Owlet vs. Snuza – Which Baby Monitor Is Better?

Are you hesitating which baby monitor to choose: Owlet vs. Snuza? This comparison will help you to decide between pricey Smart Sock with phone app that you can use anywhere and the inexpensive baby monitor that attaches to baby diaper.

Owlet vs Snuza - Comparison of baby breathing and movement monitors

Owlet Smart Sock and Snuza Hero are two popular baby monitors that allow parents to track their baby’s vitals. According to manufacturers, thanks to these devices you can rest assured that your little one is sleeping soundly. They give parents peace of mind, by providing them with important information about baby’s health and well-being.

These are wearable baby monitors which means your child needs to wear them throughout the night (during nap time) in order to track their vital signals.

It’s important to notice that only the Hero SE is a breathing monitor, Owlet Smart Sock doesn’t monitor baby’s respiratory rate – instead it tracks your baby’s heart rate and oxygen level.

Now you are probably wondering which of these two baby monitors is actually more accurate and reliable. Many parents struggle to choose between Owlet vs. Snuza because of a HUGE price difference.

If you’re just like many other moms and dads unsure which baby monitors to choose, this article is for you. I hope my review and side-by-side comparison will help you decide which device is better fit for your needs.

This article is not a substitute for medical advice. It contains affiliate links.

Most Popular
Dream Sock
Cheap Option
Snuza Hero SE - Portable, Wearable Baby Breathing Motion Monitor with Vibration and Alarm. Clips onto Diaper Get Peace of Mind with The Snuza HeroSE.
Best Features
❤️ The only smart monitor that tracks heart rate and oxygen saturation
❤️ Portable and perfect for travel
❤️ Sends alerts to your smartphone
❤️ Tracks baby's breathing motion
❤️ Wearable monitor clips onto disposable diapers and cloth diapers
❤️ A lot cheaper than Owlet
✨ Recommended by 2020+ parents!
✨ Recommended by 250+ parents
Most Popular
Dream Sock
Best Features
❤️ The only smart monitor that tracks heart rate and oxygen saturation
❤️ Portable and perfect for travel
❤️ Sends alerts to your smartphone
✨ Recommended by 2020+ parents!
Availability & Price
Cheap Option
Snuza Hero SE - Portable, Wearable Baby Breathing Motion Monitor with Vibration and Alarm. Clips onto Diaper Get Peace of Mind with The Snuza HeroSE.
Best Features
❤️ Tracks baby's breathing motion
❤️ Wearable monitor clips onto disposable diapers and cloth diapers
❤️ A lot cheaper than Owlet
✨ Recommended by 250+ parents
Availability & Price

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Main Differences Between Owlet vs. Snuza

There are 5 important differences between these baby monitors:

  • Owlet Smart Sock 3 is designed for baby’s foot, while the Snuza Hero SE baby monitor clips onto baby’s diaper.
  • Owlet tracks baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels, as well as sleep patterns. On the other hand, the Hero SE baby monitor tracks breathing movements.
  • Owlet can be used even with 5 year old kids (with this Extension Pack – larger sock fabric), while Snuza works only for younger babies who wear diapers at night.
  • Smart Sock has WiFi and sends data to dedicated smartphone app – when it detect an increase or decrease in baby’s heart rate or oxygen level it will send an alert. You can receive alerts wherever you are. Hero SE doesn’t have an app or WiFi therefore you need to stay close to your child to be able to hear the alarm.
  • Smart Sock has convenient wireless charging. Snuza uses CR2 size battery that should last for about 6 months. It doesn’t have any adapter or rechargeable batteries.

Owlet vs. Snuza Hero SE – Detailed Comparison

There are tons of important differences between Owlet and Snuza baby monitor.

Owlet vs. Snuza Hero

With Owlet you have three options. You can purchase the Smart Sock that monitors baby’s oxygen level and heart rate, get the Owlet camera or choose Monitor Duo that includes both pieces and allows you to save $50.

Hero SE doesn’t offer a camera to monitor baby’s movement during the night. In contrast to Owlet, Snuza Hero SE is a breathing monitor and it tracks baby’s respiratory movements. It’s noteworthy that Snuza is WAY CHEAPER than Owlet.

What’s important, none of these monitors is approved in the US as medical devices!

Now let’s dive into detailed comparison of these two baby monitors.

Owlet Smart Sock vs. Snuza Hero SE Baby Breathing Monitor

The biggest difference between these monitors is how they work and what they track.

Owlet Smart Sock 3 vs Snuza Hero SE Breathing Monitor - Comparison

Owlet Smart Sock is a fabric that wraps around baby’s foot with built-in sensor. Thanks to pulse oximetry technology it allows you to monitor baby vitals: oxygen saturation levels and heart rate. So this monitor doesn’t actually track breathing, but gives you important information about your child’s health and monitors if your baby is okay.

