Best Baby Carrier For Back Pain In 2024 (+ What Carriers To Avoid)

Even if you’re struggling with bad back, it doesn’t mean you have to give up on baby-wearing with your little one. You just need to choose one of the best carriers for back pain that will support your body properly!

Best Baby Carrier For Back Pain for baby carrying

Best Baby Carrier For Back Pain – Key Takeaways

  • As someone dealing with back pain, I now how hard it can be to find the best baby carrier that would be safe for your growing baby, and keep you free from aches and pains!
  • Using a baby carrier that is not ergonomic and doesn’t distribute baby’s weight evenly across your body, can put strain on the back and pelvis, cause slouching and bad posture, and can only exacerbate your back pain.
  • When choosing the best carrier for back ache, look for one that offers ergonomic support and allows for versatile carrying (4 positions are optimal).
  • The best adjustable baby carrier for back pain is this Lillebaby Complete ergonomic 6-in-1 baby carrier. It has the best lumbar support pads, offers ergonomic carry positions (including facing-in and facing-out), and features adjustable head support for the baby.
  • If you struggle with hip pain, consider getting this Lillebaby Hip SeatMe Hip Seat, as it doesn’t put pressure on hip area. It’s specifically designed for 6m+ babies.

I had back problems after twin pregnancy and it took me a while to find a baby carrier that doesn’t put so much tension or cause hip, shoulder and back soreness.

In this article I am going to share with you my favorite baby carriers for bad backs in various styles which will allow you to carry your children for longer periods.

Here you’ll find backpack carriers with wide shoulder straps and wide waistband that make carrying a baby pain-free, as well as wrap type carrier that is suitable for parents with bad back.

At the end of this article you can read some tips on how to adjust the baby carrier properly to avoid back issues.

Before you start your baby-wearing journey consult your doctor to make sure there are no medical contraindications.

This article is NOT a substitute for medical advice. It contains affiliate links.

Best Baby Carrier For Back Support
Lille Baby Complete
Ergo Omni 360 Carrier
Solly Baby
Best Features
❤️ Features wide sturdy waist belt, thick shoulder straps, special lumbar support and padding under chest strap
❤️ Newborn-ready and suitable up to toddlerhood
❤️ 4 carry positions (including outward facing and back carry)
❤️Reasonable price
❤️ Comfiest baby carrier for parents of all sizes (including petite and plus-size)
❤️ Features thick and wide waist band and padded shoulder strap which don't slide off
❤️ Comes in 4 versions made of different fabrics
❤️ In each carrying position it keeps baby in most healthy and ergonomic position (even when facing out)
❤️ Most breathable, lightweight and cozy wrap carrier EVER
❤️ Fabric wicks moisture away and keeps both you and the baby from overheating
❤️ Strong and flexible fabric molds around your and your baby's body and supports baby's weight
❤️ No pressure points on your back or hips
✨ 1000+ positive reviews!
✨ Recommended by 1100+ parents!
✨ Recommended by 1300+ moms!
Best Baby Carrier For Back Support
Lille Baby Complete
Best Features
❤️ Features wide sturdy waist belt, thick shoulder straps, special lumbar support and padding under chest strap
❤️ Newborn-ready and suitable up to toddlerhood
❤️ 4 carry positions (including outward facing and back carry)
❤️Reasonable price
✨ 1000+ positive reviews!
Ergo Omni 360 Carrier
Best Features
❤️ Comfiest baby carrier for parents of all sizes (including petite and plus-size)
❤️ Features thick and wide waist band and padded shoulder strap which don't slide off
❤️ Comes in 4 versions made of different fabrics
❤️ In each carrying position it keeps baby in most healthy and ergonomic position (even when facing out)
✨ Recommended by 1100+ parents!
Availability & Price
Solly Baby
Best Features
❤️ Most breathable, lightweight and cozy wrap carrier EVER
❤️ Fabric wicks moisture away and keeps both you and the baby from overheating
❤️ Strong and flexible fabric molds around your and your baby's body and supports baby's weight
❤️ No pressure points on your back or hips
✨ Recommended by 1300+ moms!
Availability & Price

Which Baby Carrier Is Best For Your Back?

