Best Beach Strollers That Don’t Get Stuck In Sand

Beach stroller that can handle sandy terrain is a good option for everyone who loves strolling by the water or lives in area with lots of unpaved roads and trails. In this article I am going to show you how to choose a high-quality and best beach stroller that won’t get stuck in sand.

Best Beach Stroller

If you love strolling along the seaside or spending day at the beach, and want your baby to join you, you will need a good beach stroller that won’t tip over in the sand.

High-quality, strong and stable construction, all terrain wheels – those are the features that your sand stroller should have. It will come in handy if you live near a beach or plan beach vacation.

I found a few baby strollers that can push through the sand without getting stuck. They can also be used on dirt and muddy trails.

Below you’ll find my tips for choosing the best strollers for beach sand, as well as my beach stroller reviews.

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Best Quality
BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 Jogging Stroller, Lunar - Ultra-Reflective Accents
Popular & Cheap
Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller, Phantom
For Two Kids
Evenflo Pivot Xplore All-Terrain Stroller Wagon (Wayfarer Black)
Best Features
❤️ Jogging stroller with the best suspension - baby doesn't get bumped around
❤️ Large wheels push well over sand
❤️ Big storage basket for all your stuff for a day at the beach
❤️ Big all terrain wheels
❤️ Canopy rotates forward and protects baby from low sun
❤️ Inexpensive
❤️ Includes accessories: child tray and parent tray
❤️ Great for beach vacation, theme parks, zoo and picnics
❤️ Enough space for 2 kids up to 5 years
❤️ Cheaper than double jogging stroller for the beach
✨ Recommended by 970+ parents!
✨ Recommended by 6800+ parents!
✨ Recommended by 3300+ parents!
Best Quality
BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 Jogging Stroller, Lunar - Ultra-Reflective Accents
Best Features
❤️ Jogging stroller with the best suspension - baby doesn't get bumped around
❤️ Large wheels push well over sand
❤️ Big storage basket for all your stuff for a day at the beach
✨ Recommended by 970+ parents!
Availability & Price
Popular & Cheap
Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller, Phantom
Best Features
❤️ Big all terrain wheels
❤️ Canopy rotates forward and protects baby from low sun
❤️ Inexpensive
❤️ Includes accessories: child tray and parent tray
✨ Recommended by 6800+ parents!
Availability & Price
For Two Kids
Evenflo Pivot Xplore All-Terrain Stroller Wagon (Wayfarer Black)
Best Features
❤️ Great for beach vacation, theme parks, zoo and picnics
❤️ Enough space for 2 kids up to 5 years
❤️ Cheaper than double jogging stroller for the beach
✨ Recommended by 3300+ parents!
Availability & Price

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What Strollers Are Good For The Beach? – 5 Best Single Beach Strollers

Here are my top recommendation for baby beach strollers that can handle sand and other types of harsh terrain.

1. BOB Revolution Flex 3.0 Jogging Stroller

BOB Flex 3.0 Best Beach Stroller
BOB Revolution Flex 3.0

Considering the price-quality ratio, I think this is the best beach stroller on the market right now.


There are a few reasons why I picked BOB Revolution Flex as the best stroller for sandy beaches:

  • It’s a heavy-duty, durable jogging stroller, built to serve you for many years,
  • Large air filled tires perform excellent on tough terrain (12″ front swivel wheel + 16″ rear wheels),
  • Top-notch suspension smoothes out bumps and protects baby from shaking,
  • There’s a roomy seat for a growing child,
  • It has huge sun canopy, adjustable handlebar, large storage basket underneath the seat and lots of pockets.

BOB Flex 3.0 is a great stroller for outdoorsy parents who often stroll or run alongside the beach, or do a lot of hiking.

This jogging stroller is a good choice for advanced runners, as well as parents who simply want a high-quality beach stroller that will handle wet and loose sand. It’s worth to notice that the front wheel locks for smoother ride on bumpy terrain or running at higher speed.

BOB Flex is excellent beach stroller
BOB Flex works excellent in sand, mud, and on gravel

This baby beach stroller is suitable for infants who can sit upright and have good neck control. If you want to use it from birth, you will need a car seat adapter that will allow you to connect your infant car seat.

One of the best things about BOB stroller is its roomy seat and high weight limit – 75 pounds! This single beach stroller can accommodate even a 4 or 5 year old child.

The extendable, large canopy with peek-a-boo window provides good sun protection – no more sun in baby’s eyes.

