeze, even with older and heavier toddler.

2. Tire pump and parent organizer are included so you don’t have to spend extra money on these (essential) accessories.

3. It may serve you for several years and this is also a stroller for big kid. Some parents use it even for 5-year-old kids or older children with special needs.

6. Schwinn Interval Jogging Stroller

Schwinn Interval Jogging Stroller (One of the best jogging strollers for 2020)
Schwinn Interval Jogging Stroller

This is my top pick in a low price range. If you want to lose some weight and start jogging, but you’re on a small budget, this cheap jogging stroller is just for you.

This stroller weighs 27.2 lbs which means it’s not excessively heavy. Its weight is actually similar to UPPAbaby VISTA’s.

Moreover, it has great features for parents convenience: large basket underneath the seat where you can easily fit a diaper bag and included parent console with two beverage holders and enclosed compartment for your valuables (although it may not fit big smartphones like iPhone 6S or Samsung Galaxy S7).

You can use it since infancy with a car seat (for strolling) and when your baby can sit unassisted you can start using the regular seat for jogging.

IMPORTANT: If you’re looking for jogging stroller with travel system option, keep in mind that this one is compatible only with Safety 1st Onboard, Eddie Bauer Sure Fit and Cosco Light N Comfy infant car seats. Unfortunately Schwinn Interval doesn’t accept Chicco, Graco and other popular car seat brands.

The main seat is suitable from 15 to 50 lbs and it’s nicely padded for baby’s comfort. I only wish the harness crotch strap was padded too. The seat features multi-position recline – it’s not ultra-deep but definitely sufficient for a comfortable nap during the stroll.

Schwinn Interval Jogging Stroller - Cheap jogger for fast walking and light jogging
Schwinn Interval Jogging Stroller is perfect choice for parents who are on a small budget, especially if they jog only on short distances

There is also a convenient child tray with a cup holder and a place for baby’s snacks. It’s really unusual for a stroller to have so many accessories included, especially at this price point!

This inexpensive jogging stroller has one more great feature that all petite moms like me will love – adjustable handlebar. You can rotate it up and down, depending on your height. Whether you’re short or very tall you’ll be able to push this stroller conveniently. No more wrist pain, no more slouching over the handle.

Now let’s take a look at the canopy. It’s rather small – it has 2 panels and a pop out sun visor so it provides only a decent shade. The whole sunshade can rotate forward, depending on the position of the sun which allow you to always keep the sun rays out of baby’s eyes.

However, when the canopy is in lowest position, there is a gap between the seat top and the canopy, therefore the top of baby’s head is exposed. It’s quite a common issue with cheap strollers for jogging.

Good thing is that the canopy is UPF 50+ so it protects baby from harmful impact of sun rays.

Schwinn Interval Jogging Stroller - Canopy
Schwinn Interval has retractable canopy that can rotate all the way down to the snack tray (but it leaves the seat top open)

As other jogging strollers, this model has 3-wheel design and bicycle tires which you need to inflate once in a while. Front wheels can be in swivel mode when you stroll, go over tight corners or jog slowly. You can also lock it for more bumpy terrain or when you’re jogging at higher speed. It rolls smoothly over grass and gravel and you can easily go over curbs without any bouncing. It’s easy to push and turn.

The shocks work fine, but they are not as good as on Thule Urban Glide or BOB Flex. I would recommend Schwinn Interval Jogging Stroller for daily, average jogging sessions. For more advanced runners, who like long distances and running on dirt trails I would recommend these high-end models.

Especially if you like running on hilly terrain – choose a jogger that is equipped with a hand brake. Schwinn Interval lacks this feature therefore it’s not perfect for running mountain trails.

Schwinn Interval Jogging Stroller - Fold
This cheap jogging stroller folds pretty easily, but it does take up a lot of space in the car trunk

Most users agree this jogger folds in half fairly easily. But to fit the stroller in a car trunk you may need to take off the wheels and child tray, as the fold is on the large side. At least the wheels are very easy and quick to release.

What other parents think

I check this jogging stroller on Amazon, as I always do. It’s not as popular as Joovy or BOB joggers, but its overall rating is great (you can check the current rating here). The feature that parents mention most often are in the table below.



+ The shocks and big tires make it great for strolls on bumpy sidewalks or grass and average jogging

+ Comfortable to push and steer for short and tall parents (like 5'2" and 6'3")

+ Useful parent and child trays are included in the price

+ Folding is rather easy

+ The sunshade slides completely down to protect the baby from the sun (although it leaves a gap on stroller top)

+ It fits large and tall kids

+ It drives smoothly and pushes with one hand

+ Good quality for an affordable price


- Big and quite heavy – not great for shopping at the mall

- Bulky fold – usually it takes up a whole car trunk (for example in Toyota Corolla) or you even need to remove the wheels to fit it in

Keep in mind

Schwinn Interval may be too big to serve you as an everyday stroller and it’s not good for hiking or advanced running on mountain trails.

3 Reasons Why You Will Love This Jogging Stroller

1. It’s a good jogging stroller for beginners and those who prefer slow and short jogging sessions.

2. It’s the most cheap (and good-quality) jogging stroller available on the market. You can find the current price on Amazon.

3. It comes with accessories like parent and child tray with cup holder. So there’s nothing more to buy and you can save money!

7. Jeep Deluxe Patriot Open Trails Jogger

Jeep Deluxe Patriot Open Trails Jogger
Jeep Deluxe Patriot Open Trails Jogger

This is one of the cheapest jogging strollers that I can recommend especially for beginners and those how like occasional light jogging. Although it has a few small drawbacks it may be a great choice for parents who have to stick to their budget.

First of all, it can be a perfect option for parents who want a stroller that in not only for jogging, but can be also used from birth as a travel system. Jeep Deluxe Patriot Open Trails Jogger is compatible with a few popular infant car seats.

SAFETY TIP: The stroller is intended for jogging only when the child has good neck and head control and can seat unassisted in the main seat. You should never jog with a stroller with infant car seat attached.

The capacity of the main seat is 50 pounds/42 inches. You can recline the seat into multiple positions by using the cord at the back of the seat. Similar to Schwinn Interval, this jogger doesn’t feature deep or near-flat recline, but the lowest position is sufficient for a toddler who still sometimes naps during strolls.

The most upright position is still a few inches inclined which not all toddler may like. However, that slightly reclined seat is typical for jogging strollers.