Do you have bad back? Babywearing makes your back sore? Or maybe you’re just looking for the most comfortable baby carrier to prevent back pain? You’re in the right place!

Below you can see my ranking of the best baby carriers for back support.

1. Lillebaby Complete Newborn To Toddler Carrier

According to dozens of parents, this is the best baby carrier for lower back pain. It has tons of useful feature, but for people struggling with bad backs, the most important function is lumbar support.

Lillebaby Complete
Lillebaby Complete

Lillebaby Complete comes with a special pillow that sits on your lower back. It’s designed to provide support for lumbar spine and helps to relieve the pressure off of the lower part of your back.

Moreover, thanks to this lumbar support, nothing digs into your skin, because all straps are well covered. Nothing irritates your skin and there’s less stress on your back.

There is also cushy padding on both sides and on the front of the wide waist belt. This helps to remove the pressure from your hips and pelvis.

Lillebaby Complete is one of the best supportive baby carriers thanks to lumbar support and wide padded straps
From all baby carriers that I tested, Lillebaby Complete offers by far the best lumbar support thanks to this large and nicely padded pillow and sturdy waist belt

Other feature that makes Lillebaby an amazing carrier for back pain is the sternum strap (also called chest strap) with protective padding.

This strap is located on your upper back, between the shoulder blades. It’s supposed to ensure even weight distribution reduce, reduce shoulder strain and improve stability when you’re carrying heavier baby.

Most of buckle baby carriers have this strap, but what distinguishes Lillebaby Complete is the padding that prevent the strap and buckle from digging into your back.

There are also wide, extra padded shoulder straps which you can adjust to your body size – They are super cushy and thick and ensure proper weight distribution. They help to avoid neck strain and shoulder pain. Moreover, they are crossable which also reduces back strain.

PRO TIP: Lille Complete soft structured carriers come in a few versions. I recommend this Airflow with mesh panel for summer babywearing and hot weather. On the other hand, this All-Season version has zip-down fabric panel that allows you to reveal breathable mesh underneath. It’s useful for regulating baby’s temperature, mild climate and changing weather conditions.

Overall, this soft structured carrier feels very comfortable to wear, because it distributes baby’s weight evenly across wearer’s body and doesn’t put stress on your back, shoulders or hips.

According to parents who own this baby carrier, it makes babywearing so easy and light. Even with a heavier child you don’t feel their weight, you don’t get tired after a few minutes and your back is well-supported.

Other features that make Lillebaby Complete one of the best babywearing carriers:

  • It has adjustable seat, extendable back panel and neck support. It’s been acknowledged as hip-healthy by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute which means it has ergonomic design and keeps infants in safe and natural position (called frog position) with M-shaped legs and thighs supported from knee to knee.
  • It offers 4 different carrying positions: front facing inward, front facing outward, hip and back carry. This means it grows with the baby.

Most moms agree that Lillebaby is most comfy for average in height and tall people. For short mamas the shoulder straps may feel a bit bulky or slide off their shoulder. If you’re a petite mama check the next baby carrier in this ranking – Ergo Omni 360.

2. Ergobaby Omni 360 (Now up to $30 OFF)

Ergobaby Omni 360 takes the second place in my ranking of the best baby carriers for back support.

Ergobaby Omni 360
Ergobaby Omni 360

It also has fantastic lumbar pillow – the cushion is pretty big and thick so it provides good low back support.

What’s more, the wide waist belt also features cushy padding and it is highly-adjustable for different body types.

The thing that I really like about Ergo carriers is their shoulder straps. They are thick and crossable, have lots of padding and wide range of adjustments, but they are not as bulky as Lillebaby straps.

I’m short and petite but I’ve never had any issues with straps slide off my shoulders when I was babywearing with Omni 360 (I’ve been using this Cool Air Mesh versions).