The extra large storage basket can hold all your essentials for a day at the beach like a blanket, towel, space clothes, extra diapers and wet wipes, bottle of water, some snacks and toys. I have this Itzy Ritzy Boss Backpack diaper bag which is pretty large and I’ve never had any problems to fit it in BOB Revolution Flex basket.

Some parents use it as an everyday stroller, but considering the stroller weight (28.5 lbs) and size, some people may find it too big for an everyday use. It is still my favorite beach stroller and I love how easily it rides on rough terrain.

2. Joovy Zoom Lightweight

Joovy Zoom jogger
Joovy Zoom Lightweight Jogging Stroller

Another stroller that can handle beach sand is the new Joovy Zoom running stroller. It’s well equipped and pushes smoothly, just as BOB and Thule jogging strollers, but it’s slightly cheaper than its high-end competitors.


Here’s why Joovy Zoom is an amazing beach stroller:

  • It has large wheels: 16″ in the back, a 12″ in the front, with pumped tires which make the stroller easier to push through the sand, plus they cushion the ride,
  • Front swivel wheel locks for better stability and sturdiness on harsh and bumpy terrain,
  • The seat has been recently upgraded and now it is 2″ taller – it fits even a 7-year-old,
  • There’s a large canopy with UPF50 protection and magnetic peek-a-boo window, plus a mesh front sunshade which protects the baby from low sun.

This last feature – mesh sunshade – will come in handy during your beach vacation. It will shade your baby from head to toe, without blocking the airflow inside the stroller. No sun burns and no overheating.

Joovy Zoom 2022 has large wheels for sand and provides full protection from sun
Joovy Zoom has large wheels for sand and provides full protection from sun with its innovative front sunshade

Other great function of Joovy jogging stroller is extra large cargo basket which can hold all necessities for a day at the beach: your diaper bag, a blanket, towel, bottle of water, some diapers, wipes, snacks and beach toys.

What you are going to love about this sand stroller is the amount of accessories it includes: tire pump for the wheels, as well as parent console with two cup holders and enclosed storage for small valuables.

If you’d like to use the stroller from birth, you will need adapters for the infant car seat – this accessory is sold separately.

Joovy Zoom weighs 27.3 pounds which means it’s a little bit lighter than BOB Flex.

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3. Bumbleride Indie

Bumbleride Indie
Bumbleride Indie

I picked Indie as one of the best beach strollers, because it’s lighter than other jogging strollers, as can be actually the only stroller you will ever need: from birth up to 3 years, for off-road walks, beach holidays and everyday strolls to the park, playground and daycare.


Bumbleride Indie differs from other strollers – here are its main features:

  • It has 3 wheels with 12″ air-filled tires and all-wheel suspension for comfy and smooth ride,
  • All terrain wheels can handle sand and mud, and you can use the stroller for occasional light jogging,
  • There’s UPF 45+ canopy with pop-out sun visor extension for extra coverage from the sun and mesh vents for better air flow (and less sweating),
  • This stroller for the beach is newborn-friendly: the seat reclines flat and transforms into an enclosed infant-mode, moreover you can add a bassinet or compatible car seat.
  • It weighs 24 pounds so it feels lighter to push and carry.

Bumbleride Indie includes tire pump which is very convenient. Don’t forget to lock the front wheel before getting on the sand. Pushing the stroller on the beach with swiveling front wheel is horrible.

Bumbleride Indie all terrain stroller for beach
Bumbleride Indie may be the only stroller you will even need: well equipped, easy to steer in city jungle, with all terrain wheels for the beach

What you are going to love about this beach stroller is the fully removable seat and canopy fabric. If it gets dirty during beach vacation, you’ll be able to clean it easily because it’s machine-washable.

Indie comes with a child belly bar and large storage basket underneath the seat – there’s enough room for all your essentials for a day trip.

4. Baby Trend Expedition

Baby Trend Expedition Jogger cheap beach stroller, Other budget stroller for the beach is Jeep Classic Jogging Stroller
Baby Trend Expedition Jogger

This is the best beach stroller for parents on small budget. It’s a fraction of the cost of BOB, Joovy or Bumbleride strollers.


Why you should consider getting this stroller for the beach:

  • Large wheels (12″ front wheel and 16″ rear wheels) with air filled tires ensure smooth ride,
  • Front wheel locks for better sturdiness,
  • Adjustable canopy retracts forward so it always protects the child from harmful sun rays,
  • Baby Trend Expedition Jogger comes with a child tray that has two cup holders and a place for snacks,
  • There’s a medium size storage basket under the seat which can hold mom’s diaper bag, and a parent console with two cup holders and enclosed storage so you could keep your water and phone at hand.