When the heart rate and oxygen levels are outside preset safety zones, the Smart Sock sends an alert to your mobile app, and the base station flashes red. The preset zones for Owlet are:

  • High heart rate (above 220 BPM)
  • Low heart rate (below 60 BPM)
  • Low oxygen saturation (below 80%)

You can put a regular sock on Owlet Smart Sock, you can also swaddle your little one when they are wearing the Owlet Sock.

Snuza Hero is also a wearable monitor, but this one clips onto baby’s diaper. In contrast to Owlet, it tracks breathing and abdominal movement. According to parents, Snuza baby monitor works with cloth diapers too, but it may require more adjustments to clip it on properly.

When the breathing movements stop, after 15 seconds Hero vibrates gently to rouse the baby. If the motion is still not detected after another 5 seconds, Hero alarm goes off.

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Owlet Baby Monitor & Snuza Hero Se Baby Monitor – False Alarms

Okay, so now we know what these baby monitors track, but the more important thing is How accurate Owlet and Snuza are? Lots of parents wonder whether these devices can prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and worry about false alarms.

You should keep in mind that these are NOT MEDICAL DEVICES and they are not designed to reduce SIDS.

Owlet vs Snuza - False Alarm

With Owlet Smart Sock 2 lots of parents complained about frequent false alarms. The design and accuracy of Smart Sock 3 have been improved and it seems like the false positive alerts are less often. It’s very important to put the sock on properly and use it in the right way (for example, it should not be used in baby swing or vibrating bassinet like Snoo or cheaper alternatives).

I’ve seen some videos where parents compare the Owlet with medical equipment in NICU and it turned out to be pretty accurate!

I also went through dozens of Snuza Hero reviews and it seems like it doesn’t cause frequent false alarms, especially when used with disposable diapers. Moms also recommend dressing baby in onesie to hold the monitor in place and prevent it from shifting or unclipping.

*It’s noteworthy that Hero SE is a slightly different version of Snuza Hero MD which was designed to decrease the risk of SIDS and is considered a medical device in Europe. Unfortunately it’s not available in the US.

Video Monitoring

This is another huge difference between these two baby monitors. Snuza doesn’t offer a baby video monitor, at least not in the US. If you want to keep an eye on your baby during nap time and overnight sleep, you will need to get a separate camera (I recommend this Nanit Pro Camera).

Owlet Video Camera
Smart Sock pairs with Owlet camera which has great night vision mode. For Snuza monitor you need to choose a different brand camera

On the other hand, Owlet can be paired with Owlet Camera which allows you to monitor your baby’s movements at night. It will alert you in case of an audio or motion event, like when your baby wakes up or cries. You will be able to watch your baby and receive all notifications in the Owlet smartphone app – there’s no separate parent unit, everything is in the app.

You can purchase the camera separately, or get the Monitor Duo bundle which allows you to save $50.

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The camera streams live and offers video in great quality (HD 1080p), there’s even a HD night vision! You can hear your baby or even talk to them thanks to two-way audio. And the best part is the background audio feature that allows you to use different apps on your phone and still hear your child.

The Cam has also room temperature sensor so you always know if your baby in comfy.

This monitor uses safe, encrypted connection to ensure you’re the only person who has access to the live stream from the camera. It works with WiFi and sends all information to your phone.

I have to admit that this camera is not the best video monitor out there, but it’s nice to have all information about your baby’s sleep and vitals in one place (mobile app).

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WiFi Connectivity & Smartphone App

Only the Owlet has WiFi and works with dedicated smartphone app. It’s really convenient because you receive all alerts and notifications directly on your phone, wherever you are. If your baby is with nanny and the Sock tracks an event you will get the alert even if you’re not at home or you’re in another room.

Owlet App
Only Owlet Monitor works with WiFi and smartphone app – which you can access anywhere

With Snuza it’s not possible, because it doesn’t have an app. Hero SE monitor is just one-piece device with the clip and when it doesn’t track breathing it emits an alert (vibrations and sound). You still have to be pretty close to your baby to hear the alert. On the positive note, it’s a pretty loud alarm.

By the way, lots of parents have been complaining about Owlet app, but I have to admit that it gets better with each update. The brand has been doing really great job with all improvements and now the app is more stable, user-friendly and works more smoothly.


When you purchase Owlet, you receive the sock and base station. The base is not only for showing the alerts, but it’s also a charging station. It takes about 90 minutes to recharge the battery that will last for another 16 hours.

Snuza doesn’t have rechargeable batteries. It uses CR2 size battery. According to parents who have been using Hero SR baby monitor, this battery usually last for about 6 months. On YouTube you can find useful videos for battery replacement.

Snuza clips onto baby diapers
Snuza clips onto baby diaper


Owlet Baby Monitor is much pricier than Snuza baby monitor. It’s a tradeoff for the high technology built-in the Smart Sock, Wi-Fi connectivity and mobile app.

If you’re on smaller budget and looking for baby breathing monitor, and you don’t need fancy features like room temperature sensor or mobile app, Snuza Hero SE Baby Monitor will definitely satisfy you.

