Pregnancy Safe Lip Balm – Which One’s Best For Dry Lips?

Did anyone give you heads-up that your lips may be dry and chapped during pregnancy? And what’s even more important: that they require special treatment during those 9 months? You may need to get rid of your pre-pregnancy lipstick! In this article I’m going to share with you my favorite and best pregnancy-safe lip balms that contain only the safest ingredients to heal your dry lips!

Best Pregnancy Safe Lip Balms

Article by Macy Tollefson – doula, breastfeeding specialist & prenatal yoga teacher

Among the sea of less-than-enjoyable pregnancy changes, dry and chapped lips is one of the most common symptoms that the MAJORITY women have to deal with.

There are so many reasons why this happens, so be sure to check out my article about the best ways to prevent and heal chapped lips during pregnancy to learn more!

Just like every other product you put on or in your body during pregnancy, you need to be sure that it is SAFE for both you and your baby… and lip balm is NO exception.

New moms need to be careful when choosing a new lip balm, or continuing to use the one they currently have. Below you can see my top 3 favorites for nourishing dry lips during pregnancy (for full ranking and reviews scroll down).

This article is not a substitute for medical advice. It may contain affiliate links.

Moms' Favorite Choice
Earth Mama Organics Best Lip Balms For Pregnancy Dry Lips
Sun Bum Mineral Sunscreen Lip Balm
eos 100% Natural & Organic Lip Balm- Strawberry Sorbet, All-Day Moisture, Dermatologist Recommended for Sensitive Skin, Lip Care Products, 0.25 oz
Best Features
❤️ Only natural ingredients that are safe for pregnancy
❤️ No synthetic flavoring, artificial colors, or chemical preservatives
❤️ Keeps lips nourished for a long time
✖️Not all moms like the mint herbal version
❤️ Offers SPF30 protection from harmful sun rays
❤️ No parabens or synthetic fragrances
❤️ Really good moisturized for chapped lips
✖️May leave slightly white cast on lips (because it's a mineral, not chemical, sunscreen)
❤️ Brings relief to dry and chapped lips
❤️ No waxy buildup
❤️ Protects lips really well even during cold and windy winter
✖️Not every eos lip balm is organic - double check before purchasing to choose the safest one
Recommended by 95% of verified buyers!
Recommended by 87% of verified buyers!
Recommended by 40.000 verified buyers!
Moms' Favorite Choice
Earth Mama Organics Best Lip Balms For Pregnancy Dry Lips
Best Features
❤️ Only natural ingredients that are safe for pregnancy
❤️ No synthetic flavoring, artificial colors, or chemical preservatives
❤️ Keeps lips nourished for a long time
✖️Not all moms like the mint herbal version
Recommended by 95% of verified buyers!
Availability & Price
Sun Bum Mineral Sunscreen Lip Balm
Best Features
❤️ Offers SPF30 protection from harmful sun rays
❤️ No parabens or synthetic fragrances
❤️ Really good moisturized for chapped lips
✖️May leave slightly white cast on lips (because it's a mineral, not chemical, sunscreen)
Recommended by 87% of verified buyers!
Availability & Price
eos 100% Natural & Organic Lip Balm- Strawberry Sorbet, All-Day Moisture, Dermatologist Recommended for Sensitive Skin, Lip Care Products, 0.25 oz
Best Features
❤️ Brings relief to dry and chapped lips
❤️ No waxy buildup
❤️ Protects lips really well even during cold and windy winter
✖️Not every eos lip balm is organic - double check before purchasing to choose the safest one
Recommended by 40.000 verified buyers!
Availability & Price

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These lip balms that you can see above, I found after thorough research and reading all ingredients lists carefully and double checking each of them. Lips balms that I recommend here are an exception – they are free from nasty chemicals which makes them safe for pregnancy.

But not all lipsticks are like that.

If you look closely at what’s actually IN your everyday lip balm, you may be surprised to see several ingredients that sound strange, unfamiliar, and are in fact toxic. Along with false marketing, it can be dizzying to know what products or ingredients you should avoid, and which ones are the safest choice.

The truth is, many lip balms out there contain toxic ingredients like mineral oil, paraffins, or petroleum jelly (which are by-products of crude oil) that are NOT safe for pregnancy and should be avoided at all cost.

But don’t worry, I’m here to help you choose the safest moisturizing chapstick for your dry lips.

I know that you only want the BEST for yourself and your baby, so keep on reading to learn more about pregnancy safe lip balms.

In this article, I’ll show you some of the best lip balms that will keep your lips soft and protected – without risking yours or your baby’s health.

What Lip Balm Is Safe During Pregnancy? – Ranking Of Best Lipsticks

We know that it’s so important to use a safe lip balm during pregnancy, but which one is the best? Here are a few of my recommendations!