There are two things to keep in mind. You can get just the stroller for a 6m+ child, or purchase this Baby Trend Expedition Travel System with EZ Flex-Lock infant car seat. The travel system is a good option if you want to use the stroller from day one.

Baby Trend Expedition travel system stroller for the beach
This all terrain stroller is also available as a newborn-ready travel system

This baby stroller is not designed for advanced runners. Apart from the all-terrain wheels that smooth the ride out, it doesn’t have any suspension system. I don’t recommend it for long distances or running at higher speed.

According to parents who own it, Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller is nothing fancy, but it does the job. It’s all terrain and handles sand pretty well. It really narrow and slim, and weighs 27 lbs so it doesn’t feel cumbersome.

PRO TIP: There is no such things as lightweight stroller for beach and sand. But if you feel like these strollers are too heavy and bulky for your seaside stroller, I recommend you to check out this Thule Spring and this Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 stroller.

They also have a 3-wheel design, but they are much lighter and more compact. In contrast to other beach strollers, they have smaller wheels filled with foam, so they won’t get through deep loose sandy beach, but on wet and hard-packed sand they should do the job. Keep in mind they are not designed for running, only for walks.

5. Bugaboo Fox 3

Bugaboo Fox3 push pram on the beach
Bugaboo Fox3

My last recommendation is for parents who have more flexible budget, and want a stroller that is easy to operate in crowded city, and also performs well on beach sand.

Bugaboo differs from other strollers in this ranking, because it has 4-wheel design and foam-filled tires. But it has one feature that none of the jogging strollers has: 2-wheel position that allow you to pull the stroller over beach sand.


Here’s why Bugaboo Fox 3 is one of the best beach strollers:

  • It has 8.5″ front wheels and 12″ rear wheels – they are big enough to handle wet and hard-packed sand,
  • Front wheels swivel but you can also lock them for getting through rugged terrain,
  • There’s a 4-wheel suspension that makes the ride more stable and cushioned,
  • You can put this baby stroller into 2-wheel position and pull it behind you over the sand (using only the big rear wheels),

The stroller seat transforms into a newborn-ready bassinet – you just need to change the fabrics (included in the price). Fox 3 is also infant car seat compatible. You can find full list of infant car seats that work with Bugaboo Fox in my review.

Bugaboo Fox3 features 2-wheel position that allows to pull the stroller over sand
Bugaboo Fox3 features 2-wheel position that allows to pull the stroller over sand

With toddler seat fabric this stroller is suitable up to 48.5 pounds. Reclining seat is reversible – so when your baby is little they can face you, and when they get older and more curious about the world, they can start riding facing front. Other strollers in this ranking don’t have this useful feature.

Fox comes with a bumper bar, HUGE canopy to full sun protection and decent storage basket that can accommodate medium-size diaper bag.

Bugaboo Fox 3 stroller weight is just below 27 pounds and lot’s of parents say it feels light to push and steers with one hand.

Because this stroller doesn’t have large air filled tires I don’t recommend it for deep and loose sand, although you should be able to pull it through sand when using 2-wheel mode.

4 Best Double Beach Strollers For Twins & Siblings

If you have or plan on having two children, wagon stroller for sand and beach is better option than a double jogging stroller.

In contrast to regular strollers, wagon stroller can be pushed or pulled which is very convenient especially when you’re getting through wet or loose sand.

Nevertheless, I have included two regular double jogging strollers for the beach because they perform really well on multiple types of rough terrains and the regular seats may feel more comfy for some babies.

The most important thing that you should keep in mind when choosing double stroller for the beach is its weight. They usually weigh at least 32 pounds which is a lot to push.

Now let’s get to my ranking.

My favorite beach strollers for two kids and best wagon strollers for the beach in 2022 are:

1. BOB Revolution Flex 3.0 Duallie

BOB Flex 3.0 Duallie
BOB Flex 3.0 Duallie

If you’re looking for the best quality stroller that will serve you for many years and provide best performance on sand, you should check out Flex 3.0 Duallie. Keep in mind that for this double beach stroller you will need a bigger budget.


Most of its features are the same that you can find on a single version:

  • 3-wheel design with air-filled tires for bump-less ride,
  • 12″ front wheel and 16″ rear wheels,
  • Swivel wheel in the front can be locked on rough terrain like sand,
  • Front wheel has adjustable tracking,
  • Excellent suspension that smoothes out the ride even for two heavy kids.

