New Strollers For 2019 – Quick Preview Of Strollers Coming Out Soon

End of the year is always very exciting for stroller freaks like me 🙂 Just a few months ago I wrote an article about best & new strollers for 2018 and today I’m making a list of new strollers coming soon in 2019. Time flies!

Lots of people wonder whether there will be new UPPAbaby VISTA for 2019 or what Nuna and Britax have prepared for parents for the next year.

So whether you’re a stroller addict like I am or you’re a parent-to-be, 2019 stroller lineup looks promising! Just check the list of new strollers for 2019 – you will find there a few completely new strollers, as well as new versions & new fashions for strollers that are already on the market.

1. UPPAbaby G-LINK 2

This stroller is the biggest change that UPPAbaby has prepared for 2019. New G-LINK 2 has been redesigned and now it has lighter and narrower frame. The wheel design has been upgraded as well and the G-LINK 2 has 4 wheels, instead of 6. Canopies are extended and the basket is more easy accessible. UPPAbaby G-LINK 2 should hit the market in April 2019. There will be 2 colors: Jake and Jordan.

2. UPPAbaby MINU 2019

The only thing that has changed for MINU 2019 is the fashion. This compact stroller will be available in Devin (light grey melange) with silver frame and chestnut leather handlebar. Available from spring 2019.

3. UPPAbaby VISTA 2019

UPPAbaby has prepared a few new fashions for their iconic stroller – VISTA. New color versions include: Spenser (grey and yellow tartan), William (Chambray Oxford) and Bryce (White Marl). ETA: February 2019.

4. Britax B-Lively Double 2019

This new double stroller from Britax will replace the old B-Agile Double. Main features? Independently reclining seats, all-wheel suspension, adjustable handlebar, lightweight frame and fairly compact fold. We are hoping to see this stroller on the market in February 2019.

5. Baby Jogger City Mini 2

We all love City Mini stroller, but to be honest – it looks a bit old-fashion already! But I’ve got a great news for all Baby Jogger fans. The brand has updated this stroller and the new Baby Jogger City Mini 2 (2019) has more sleek design with black frame and new stylish colors. The calf rest has been redesigned too. Oh, and there’s one more great news: adapters for City Go and Graco infant car seat will be included with the stroller.

6. Baby Jogger City Mini GT 2

The upgrades for City Mini GT 2 (2019) include: better suspension built-in to all wheels, new adjustable calf rest, magnetic peek-a-boo window and new sleek frame. There will be new colors which make the stroller look more chic. Baby Jogger City Mini GT 2 will come with adapters for infant car seats (City GO and Graco).

Both upgraded strollers – City Mini 2 and City Mini GT 2 should be available from May 2019.

7. Baby Jogger City Tour 2

This is one of the strollers that I’m most excited about! The new, improved Baby Jogger City Tour 2 will accept infant car seats (lack of car seat compatibility was one of parents’ complains about the old City Tour stroller). Other few features include: adjustable calf rest, near-flat recline and easier fold. We are expecting City Tour 2 to hit the stores in February 2019.

8. Baby Jogger City Tour Double

The brand has not only upgraded City Tour, but also made a double version of it! Baby Jogger City Tour Double will have two independently adjustable seats with deep recline and adjustable calf rests. There will be option of adding a carrycot for a newborn baby. Folding City Tour Double is hassle-free, it’s a simple one-hand and 1-step process.

9. Baby Jogger City Elite 2019

New and upgraded Baby Jogger City Elite is making a comeback in 2019! What can we expect? Sleeker look, non-inflatable wheels, improved suspension, adjustable footrest and easier access to the storage basket.

10. Nuna MIXX3

What’s new for the updated Nuna MIXX3? Of course there will be some new fashions. Moreover, the seat is now all-season with removable padding. There are nice mesh vents (similar to the Nuna Demi Grow seat). Moreover, the seat unit is placed a bit higher to make taking baby in and out of it easier.

11. Nuna TAVO 2019

Although the stroller feature will remain the same, there will be new beautiful color versions: Frost, Granite and Sage Green.

12. GB Pockit Air

GB has once again updated their famous travel stroller to make it more suitable for hot weather – thanks to breathable fabrics. Unfortunately, this new model will have the same tiny canopy as the original Pockit, such a bummer. 🙁

13. Bugaboo Cameleon 3 Plus

I included this stroller in this list of new strollers 2019, although it should hit the market in winter 2018. The most important upgrades for Bugaboo Cameleon3+ are: new color options, easier access to the storage basket and more sleek seat frame.

14. Diono Traverze Twin 2019

Diono prepared a double version of their famous travel stroller – Traverze and we are all super excited about it! Each seat reclines individually to almost flat position and folding is very easy to do with just one hand.

Stay tuned and visit LittleBabyGear to hear more about new & best strollers!

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6 thoughts on “New Strollers For 2019 – Quick Preview Of Strollers Coming Out Soon

  1. From BJ facebook page I have confirmation that “Baby Jogger City Tour 2 Double” doesn’t support infant car seat adapters. It’s only working with
    the City Tour 2 Carry Cot.
    This is a big issue for the model, for me it’s not useful not to move the kids in/out the car w/o an infant car seat.

    1. Hi Javier! Thank you for your comment and you’re right, the only option for newborn baby with this stroller is a carrycot (I wrote about it above). I wish this stroller was compatible with car seats too, especially since the single City Tour 2 can now accept car seats!

  2. hey Zooey,
    i was wondering if you have any info of a new (2019) baby jogger city mini gt2 double stroller.
    thanks a lot,

    1. Hi Timea,
      I’m not sure if Baby Jogger is updating the double City Mini GT for 2019. There will be definitely a new version of single City Mini, City Mini GT, City Tour and a completely new City Tour Double. If I get any info about City Mini GT Double 2019 I will let you know!

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