Of course taller person, or someone who doesn’t have sore back, can wear shoulder straps in backpack style.

I only wish the chest strap had some padding, like Lille Complete.

Omni 360 offers 4 different carrying positions
After having twins I had some back problems, but with Omni 360 I was able to carry my newborns without pain for longer periods than with other baby carriers

All those adjustments, padding, supportive waist belt and lumbar pillow, ensure baby’s weight is spread evenly across mom’s body. You can babywear for long periods without worrying about straining your shoulders or back soreness.

By the way, even now when I’m occasionally using Ergo Omni 360 for my 3-year-old, he feels so light and I’d never say I’m carrying 30-pound child!

PRO TIP: If you missed out on your chance to get Omni during huge Cyber Monday sale, I have good news for you. Some colors are still $30 OFF (check which ones here)! If your favorite print is not on sale, make sure to use this discount code: LBG10 at checkout here to grab 10% discount for your Ergo Omni.

Here are other functions that you should know of, before you decide to purchase Omni 360:

  • It’s also a hip-healthy baby carrier. It has adjustable bucket seat and always keeps baby in ergonomic position. It allows infants to rest in spread-squat position with M-shaped legs and rounded C-shaped spine. It’s the safest and healthiest position for baby’s hip and spine development.
  • You can babywear in 4 positions: front carry facing inward or outward, hip carry or back carry.

This backpack carrier comes in 4 versions made from different fabrics. If you live in hot climate or have tendency to sweat a lot, or you’re worried about your baby getting overheated, I recommend you this Omni Breeze which has the coolest and most “airy” fabric.

For families living in cold or mild climate I recommend Omni Cotton which is the warmest version. It’s also a great solution if you have smaller budget because some of its colors are now on sale (up to $30 savings).

PRO TIP: If you decide to get Omni 360 right now during Cyber Monday sale, you will receive FREE Ergobaby Embrace carrier (value of $79). It works perfect for newborns and small infants, and also ensures even weight distribution. Get your FREE Ergo carrier here 👈

3. Lillebaby SeatMe Hip Seat (Holiday Sale: $50 OFF)

This back-friendly carrier is pretty unique because it converts from a standard structured carrier into a hip seat.

Lillebaby SeatMe
Lillebaby SeatMe

I recommend it for carrying babies at least 6 months old who have good neck and head control.

The SeatMe has a shelf seat with thick insert that ensures the baby stays in ergonomic position, while removing the pressure off your shoulders and back.

Thanks to the shelf seat and proper weight distribution, your baby feel way more lightweight and there’s less stress on your hips, pelvic floor, lower back, shoulders and neck.

Moreover, Lillebaby SeatMe has wide padded waistband which provides good support for your lumbar spine. There are also wide cushy shoulder straps and a small padded pillow right underneath the sternum strap buckle which prevents it from digging into your shoulder blades.

Lillebaby SeatMe Hip Seat
Hip Seat comes in handy when your kiddo is all grown-up and heavier and your sore arms need a break

What’s noteworthy, you can use the shelf seat on its own as a hip seat. It’s a great option for older babies for meals on-the-go and quick ups, because it minimizes the strain on your back and gives you at least one free hand.

What you should also know about Lillebaby SeatMe:

  • It can be used in 3 carrying positions when the shelf seat is open: inward facing and forward facing position and back carry position.
  • The convertible seat keeps baby in healthy M-shaped position that is safe for their hips. There is also a padded head support that can be easily extended or folded away.
  • Front panel is made of mesh and has all-season fabric cover that you can unzip when the weather becomes warmer.
  • What distinguishes this baby carrier is the large storage pocket integrated with the hip seat. It’s much more spacious than on other baby carriers and can fit more of your necessities when you’re out and about.

4. Beco Gemini 8

It’s an all-season and all-position back-friendly baby carrier. I chose Beco Gemini 8 for my ranking because it has almost the same features as Lille Complete, but it’s WAY CHEAPER (right now some color versions are even 60% off here >>).