All of these features make BOB double stroller perfect for the use on the beach.

BOB double jogging stroller has massive wheels with pneumatic tires and top-notch suspension
BOB double jogging stroller has massive wheels with pneumatic tires and top-notch suspension

Its roomy seats can hold tall toddlers or older kids. You can also use this stroller for baby and toddler – it can hold one infant car seat. Two separately-adjustable canopies provide good coverage from the sun rays. Underseat basket has plenty room for all necessities when you’re on beach holidays.

This jogging stroller has rotating handlebar so you’ll be able to adjust the grip when pushing the stroller through sand.

BOB Revolution Flex 3.0 Duallie weighs 33.1 lbs. Lots of parents say that it’s a lot to carry, but it feel easy to push and operate. Of course on loose sand it may feel more difficult.

2. Evenflo Pivot Xplore All-Terrain Stroller Wagon

Evenflo Xplore Wagon-Stroller
Evenflo Xplore 2in1 Wagon&Stroller

Evenflo all-terrain stroller wagon is awesome affordable option for walks on the beach.

It has two seats – each with 55 lbs capacity and adjustable canopy. I like the fact that these sunshades have mesh vents to prevent little passengers from overheating (unfortunately there’s no peek a boo window).


Although this wagon won’t reply your everyday stroller, it may be a good solution for your beach vacay.

  • It has rubber all terrain wheels: 8″ in the front and 10.5″ in the back,
  • The handlebar flips from one side to the other so you can push this wagon just like a stroller or pull it behind you – which makes it easier to get through beach sand,
  • There’s a side cargo basket for some beach toys, towels and drinks.

In the middle there’s a double child tray with two cup holders and two places for snacks.

Evenflo Xplore wagon for the beach
If you’re looking for a wagon stroller for the beach, Evenflo is great inexpensive option

As you can see this Evenflo wagon differs a lot from other beach strollers in terms of design. It doesn’t have pumped tires and the smaller front swivel wheels do not lock. That’s why it’s fine on compact sand, but it’s not that easy with powered sand.

Bear in mind this beach wagon stroller weight: 34.7 lbs. It can accommodate two children up to 5 years, and with a special car seat adapter it can hold 1 infant car seat.

3. Wonderfold W2 Luxe Wagon Stroller

Wonderfold Wagon W2 Luxe
Wonderfold Wagon W2 Luxe

I decided to include Wonderfold W2 Luxe in my ranking, even though it’s one of the most expensive all terrain stroller wagons.


It has tons of amazing features and works great as a beach stroller:

  • 9.75″ front wheels with built-in suspension and 11.5″ rear wheels – made of rubber with noticeable tread,
  • You can push it with an adjustable handlebar or pull with a hidden rope – the latter option is great for compact sand,
  • There’s an adjustable and removable rooftop that provides nice protection from the sun,
  • Each of the reclining seats has a capacity of 45 pounds,
  • It has mesh sides to improve air flow inside the wagon,
  • There’s a side basket and some storage pockets for your essentials for a day at the beach.

It doesn’t have 3-wheel design or pneumatic tires so I don’t recommend it for powered and super soft sand or root rails, but it does the job on wet sand, especially when you pull it.

Wonderfold W2 Luxe Wagon beach day
This is an awesome wagon for beach day, theme parks and other outdoor adventures

You should also keep in mind that it’s quite heavy. Nevertheless, using a beach wagon stroller is always a great fun for kids because they sit facing each other, can interact and play with each other. I only wish it had some cup holders.

Beach stroller wagon comes in great use when you visit a zoo, theme parks or amusement parks.

4. Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger

Baby Trend Expedition Double
Baby Trend Expedition Double

I picked this double stroller mainly because it has budget-friendly price. It may be a good option if you need a second stroller just for occasional strolls along the seaside or for beach vacation.


Here’s why I consider this to be one of the best strollers for sand:

  • Large wheels with bicycle tires roll easily and cushion the ride,
  • Front wheel swivels when you need more agility and locks when you need more stability,
  • There’s a large plastic footrest which is easy to clean from sandy or muddy shoes.

This jogging stroller has two seats that recline separately. However, there’s only one canopy that covers both seats. It’s quite small but it rotates forward to protect babies from low sun.

There is one thing that I’m sure you’re going to love: the seats have vented tops to keep good air flow, so even on hot summer days your kids won’t get sweaty.

