Best High Chair For BLW In 2023 (For Every Budget)

The best high chair for baby-led weaning can make the self-eating easier and more fun! But choosing the right chair is not an easy task – it has to be comfortable for the little foodie and breeze to clean after the mealtime.

BLW can be really messy, therefore you should avoid highchairs with lots of cervices.

I did BLW with my 3 kids and I’m ready to share the best high chairs that turned out to be a great help during the weaning process.

Best High Chair For Baby Led Weaning

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If you’re just starting out on your baby led weaning journey, then you should know that starting solid food can be really fun!

I think getting the best baby led weaning high chair can be really helpful because cleaning after all messes your baby makes with be easier and quicker.

Plus, if you choose a convertible high chair that grows with the child, you’ll be able to use it even when BLW days are over.

Best BLW High Chair
Evolve BLW high chair by ergobaby
Boon Grub
Stokke Steps Complete
Best Features
❤️ Removable and dishwasher-safe tray - easy to clean after messy mealtime
❤️ Perfect for small spaces - it's a foldable BLW high chair
❤️ Converts into kids chair and kitchen stool
✖️Pretty big footprint
❤️ Easiest to clean high chair - dishwasher-safe tray & seat
❤️ Chair height, footrest and tray position are adjustable for growing child
❤️ Perfect for BLW - no crumb-catching crevices
✖️Doesn't fold for storage
❤️ The seat and tray are easy to wipe-down with wet cloth
❤️ Turns into child's dinning chair or desk chair which can be used even till teenage years
❤️ Easily adjustable footrest
✖️One of the most pricey BLW high chairs
Recommended by 91% of verified buyers!
Recommended by 85% of verified buyers!
Recommended by 94% of verified buyers!
Best BLW High Chair
Evolve BLW high chair by ergobaby
Best Features
❤️ Removable and dishwasher-safe tray - easy to clean after messy mealtime
❤️ Perfect for small spaces - it's a foldable BLW high chair
❤️ Converts into kids chair and kitchen stool
✖️Pretty big footprint
Recommended by 91% of verified buyers!
Boon Grub
Best Features
❤️ Easiest to clean high chair - dishwasher-safe tray & seat
❤️ Chair height, footrest and tray position are adjustable for growing child
❤️ Perfect for BLW - no crumb-catching crevices
✖️Doesn't fold for storage
Recommended by 85% of verified buyers!
Availability & Price
Stokke Steps Complete
Best Features
❤️ The seat and tray are easy to wipe-down with wet cloth
❤️ Turns into child's dinning chair or desk chair which can be used even till teenage years
❤️ Easily adjustable footrest
✖️One of the most pricey BLW high chairs
Recommended by 94% of verified buyers!
Availability & Price

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Ranking Of The Best High Chairs For Baby Led Weaning

Baby-led weaning fosters independence, sure, but the journey to get there can be very, very messy! That’s why choosing the right high chair for baby led weaning can really help.

This post is all about the best high chairs for baby-led weaning (BLW). I review high chairs based on how easy they are to clean and if you can bring baby right up to table for family meals. I

also consider how a chair grows with your child and can be used as a quality piece of furniture when your child is older.

1. Ergobaby Evolve High Chair

Ergobaby Evelve is a modern high chair with an ergonomic design that folds down neatly, so when it’s not in use it doesn’t take up that much space in your home. When your child outgrows the high chair, it easily transforms into a chair, as well as a kitchen helper (a stool) for older children.

Ergobaby Evolve High Chair For BLW converts from infant chair to toddler chair if you remove backrest and tray

It has a super sturdy wooden frame with anti-slip feet, so you don’t have to worry about the stability of this high chair, when you child is climbing on it independently. No wobbling, even when your toddler wiggles a lot.

Ergobaby high chair has convertible design what makes it an excellent investment for YEARS. As a high chair you can use it from approx. 6 months up to 33 lbs, then convert it into a chair for 3+ years old kiddos (maximum weight capacity is 220 lbs which is INCREDIBLE).

What’s really cool about this BLW high chair is that it can be also used as a kitchen stool for kids from 2 to 7 years (100 lbs). Just keep in mind that the Kitchen Helper set cost a few dollars extra.

