UPPAbaby VISTA 2019 & 2018 Review – Which Model Is Better?

UPPAbaby VISTA 2018 has been released only few months ago and now we are waiting for the new model – UPPAbaby VISTA 2019! Are you super excited about the new version of this iconic stroller? Maybe you’re wondering which model you should go for: VISTA 2019 or VISTA 2018 or maybe VISTA 2017? Here you will find the answer.

UPPAbaby VISTA 2019 and 2018 - Review

Let me tell you a little bit about the updated VISTA 2019 and VISTA 2018 and show you awesome new features and functions that stay the same over the last two years. Both models are definitely one of the best convertible strollers in 2018 and 2019.

UPPAbaby VISTA 2018

My rating
UPPAbaby VISTA 2018
  • It looks beautiful and sleek
  • All materials and fabrics are top-notch
  • It can accommodate even 3 kids at once!
  • The bassinet is roomy, breathable and approved for overnight sleep
  • The main seat features deep recline and hassle-free harness
  • It’s very easy to maneuver and it glides like a breeze
  • You’ll fit all of your gear in the HUGE storage basket
  • According to many customers it’s worth the money
  • Price range: $$$$$

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In this article you’ll find information about UPPAbaby VISTA 2019 release date and comparison with previous version!

UPPAbaby VISTA 2019 Review – What Has Been Changed?

There are no functional upgrades for VISTA 2019. The only thing that has been changed is the color lineup.

If you’re planning to buy the newest version of UPPAbaby VISTA in 2019 you will have 3 new colors to choose from: Spenser, William and Bryce. UPPAbaby is keeping Gregory, Emmet, Jordan, Henry, Jake and Denny as well. Loic and Taylor are discontinued.

Okay, so let me tell you a bit more about the new premium fashions.

Spenser is a grey tartan plaid with yellow accents. This model will include full-grain moss leather handlebar and bumper bar. The fabric feels soft, almost like a cashmere!

Moreover the bassinet has cozy, soft textured heather grey lining which also feels like cashmere. The texture looks a bit like perforated, very breathable.

UPPAbaby VISTA 2019 - Spenser
UPPAbaby VISTA 2019 – Spenser

William is a Chambray Oxford fabric. It’s blue with white and navy accents. This fashion includes full-grain navy leather bumper bar and handlebar.

UPPAbaby VISTA 2019 - William
UPPAbaby VISTA 2019 – William

Bryce is a white marl. This is all-white model, a bit shiny. It comes with chestnut bars (darker than the bars in Loic from last year). Bryce is going to replace Loic, but keep in mind it has different texture – it’s more like texture on Henry.

UPPAbaby VISTA 2019 - Bryce
UPPAbaby VISTA 2019 – Bryce

In previous years bassinets were always black and only the canopy and apron have the same color as the stroller. This will change, at least for these 3 new colors. The bassinets will have matching colors.

William and Bryce bassinet has the same color as the stroller canopy. Spenser bassinet has grey bottom, but the canopy and apron are the same tartan plaid as stroller canopy.

Apart from these changes in fashions, UPPAbaby VISTA 2019 stays exactly the same as VISTA 2018. They have the same functions and features.

UPPAbaby VISTA 2019 Release Date

According to the information on brand’s website, UPPAbaby VISTA 2019 is launching in February 2019.

When this stroller is out, I will update this article and let you know what other parents think about it.

UPPAbaby VISTA 2018 Review – Upgraded Features

Let’s start with a quick sneak peek on VISTA 2018 upgrades and new features.

Fashions & Fabrics

There are two main collections of fashions: Mélange and Core. The brand offers 9 colors for VISTA 2018.

UPPAbaby VISTA 2018 Mélange Colors: Henry, Gregory, Jordan and Emmet
UPPAbaby VISTA 2018 Mélange Colors: Henry, Gregory, Jordan and Emmet

All Mélange fashions look really stylish and chic and have clear texture.

I’m really excited that VISTA 2018 comes in Gregory color – moms’ favorite fashion for UPPAbaby CRUZ 2017. Yaay!

In my opinion Henry and Gregory are the most beautiful versions. They seem to be very similar, however the Gregory is a bit more grey-ish, which you can see in the picture above.

UPPAbaby VISTA 2018 Core Colors: Jake, Loic, Denny, Taylor, Sabrina
UPPAbaby VISTA 2018 Core Colors: Jake, Loic, Denny, Taylor, Sabrina
Keep in mind that current availability and the price may vary for different colors. You can check which color versions are available now and compare their prices by clicking here.