There is also a footwell for older and taller kids – it’s not adjustable, but I like that it’s plastic because it’s very easy to wipe off the mud and sand.

Jeep Deluxe Patriot Open Trails Jogger with infant car seat
Jeep Deluxe Patriot Open Trails Jogger works with a few infant car seat from popular brands

For child’s comfort there is an extendable canopy with additional sun visor. I wish it was a bit bigger, but at this price point I can’t complain! It does keeps the sun out of baby’s eyes, at least when the seat is in most upright position.

This jogger stroller has 3-wheel design with 12″ front wheel and 16″ rear ones. Front wheel swivels and can be locked so you can easily switch from daily strolling (better maneuverability, easier turning) to jogging (added stability).

The tires are rubber and filled with air therefore they cushion the ride. However there is no typical suspension system in this jogging stroller hence it’s more suitable for shorter distances and slow jogging than serious running.

Now let’s take a look at the major advantages of this cheap jogging stroller. It includes a child tray. Although it doesn’t have separate beverage holder, it is a useful place for baby’s snacks and small toys. The tray is pivoting and removable therefore you can easily take your baby in and out of the seat. There is additional tray for parents.

I really like that this inexpensive stroller for jogging comes with all these accessories. You can actually save a lot of money. And if you ever need more space, for example for your stuff for a day trip, you have also a spacious storage basket underneath the seat at your disposal.

Jeep Deluxe Patriot Open Trails Jogger - Fold
Folded Jeep Deluxe Patriot Open Trails Jogger takes up a lot of space and may not fit in all car trunks

The fold is not complicated and when the stroller is collapsed in half the dimensions are: 19″ x 24″ x 36″. It’s definitely not small, but should fit a larger car trunks.

This affordable jogger weighs about 27 pounds, which is a typical weight for this type of strollers. Lifting it to the car trunk or bringing it up and down the stairs requires some strength though.

What other parents think

I checked online reviews – parents speak mostly positively about this model. Here are the things that customers like the most and few drawbacks they mention.



+ Easy assembling

+ Accessories included: child tray and parents tray = money saved!

+ Maneuvers smoothly

+ Great for strolling, walking at higher pace and jogging

+ Handles different types of terrain like sidewalks, roads with bumps, grass

+ Easy to fold

+ Great value-price ratio


- The handlebar is not adjustable so the stroller may be less convenient to push for very tall or very short parents

- It may barely fit in some car trunk and removing the wheels may be necessary each time you want to transport it

- Short canopy, doesn't fully shade the baby

Would you like to read customer reviews on your own? You can check them for example on Amazon.

Keep in mind

This jogging stroller has travel system option, but it’s compatible only with 7 infant car seats: Graco SnugRide Click Connect 30, 35 & 40, Evenflo Nurture & Evenflo Embrace, Britax B-Safe 35, Chicco Keyfit 30. Adapters for Britax and Chicco are sold separately. This jogger is not compatible with KetFit 2!

3 Reasons Why You Will Love This Jogging Stroller

1. This is one of the cheapest strollers for jogging in 2020, so it’s perfect option for parents on a small budget.

2. It comes with a child tray and parent tray. You won’t have to spend extra money on these accessories!

3. It can be your only stroller if you add a compatible infant car seat for the first few months.

5 Best Double Running Strollers For 2020

Finding time for physical activity is especially difficult when you have more kids. To be honest, when our twins came into this World, I was afraid I would have to give up jogging for a long time. Double running stroller was a lifesaver for me. 🙂

Are you a parent of twins or kids of different age and you love jogging as well? I’ve got something for you!

Here is a list of top double jogging strollers:

1. Thule Urban Glide 2 Double Jogging Stroller

My rating
1. Thule Urban Glide 2 Double Jogging Stroller
  • High-quality jogger for any type of terrain
  • Large storage basket
  • Price range: $$$$$
2. BOB Revolution Flex Duallie 3.0 Jogging Stroller

My rating
2. BOB Revolution Flex Duallie 3.0 Jogging Stroller
  • Best value for the money
  • Nice upright position for curious toddlers
  • Price range: $$$$
3. Baby Jogger Summit X3 Double Jogging Stroller

My rating
3. Baby Jogger Summit X3 Double Jogging Stroller
  • Easy fold – for parents convenience
  • Some parents use it even for 4 and 5-year-old children
  • Price range: $$$$$
4. Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger Stroller

My rating
4. Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger Stroller
  • Parent tray included
  • Great option for beginners (light jogging and all-terrain walks)
  • Price range: $$
5. Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogger Stroller

My rating
5. Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogger Stroller
  • Parent console, children trays and MP3 speakers – all included!
  • It can accommodate TWO infant car seats
  • Price range: $

Last update on 2020-12-04 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

1. Thule Urban Glide 2 Double Jogging Stroller

Thule Urban Glide 2 Double Jogging Stroller
Thule Urban Glide 2 Double Jogging Stroller

This is one of the most expensive double jogging strollers on the market right now. Despite the high cost, it’s very popular among active parents and its functionality is highly rated.

Its construction is similar to the single version. Front wheels swivels which makes the stroller more agile and can be also locked for increased stability during running. There is rear suspension that absorbs shocks and provides comfortable ride.

Thanks to adjustable rotating handlebar parents of different heights can find comfortable position for themselves. The is also an innovative twist brake on the handlebar which allows parent to control the speed when going over bumpy or steep terrain. This is a new feature, that was added to Urban Glide 2 model. There is also foot-operated parking brake and a safety strap.

Just like the singe version, this double model has large canopies that go really far down. Each has a peek-a-boo window with magnetic closure so you can always check on your passengers without disturbing them. Canopies extend separately and stay in place firmly. Seats are nicely padded, harness strap also have softly padded covers (even the waist straps!). There is also one-handed deep recline. All to provide the most comfortable ride for kids.

Thule Urban Glide 2 Double Jogging Stroller - the new model has twist hand brake
Thule Urban Glide 2 Double Jogging Stroller – the new model has twist hand brake and side vents on the canopies

I like that this stroller doesn’t feel very bulky, despite its weight – 34.2 pounds (2 pounds more than previous version). It also features one-handed compact fold. If you also take off the wheels, which is a piece of cake, Thule Urban Glide 2 Double really doesn’t take up much space.