Beco Gemini 8
Beco Gemini 8

Just like Lillebaby, Beco Gemini 8 comes with a special pillow for your lumbar area. It has unique shape, thick padding and you can slide it from side to side to find the ultimate comfort.

Gemini 8 is also one of the best baby carriers for parents with upper back pain. It has wide, adjustable shoulder straps with good cushioning. They are not as thick as Lillebaby Complete straps which means less sweating, but they are still very supportive.

You can wear these straps criss-crossed or in standard backpack style. Crossing the shoulder straps makes babywearing way more comfy (especially if you’re short), because it takes the pressure off of your shoulders and prevents the straps from sliding off.

There is also a wide waist belt with generous padding – it adjusts from 26 to 59 inches which means it will fit petite and plus size parents.

Beco Gemini 8 has crossable shoulder straps and supportive lumbar pillow
Beco carrier distributes weight evenly without straining your back, hips, shoulders and neck

Lots of parents say that they child feels really lightweight when they babywear with Beco.

Other features of Beco Gemini 8:

  • Offers 4 carrying positions: front carry facing inward and outward, hip carry option and back carry.
  • It has a zippered front panel with breathable and lightweight mesh underneath. It keeps the baby warm during colder months and prevents overheating during hot weather.
  • The seat is adjustable and grows with baby. Gemini 8 is a hip-healthy ergonomic baby carrier that allows to carry infants in safe M-shaped position (knees higher than the bum and legs supported from knee to knee). It doesn’t put unnecessary pressure on baby’s hips on spine and keeps baby’s legs from dangling.

The only thing that I don’t like about Gemini 8 is that it requires infant insert for babies under 15 pounds. I’m not a fan of infant inserts because they tend to get hot quickly. The good news is that Beco insert is included and you don’t have to pay extra for it, and it’s removable.

I recommend Beco Gemini 8 baby carrier for parents with bad backs for babywearing from 5-6 months. It’s also one of the best soft structured carriers for toddler years.

PRO TIP: All Beco carriers are on sale now and you can get them even 60% cheaper! Pick your favorite color here >> If you want to see more patterns I recommend you to check out the collection on Amazon – last time I checked, prices were really affordable.

5. Solly Baby Wrap

Lots of parents think that baby wraps cause back pain, but that’s not true. In fact, wrap carriers are one of the best solutions for parents struggling with back pain.

Solly Baby - Mix of a traditional Wrap and stretchy wrap
Solly Baby Wrap

My favorite baby wrap is Solly Baby – it’s the softest and coziest wrap ever with just the right amount of stretchiness. All of that thanks to innovative fabric called Tencel modal.

The best thing about Solly Wrap is that it’s not excessively stretchy or saggy. It offers infinitely adjustments and moulds perfectly around your body and your little one. It doesn’t get loose over time or drag down, and doesn’t feel heavy on wearer’s shoulders.

The right amount of elasticity ensures it’s flexible, but at the same tight it’s strong and your baby’s weight is fully supported. This means no pressure points for you.

Of course all baby wraps have a learning curve and it usually takes more time to master tying a wrap than buckling soft-structured carriers. But it’s SO WORTH IT!

Once you learn how to tie Solly Wrap properly and how to position your little one in it, it will feel extremely comfy and lightweight.

PRO TIP: Solly Wraps come in many adorable prints, my favorite is Rising Sun from the summer collection and Basil from standard collection. If you decide to get more than one wrap during Xmas Sale, you’ll save up to 25% OFF. Keep in mind that the sale lasts only one day. Get your 25% discount here >>

By the way, if you just want to buy one wrap, you’ll still be able to save 10% OFF any color. Grab your discount here with code LITTLE10 >>

Solly is quite long which means it adjusts to all body sizes and you can easily form it around all your curves and your baby’s body.

The fabric is criss-crossed on your back therefore there is less stain on your shoulders and you can wear the wrap high on your chest without putting stress on your hips and pelvis – which may be weakened after having a baby. Keep in mind that tying technique is important! If the wrap is too loose, your ache may get worse.