Which Is Better: Owlet vs. Snuza? – Final Decision

Your final decision Owlet vs. Snuza will highly depend on your preferences… and your budget.

Snuza vs Owlet

In my opinion, Owlet is better choice because it’s more high-tech monitor, thanks to WiFi connectivity and phone app, you can monitor your baby wherever you are. I like the fact that it sends alerts and alarms to the base station and your cell phone. It’s so convenient. With Hero SE you have to always stay close to your child to hear to alarm.

I like the fact that I can keep an eye and always know that my baby is okay, even when I’m not at home and baby is with nanny or grandparents.

On the other hand, if the smartphone app is not a deal-breaker for you and you have to stick to smaller budget, Snuza Hero seems like a better option.

By the way, with both baby monitors you need to learn how to put them on properly. Both devices are “wearable” which means there is always a risk that the Sock is too loose or too tight, and the Hero can shift or even detach from the diaper. In both cases it can lead to false positive alerts. There is no guarantee that Hero will have less false alarms than the Sock. If you worry about having too many false alarms, it’s important to use these monitors properly and put them on in the right way.

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Snuza vs. Owlet Baby Monitor – FAQ & Safety Tips

If you’re a new anxious parent looking to get some peace of mind and more sleep at night, baby monitor may be a good option. Before you choose Snuza or Owlet, learn more about these devices and how to use them in a safe way.

Snuza Hero MD vs. Snuza Hero SE vs. Snuza GO! vs. Snuza Pico 2

Snuza Hero MD vs Snuza Hero SE vs Snuza go vs Snuza pico

Snuza baby breathing monitor comes in 4 different versions, but only 3 of them can be purchased in the US. Here are the main differences between these baby monitors:

  • Hero MD – Monitors baby’s breathing when they sleep, certified as medical devices in Europe, not available in the US.
  • Hero SE – American version of Snuza monitor, when baby’s breathing motion is not detected it sends audio alert and vibrates.
  • Go! – This one also tracks baby’s breathing motion, but has only audio alerts, no vibrations.
  • Pico 2 – This is more advanced and high-tech monitor that tracks breathing motion, baby’s temperature, body position, as well as sleep patterns. It has audio alerts, vibrations and sends notifications to your smartphone.

Can Baby Monitors Prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)?

It’s important to remember that these are not medical devices and they are not designed to prevent SIDS or treat any medical conditions. If you decide to use baby movement monitor, there is no guarantee that it will protect your baby from SIDS. Whether you splurge on a pricey monitor like the Smart Sock, or choose more pocket-friendly option like the Hero SE, you should still remember about safe sleep practices, recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics:

  • Baby should sleep in their own safe sleep area with firm and flat surface (crib, bassinet, bedside sleeper).
  • Baby should sleep in supine position, not on the stomach (“back to sleep, tummy to play”).
  • No co-sleeping or bed sharing.
  • Baby sleeps without toys, additional loose beddings or blankets.

Can Snuza Prevent SIDS?

Snuza is not a medical device and it cannot prevent SIDS.

Does Owlet Reduce SIDS?

Owlet Baby Monitor is not a medical device and there is no guarantee it will reduce the risk of SIDS.

Is Snuza Safe For Baby?

Generally speaking Snuza is safe and monitors your baby’s breathing movements. In case the motion stops, an audible alarm erupts from the diaper clip. This should give you some peace of mind (and more hours of sleep at night).

Keep in mind that even when your child is sleeping with this wearable monitor, you should not let them to sleep on their tummy. Snuza is also not designed for co-sleeping or bed sharing. Even with the Hero monitor, remember about safe sleep practices.

The only thing that some parents are concerned about is the battery inside the Hero SE, which stays so close to baby’s body.

What Is Comparable To Owlet Sock?

If you’re on smaller budget and looking for a baby monitor that is comparable to Owlet Smart Sock, Snuza Hero and Sense-U breathing monitor are two great alternatives.

These two baby monitors are wearable just like the Smart Sock, but they track your baby’s breathing (not oxygen levels and heart rate like the Sock).

Sensu-U and Hero attach to baby’s diaper and they work as independent devices which means that you don’t need a video camera in order to monitor baby’s vitals (for the Sock you don’t need the camera either).

Hero SE and Sensu-U are comparable to Owlet Smart Sock and they have one HUGE advantage: they are much more affordable.

There’s one more breathing monitor that is a good alternative to Owlet – the Angelcare monitor. For more information check out my comparison of Owlet vs. Angelcare.

The purpose of this article is informative. It’s not a substitute for medical consultation or medical care. Remember: safety first! Consult your doctor/pediatrician in case of any doubts, and before you introduce tummy time. The author of this article does not accept any responsibility for any liability, loss or risk, personal or otherwise, incurred as a consequence, directly or indirectly, from any information or advice contained here. The article contains affiliate links – your support helps us run this blog!

Source of pictures:

Pictures of Hero SE monitor belong to Snuza brand. Source: https://www.snuza.com/

Pictures of Owlet monitor belong to Owlet brand. Source: https://owletcare.com/

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