I love Thule storage baskets. This double running stroller has capacious bin that is zippered with water resistant cover. Your belongings are securely hidden, protected from falling out and getting wet. There are also mesh pockets on the back of the seat and inside each seat (for baby’s toys, snacks or pacifiers).

Thule Urban Glide 2 Double Jogging Stroller can accept one infant car seat or one bassinet, however the adapters are sold separately – just like the rest of the accessories.

Thule Urban Glide 2 Double Jogging Stroller can be used with one bassinet or infant car seat
Thule Urban Glide 2 Double Jogging Stroller can be used with one bassinet or infant car seat

In contrast to the previous version, Thule Urban Glide 2 comes only in one color version. You can buy it for example on Amazon. Don’t forget to check if there are any discounts right now!

What other parents think

Thule Urban Glide 2 Double is quite popular and highly rated by other parents on Amazon. Here are the main assets and drawbacks that customers mention.



+ Easy and quick setup

+ It feels very light to push and turns on a dime even when fully loaded

+ Easy to maneuver even with two kids of different age and size

+ Suspension cushions the ride and allows children to nap even on cracked pavement

+ Harness is much more comfortable than in other strollers and difficult to open for kids

+ Big canopies completely block the sun

+ Fits through normal doorways

+ It’s easy to fold the stroller and detach the wheels – it fits in most of the car trunks then

+ Large storage space – enough for day trips


- Shallow seats

- Not suitable for tall kids

- Most upright position of the seat is not really upright

Keep in mind

Because of the seat size (mainly depth) this stroller is good up to 2.5-3 years.

3 Reasons Why You Will Love This Jogging Stroller

1. Thanks to very long canopies with vented parts children are well protected from the sun rays and overheating at the same time.

2. It has probably the best storage space among double joggers – it’s huge and closed with a zippered cover. You will be able to fit all of your stuff even for a day trip to the zoo and it will be well protected.

3. It gives parents ability togo wherever they want – it handles all types of city terrain, cobblestone, cracked sidewalks, high curbs, muddy trails, grass and snow.

2. BOB Revolution Flex Duallie 3.0

BOB Revolution Flex Duallie 3.0
BOB Revolution Flex Duallie 3.0

This is the most lightweight double running stroller in this ranking which makes using and storing a bit more easy.

This jogger has almost the same features like the single version and other BOB jogging strollers. It has three wheels with pumped tires, front one is 12″, rear ones are 16″. Front wheel has two settings: it can swivel which increases strollers maneuverability and makes turning more easy (it can be used for walks and strolls over even terrain) or it can be locked which adds stability (you should use this setting for running and off-road strolling).

Big advantage of this stroller is state of the art suspension system which can be adjusted to babies weight and type of the terrain you’re jogging/walking on.

This model has only parking brake operated by foot, and a wrist strap which keeps the stroller from running away from you.

BOB Revolution Flex Duallie has roomy seats suitable for older children

Thanks to large, air-filled tires, suspension system and two brakes you can jog with this stroller wherever you want and it won’t let you down. It will be easy to push for you and your children won’t get bumped around even on gravel, grass, wooded paths or unbeaten roads. You can even take it to the beach. Thanks to smooth, cushioned ride, you can do your workouts and be sure your kids are protected from back pain and spinal diseases.

This running stroller has few features that increase parent’s comfort of using. First of all there is adjustable handlebar which rotates from 34.5″ to 48″ from the ground. Even very short and very tall parents can find comfortable height.

Another feature that makes this stroller convenient for parents is capacious storage bin under the seats. It can even accommodate two diapers bag or few shopping bags. I know how much stuff you need to take when you go out with two kids and I can tell you one thing: with this basket you will be able to take anything you may need during jogging session or a day trip.

I also like thatseats and canopies adjust individually. It means that one child can lay on the reclined seat while the other is sitting upright. Recline mechanism is one-handed and when the seat is in lowest position you can use mesh vented top (or close it with a cover). Canopies also extend separately. Each has large peek-a-boo window. BOB Revolution Flex Duallie 3.0 can accommodate one infant car seat (adapters sold separately).

BOB Revolution Flex Duallie has upgraded seats with better ventilation and more storage pockets
BOB Revolution Flex Duallie 3.0 has upgraded seats with better ventilation, canopies with silent peek-a-boo windows, and more storage pockets

As you can see this running stroller is a great option for parents who have kids of different age (for example an infant and a toddler).

Here are the main things I don’t like (and other parents also complain about): folding is 2-step process which is a bit more difficult than in other strollers. Of course this double jogging stroller is big even when folded and many parents remove the wheels to fit it in the car trunk.

Moreover this jogger is really pricey but it doesn’t include any accessories, which is ridiculous! You need to spend extra money on infant car seat adapter, parent console, child trays… It doesn’t even include tire pump! It’s a bummer that these must-have items are sold separately.

What other parents think

Of course I checked customers reviews on Amazon. At the time of writing this ranking it has many positive reviews and it seems like jogging parents are really satisfied with it. Here are the assets and flaws they mention.



+ Very quick assembly

+ Easy to push and navigate, turns on a dime

+ Glides smoothly even on rough terrain, when you’re moving at speed

+ Storage basket can accommodate a lot of stuff

+ Adjustable handlebar – perfect for parents of different height

+ Canopies give good amount of shade

+ The most upright position is really nice for curious toddlers

+ Comfortable seats, can accommodate even a tall toddler (some parents use it even for a 4-year-old kids)

+ Parking brake is flip flop friendly

+ Well-built, made of durable, high-quality materials


- Bulky fold, takes up a lot of space in a car trunk

- There are some complaints about the seating configuration for newborn and toddler (you can read more about it in customer reviews on Amazon)

- Pricey accessories

Keep in mind

This stroller is heavy (33.1 lbs) and big – it is understandable because it has to be strong to hold even 100 lbs. However it can be difficult to put in the car trunk or it may even not fit in it (if you have small car). Moreover, if you use it with an infant car seat or with fully reclined seats you should not use it for running, only for jogging. It’s more safe to start running when the baby is at least 6 months old and can sit unassisted in the regular seat in more upright position.

3 Reasons Why You Will Love This Jogging Stroller

1. This is one of the best jogging strollers for twins. Since it is really well balanced it can be also used for running with an infant and toddler.

2. Although it’s heavy and can accommodate two heavy kids, it’s super easy to navigate, turn and control.

3. According to many parents who have used this stroller, it’s totally worth the money (considering its quality and performance).