There are new fabrics for the canopy and the seat. Even at first glance I can tell that UPPAbaby used really high-quality materials.

What is really great about the new fabrics and colors is that they are rather mat and less shiny than VISTA 2017.

UPPAbaby VISTA 2018 sneak peek


There is new upgraded frame, which is now powder-coated, instead of carbon-coated. It is more mat and less susceptible for scratching.


All of the fashions for 2018 are equipped with REAL leather handlebar and bumper bar. The leather is available in brown and black color. According to the manufacturer this material doesn’t contain any chemicals. Big plus for UPPAbaby. Besides, these new leather bars give the stroller smart look.

UPPAbaby VISTA 2018 - Leather handlebar
UPPAbaby VISTA 2018 (Color version: Emmet + leather handlebar and bumper bar)


Another change is the front wheel design. In the new UPPAbaby VISTA 2018 the front wheel mirrors the rear wheel – it has the same shape and tread pattern, and it is more rounded.

UPPAbaby VISTA 2018 - New front wheel design
UPPAbaby VISTA 2018 – New front wheel design


UPPAbaby has also upgraded the bassinet. It has more squared shape thanks to which it has 2.5 inches longer mattress. This change allows to accommodate taller infants and gives your baby more room to grow. And you don’t have to worry if the whole bassinet get bigger or bulkier – it has exactly the same size.

UPPAbaby VISTA 2018 - New bigger bassinet
UPPAbaby VISTA 2018 comes with upgraded bassinet (with longer mattress)

Beside this small change, the bassinet stays exactly the same. It’s fully breathable thanks to vented base and perforated mattress pad. You can also unzip the back of the canopy to provide extra air-flow during hot days. Thanks to these features your little one will stay cool and comfy – no sweating, no overheating!

Big canopy with extendable pop-out sun visor fully covers the baby and protects from harmful sun rays at the same time. Therefore you could enjoy summer strolls without worrying about sunburns.

UPPAbaby VISTA 2018 with upgraded bassinet
UPPAbaby VISTA 2018 with upgraded bassinet

And if something spills out or your baby vomits during the stroll you will be able to clean the bassinet without any problems. The inner liner and boot cover are easy to remove and you can throw them into the washing machine.

There is one more advantage of UPPAbaby Bassinet – it is approved for overnight sleeping, if you add UPPAbaby Bassinet Stand (check it here) .

Apart from these upgrades, the new UPPAbaby VISTA 2018 remains the same high-quality, expandable and convertible stroller. The same features you can find on the newest UPPAbaby 2019.

Now, for those of you who are not familiar with VISTA, I present the main features that are similar for the 2017 and 2018 model. You can also read my full & comprehensive review of VISTA 2017.

Unchanged features of UPPAbaby VISTA 2018

Aside from these small changes, other features stay the same for VISTA 2018.


The newest model has the same, large and extendable sunshade which provides really great coverage from the sun. Moreover there is a pop out sun visor made of special fabric that protects baby from harmful UV rays.

There is also silent peek-a-boo window that provides extra ventilation and allows parent to check on the little passenger at any moment.

UPPAbaby VISTA 2018 - Extendable canopy
UPPAbaby VISTA 2018 – Extendable canopy

Another great thing about VISTA 2018 sunshade is that you can slide it up a bit, when your baby gets taller. Thanks to this feature the child has more room to grow.


Each model of VISTA: 2016, 2017 and 2018 is super convenient to push and navigate. Thanks to extendable telescoping handlebar shorter and taller parents can easily steer the stroller – without wrist fatigue and back pain.

UPPAbaby VISTA 2018 - Adjustable handlebar and canopy
UPPAbaby VISTA 2018 – Adjustable handlebar and canopy

Moreover, when taller parents slide the handlebar out, they have more room behind the stroller so they don’t kick the back of it during strolling.

Seating options

VISTA 2018, just like the previous models, can be used from birth with a bassinet or infant car seat (MESA – without any adapters, or many other car seats – with adapters). From 3 months you can use the regular toddler seat, which can accommodate a passenger up to 50 lbs. As you can see it really grows with the baby.

UPPAbaby VISTA 2018 - Toddler seat
UPPAbaby VISTA 2018 – Toddler seat

The main seat remains multi-position recline. VISTA 2018 has the same awesome one-hand mechanism for recline (instead of common straps which require using two hands). You just pull a lever and the seat reclines deeply to provide comfy place for naps on the go.

