7 Best Pregnancy-Safe Lip Balms To Heal Dry Lips

Did anyone give you heads-up that your lips may be dry and chapped during pregnancy? And what’s even more important: that they require special treatment during those 9 months? You may need to get rid of your pre-pregnancy lipstick! In this article I’m going to share with you my favorite and best pregnancy-safe lip balms […]


Pregnancy-Safe Bar Soap – Which One Is Best & Most Natural?

Did you know that many soaps contain toxic chemicals like sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), sodium laureth sulfate (SLES), tetrasodium EDTA, triclosan and other ingredients which are stripping natural oils from your skin every time you wash your hands and body? I checked 20+ bar soaps and in this article I will share the results of […]

Best Pregnancy-Safe Feminine Wash According To MD [2023]

Pregnancy can be quite demanding, I know. Among all those changes and things you have to adjust to during these expecting months, you have to rethink your hygiene (including your intimate hygiene) and the products you use for: your skin, hair, lips, and private parts. This means you need to look out for intimate wash […]

Best Pregnancy-Safe Night Cream – Ranking & Reviews [2023]

As an expecting mom you need to be careful when searching for moisturizing anti-aging night serum. Did you know that lots of night creams contain harmful ingredients that pregnant women should avoid, because they can lead to severe health problems in their babies?! That’s why you need to look out for natural alternative. I carefully […]

Safe Eye Cream For Pregnancy – How To Choose The Best One?

Do you use anti-aging products or eye cream while pregnant? Make sure to read the ingredient list carefully, because lots of them can seriously harm the fetus! In this article I’m sharing my favorite safe eye creams for pregnancy that are free from dangerous ingredients. The fact that you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you have to […]

Best Face Washes For Pregnancy Acne [2023]

We all heard about pregnancy glow, right? Strong hair, healthy-looking skin… But now that you are actually pregnant, you’re having problems with acne breakouts and your face doesn’t look glowy at all! There are several things that you can do you deal with that and getting a good, gentle face wash is definitely going to […]

Best Pregnancy Safe Face Wash (Effective For Removing Makeup!)

Are you looking for makeup removing cleansing gel that is free from harsh chemicals? I carefully studied ingredients list of 25+ facial cleansers and found 7 that are perfectly safe for sensitive skin and can be used during pregnancy! Read on to see which of these best pregnancy-safe face washes is the right choice for […]

Best Pregnancy-Safe Face Moisturizer – Ranking & Review [2023]

The average face moisturizer is FULL of harmful ingredients such as parabens, alcohols, harsh chemicals, and heavy metals. Even seemingly innocent ingredients (ex. added fragrance) can have harmful effects on your skin – and the baby growing in your womb. Find out what are the best pregnancy-safe face moisturizers and which creams you should avoid! […]

Best Pregnancy-Safe Shampoo – Ranking & Review [2023]

Article by Jessica Holbrook – Register Nurse & Educator During your pregnancy, you do everything you can to keep your growing baby safe. This includes avoiding potentially harmful chemicals in your beauty routine and making sure you choose pregnancy safe shampoos. Using the wrong products can be potentially harmful for you and your baby. Some […]