If you like this stroller and want to read more about its features and performance check out my full review of BOB Flex. You can also skip to Amazon and compare prices of different color versions.

3. Baby Jogger Summit X3 Double Jogging Stroller

Baby Jogger 2016 Summit X3 Double Jogging Stroller
Baby Jogger 2016 Summit X3 Double

This is another great running stroller for parents of twins or two kids of different age. It has similar features to BOB Revolution PRO Duallie, but it is a bit cheaper.

There are 16″ rear wheels and 12″ front one which can swivel or lock. Just like in the single version of this stroller switching between pivoting and locked wheel is very convenient, because you just need to use remote lock mounted on the handlebar. You don’t have to touch the dirty, muddy wheel, here you just flip or release lever. Thanks to this feature you can quickly and easily switch between walking and running mode.

Summit X3 Double Jogging Stroller has also all-wheel suspension system that cushions the ride over bumps.

I like that this stroller has two breaks – foot-operated parking brake (unfortunately not flip flop friendly) and hand-operated rear drum brakes. Thanks to the additional handbrake you can not only control the speed when you going downhill or running on uneven ground, but it gives you better control over the whole stroller which weighs 37 lbs!

Baby Jogger Summit X3 Double Jogger Stroller
Baby Jogger Summit X3 Double is perfect for jogging with twins or kids of similar age

Without the handbrake controlling this beast (with two kids) would be really difficult, especially if you like run on tough terrain.Good thing is that this double running stroller has also a wrist safety tether.

Each seat reclines individually which is very useful if you have an infant who likes to nap during strolls and a curious toddler who likes to sit more upright. When the seat is fully reclined there is a vented top – very useful for summer strolls.

Canopies also adjust separately. I like how far they go and cover the babies down to their knees. There are two peek-a-boo windows on each sunshade and side vents. Handlebar is not adjustable.

Many parents worry that a double stroller would be very hard to fold and they would struggle with it every time they want to put it in the car trunk. Thanks to Baby Jogger patented technology folding is super easy and can be done with one hand. After folding is takes up a decent space: 34.25 x 32.5 x 15.35 inches, good thing is that it’s pretty slim.

I don’t like that the access to storage basket is blocked by the bar in the middle. This bin is really spacious and can easily accommodate large diaper bag and few other things, but taking it in and out is a struggle. Fortunately there are mesh pockets on the back of the seats where you can keep your essentials at hand.

Just like the BOB Flex Duallie, this pricey jogger doesn’t include any accessories either. You need to be prepared that adding parent console or trays for your children will cost extra.

What other parents think

I checked this double running stroller on Amazon to find out what other customers say about it. It has plenty 4- and 5-star opinions!



+ Sturdy and long canopies

+ One-step fold (much easier than folding BOB)

+ More durable, rubberized handlebar

+ Handbrake that gives better control over the stroller

+ Comfortable, deep seats with one-hand, near-flat recline

+ Locking the wheel doesn’t require touch it (so you keep your hand clean)

+ Solid-built

+ You don’t even notice how heavy it is while pushing it

+ Some parents use this stroller even for 4.5-year-old kids

+ Smooth and convenient for long-distance running even on grass and dirt roads, with two kids of different weight

+ Seats are divided with a bar – it prevents sagging in the middle and it helps to deal with two kids of different age


- Heavy to lift to the car trunk

- Foot brake is hard to use in flip flops or sandals

- Adding accessories may be pricey

- Storage bin is not easily accessible

- Car seat adapters are not available for this model

Want to read more reviews written by other customers? Click here and skip to Amazon.

Keep in mind

Baby Jogger Summit X3 Double Jogging Stroller is not compatible with infant car seat (it doesn’t even accept one car seat), so it cannot be used since birth even for walking. You can only use it when your babies (twins or kids of similar age) can sit and hold their heads up unassisted.

3 Reasons Why You Will Love This Jogging Stroller

1. The seats are very roomy and deep which makes them suitable for older kids. You can be sure this jogging stroller will serve you for years.

2. It works great not only for twins but also as a running stroller for infant and toddler. And thanks to a bar between seats, one baby can nap without being disturb by the other kid.

3. Thanks to a hand brake it’s a great choice for those who like to run in hilly area.

4. Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger

Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogging Stroller
Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger

This is the cheapest double jogging stroller on the market, yet it is still pretty well equipped and performs good enough to recommend it for joggers.

As you may expect double jogging stroller at such a low price can’t have all features that more expensive models have. It lacks few functions and has some drawback, however it still can be a great choice especially for beginners or parents who only jog sometimes and on short distances.

It has three-wheel design with pneumatic bicycle tires. Front wheel can swivel or lock, depending on the terrain you’re going over and if you use this stroller for walking or jogging. There is a safety leash to prevent this jogger from running away from you.

Each seat reclines separately and has vented top. I don’t like that harnesses are not padded at all. There is large easy to clean footrest with reflectors on each sides for better visibility in low-light.

Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger - Seats
The seats are nicely padded, however the safety straps don’t have cover

Now let’s talk about the unique features and advantages of this stroller.

It comes with a parents tray that has two cup holders and closed storage compartment – it’s something that the high-end products lack. Moreover it has MP3 speakers plug-in in the parent tray – it’s compatible with iPod and iPhone and other popular MP3 players. We all know that exercising with music is much more pleasant! Keep in mind that not all color versions have speakers. If this feature is important for you and you’re thinking about buying this stroller, here is the model that includes this accessory.

I also like the storage space in this jogging stroller. Under the seats there is a big basket divided into two parts. I would prefer one big bin, but these two compartments are also very capacious and can hold a big diaper bag and few other mom’s stuff. On the back of each seat there’s a useful pouch were parents can keep their essentials within reach.

Manufacturer also added mesh pockets inside the seats – little passengers can keep there their sippy cups, snacks or pacifiers.

Now it’s time for the drawbacks. In my opinion this double jogging stroller has three main disadvantages. First of all, it has one canopy for both seats. I prefer double strollers with two separate canopies, because very often when one baby wants to lay back and nap (or just relax), the other one want to explore surroundings and doesn’t want to be covered with the canopy all the way down, because it would block his view.

Baby Jogger Expedition Double has ratcheting canopy – it’s rather small however it rotates forward to protect babies from low sun. There is one central peek-a-boo window with Velcro closure.