1. Earth Mama Lip Balms

Earth Mama has created a certified organic chapstick made without petrolatum, synthetic flavoring, artificial colors or artificial preservatives! It comes in four fun flavors: vanilla-coconut smoothie, lavender meringue, mint herbal, and orange ginger.

Earth Mama Organics Pregnancy Safe Lip Balm
Earth Mama Organics Lip Balms

Each of the flavors contains a unique set of usda certified organic ingredients including organic coconut oil, organic cocoa butter, organic shea butter, and organic flavoring.

The orange ginger chapstick includes beeswax, for those who like a more long lasting lip balm. Be sure to check out their full ingredient list on their website.

With almost 100 ratings on their website, these lip balms have a 4.9 rating! Moms love that they glide on smoothly and keep their lips hydrated all day.

By far, the favorite scent in the reviews seems to be the coconut smoothie. Above all, moms to be and postpartum mamas love that the formula is cruelty free, non-toxic and safe to use for their entire pregnancy and breastfeeding journey.

Keep in mind, the mint herbal lip balm includes peppermint oil and spearmint oil, which some pregnant moms may find irritating on sensitive skin and lips. It’s also important to note that some doctors think you should avoid large amounts of peppermint oil during your pregnancy, and especially in your first trimester. When in doubt, talk to your doctor about it!

2. Sun Bum SPF 30 Mineral Sunscreen Lip Balm

This fragrance free formula from Sun Bum is made with shea butter, vitamin e, jojoba oil, beeswax, AND SPF to moisturize and protect from harmful UV rays. It is also gluten free and does not contain parabens.

Sun Bum Sunscreen Lip Balm SPF30
Sun Bum Sunscreen Lip Balm SPF30

While not all of the ingredients are as “natural” as can be, they ARE considered pregnancy safe.

For a non SPF version of this Sun Bum chapstick, check out this piña colada flavored one here!

Most parents agree that this formula is very hydrating and they love to use it to protect and soothe lips in the sun. They also love that is free from fragrances and hypoallergenic.

This lip balm contains multiple glyceryl ingredients that, while they are safe to use during your pregnancy, are derived from palm oil – a cheap and very unsustainable plant. Many people believe that harvesting of palm is unethical, so do your own research to decide if it is something you choose to support.

eos (evolution of smooth) has a collection of 100% natural lip balms, that are free from harmful chemicals. Many even contain USDA certified organic ingredients! They come in a variety of flavors, including vanilla bean, strawberry sorbet, and chamomile- just to name a few.

Eos 100% Natural & Organic Lip Balm, Dermatologist Recommended For Sensitive Skin
Eos 100% Natural & Organic Lip Balm

Some of the common natural ingredients in this line include organic oils such as coconut oil, sunflower oil, jojoba oil and olive oil, to keep your lips hydrated all day long.

Moms love that you can choose between their signature sphere shape or a classic tubed lip balm, for convenience. Moms agree that the formula is light and keeps their lips smooth and hydrated, without any waxy buildup.

Many women commented on how effective these pregnancy safe lip balms are for nourishing dry lips even in harsh, cold winter weather!

Keep in mind that not every lip balm by eos is organic or has 100% natural ingredients. Double check the ingredients list on the chapstick you have chosen, before purchasing.

PRO TIP: Lips are not the only part of your body that may get really dry during pregnancy. Your skin, which stretches a lot to accommodate your growing baby, also needs extra moisturizing. Check out my ranking of the best and safest lotions and butters to keep your skin well-hydrated throughout pregnancy.

4. Eucerin Aquaphor Lip Repair Ointment

This fragrance free lip ointment by Eucerin provides intense moisture, for even the driest lips. It contains many antioxidants such as vitamin c and vitamin e, which provides a protective barrier and leave lips feeling soft.

Eucerin Aquaphor SOS Lip Repair Ointment
Eucerin Aquaphor SOS Lip Repair Ointment

I know that the majority of these ingredients look very “chemical” and unsafe, but rest assured- this lip ointment is entirely pregnancy safe.

Remember, just because an ingredient is hard to pronounce, doesn’t mean it’s toxic. For example, some ingredients in this formula are Ricinus Communis Seed Oil, which is castor oil, Cera Alba, which is beeswax, and Butyrospermum Parkii Butter, which is shea butter!

People love that this ointment helped speed up their healing time when their lips were severely dried or cracked. They swear by the non-waxy ointment and think it’s an essential product those who suffer with severely chapped lips.

Keep in mind that this formula contains synthetic ingredients. So while it is safe for pregnancy if you were looking for a more “natural” or organic option, this would not be the best choice.

5. Burt’s Bees Overnight Intensive Lip Treatment

This long lasting, intensely moisturizing lip treatment by Burt’s Bees contains 100% natural ingredients – even though some of them look intimidating.