PRO TIP: If you want to purchase this high chair for BLW, make sure to use code LBG10 at the check out – you will save 10% OFF! Discount applies to all color versions available here >>

I’m sure you will love the fact that you can actually use this chair from infant stage up to teen years.

There are few other features that make Evolve one of my favorite best BLW high chairs: the seat height is adjustable, there is also a footrest so no dangling legs during the mealtime and the tray insert is removable and can be cleaned in a dishwasher so no worries if it gets super messy when your little one is learning self-feeding!



+ Converts from high chair into toddler chair and kitchen stool within few second

+ Folds flat - super easy to store

+ Very sturdy - no wobbling even when child climbs on it

+ Use from 6 months and up (this high chair can hold up to 220 lbs and be a kids desk chair)

+ Baby chair and tray insert are completely removable for easier cleaning


- Pretty large footprint (that's the tradeoff for stability!)

2. Boon GRUB 2-in-1 Convertible High Chair & Toddler Chair

I’ll share what I think is the best baby led weaning high chair out there: this Boon Grub convertible high chair.

Why? Because the detachable tray AND the actual seat are both completely dishwasher safe. This makes cleaning an absolute dream!

Boon Grub Highchair
Boon Grub High Chair

Mama, imagine this: just put the dirty seat and tray, all covered in baby’s sticky mess and bits of food, right in the dishwasher: no scrubbing, no wiping. After the dishwasher does the work, you’re good to go for the next mealtime!

Talk about convenient – this really takes the stress out of messy meals.

From a cleaning perspective, this infant high chair is perfect for baby-led weaning.

The simple design means this chair transforms from a high chair to a table-height chair, to a toddler’s chair (and you can adjust its height o dinner table or kid’s desk).

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Last time I checked Boon GRUB was on sale – you could get it up to 13% OFF. Discount may vary for different color versions so make sure to check it before you purchase the hair. Check if the discount is still available here >>
Grub BOON High Chair
Grub BOON converts from a baby-led weaning highchair into toddler chair

The bucket seat might seem a bit too roomy for little babies. Thankfully you can move the tray closer to your child. I just love all of these adjustments.

But, there are some drawbacks, like the removable tray is actually a bit tough to get off.

Overall, this is the best high chair for ease of cleaning and becomes a cute chair when your child enters the toddler years.



+ Seats babies 6 months and up, with adjustable height levels

+ Wide-angled legs provide a stable base and prevent tipping

+ Adjustable foot rest and 5-point safety harness

+ Bucket seat is curved for baby's comfort

+ Best for cleaning: the whole seat is dishwasher-safe and easy to wipe

+ Lightweight steel frame

+ Transforms to table-height and then a toddler chair


- Must remove the straps before cleaning

- Takes up quite a lot of space & does not fold

3. Stokke Steps

If you want the best high chair that grows with the child, has tons of adjustments and is easy to clean then Stokke Steps is for you.

It has all the easy-to-clean elements moms love (just wipe the plastic seat down) in a durable, long-lasting highchair that grows with your child.

Stokke Steps All Versions
Stokke Steps – All versions of the chair

Simply remove the baby seat to change it into a dining room chair, that actually looks like a nice chair for your home. It has a high weight limit which means you child will be able to use it basically until teenage years.

There are additional accessories, such as a baby bouncer for newborns, seat cushions and silicone tray. The cushion comes in many cute colors. Keep in mind that only this Steps Complete Version of the chair includes cushion and the tray. You can also get these accessories separately later on.

One thing I don’t like about this chair is that the height is not adjustable. You can raise or lower the footrest, even adjust the backrest but you cannot lengthen the legs.

You will likely need to use the removable tray unless you have a dining table the exact right height for this high chair. According to parents, Steps fits most dinning tables.