Baby Trend Expedition Double has one canopy for two seats (cheap stroller for running for two kids)
Baby Trend Expedition Double has one canopy for two seats – I’m not a fan of this solution

Another drawback is the lack of handbrake. This is a big stroller, it weighs about 32.5 lbs and if we add to that both children’s weight it is a quite a beast to control. Without the handbrake this jogger is definitely not suitable for hilly terrain and it may be more difficult to control on uneven terrain and at higher speed.

And the biggest flaw for me is lack of suspension system. Fortunately this stroller has large pneumatic tires so it is suitable for harsher terrain, but only if you walk or jog on slow pace and short distances. It doesn’t cushion the ride and doesn’t soak up bumps like Thule or BOB joggers. Therefore this stroller is designed not for avid runners who like long distances and high speed, but rather for beginners or parents who want a stroller mainly for walking and only occasional jogging.

This model has also unadjustable handlebar, however I checked customers reviews on Amazon and other parents don’t complain about it.

What other parents think

This stroller has a lot of customer reviews on Amazon. Different color versions altogether have a few HUNDREDS reviews (and most of them are positive)! It is not a surprise this double jogger is so popular – it’s cheap and has some useful features. Here are the main assets and flaws that parents mention.



+ Easy and quick assembling

+ Speakers are nice addition

+ Includes useful parent console

+ Good-quality wheels, can handle uneven trail

+ Smooth maneuverability (turns on a dime when front wheels is pivoting)

+ Light to push even when fully loaded (one parent even use it for kids who together weigh almost 90 lbs!))

+ Few parents mention they use it for 4 or even 5-year-old kids

+ Works for kids of different age

+ Easy to fold – you just pull triggers

+ Rotating sunshade is useful for windy and sunny days

+ Low-budget option


- Doesn’t fit through some doorways

- Few parents complain about wobbly front wheel

- May not fit in small car trunk

- There’s small support in the middle of the seats therefore sometimes the seats sink in the middle and passengers roll towards each other

- No suspension that would absorb shocks on bumpy ground

You can read more in customer reviews on Amazon

Keep in mind

To sum up, this stroller is not so well-equipped and doesn’t perform so well for serious running like BOB or Thule joggers, however it is over 3 times cheaper than these high-end models! So compared with more expensive models Expedition performance is poorer, but when we consider it is a low price range double jogger it is satisfying.

3 Reasons Why You Will Love This Jogging Stroller

1. If you need a stroller for all-terrain strolls and occasional light jogging, but you’re on a small budget, this model it perfect for you.

2. It includes parent tray (and some color versions also come with speakers) so you don’t have to spend extra money on this item. Even high-end models don’t include parent tray!

3. It is nicely balanced so it is not only jogger for twins, but also kids of different age and size.

5. Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogger

Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogger Stroller
Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogger Stroller

This low-budget double jogging stroller has few features that are very rare among joggers. It is 4-wheel construction, can accommodate two infant car seats and has MP3 speakers!

3-wheel design is typical for running strollers, however this model has 4 wheels with pneumatic bicycle tires. Front wheels are pivoting which is perfect when you use this stroller for walking. Swivel front wheels make turning and steering more easy. You can also lock them for jogging and strolling over rough, uneven terrain.

Another feature than other jogging strollers don’t have is possibility of adding TWO Baby Trend infant Car Seats. So you can use this stroller for newborn twins, stroll with it from birth and when the kids can sit unassisted in regular seats you can start jogging with them. Baby Trend Navigator Double is one of the best twin jogging strollers.

Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogger Stroller with two infant car seats
This double jogging stroller accepts two infant car seats!

The main seats feature individual multi-position recline. I like the soft padding, however I’d wish the harness also had padded covers because the straps may be a bit harsh for baby’s delicate skin. Each seat has also vented top.

Individually adjustable canopies are rather small, however many parents like that they can rotate forward and cover children from low sun and wind.

Folding is fairly easy, you just need to pull triggers, that’s it. After folding Baby Trend Navigator Double still takes a lot of space, however it is typical for double joggers.

I like that this stroller includes parent tray with two cup holders and small storage compartment. There are also twin child trays with holders for sippy cups and children’s snacks. This double jogger has also MP3 speakers so you can listen to your favorite music while doing your workout and jogging session.

Under the seats there are two storage baskets – I would prefer one large bin, but these two are also fairly spacious and can accommodate lots of parents’ stuff.

Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogger - Fold
Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogger is easy to fold, however takes a lot of space

As you can see this low budget stroller has many awesome features. However there are two things that I don’t like. It doesn’t have suspension – so it’s rather not suitable for long-distance serious running. It works better for slow jogging and long all-terrain walks.

Also it’s a bummer it doesn’t have a handbrake, because it is very heavy (43 lbs) and controlling it on uneven or hilly ground is pretty difficult, especially when you jog with heavy toddlers. I wouldn’t recommend it for jogging downhill or very difficult terrain. Good thing is that is has nice parking brake operated by foot (not flip flop friendly) and a strap for runners wrist.

What other parents think

This is one of the most popular and best-selling double jogging strollers on the market. It has over two hundreds reviews on Amazon (at least at the moment of writing this review). Here are the advantages and disadvantages, based on customer reviews.



+ Canopy rotates up and down to cover baby depending on the position of the sun

+ Sturdy construction

+ Rolls well on sidewalks, grass and gravel

+ Speakers are a nice touch

+ Great quality for low price

+ Works amazing for outdoor workouts on and off pavement

+ Stable and well-balanced even when you walk and jog with two kids of different weight

+ Some parents take it sometimes for shopping in the mall


- Big and heavy but it is a double jogger that can hold two car seats

- The most upright position is still a bit reclined

- Some parents complain the front wheel wobbles when they’re moving at speed (you can learn more about it in customer reviews)

- May not fit through all doorways (or it does very tightly)

Keep in mind

Big pneumatic tires cushion the ride, but it is not as smooth as it would be with a typical suspension system.

3 Reasons Why You Will Love This Jogging Stroller

1. This is probably the only reliable double jogging stroller that can accommodate two infant car seats. So you can really use it since birth (for walking) as a stroller for twin newborns and from 6 month start using it for jogging.