This jogger comes with parent console that has two cup holders and a storage for your smartphone. Underneath the seats there’s a wide storage bin that should fit mom’s diaper bag or some beach towels and snacks.

Expedition Double Jogger has reclining seats with mesh tops, easy-to-clean footrest and large wheels
Expedition Double Jogger has large wheels, reclining seats with mesh tops, easy-to-clean footrest and ratcheting canopy

Double Expedition jogging stroller weighs about 32.5 lbs. According to parents, it’s still easy to push and turn, even with two heavy kiddos.

Keep in mind that it doesn’t have suspension system therefore I don’t recommend it for fast running or very bumpy terrain. It doesn’t soak up shocks as good as BOB jogging stroller. Nevertheless, Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger is definitely the best double stroller for the beach at low price.

What Stroller Is Good For Sand? – Features To Look Out For In A Beach Stroller

Here are the most important functions that good baby beach strollers should have to perform well on sandy terrain.

3-Wheel Design

Strollers with 3-wheel design are more agile and easier to maneuver, especially on challenging terrains like a sandy beach. This construction makes them smoother to push and turn.

Skip strollers that have dual wheels – they will easily get stuck in sand.

Locking Swivel Front Wheel

The best beach strollers have swivel front wheel that can be locked when you get through rougher terrain or moving at higher speed. Pushing a stroller with swiveling front wheel through the sand is a nightmare.

Large Air Filled Tires

If you need a stroller for the beach, you need to choose one with large wheels and air-filled tires. 5″ wheel won’t be enough to get through the sand and will easily get stuck. Choose a stroller that has at least 12″ wheels.

On the other hand, if you’re not going to use your beach stroller on deep and loose sand, you may want to consider foam-filled tires. But keep in mind they will only handle flat, wet and hard-packed sand.


To prevent your baby from shaking and getting bumped around, your beach stroller needs to have a good suspension system.

Suspension soaks up bumps and makes the ride smoother for the little passenger, even when he/she gets older and heavier.


Obviously if you are going to push or pull the stroller through the sandy beaches, it can’t be excessively heavy. But you should be aware that there is no such thing as a lightweight stroller for beach and sand!

Lightweight and compact strollers have small wheels with tiny tires that can’t handle the sand. Umbrella strollers and not designed for beaches. Especially if you plan on strolling on deep and loose sand, you will need the best beach stroller and it will have large wheels and weigh 23 lbs+.

Nevertheless, if you feel like a jogging stroller for the beach is too bulky and excessively heavy for you, consider check out all-terrain strollers like Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 or Thule Spring. They also offer smooth ride, but you will need to stay on smoother ground (like hand-packed sand, rather than deep sand).


If you’re going to use your beach stroller in summer, make sure to pick one with big canopy to keep the sun out of baby’s eyes and prevent him/her from sun burns.

Moreover, there should be some mesh vents in the canopy and/or the seat to increase the air circulation and prevent your little one from sweating or getting overheated.

Best Beach Stroller – FAQ

If you’re still unsure what is the best stroller for sand for your family, here are some basic tips that hopefully will help you narrow down your choice.

Best Beach Strollers

Can You Use A Stroller On The Beach?

You can use stroller on the beach, but you will definitely need an all terrain stroller with large wheels to avoid getting stuck in sand.

Best strollers for the beach come with pumped tires that roll easier through sand. Suspension system is another important feature, because it will protect your baby from getting bumped around when you push the stroller in uneven sand.

Good stroller for beach holidays should also have a reclining seat where your little one could comfortably nap. Large canopy is a must-have too – protection from harmful sun rays in very important. Look out for all terrain strollers that have lots of mesh vents in the canopy for good air circulation.

Most of the all terrain strollers has seats suitable only from 6 months, therefore if you want to use your beach stroller for a newborn baby, choose one that accepts infant car seats.

You can also opt for travel system combo that includes matching stroller and infant car seat (like the Baby Trend Expedition travel system).

In most cases getting a travel system is more affordable solution than buying a stroller and car seat separately.

Do Strollers Work In Sand?

All terrain strollers with large wheels and lockable front wheel work in sand. If the sand is deep and powered, you will need really big tires so the stroller could maneuver without tipping.

Remember to clean the stroller after using it on the beach. Sand and salty water may damage tires, wheel bearings and suspension. Before storing your beach stroller, make sure it’s all dry, to avoid rust and mold.

Read more about stroller cleaning and maintenance here >>

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