>> Read my full review of Stokke Steps



+ Has a great safety rating, is certified by the JPMA (juvenile products manufacturers association)

+ Durability - seat is made of strong plastic and legs are solid wood, it is a very sturdy highchair

+ Longevity - use this chair from newborn stage up through childhood, it holds up to 187 lbs

+ Easy to clean - even the five-point safety harness is machine washable

+ No dangling legs - there are 5 levels for the adjustable footrest

+ Backrest is adjustable which ensures baby's correct posture


- Harness is at bit awkward to remove and replace after cleaning

- Chair height is not adjustable

- Rather on the high end

4. Primo Cozy Tot Deluxe Convertible High Chair

If you are short on space, look at the Promo Cozy Tot Deluxe. This high chair folds flat, is incredibly compact and easy to store.

Primo Cozy Tot Deluxe High Chair
Primo Cozy Tot Deluxe High Chair

I like that it has an adjustable footrest with two levels (1.5 inch apart) and an adjustable tray with 3 distance settings. This will ensure that your baby sits in correct position (no dangling legs, no slouching or sliding off)

I’d say this is a great compact foldable high chair for a small space and one of the best affordable baby-led weaning chairs.

The tray insert is removable and dishwasher safe, beside the plastic is easy to clean (just wipe it down). You can easily fold the tray down, and then collapse the whole chair.

If you live in a small apartment, this is the best BLW high chair for you because you can store it aside when meal time is over.

Once you’re done with BLW Primo Cozy Tot coverts into a toddler chair for kids up to 3 years.



+ Removable tray insert is easily wipeable

+ Tray has a built-in cup holder

+ Plastic seat is easy to clean

+ Very compact & foldable design = easy storage

+ Converts into toddler chair

+ Tray and footrest can be adjusted to baby's size


- Foldable tray not ideal for bringing baby to table (I would like it fully removable, with the harness still intact)

5. Stokke Tripp Trapp

This is a popular high chair and is designed to last through multiple kids, for several decades. It is a high chair that you can pass down through your family (and to the next generation) because of its trademark adjustable seat.

Stokke Tripp Trapp grow with the baby
Stokke Tripp Trapp grows with the baby and thanks to high weight limit even adults can use it

The Tripp Trapp is one of the safest chairs, in terms of stability and ergonomic design, but one of the draw backs – especially for baby led weaning – is that it is not the easiest to clean.

If you’ve started introducing solids to your child, you know how messy it can get! Eliminating the nooks and crannies available for babies to cram food into is really important. That’s why I find this chair a bit hard to clean, especially for baby-led weaning.

If you love this chair and want to do baby led weaning, I suggest using it with this Grabease All-Over Bib that covers the baby AND the whole chair with tray. This way, baby is less likely to stick the food into the cracks of the seat.



+ Certified by JPMA

+ Designed to prevent tipping

+ Grows with your child, adjusting is easy

+ Longevity- this is a solid wood chair that will last for decades

+ It has weight limi of 250 lbs, even adults can use it


- Baby support is not easy to replace, fabric cushion requires a machine wash, belly band is not removable

- Small nooks and crannies catch lots the food (From one mama to another, I warned you! Get this All Over Bib to avoid crumbs in all crevices)

- Keep that Allen key! You're going to need it for cleaning and height adjustments

6. Abiie Beyond Wooden High Chair

The Abiie Beyond Wooden High Chair feels like a modern take on the Stokke Tripp Trapp, but for a slightly lower price.

Abiie Beyond Wooden BLW High Chair
Abiie Beyond High Chair

Some of the features include removable seat pads and a safety harness that are actually easy to wipe, but if you need to deep clean them they are also easy to replace.

The tray is very easy to remove and it has a dishwasher-safe plastic tray cover (with a built-in cup holder). The seat and footrest are both very easy to adjust.

This is another chair that grows with your child and becomes a solid piece of furniture for your home, doubling as a dining room chair or desk chair when our child grows up.

Basically, this high chair has everything you want in the Tripp Trapp, but with easy-to-remove straps and less need of Allen keys.



+ Easily transforms from a high chair to a toddler chair and eventually adults chair

+ Seat pads and five-point harness are easy to clean and replace

+ Tray easily slides in and out for easy cleaning

+ Footrest adjust for small babies, as well as tall preschoolers


- Food easily gets stuck between the gaps of the seat cushion and the crotch restraint

- Non-adjustable seat height

7. Keekaroo Height Right

As the name implies, this chair is the ‘right height’ for most dining tables. The appeal of this wooden high chair is that it easily transforms into a regular chair, or even a desk chair.