Moreover, this seat is reversible, so your baby can face you or the surrounding. You can easily reverse the seat, depending on your baby’s age and mood.

UPPAbaby VISTA 2018 recline seat
6 recline position for the best baby comfort

VISTA 2018 also expands to accommodate second child – you can add second bassinet, car seat or Rumble seat for a toddler.

Keep in mind that although both seats look very similar, the Rumble Seat has lower weigh capacity (35 lbs instead of 50 lbs).

The newest model is also compatible with PiggyBack board therefore VISTA 2018 can accommodate up to three kids.

The only thing that I don’t like about expanded VISTA is the combination of bassinet and toddler seat. As you can see in the picture below, the bassinet has to go below the toddler seat. I definitely prefer to keep younger baby closer to me (especially a newborn). Good thing is that you can attach the infant car seat in upper position.

UPPAbaby VISTA 2018 for two kids
This stroller expands from a single to a double version

Another common issue with expandable strollers is the combination of two bassinets – they are very close to each other and the upper one completely covers the lower one, so you can’t see your baby, unless you close the canopy.

Parents who plan on using VISTA 2018 for two kids of different age, should keep these issues in mind.

To see other fantastic expandable strollers click here. If you need a single convertible stroller check my ranking of the best modern strollers.

Storage basket

Newest model of UPPAbaby iconic stroller has the same enormous basket under the seat with the capacity of 30 lbs. Thanks to it you will always have enough space for all of the baby gear and shopping bags.

Weight, size & folding

The newest VISTA weighs 26.6 lbs and is 25.7 inches wide. It’s not the lightest model on the market but it’s a decent weighs as for such a versatile and multi-purpose stroller.

The fold remains one-hand and super quick. VISTA 2018 also has the same automatic lock and self-stand.

UPPAbaby VISTA 2018 - Self-standing fold
UPPAbaby VISTA 2018 is easy to fold with one hand, it locks automatically and stands on its own when folded


Stroller typeConvertible
Stroller weight26.6 lbs (frame + toddler seat)
Weight limit50 lbs (toddler seat)
Stroller dimensions 25.7″ x 36″ x 39.5″ (WxLxH)
Folded dimensions 25.7″ x 17.3″ x 33″ (WxLxH)
Handlebar height39.5-42.5”

Performance and ease of use

If you have ever read other parents reviews of UPPAbaby VISTA, you already know that this stroller glides like a breeze. All parents love how smoothly it goes over many types of terrain. The newest version is no difference!

As for a standard stroller, it has quite big wheels (8″ in the front and 11.5″ in the back) and all-wheel suspension to cushion the ride over bumps.

UPPAbaby VISTA 2018 for multiples

Although the wheels are not air-filled like in joggers, they can go over pretty much any type of terrain: old sidewalks, cobblestone, grass, gravel, snow… maybe not the beach sand, but it is still pretty impressive as for an everyday stroller!

Last year the manufacturer upgraded the rear wheels to new, polyurethane ones which are lighter and slimmer. Thanks to them the stroller is 1.5 lbs lighter and 1″ narrower than 2016 model. Of course the VISTA 2018 has those wheels as well.

With the upgraded front wheel design (they added more tread to the front wheels) VISTA 2018 rolls even smoother. And you don’t have to worry about the punctures – these wheels are non-inflatable.

UPPAbaby VISTA 2018 - Gregory
I love the Gregory color for UPPAbaby VISTA 2018

This stroller is very nimble, easy to maneuver and turn. When you use it as a single stroller you can push it with one hand almost effortlessly.

However, you should remember that especially when you turn VISTA into a double stroller, it gets more clumsy, so it can be more difficult to steer in tight spaces or crowds. In this case you will need two hands for pushing.