2. It works not only for twins, but it is also great jogging stroller for infant and toddler or toddler and preschooler.

3. It’s a low-budget option and in addition it comes with accessories: parent console, children trays and MP3 speakers. It’s really awesome that you get those items at such a low price and don’t have to pay extra for them.

Do you like this stroller? Before you decide to buy it make sure to check available discounts and read what other parents who own this stroller wrote about it on Amazon.

BONUS: Multi-sport trailer as an alternative for jogging stroller?

I decided to include in my ranking something for most active parents who are not only running, but also rollerblading and riding a bike and they would like their children to accompany them on all of these adventures.

If you’re spending a lot of time outdoors on various activities, multi-sport trailer may be a better choice for you than a jogging stroller.

What features a trailer has and why parents may want to buy it? Let me tell you more about this type of baby gear by presenting one of the best trailers in the market.

Thule Chariot Cheetah XT Multisport Trailer

Thule Cheetah XT - Multi-sport trailer
Thule Chariot Cheetah XT Multi-sport Trailer

This is one of the few Thule multi-functional trailers that are suitable for different outdoor activities, including jogging. They have two newer models suitable for running – Thule Chariot Cross and Thule Chariot Lite but they are much more expensive. I chose Chariot Cheetah XT because it has a great combination of features and it’s more affordable.

PRO TIP: If you’re wondering which Thule multi-sport trailer you should choose I recommend you getting the Chariot Cheetah XT over the Chariot Lite, because it has almost the same features but it costs a lot less. For our family Cheetah XT was sufficient. If you’d prefer something with even better equipment (like reclining seats, adjustable suspension and storage basket) choose the Chariot Cross. It is expensive, but it’s hands down the best equipped multi-sport trailer out there!

This trailer is designed for 4 activities. You can connect it with your bike, you can stroll or jog with it or even ski with it!

For each activity you need special attachments and/or front wheels. Strolling and bicycle kit is included with the trailer, for skiing you need to purchase separate kit. For jogging there is a kit sold separately as well, and it includes big front wheel.

This is a ranking of the best strollers for running in 2020, so I will focus on the features related to this activity only, but remember that this trailer is multi-sport.

The wheels have pumped tires and the trailer is equipped with a suspension. The trailer doesn’t stick up on cracked in sidewalks and handles multiple types of terrain.

Note that the front wheel is fixed and you can’t unlock it. This makes the trailer really stable which is very important when you’re jogging at higher speed or going over bumpy terrain. But it also makes it harder to turn in tight corners, not only because of the non-swivel wheel, but also because of the very long wheelbase!

Thule Cheetah XT - Alternative for jogging stroller
This is how the jogging mode looks like (front wheel is sold separately)

Generally speaking Thule Chariot Cheetah XT is maneuverable and you can push it with one hand, but in crowded, narrow spaces it can be more difficult to steer it.

One more thing: the wheels are very similar to bike tires so they can handle unpaved terrain, but not very bumpy.

Parents won’t have problem with controlling it, however the baby may be bouncing around a bit, when you hit a bump.

Now you may want to ask, for whom this jogging trailer is designed. Well, it’s ideal for serious runners, especially those who train for marathons or simply like long distances. Large (16″) stable front wheel makes it perfect for higher speed.

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A post shared by Magda Stachowiak (@buggy_running_mum_of_two) on

So with the one front wheel this trailer is meant strictly for running, for daily use you should definitely switch to two small front wheels to make the trailer more agile.

PRO TIP: On Amazon you can purchase Thule Chariot Cheetah XT trailer with jogging kit in one go (click).

You can get Thule Chariot Cheetah XT in two versions: single and double, depending on how many kids you want it to accommodate. What’s very important the single Chariot Cheetah XT has capacity of 75 lbs, but the Thule Chariot Cheetah XT 2 has weight limit of 100 lbs. Considering this the single model may serve you longer and can accommodate larger/older child.

Another noteworthy thing is that these two trailers differ in weight – single Chariot Cheetah XT weighs only 19.4 lbs (it’s lighter than many single strollers for running!), while the Chariot Cheetah XT 2 weighs 26.5 lbs. Double version is also 5 inches wider (31.5″). You should keep that in mind because it’s wider than normal doorways.

And depending on the model you choose, inside the trailer the is one or two padded seats, each with 5-point harness to the kiddos safe during your outdoor training. The trailer is roomy enough to accommodate 7-year-old kids!

Important thing: The trailer is not suitable for infants. You can add a sling for small baby (for strolling mode), but in general this multi-sport trailer is the best choice for older kids – 2-7-year-old.

Comparison of a single and double version of Thule Chariot Cheetah XT
Comparison of a single and double version of Thule Chariot Cheetah XT

Depending on the weather conditions you have two flaps that roll back easily not needed. The front window of the trailer can stay open, you can cover it with a mesh screen (ideal for areas where there are a lot of bugs like mosquitoes) or a rain shield.

There is also possibility of covering the top of the trailer with a canopy that has a small sun visor – it will keep the sun out of the passengers eyes.

Top of the backrest is mesh so it allow the air to circulate through. It’s a great addition because generally speaking in summer in may get hot inside the trailer so the vents are useful. On hot days I usually leave the trailer in open-air mode.

What I also like about this trailer is the reflective material that keeps you and your little adventurers more visible at low light. Do you like jogging in the evening? With Thule Chariot Cheetah XT it won’t be a problem!

Another useful feature is the height-adjustable handlebar. If you’re a petite mom like I am or your hubby is much higher than you are, you’ll appreciate this feature for sure.

I hate running with strollers that have non-adjustable handle, because I always end up with neck and wrist pain (which is frustrating when you’re jogging!).

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The biggest drawback for me is the lack of the storage basket – there are only mesh pockets for a few small essentials. This means you won’t be able to take your diaper bag with you, or you’ll have to carry it somehow. Another thing – the seat is doesn’t recline at all.

What other parents think

Below you can find a quick summary, for whom Thule Chariot Cheetah XT is designed. If you’re considering buying it, I recommend you to read customer reviews and see what parents who own it, think about it.



+ Fits large and older children (even 7 years old)

+ Switching between different kits is easy

+ Folding takes time, but it’s easy and the trailer doesn’t take up much space

+ Lightweight

+ Versatile – for strolling on pavement, in parks and woods, for jogging and other activities


- Jogging kit is sold separately

- Front wheel doesn’t swivel so the trailer is less maneuverable in narrow places and difficult to turn

Keep in mind

It can be used only for children who can sit unassisted and are at least 10 months old. If you want to stroll with younger baby in Thule Chariot Cheetah XT you will need this infant sling.