Burt's Bees Overnight Intensive Lip Treatment
Burt’s Bees Overnight Intensive Lip Treatment

Its main ingredients include Ceramides, to support the skin barrier and retain moisture, along with jojoba oils and castor oil to hydrate and soothe.

Parents love that a little goes a long way with this pregnancy safe lip balm, and the intense moisture leaves their lips feeling smooth all day. Moms also noted that regular use of this product truly conditioned their lips and made applying lipstick much easier!

Keep in mind that this lip balm contains a small amount of peppermint. While it shouldn’t be an issue, it’s important to highlight again that some doctors think you should avoid large amounts of peppermint oil during your pregnancy – especially in your first trimester. Talk to your doctor if you have more questions or are concerned about it.

6. Honest Beauty Tinted Lip Balm

If you’re looking for a tinted pregnancy safe lip balm, Honest Beauty has a great option that comes in a variety of colors. Made with avocado oil, vegetable oil, pomegranate and acai extract, these lip balms are free from parabens, petrolatum, mineral oil and synthetic fragrance.

Honest Beauty Tinted Lip Balm
Honest Beauty Tinted Lip Balm

Moms adore the convenience of a tinted lip balm (in comparison to lipsticks) and love that you can add some color to your lips while moisturizing at the same time! Many women claim it is the best tinted lip balm they have ever tried.

One thing to note is that the White Nectarine, Summer Melon and Lychee Fruit versions may contain Mica, which is non-toxic, however there is some debate around the safety and ethics of this product1.

It is not clear if Honest Beauty uses natural or synthetic Mica in their products, which can vary drastically in the safety and ethics of production. Do some research to decide for yourself if you feel comfortable using products with Mica in it.

The other 4 balms (Blood Orange, Plum Drop, Fruit Punch and Dragon Fruit) do not contain mica at all.

7. Hello Moisturizing Vegan Lip Balm

This cruelty free and vegan lip balm contains no beeswax, petrolatum or parabens and is dermatologist tested. Coconut oil, olive oil, shea butter and carnauba wax are some of the ingredients included in this non-toxic lip balm.

Hello naturally friendly lip balm
Hello Vegan Lip Balm

The top comments on this lip balm seem to be that it glides on nicely and keeps your lips moist. One mom who struggles with dry lips said that this lip balm helped repair and moisturize them in just one day!

Reviewers also love the environmentally friendly tube that is made of 60% recycled materials.

While this lip balm says it has a “naturally sweet mint flavor”, peppermint is not listed in the ingredients, and therefore is safe to assume that it is safe for pregnant women.

Choosing Safe Lip Balms During Pregnancy – FAQ

There are some common brands and lip balms that you may have questions about. Keep reading for some commonly asked questions and how to find a good lip balm you can use throughout your pregnancy.

What Can I Use For Chapped Lips During Pregnancy?

Using a lip balm is perfect way to help soothe, moisturize and condition dry lips that are a result of pregnancy. However, while there are so many great options for lip balms that are safe to use throughout your pregnancy, moms to be SHOULD be very careful when choosing products.

When in doubt, choose products and brands that value organic, gentle and natural ingredients in their products. Earth Mama is a wonderful example of a company that prides themselves on being pregnancy safe, and never includes harmful or toxic ingredients. You can check out these organic lip balms here!

Most lip balms are not created specifically for expecting parents like Earth Mama’s, but you can find great options in other brands, such as eos 100% Natural & Organic line. You can find it here.

If combing through endless ingredient lists stresses you out, you can always opt for a homemade alternative! There are several DIY natural lip balm recipes you can look up, if you prefer to make your own. The benefit of this is that you know EXACTLY what is going on your lips.

Coconut oil on it’s own can work as an amazing one-ingredient lip balm, that you can apply throughout the day. If you want to thicken it up, try mixing equal parts coconut oil and honey together, until a thick cream forms. For added moisture, try adding avocado oil, beeswax, olive oil or shea butter!

Can You Use Burt’s Bees Lip Balm When Pregnant?

In my opinion, you can use Burt’s Bees Lip Balm when pregnant, but you need to carefully check ALL ingredients, because not all lip balms are pregnancy-safe.

For example these three Burt’s Bees lip balms are safe when pregnant: Coconut and Pear Lip Balm, Almond Oil Hydrating Lip Oil, Honey Lip Balm. But you should avoid Burt’s Bees Ultra Conditioning Lip Balm during pregnancy, because it contains ingredients that can be harmful for growing fetus.

Burt’s Bees prides itself of being a company with 100% natural products. HOWEVER, just because something is “natural,” does NOT mean that it is safe for pregnancy.