Pros & Cons

To sum up my review I put the major advantages and disadvantages in the table below. Keep in mind that it’s just mine opinion. 🙂

  • Many seating combinations – the stroller grows with the baby and adapts to growing family
  • One of the best bassinets for 2018 – it provides proper ventilation, big canopy shields baby from the sun and wind, it’s spacious and super comfy
  • Easy, one-hand recline and huge canopy on toddler seat
  • Each seat click onto the frame easily, reversing the seat takes few seconds
  • Oversized basket with HUGE weight capacity – I can easily fit there my two diaper bags
  • Good-sized wheels and suspension make the stroller suitable for many types of terrain – even gravel and snow
  • Maneuvers like a breeze
  • Adjustable handlebar makes pushing convenient for all-height parents
  • Beautiful colors and high-quality fabrics
  • Durable, made of excellent materials
  • Strong and robust frame
  • Rain & bug shields included with the stroller
  • Responsive customer service
  • I’m not a fan of certain seating combinations: bassinet+bassinet and bassinet+toddler seat (but it was not a deal breaker for me)
  • Lifting it to the car trunk is doable, but if I had to carry it up and down the stairs few everyday it would be annoying and difficult, especially right after the birth
  • With two seats is a bit more difficult to turn and steer in crowds
  • Pricey stroller, expanding it to a double is an additional cost

UPPAbaby VISTA 2018 Release Date

Few months ago the brand announced that UPPAbaby VISTA 2018 release date is scheduled for February 2018UPPAbaby did not disappoint us! The new upgraded VISTA 2018 is for sale from February 1st.

You’re probably wonder how much UPPAbaby VISTA 2018 costs. It is a high-end product, now with more useful features to make strolling with a baby even more convenient and pleasant. The price is very similar to the previous model, however some color versions are a bit more expensive. Would you like to check the current price? Just click here.

In the picture below you can see all parts that you receive with UPPAbaby VISTA 2018.

UPPAbaby VISTA 2018 - what's included in the set

What other parents think about UPPAbaby VISTA 2018?

I always check customer reviews on Amazon to find out what other people think about the product I’m about to buy (especially when it’s so expensive like VISTA). Last time I checked VISTA 2018 on Amazon, it’s had few reviews already and I’m sure there will be more opinions soon, so don’t forget to check it on your own – you can do it here.

According to customers VISTA is very easy to push and turn. It rolls very smoothly. Enormous basket where you can fit ALL of your gear, even for a weekend trip is another advantage. Moreover parents love the bassinet, which is a bit extended in the new version, and the whole stroller looks just beautiful. Parents praise the craftsmanship, quality of fabrics and colors.

Customers say folding is easy but the stroller is not very convenient to carry. Removing and adding seats/attachments is quick and easy. However the seating option where the bassinet is on the bottom position and toddler seat is on top is not good. One parent says it’s too bumpy for an infant in the bassinet.

One person complains the parking brake doesn’t always unlock properly. Moreover this stroller is not very convenient for public transportation as it’s hard to pop the wheels up to get over the gap when you’re boarding a metro or train.


Both UPPAbaby VISTA 2018 and UPPAbaby VISTA 2019 come with a standard toddler seat, bassinet, bumper bar, bug shields for bassinet and toddler seat and rain cover for toddler seat. This stroller is expensive so it would be really weird if it didn’t come with any accessories.

Nevertheless, there are few other items that you can purchase separately to make using VISTA even more enjoyable. Below I present you some of the accessories which are sold separately.

UPPAbaby Carry-All Parent Organizer UPPAbaby Carry-All Parent Organizer – It easy attaches to the handlebar and allows parents to keep their essentials and valuables within reach. There are three storage pouches for your wallet, keys, phone and some snacks. They can also double as a beverage holders.
UPPAbaby Cup holder UPPAbaby Cup Holder – Useful accessory that allows mom and dad to keep their water at hand.
UPPAbaby Snack Tray UPPAbaby Snack Tray – It offers a convenient place for kid’s snacks and sippy cup.
UPPAbaby Infant SnugSeat UPPAbaby Infant SnugSeat – You can add this cozy and soft insert to the toddler seat so your infant could feel even more comfy and secured in it. It provides additional head, neck and spine support for younger infants.
UPPAbaby Rumble Seat UPPAbaby Rumble Seat – If you want to use your VISTA for two kids who can sit unassisted, you will need to add the Rumble Seat. Notice that it has lower weight capacity (35 lbs) than regular toddler seat.

VISTA 2019 vs VISTA 2018 vs VISTA 2017 – Which model is better?

UPPAbaby VISTA 2019 vs VISTA 2018 vs VISTA 2017
From left: UPPAbaby VISTA 2019 vs VISTA 2018 vs VISTA 2017

In my opinion VISTA 2017 was really awesome and high-quality and definitely one of the best strollers on the market. The new features and upgrades for 2018 are useful and make this stroller even more convenient to use. Changes for 2019 make this stroller more elegant and beautiful.

