Baby Jogger City Tour 2 Double 2019 – NEW Lightweight Stroller For Twins & Siblings

Great news for parents of twins or two kiddos at similar age – Baby Jogger is launching a new double stroller that can be used from birth and isn’t excessively heavy! Get prepared for the new Baby Jogger City Tour 2 Double!

Not only has Baby Jogger upgraded City Tour to City Tour 2 by adding features like infant car seat compatibility and adjustable calf support, but the brand has also designed a double version of this stroller.

The new Baby Jogger City Tour 2 Double is a perfect option for those who need a compact stroller that won’t take up much space at their small apartment or car trunk. It is designed for newborn twins, toddlers, as well as children of a similar age.

It has seating options for newborns and older babies so it really grows with the kiddos.

And since it weighs only a little bit above 20 pounds, it’s easy to lift and carry. Fold is one-handed too, amazing right?

With this stroller you can enjoy having all amazing features of City Tour 2 – in a double version!

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Baby Jogger City Tour 2 Double 2019 – Review

I don’t have all the details about double City Tour yet, but here’s a quick sneak peek!


There are two seats that recline individually. The lowest position is almost fully flat. To recline the seat you need to squeeze a buckle with straps and pull it down. It’s doable with one hand (but be careful if your kiddo is sleeping!:) ). To lift the backrest you will need to use both hands.

Each seat has adjustable calf support – it easily moves up and down. It’s a new feature that Baby Jogger has added to City Tour 2 stroller. If you lower the backrest and lift the calf rest you will have a nice, long, flat area for a nap time.

Each seat can accommodate a child up to about 33 pounds. You can also add a bumper bar – individual for each seat.


Both seats have individually adjustable canopies with UV 50+ protection. There are 3 panels and pop out sun visor which provide good amount of shade for the babies.

You can also check on your little passengers through the peek-a-boo windows (one on each canopy). I only wish there was different closure than this noisy Velcro, but it’s a minor drawback.

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Suitability From Birth

Baby Jogger City Tour 2 Double can be used from birth – you just need to attach a bassinet for your newborn baby (this accessory is sold separately).

It’s really awesome that this lightweight stroller is suitable from birth. But that’s not all. Baby Jogger City Tour 2 Double allow you to attach TWO carrycots! Not all double strollers, and definitely not all lightweight strollers, offer this function, so it’s a really big plus for Baby Jogger.


It works exactly like the single City Tour 2 – you have to slide the top button on the handlebar to the side, press the lower button and then push the stroller down so it collapses flat.

You can really do it with one hand with no effort! It’s amazing!

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The new double Baby Jogger City Tour 2 weighs about 22.7 lbs. It’s not much as for a double stroller (most strollers in this class weighs more than 30 lbs)! Lifting it to the car trunk or carrying up and down the stairs shouldn’t be a problem.

Other features include:

  • Slim design that allow you to fit through every doorway seamlessly (width = about 25.5″)
  • Single stationary handlebar with durable, rubber cover
  • Small wheels which makes it a good city and travel stroller (but keep in mind that the more bumpier terrain, the more it will shake – on sidewalks and indoor surfaces it’s perfect, cobbled streets and short grass in parks shouldn’t be a problem either)
  • Good-size basket which provides enough storage space for essentials for two kids (this basket is twice as much as single City Tour basket)
  • Three color versions: Black, Grey, Teal (that may change yet)

Baby Jogger City Tour 2 Double – Release Date

There is no official release date yet, but Baby Jogger City Tour 2 Double should be launching in Spring 2019.

Stay tuned for latest information about Baby Jogger City Tour Double!

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2 thoughts on “Baby Jogger City Tour 2 Double 2019 – NEW Lightweight Stroller For Twins & Siblings

  1. Hi Zooey – I’m looking to get this for my twins due this May2021. Which brand of car seats (from new born) are compatible with the Baby Jogger City Tour 2 Double?


    1. Hi Reshma, I think it should be compatible with Baby Jogger City GO and Graco Click Connect Car Seats, however I can’t find an adapter anywhere. Not sure if it has been manufactured yet or not. But keep in mind that City Tour 2 Double accepts only one infant car seat. For twins it may be a better option to add two bassinets.

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