This is more than just a baby high chair, it actually is a piece of furniture for your home.

Keekaroo Height Right
Keekaroo Height Right with tray and infant insert

Safety-wise, it’s pretty good, but there are requirements that you must use with the tray attached for safety reasons; I prefer a chair for baby-led weaning that can sit right against my table for family meals, without any safety concerns.

The baby seat insert might be a good concept, acting like a booster seat that fits into the highchair, but it is not nice to clean! It has little gaps where food will get stuck.

You can choose this chair in various versions: Keekaroo chair with tray, infant insert or cloth cushion. I recommend you this complete bundle >>



+ Easily becomes a chair even an adult can sit on (holds up to 250 lbs)

+ Fits most dining tables

+ The complete version includes accessories such as a dishwasher safe tray cover and baby insert

+ Durable and solid wooden high chair


- Difficult to clean: spaces for food to get into and the baby seat insert catches food in holes for straps

- Must use with tray for safety reasons until child is approximately 3 years old

What To Look Out For In Best BLW High Chair?

What separates BLW high chairs from most high chairs? Lets start with what to look for in good high chairs in general, whether you are doing baby-led weaning or traditional weaning:

  • Safety features (including fall prevention mechanisms)
  • Stability
  • Durability
  • Proper support for baby’s posture (i.e. it should have a footrest for baby’s feet)
  • Wipe-clean tray

What Features Should The Best High Chairs For Baby-Led Weaning Have?

  • Removable tray that helps baby sit right up against the table for family mealtimes
  • No spaces or crevices for food to get stuck in
  • Easy to remove harness (I like three-point harnesses, because shoulders straps on five-point harnesses get very messy)
  • Easy to clean or easy to wipe (I prefer to use the dishwasher)
  • Adjusts into different positions and can accommodate small babies
  • Adjustable footrest and resizable harness and straps
  • It can become a safe toddler chair and be used beyond the baby years
PRO TIP: When I was doing BLW with my kiddos, I skipped seat covers and cushions. I don’t care how ‘washable’ or ‘waterproof’ a seat cover is. There was always lots of spills and crumbs and I don’t like extra laundry! Instead, I prefer a seat that is comfortable and adjustable for my baby, so that I don’t need to worry about cleaning cushions.

Benefits Of Using BLW High Chair

If you are interested to start baby led weaning, you may want to know a few of the benefits. Studies show that baby-led weaning:

  • Encourages independence and develops fine motor skills
  • Teaches healthy food habits and helps a baby recognize when they are full
  • Encourages solid foods from the get-go (which means no more preparing two separate meals for your family, Mama!)
  • Allows baby to make decisions about foods and may actually make them more adventurous eaters

Baby Led Weaning High Chairs – FAQ

You already know what are the best baby-led weaning high chairs. Now it’s time to learn more about types of these chairs and decide whether a high chair is a must-have for BLW.

What Is BLW High Chair?

A BLW high chair helps baby to be in the proper sitting position to eat, encourages them to self feed and helps them to sit at the table with the whole family for mealtimes.

Is High Chair Necessary For BLW?

While I think a high chair certainly makes it easier for baby-led weaning, it’s not a requirement. You could sit with your baby on your lap in front of the table, but I find high chairs really encourage independence and allow parents to have a bit of freedom while still being nearby as baby enjoys a meal.

Tripp Trapp High Chair

When Can Babies Start Using High Chairs?

In most cases, your baby should be able to sit upright on their own, without support, in order to begin using a high chair. Of course, you want the chair to provide stability and help them to be comfortable for sitting for a long period of time.

But they should have reached the developmental milestone of sitting independently before beginning to use a high chair, which usually happens around 6 months of age.

How Do You Get BLW Without A High Chair?

If you don’t have a high chair, you could sit on a regular chair with your little one on your lap and allow them to eat from the table, or you could sit them on the floor, picnic-style with baby’s food set on a clean blanket.

What Equipment Do I Need For BLW?