If you have few extra dollars, I would definitely recommend you to go for VISTA 2018, but if you have to stick to your budget, the 2017 model won’t let you down for sure! If you’re a fashion lover, VISTA 2019 will be the best choice, but keep in mind the premium colors may be more pricey.

Check if you can get any discounts for VISTA 2017 or see the latest price for VISTA 2018.

Keep in mind

When you convert VISTA to a double stroller it is quite heavy and large, so it can be difficult to steer with one hand through tight spaces. Also, it is one of the most expensive strollers.

3 Reasons Why You Will Love UPPAbaby VISTA

1. This stroller is a guarantee of high quality, durability and safety. 

2. It can be your only stroller and serve you even for three kids at a time.

3. As for such a big stroller, well-equipped stroller, it features really compact fold – easy to put in a car trunk and store in a small apartment.

My rate:

Do you plan on buying UPPAbaby VISTA 2018? This is a pricey stroller so make sure it really meets your needs. Don’t forget to check customer reviews and available discounts (click here to skip to Amazon).

This stroller is not what you need? Here are other awesome strollers for 2018.

All pictures belong to UPPAbaby. Source: https://uppababy.com/

About Me - Zooey BarnettHello Moms! I am Zooey. I am a wife and a mother of three amazing kids: almost 5-year-old Haley and 2-year-old twins Jesse and Matthew. I am a jogger, cooker and blogger.

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32 thoughts on “UPPAbaby VISTA 2019 & 2018 Review – Which Model Is Better?

  1. Hi! I’m expecting twins and considering to buy this stroller. I have a very small elevator in the building so every inch is very important for me. I couldn’t find what are the dimensions (lenght) of the stroller with two bassinets. Do you have this information?

  2. hi! Im having twins and im not sure if I should buy the VISTA 2017 for 800 dollars or the VISTA 2018 for 900 dollars, is there any specificly diference for twins??
    I read that you had twins, how was your experience with UPPA BABY VISTA??

    1. Hi Margaret! There are only few upgrades for 2018 model – I described everything in this article. But they probably won’t affect Vista’s performance for twins 🙂 Maybe one thing – the bassinet on 2018 model has slightly longer mattress (while the external dimensions are still the same). Keep in mind that Vista comes with one bassinet, if you’d like to have bassinets for each of your newborn babies, you’ll need to purchase additional one (Vista’s bassinet is truly awesome, very roomy, comfy and gives good air flow for the baby).

      Notice that Vista is a single stroller that expands to a double – so in a twin version it’s bulkier than single stroller but it’s still more compact than regular double strollers and easier to handle.

      When two bassinets are attached, they are quite close to each other and you need to fold the canopy on the bottom bassinet when you want to check on your baby. But it’s a trade-off for having a twin stroller that is narrow like a single and still maneuverable.

      With two infant car seats handling Vista is very simple and keeping an eye on babies is not difficult 🙂

      One more thing to keep in mind in the future: when your kids get older you’ll be using the regular toddler seat + Rumble Seat (this is the only toddler seat that attaches in lower position). Rumble Seat has smaller capacity – 35 lbs and it’s smaller than regular seat. It’s good up to 2-3 years.

  3. Hi,
    Can I ask what colour fabric features in the top image on this page of the vista 2018 please (the picture of vista in double mode with lady in blue dress)? Hard to tell if its the Gregory or the Henry?
    Has the Gregory fabric changed from the 2017 uppababy Gregory (was available on cruz), to the 2018 uppababy Gregory (ie on vista)? ie is it less shiny / different shade? thanks

  4. Hi! I just bought the Vista 2018 for my 8 week old and 2.5 year old. I currently have my 8 week old in the regular seat with the snug seat and my son in the rumble seat at the bottom. I didn’t realize the rumble seat was so much smaller and won’t recline. Is there another option to have a second real seat that reclines vs a rumble seat? ALSO, I was told to buy lower adapters but then when i went to put on the rumble seat it doesn’t work with the lower adapters, only the smaller ones it came with. So what configuration would the lower adapters be used for. Thanks for your help!!