3 Reasons Why You Will Love This Jogging Trailer

1. It’s one piece of baby gear that is suitable for different outdoor activities: jogging, strolling, riding a bike and skiing (less things to store). Perfect for parents who love sport.

2. It’s one of the lightest multi-sport trailers (both the single and double version).

3. Best quality-price ratio.

Best Jogging Strollers – Buying Guide

Bumbleride Speed - Best Jogging Strollers 2019 Buying Guide

Jogging with an infant?

When our daughter came into the world, we knew we wanted to encourage her from an early age to physical activity. And the most important: we wanted to spend with her as much time as we could, but without giving up or sacrificing our passion.

To do that we needed a stoller we could run with. And when Haley was born we made a decision: we are buying a jogging stroller.

We knew a lot about jogging, but not about jogging strollers. We did a lot of research, read many reviews and tested couple of models. After few months we finally found the right jogger for us.

For us, as for any other parents the most important thing is our baby’s safety and comfort, which is gaining importance especially during strolling and running together.

We also know that the stroller specification won’t tell you everything. The most important is baby’s safety and how the jogging stroller works on different terrains.

Having a baby doesn’t mean you have to give up jogging!

Baby Jogger Summit X3 Single - Jogging with a baby

Birth of a child is life-changing. But the fact that your life is focused on the baby, doesn’t mean you have to give up your hobby.

Of course you will have less time for training, but proper time management and proper equipment will make it easier for you.

Thanks to jogging strollers we can spend time with our babies outdoors in an active way. It can be fun for your whole family.

You don’t have to give up running when you have a little baby. I will help you to continue your hobby.

Why jogging with a stroller is beneficial?

Running with a stroller has positive influence on parents and kids. Here are the main advantages of this activity:

  • It helps to recover physically and mentally after pregnancy
  • It can be perfect way to lose extra pounds (especially after pregnancy)
  • You can stay active and you don’t have to give up your workout just because you become a parent
  • It’s a great way to spend time with kids
  • It may be more interesting for a kid than a slow, monotonous walk
  • It may help kids get used to active lifestyle and enjoy exercising from an early age

Let’s find the best jogging strollers!

Choosing the right jogging stroller is not an easy decision. I tested and reviewed well-known brands, solid and high-quality products that guarantee the safety of your child and excellent driving comfort.

If you want to find out how to choose a jogger, I invite you to read my buying guide and jogging strollers reviews. And if you ever get lost in the world of joggers, let me know and I will try my best to help you!

The most important joggers’ features

Buying a standard stroller requires careful reflection on what we really need and what features will meet our expectations.

When we are looking for a jogger the task is even harder, because we will be running, so the baby will be exposed to more bumps and shocks than during a stroll. We have to find super-safety and comfy vehicle so our little one could join us during running!


Most of the joggers has three wheels with pumped tires. Thanks to large and “bicycle” wheels joggers handle any type of terrain.

Besides, usually they absorb shocks very well, so the passenger doesn’t get bumped, even during riding over the tough ground.

Air-filled tires requires regular pumping. Don’t worry! It’s easy and you can use a standard bike pump to do that.

Typical jogger’s wheels


Many strollers for jogging have special suspension system. BOB Revolution joggers have THE BEST suspension I have even seen and tried.

They provide such a smooth and comfortable ride, that my kids always fall asleep, no matter if I’m running on grass, beach or bumpy county roads!

I know that some parents go for a bumpy ride to get their baby fall asleep. However, remember that babies have delicate spin and head, and strong shocks aren’t good for them in any way! That’s why the proper suspension absorbing shocks is such an important features in joggers.


Another feature that we should look for when buying jogger is handbrake. Parking brake is a standard, but hand-operated brake is pretty unusual, so I find it a big advantage.

Having a hand brake is very useful especially if we often run through hilly area. This brake gives you more control on the speed during jogging down the hill.

Of course not every jogger has an additional, hand-operated brake. For me this is one of the most important thing in strollers designed for running. But that’s my opinion because I’m a big fan of off-road jogging over hilly terrain.

Hand-operated brake – very useful during running down the hill

Remember that joggers are designed for running, so the most important is yours and your baby comfort and safety.

Safety strap

This is additional safety feature that most of the jogging strollers have. The strap (leash) is attached to the handlebar and you can put it on your wrist. It prevents the stroller from getting away from you. Safety tether is a must-have for parents who like to jog downhill and at high speed.


I know that most of the joggers is bulky and heavy, which often makes them not suitable for shopping or using public transportation. But this is not their purpose. 🙂

Usually jogger are pretty big, even after folding. They often weighs around 25-35 lbs which can be quite a lot for some women, especially if you have to bring the stroller up the stairs every time. You should keep that in mind, if you had or will have a C-section.

Infant car seat compatibility

Another important thing – we can run with our babies when they have proper neck and head control and can sit up. Before that we can still use the jogger for strolling but only with an infant car seat.

BOB 2016 Revolution PRO with an infant car seat


Please be aware that this article is neither intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Before you start running with your child in a stroller, consult it with your physician or other qualified health provider.

Your trust is really important to me: This post contains affiliate links. If you choose to buy something using these links, I receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you. Your support helps me run this blog. Thank you so much 🖤 Zooey

About Me - Zooey BarnettHello Moms! I am Zooey. I am a wife and a mother of three amazing kids: almost 5-year-old Haley and 2-year-old twins Jesse and Matthew. I am a jogger, cooker and blogger.

If you have a question or a comment, do not hesitate to write to me! 🙂

14 thoughts on “Best Strollers For Jogging (2020)

    1. Hi Paige, so sorry for late reply.
      ACTIVE3 is more like an all-terrain stroller, it doesn’t have pneumatic tires, so I wouldn’t recommend it for running (maybe fast walking). TRE has bigger rear wheels and air-filled tires so it handles higher speed and bumps during jogging much better.
      Both strollers have a hand-operated parking brake, but only TRE has a deceleration brake for controlling the speed when you go downhill. TRE has removable seat (you can attach the infant car seat directly onto the frame). ACTIVE3 is slightly lighter (1.5 lbs).