I definitely recommend getting a few tools that are useful for BLW like the best bib for baby-led weaning (you may want to get wearable all-over bib to keep the mess off your floor and those cute baby onesies) and the best kids placemat. This equipment will keep all messes and spills contained and help you with cleaning after mealtime.

Green Sprouts Baby Snap and Go Bib For Baby Led Weaning

What To Do If My Baby Hates The High Chair?

Here are a few tips what to do if you baby hates the high chair:

Consider if your baby’s high chair is uncomfortable: try a seat pad or pillow at their back. Many babies eat more when they feel well-supported and are comfortable, too!

See if the feeding tray is at the proper height (it should be around at least chest height of your baby).

The issue could also be the footrest. A good high chair will have an adjustable footrest to support your child’s proper posture. It’s not really about the feet, but about baby sitting in the correct position for eating.

Do you like to sit with dangling feet? No, when adults sit on high stools we usually use a foot rest, otherwise our legs start to tingle or we feel uncomfortable. Babies need a footrest, too.

Try joining your child for meal time! Many parents don’t take the time to pause and sit with their baby while he or she is feeding. Take a break and enjoy a snack while your little one has his or her meal.

What Are The Types Of High Chairs?

There are 3 types of high chairs with different features and prices.

Adjustable High Chairs

These chairs easily raise or lower to different heights or positions to accommodate your home and your growing child. They change from a tall high chair to a table-height chair (and hopefully, a toddler chair, too).

They usually have different positions to support your baby as he or she gets older.

Non-Adjustable Standard High Chairs

These are basic high chairs for feeding your baby. They might be foldable for easy storage, but don’t adjust for height. Once your little one is too big for the chair, you cannot use it anymore.

Hook-On (Clip-On) High Chairs

A hook-on high chair connects to your table for the ideal height. They are portable, very easy to store but, they can be annoying to clean or remove and require table space.

What Is The Difference Between High Chair vs. Booster Seat?

The biggest difference between high chair and booster seat is that booster seats are for toddlers, not babies, while most high chairs can be used for infants from 6 months even up to 3 years.

Many toddlers want to eat at the table, but are too small to comfortably use adults chairs. A booster seat is a seat support that fits on a regular chair to help your child reach the appropriate height for eating at the table.

Booster seats are not appropriate for small babies, but they are suitable for toddlers. Young babies, who are just starting with solid foods (think 7-8 month olds) need more support for sitting and should ideally be in a high chair.

Since baby-led weaning encourages children to self feed from an early age, a toddler booster seat won’t cut it for those vital first few months of starting solids.

The best baby led weaning high chairs transform into a safe toddler chair so that you do not need to purchase an additional toddler booster seat.

Is Ikea ANTILOP Highchair Good For BLW?

I heard that plenty of moms love this popular high chair, so I tried it out. Moms: I must say, I don’t love this high chair for baby led weaning.

Ikea Antilop
Ikea Antilop

First of all, the tray is very hard to remove, meaning that it’s not easy to clean it. Next, there is no footrest and the bucket seat is very large (especially for younger children) – two factors that are bad for your baby’s posture and make them less comfortable, and therefore not as interested in eating.

The chair is affordable and easy to assemble (it’s Ikea, duh!), but that’s pretty much all it has going for it. If you want to make this high chair better you can get accessories like a dishwasher-safe tray insert, padded infant insert and an adjustable footrest.

These add-ons are not sold by Ikea, but from from independent companies. Overall, customizing Ikea Antilop will cost you around $100.

Why is this chair so popular?

My guess is that moms like the inexpensive price (under $25) and the additional accessories that allow them to customize this high chair. But, once your child outgrows the highchair, there isn’t much use: this chair doesn’t adjust as your baby grows.

If you’re looking for an extra highchair (for auntie’s house or a rental space, for example) and don’t want to invest a great deal of money, then the IKEA Antilop high chair is an okay choice, but maybe look at something like the Cozy Tot Deluxe.

It’s not the most easy to clean, but it does convert, offers recline positions and will last you longer than the Antilop. All in all, there are plenty of better options high chairs for baby led-weaning out there.

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