Solly Wrap - weight distributed evenly and supported the whole time with crossed fabric panel, better than baby k'tan and boba baby carrier
It distributes baby’s weight evenly and thanks to buttery-soft and lightweight fabric nothing digs into your skin or puts pressure on your back

I went through hundreds of customer reviews on Solly Baby website and all parents agree that this is the best baby wrap and it’s a fantastic choice for parents with bad backs. I’ve been baby-wearing my youngest one with Solly Wrap and I have to admit that no other baby carrier has felt so easy on my back.

A few more words about Solly Baby Wraps:

  • They are suitable from birth up to 25 pounds. Most parents uses them until 9 months.
  • They are classified as hip-healthy baby carriers. They allow babies to rest in most ergonomic position with knees higher than the bum, legs supported from knee to knee and spine in neutral position (C-shaped).
  • Carrying babies in a wrap gives them sense of closeness and security, similar to the way they felt in mom’s womb.
  • Solly is made from ultra-breathable and sweat-wicking materials. That’s why it’s perfect for all weather conditions. On warm summer days it prevents overheating.

6. BabyBjorn Free

This is the first time as I’m recommending BabyBjorn baby carrier, but my ranking of the best carriers for back pain wouldn’t be complete without it.

BabyBjorn Free with support for baby's neck
BabyBjorn Free

BabyBjorn Free is a soft structured buckle carrier, but it has very unique design that provides excellent back support.

The Free has large and thick contoured pillow that supports your whole lumbar area. It’s cushy and the outer fabric is mesh so it’s lightweight and “airy” at the same time.

Shoulder straps have tons of padding and a mesh cover too. At first I was a bit worried these thick straps would slide off my shoulders but that’s impossible – both straps are connected with a spacial clip right between your shoulder blades. This is a really convenient solution for petite moms with narrow shoulders.

The BabyBjorn Free stands out from other amazing baby carriers in this ranking because it has additional built-in back support that goes from the upper back to the lumbar support pillow.

It provides extra support for your whole spine and shoulder blades, ensures even better child’s weight distribution, and relieves the pressure off your back.

BabyBjorn Free offers excellent back support, it doesn't have any storage pockets
All straps and pillows have wide range of adjustments for your personal comfort – they move up and down and can be tightened or loosen up

What’s really important BabyBjorn Free doesn’t have the chest strap (instead, there’s a clip), and it’s super easy to put on and you don’t have to reach all the way to your back to adjust straps. This makes it a great choice for parents with reduced shoulder mobility.

The wide waistband has supporting padding and it sits quite high up on your front so there’s no straining for your hips, pelvis or weak abdominal muscles.

Lots of parents says that BabyBjorn Free is the best baby carrier for bad back. So what’s the catch? It has rather steep price as for a baby carrier that can be used only up to 26 lbs (15 months). But if you’re struggling with back issues, this is an amazing investment.

Other things that you should know about BabyBjorn baby carrier:

  • It has ergonomic seat that provides proper support for baby’s back, legs and head. You can adjust the size of the leg openings for optimum comfort.
  • It has been acknowledged as hip-healthy by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.
  • It’s suitable from 7 lbs without an extra infant insert.
  • It offers two carrying positions: inward facing position and forward facing position. It doesn’t allow for back carry.
  • This baby carrier is fully made of mesh fabric which makes it lighter and breathable therefore it keeps baby cool on warmer days. It prevents both you and the baby from sweating.

Final Decision: What Is The Best Baby Carrier For Back Support?

Among soft structured carriers, Lillebaby Complete and BabyBjorn Free are the two best baby carriers for back support. Complete is a better choice if you’re looking for a carrier that you could use even up to 4 years, while the Free is a good idea for newborns and young babies.

If you’re looking for the best baby carrier for bad back, only for the first few months, and you can’t afford BabyBjorn, I recommend you the Solly Wrap, which supports baby’s weight really well and doesn’t put stress on your back.