For example, several Burt’s Bees products contain ingredients that pregnant women should avoid. Some of these include:

  • Retinol
  • Bakuchiol – A natural alternative to retinol
  • Salicylic Acid
  • Willow bark – A natural form of salicylic acid
  • Licorice root – High concentration of glycyrrhizin

You can see a full breakdown of which Burt’s Bees products are safe to use during pregnancy or nursing, and which are best to avoid, here.

In terms of lip balms, the majority of ingredients lists do look generally safe for pregnant and nursing women, as they contain great ingredients like coconut oil, shea butter, avocado oil, shea butter etc.

With that being said, always be sure to double check ALL of the ingredients on the product that you are interested in!

For example, this Ultra Conditioning Lip Balm contains clary oil, which should be avoided, unless you are in active labor2. It’s likely that this small dosage of clary oil will not cause uterine contractions, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

A few good pregnancy SAFE lip balms from Burt’s Bees include:

Is Vaseline On Lips Safe During Pregnancy?

Vaseline has been a staple component in a wide range of person care products since 1870, but did you know that it is really a by product of petroleum? Yep- it was actually discovered by oil rig workers, who found it building up on the bottom of empty oil barrels3.

Vaseline has also been known to contain contaminants (such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, or PAHs), that may directly impact your reproductive organs4. Too much exposure to these PAHs may have toxic, mutagenic and carcinogenic effects, which we of course don’t want around us during our pregnancy… or ever!

On top of this, petroleum (a crude oil) is produced by exploiting our natural resources, meaning that Vaseline is neither sustainable, nor renewable.

Other names for petroleum jelly that you may see on labels include:

  • Petrolatum
  • White Petrolatum
  • Soft Paraffin
  • CAS number 8009-03-8

Aside from the risk of toxicity, using Vaseline just really isn’t effective for dry lips in the long run. It TRAPS in moisture (as well was bacteria and those PAH toxins- yuck) but doesn’t actually moisturize or add nourishment. The result of this is CONSTANTLY having to reapply… and who wants to do that?

In addition to that, studies have shown that petroleum jelly actually interferes with your body’s natural ability to heal itself 5, which won’t benefit cracked lips at all.

It’s best to avoid petroleum free products, such as Vaseline, entirely.

Can You Use Blistex Lip Balm When Pregnant?

Blistex claims to be pregnancy safe, however there are a few ingredients included in their medicated lip balms that have proven to be concerning – mainly phenoxyethanol and octinoxate. That’s why I don’t recommend using Blistex Lip Balm when pregnant.

Phenoxyethanol is a preservative, and has been linked to SEVERAL health concerns, but most alarmingly, has been shown to depress the central nervous system in infants.

As an example of this, in 2008, the FDA warned parents against using a certain nipple cream, because the phenoxyethanol in it was causing babies to have vomiting, diarrhea, respiratory depression (shallow breathing) and dermatitis6.

On top of the danger it poses to your baby, adult skin exposure to phenoxyethanol has been linked to other allergic reactions, such as eczema, hives and even anaphylaxis7.

Octinoxate is another nasty ingredient in Blistex. It (along with octisalate, which is also included in Blistex) is used as a UV filter in chemical sunscreens and is is rapidly absorbed through your skin.

Octinoxate is an endocrine disruptor and inhibits hormone and thyroid function- including mammary gland development, which is ESSENTIAL for breastfeeding. It has been found in human urine, blood, and breastmilk8.

Blistex also includes Dimethicone, which is a silicone, and important to avoid if you have a silicone sensitivity or allergy.

While it is generally agreed that Blistex is safe to use during pregnancy, there are a few ingredients that moms should feel concerned about, which is why I cannot recommend it. The bottom line is that there are way safer options for pregnant women to heal their dry lips.

Chemicals To Avoid In Chapsticks During Pregnancy

There are a few key ingredients you should avoid when looking for a pregnancy safe lip balm. Some of these include (but are not limited to):

  • Parabens
  • Petroleum jelly
  • Preservatives with BHT or BHA
  • Alcohols
  • Artificial Fragrance
  • Formaldehyde
  • Phthalates
  • Retinoids
  • Salicylic acid

Read this article for a full break down of chemicals in skincare products to avoid during pregnancy.

Medically Reviewed By Macy Tollefson

Macy Tollefson is a full spectrum doula, breastfeeding specialist and prenatal yoga teacher. She is passionate about guiding the modern mama on her journey through the beautiful (and wild) transformation of pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Macy envisions a world where every mother has access to the resources she needs, and follows her intuition to make the best decisions about what is right for her and her baby.

The purpose of this article is informative. It’s not a substitute for professional medical advice or medical care. Remember: safety first! Consult your doctor/pediatrician in case of any doubts. The author of this article does not accept any responsibility for any liability, loss or risk, personal or otherwise, incurred as a consequence, directly or indirectly, from any information or advice contained here. This article contains affiliate links.


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