    1. Hi Jamie! Sorry for late reply.
      1. RumbleSeat features multi-position recline. If your one doesn’t recline at all, maybe it is defective? Another thing is that when both seats are facing front, you won’t able to recline the RumbleSeat (it is blocked by the normal seat behind it), however you can use the recline feature when the seats are facing you.
      2. Unfortunately UPPAbaby VISTA cannot be used with two normal toddler seats, you can only have 1 normal seat + RumbleSeat. Maybe try to put your 2.5 year old in the normal seat and your younger baby in the RumbleSeat (in reclined position with an insert), when the seats are facing you?
      3. You’re right, RumbleSeat only works with its own adapters that are included with it. Lower adapters are only for the bassinet and MESA car seat, you don’t need them for RumbleSeat.

  5. Hi I am forsure getting the 2018 model and trying to decide between gregory and henry- can you tell me specific differences? also maybe one is ore nuetral? I want it good for both genders

    1. Hi! The difference is not huge. Henry is more blue, while Gregory is a bit more grey, both are beautiful. I would say Gregory is more neutral for boy and girl, but that’s just my opinion 🙂

  6. Thank you for your review. Can you confirm whether the Henry fabric on the 2018 is any different to that on the 2017? Thank you

  7. Can you use a snack tray on the 2018 rumble seat? I was told you can only put a Snack tray on the standard seat that it comes with

    1. Hi Linzi! All previous models of Rumble Seat were compatible with Snack Tray, so I think you can use the tray with 2018 version as well (as there are no differences in terms of design or construction between Rumble Seat 2017 and 2018).

      But you need to choose proper Snack Tray. The old model of this tray works with seats 2014 and older, and the new version works with seats 2015 and newer 🙂

  8. I have the 2017 Vista in Henry. Do you know if the 2018 rumbleseat will be compatible with the 2017 stroller? Is there a big difference in colour in the 2017 rumbleseat vs the 2018?

    1. Hello Cori,
      Yes, these two colors are quite similar. I would say Henry is more light blue while Gregory looks more grey-ish and has a bit different texture (less shiny).

  9. I wonder if you have some idea what happens to the pricing of the 2017 model when the 2018 comes out? Can we expect it to lower somewhat, given that plenty of retailers will still have 2017 in stock? I’d love to know how much I might expect the price to fall, if at all?

    1. Hi Maya!
      I’m not sure if the price of 2017 model will go down significantly. I checked VISTA 2017 and 2015 on Amazon and the prices are quite similar. I guess that this will be the case with 2017 and 2018 model as well.
      Take care 🙂

    1. Hi Jennifer,
      There is only a slight difference for 2018 fabric (it’s a bit less shiny), but I would say that it’s barely noticeable on Loic.

  10. I want to order the rumble seat for my 2015 Vista in Pascal (Gray).

    I’m being told that its discontinued and so i’ll have to order the 2018 version but by the looks of it the gray upholstery is only on the hood and the seat itself is now black? Is this correct or can it be ordered with the seat matching the hood?

    Also how does the new mat material compare color wise to the 2015/2017 gray version?

    1. Dear Laura,
      You don’t have to buy 2018 version (which actually has black seat and grey canopy) and from what I know it’s not even available yet.
      You can buy Rumble Seat 2017 and it will work with your VISTA 2015. I found out that it is available in Pascal version with grey canopy and grey seat padding so it will match your stroller 🙂 You can check it here.

      New grey version for VISTA 2018 is quite different from the 2015-2017 grey version. There is new grey Mélange fabric, it’s definitely less shiny and has more clear texture that looks a bit like a wool (but it’s not a wool).

  11. Hi,
    I just noticed on the Uppababy website the new strollers (Vista) among others will be released in WINTER 2018! Some 2018 products will arrive in the Spring/Summer…. Can you confirm this? It doesn’t seem to be in February which the website did say not very long ago (maybe a week or two ago).


    1. Hello Kevin! According to latest information (UPPAbaby announced it at the end of November 2017) VISTA, CRUZ and MESA will be released in February, G-LUXE and G-LINK in March and MINU in May. I hope it won’t change 🙂
      Take care!

    1. Hi Lauren! According to current information the new VISTA 2018 is compatible with MESA 2017. There will be also new version of MESA with new fabric and colors (compatible with MINU, VISTA and CRUZ older than 2015).
      Take care 🙂

  12. Hi we really keen on the 2018 model. But we have 2 dilemmas…..baby is due early April and secondly we live in New Zealand. Could we get the new model some how by mid March?

    1. Hi Beryl! According to the brand’s official website the new VISTA 2018 should be in stores from February. I think it should be available in New Zealand around this time as well. 🙂

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