Best Baby Carriers For Bad Back – FAQ

You already know what are the best quality baby carriers for bad back, now it’s time to learn a bit more about babywearing-related pains and how to deal with these back problems.

Why Does My Back Hurt When I Hold My Baby?

Lifting and holding baby for long periods on daily basis may lead to back issues. The reasons for that are:

  • Baby’s weight – carrying a toddler will stain your back more than holding a newborn
  • Maintaining incorrect and unhealthy position while holding the baby – usually one hip is higher than the other because we hold the child on it, the spine is unnaturally twisted to one side, pelvis is tipped, and there’s lots of tension in lower back area, on your shoulders and neck
  • Holding baby on one hip doesn’t distribute your baby’s weight evenly and this may lead to pelvic, hip and back soreness.

How Do You Use A Baby Carrier Without Back Pain?

Features To Look Out For In The Best Baby Carriers For Bad Backs?

  • Acknowledged by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute as safe for baby’s hips.
  • Ergonomic design, highly-adjustable shoulder straps and wide padded waist belt that ensure baby’s weight is distributed evenly.
  • Supportive lumbar pillow – the best baby carrier for lower back pain should have special padded pillow that supports your lumbar spine.
  • Crossable shoulder straps are a useful feature because they help to spread weight evenly.

Which Types Of Baby Carriers To Avoid If You Have Back Pain

If you have back problems you should avoid these types of baby carriers that don’t distribute weight evenly and put stain on your back – that includes buckle carriers which do not have ergonomic design.

I also don’t recommend ring slings for parents with back issues, although I’m a huge fan of this type of baby carriers (I love WildBird – the best ring sling EVER).

Ring sling type baby carrier is a long piece of fabric with two sewn-in rings which you wear across your body – from one shoulder to the opposite hip. It can lead to uneven baby weight distribution and stain one of your shoulder and hip. This in turn may cause upper back and neck soreness or hip pain.

Tips For Preventing Child-Wearing Back Pain

How Do You Use A Baby Carrier Without Back Pain?

First of all, choose a comfy carrier with good lumbar support. Take your time to learn how to use it, how to adjust it correctly to your body to make it more supportive, and how to position the baby to keep them in ergonomic and healthy position and distribute weight evenly.

With newborns and small infants, front carry position is usually the best position. Once your kiddo gets bigger and heavier, carrying weight on your back, relieves the tensions from your hips and the distribution is better for your spine. Back carry is also better if you struggle with urinary incontinence.

Don’t forget to take breaks, especially if you’re toddler-wearing.

Avoid putting all the weight on one side of your body – baby slings are not the best choice if you have bad back.

Keep in mind that even if you choose a baby carrier with good lumbar support, it will still put some tension on your body – particularly your back. But with the best baby carriers for back support you can minimize the back pain.

Beside getting one of the best baby carriers for bad backs, it’s important to adjust it properly and always maintain ergonomic baby carrier position.

Do Baby Carriers Cause Back Pain?

In short, baby carriers can cause back pain. Even if you choose the best carrier, but wear it incorrectly (when it’s too loose and too low), or if you choose poorly designed baby carrier, it may cause back problems.

Here you can find some tips on proper carrier position and adjustments. It’s also a good idea to consult a certified babywearing advisor near you.

Tips For Preventing Child-Wearing Back Pain

  • If you’re wearing the waist belt too low on your front or if it’s too loose, baby weight will cause your pelvis to tip and your back to arch1.
  • When the shoulder straps and waistband is too loose, baby pulls away from you and their weight is pulling downward. That’s why you’re feeling heaviness on your shoulders and neck or have that rubbing feeling.
  • To feel lighter you need to tighten up those shoulder straps until there’s no slack (instead of loosing them up). You don’t have to worry about squishing your little one – babies love that cozy feeling of closeness, warmth and security.

What Is Lumbar Support In Baby Carrier?

Lumbar support is baby carrier is a special pillow that sits on your lower back area. It’s designed to support the lumbar spine, improve weight distribution and your overall comfort.

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