  1. Do you have a recommendation for a triple jogging stroller? I have an almost 2 year old daughter and twins on the way. I would love to be able to take all 3 of them jogging once the twins are old enough. My daughter runs with me all the time now.

    1. Hi Catalina,
      The only triple jogging stroller that I’ve heard of is BeBeLove Triple Jogger, but I haven’t tested it, so I can’t help you with that. I’m not quite sure it would be comfortable to run with a triple stroller as it’s really wide = hard to turn and steer. BeBeLove stroller has also fixed front wheels which is okay if you’re jogging at higher speed, but it also decreases stroller’s maneuverability.
      I have three kids too and there are two solutions we came up with. When the twins turned 6 or 7 months old, my husband was running with them in a double stroller, and I was jogging with our daughter in a single stroller (she was 3 y.o. back then). If I was on my own and wanted to go out with the three of them, my daughter was riding her tiny bike and I was jogging with the double BOB Revolution Flex.

  2. So informative and helpful! I see you reviewed two of the Graco strollers. What about the Graco Roadmaster? Seems to be less popular / have way less reviewers than the two you reviewed, BUT seems to be much lighter than those two. I wonder if it is without shocks. Wondering if you have any thoughts on this model?

    1. Hi Jennifer! FastAction Jogger has been on the market for about 5 years (!) or so – much longer than Roadmaster. It’s definitely one of the reasons why it’s more popular. Now there’s so many jogging strollers on the market, it’s hard to stand out 🙂 In my opinion the Roadmaster is a bit upgraded version of FastAction stroller (the update is slightly smaller fold).

      It doesn’t have suspension like BOB or Thule strollers (but it’s also few time cheaper..). It has air-filled tires and they do cushion the ride. But because of the lack of suspension I would recommend it rather for occasional jogging and short distances. On bumpier road or at higher pace you would notice a difference between this model and for example BOB Flex (in terms of smoothness).

      Oh, and Roadmaster weight is actually similar to Graco Relay Jogger- 28.2 lbs.

      PS – I’ve just finished preparing an update for my ranking, I will post it in few days so stay tuned 🙂 There will be a few new budget and medium-price strollers 🙂

  3. Hi! I want an inexpensive travel system with a safe infant car seat and a jogger that can be used on a variety of surfaces–including the indoor mall, snow, and uneven sidewalks–for strolling, power walking, and slower jogging. Would you recommend the Graco Relay or FastAction? One has typical air-filled tires (which need to be maintained but are supposed to be better, correct?) and the other has pneumatic tires but a better suspension system according to your review? Do you recommend one over the other? Thank you!

    1. Hi Katie, sorry for late reply! Both these strollers have similar wheels (with pumped tires = pneumatic), but only Relay has typical jogging suspension so it handles more types of terrain, even rugged trails. Suspension also protects the baby from getting bumped around 🙂
      I also prefer the canopy on Relay – it extends further and has additional sun visor. I think it’s important feature because usually kiddos hate sun in their eyes. One major drawback of Relay is that the front wheel is a bit hard to inflate because most of pumps don’t fit the tire. In customer reviews on Amazon some parents recommend proper pumps that fit the front tire.
      Both strollers come with the same car seat – Graco Snug Ride Click Connect 35 which is one of the most popular infant car seats in the US. However, I didn’t review it so make sure it meets your needs.
      One more thing that I can recommend you if you want to purchase on Amazon. Some of the sellers offer only the stroller (even if the name says “travel system”), make sure you’re ordering a stroller + car seat + car seat base 🙂

  4. I have a Graco Click Connect car seat and it’s awesome! I unclick it from the car seat base and click it right onto the best jogging stroller HQ. It’s a 10-second transfer! You don’t need an expensive stroller and car seat to have the greatest convenience ever in my opinion. And you get the same safety features as you would in an expensive purchase.

  5. Hello,

    I am curious if you have tried the Thule Urban Glide – Double and, if so, how it compares. It also receives some very good reviews and apparently there is a new version arriving soon (Amazon has a pre-order option for the Thule Urban Glide 2 – Double).


    1. Hi Ron! I’m preparing my new ranking of the best joggers for 2018 and writing review of Thule Urban Glide Double right now – I will post it tomorrow so stay tuned 🙂
      It is an awesome stroller, definitely great choice if you’re a serious runner. It has useful handbrake so you could control it during running – when you add the weight of the stroller and weight of two kids it is a “beast” to control 🙂 However, it is one of the lightest double joggers. It has also great suspension that soaks up bumps and it really feels light to push and turn even with two toddlers.
      I love the padding on the seats and harnesses (it’s super soft, one of the most comfortable among joggers). And the canopies! They extend far down and cover babies knees. But keep in mind, this stroller is not suitable for tall kids (I would say it will last 3 or 3.5 years).

      I saw that Thule is releasing 2.0 model and there is pre-order on Amazon, however I’m not sure if this new version is going to be better than the current one. 2.0 model is heavier – about 2 lbs – it may seem a little, but if you are going to put this stroller in and out of the car trunk frequently, these 2 lbs really matter 🙂 The handbrake is also different in 2.0 model, not like a bicycle handbrake but it’s a twist brake. I’m not sure if it’s convenient to use. And the price is about $40 higher.

      So actually I would even recommend you the current model. I also checked today and the red version is over $200 cheaper which is really great deal for such a “heavy-duty” and well equipped stroller. Here is the discount, however I’m not sure how long it will be available.

      Let me know if you have more questions, take care 🙂

  6. HI Zoey,

    I have a 4 year old and having my second child in January. I was hoping to buy a jogging stroller for around 200$ which I see they have one at Babies r us but looks like they are not adaptable to baby seats. What do you suggest?

    1. Hi Kasia,
      To be honest, there are not many good double jogging strollers at this price, especially those that could accommodate 4-year-old child. Unfortunately this type of stroller is rather expensive. I can recommend you Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogger, it’s suitable for older kids and you can attach an infant car seat for your newborns as well. It costs about $220 on Amazon. It’s a good quality for low price.
      There are also two other double jogging strollers: BOB Revolution PRO Duallie and Thule Urban Glide Double. These are absolutely the best two strollers in this category, however they are much more expensive (BOB is about $700 and Thule costs about $550 on Amazon).
      I’m sure that it would be easier to find single jogger for $200 so maybe it’s worth to consider if you really need a double stroller. 🙂
      If you have more questions, I’m here to help. Take care! 🙂

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