Baby Jogger City Tour 2 – Now Suitable From Birth!

Parents love lightweight strollers that are suitable for newborn babies. In 2019 they will have more options to choose from as Baby Jogger City Tour 2 is launching in February, as an upgraded version of the original City Tour stroller.

I’m a fan of Baby Jogger brand, because it’s a guarantee of a high-quality at affordable price point. And I’m very happy that each year they upgrade their iconic strollers to make them perfect for parents.

In 2019 Baby Jogger is launching the new version of their famous lightweight stroller. The upgraded Baby Jogger City Tour 2 2019 will have few nice feature that parents were waiting for.

Last year Baby Jogger made a different version of City Tour – City Tour LUX which is a bit bigger and looks different than the original stroller. On the other hand, the new updated City Tour 2 has very similar appearance to original model, but lots of new functions.

Let’s see what this new lightweight stroller for 2019 can offer you and your little one.

Baby Jogger City Tour 2 2019 Review – All New Features

This is not a completely new model, it’s very similar to the original City Tour, but the upgrades for 2019 are major and can make City Tour 2 your only stroller.

Before I move on to my review of City Tour 2 stroller, few technical details. I divided this article into two section – in the first part I show you all the new features, then in the second part I briefly present the function that hasn’t changed.

At the end you will find my ultimate comparison of Baby Jogger City Tour vs Baby Jogger City Tour 2 vs Baby Jogger City Tour LUX. I invite you to read my reviews of other strollers as well. Here’s LUX and here’s the original City Tour.

Baby Jogger City Tour 2 is suitable from birth

This is the biggest change that we can find on this upgraded model. If you’re familiar with the original Baby Jogger City Tour you probably know that some parents complained about lack of seating options for newborn babies.

The brand listened to all those complains and the new Baby Jogger City Tour 2 can be used from day one. You have three different seating options for your newborn baby.


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Near-flat recline

This new stroller for 2019 features deep recline which, according to the manufacturer, is newborn-ready.

The recline is not fully flat and it’s not an enclosed space, so I would definitely recommend adding at least an infant insert that would hold the little baby more securely and give more head and back support.

Recline mechanism is still the same – buckle with straps – that can be operated with one hand when you lower the backrest, but with two hand when you raise it.

Infant car seat

Yes! Baby Jogger City Tour 2 accepts infant car seats! We don’t know yet which car seat models will be compatible with this stroller, but still, it’s a great news.

To covert this stroller into a travel system you will need special adapters that will allow you to click-in the car seat.


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This is another important change – the new Baby Jogger City Tour 2 2019 can be used with a carrycot.

To attach it, you will have to recline the seat first and then install the adapters on the frame. The bassinet simply clicks in.

Of course this accessory will be sold separately.

Baby Jogger City Tour 2 has deeper seat & adjustable leg rest

This is great news for Baby Jogger fans! The new model will finally have deeper seat – something that all parents were really waiting for!

The leg support easily flips up and down. Thanks to this function, this lightweight stroller is perfect for a nap on the go.

Whether you want to use City Tour 2 for a small infant or a toddler who still needs his nap during the day, your child will be able to prop his feet up and lie comfortably.

I’m really glad that Baby Jogger has added this feature.

Baby Jogger City Tour 2 has upgraded folding mechanism & different fold size

Although the stroller collapses in the same way, the mechanism is a bit different. Now you have two buttons on the handlebar (instead of one) – you need to slide the top button to the side and then press the lower button.

This advanced folding mechanism is similar to the one we can find on the UPPAbaby MINU.

Once you deal with the buttons, the folding process looks exactly the same as on original City Tour. The stroller folds down into a small package and locks automatically. All is doable with one hand.

But now fold dimensions are slightly different. Folded Baby Jogger City Tour 2 2019 is: 23″ L x 19″ W x 7″ H. So it’s a bit longer and wider, but flatter. We don’t know yet if this new upgraded stroller weighs more – I will definitely keep you posted on that 🙂

Great thing about this stroller is that it comes with a carry bag (backpack-style) so you could easily carry it down the stairs, in the museum, Disneyland or at the airport. It also makes storage much more simple.


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Baby Jogger City Tour 2 has new colors

This is the only thing that has been changed for City Tour 2 appearance. Now the stroller will look more stylish and the fabric will be a bit shinny. I will let you know when the brand confirms the new colors (it will be probably Black, Grey and Teal).

As you can see the bigger difference between original Baby Jogger City Tour and the new upgraded Baby Jogger City Tour 2 is that the latter one is designed not only for toddlers, but can also accommodate newborn babies.

Baby Jogger City Tour 2 – Features That Hasn’t Changed

Not all features has be redesigned, some are the same as on original version of Baby Jogger City Tour.

  • Canopy – This new model has the same, UV 50+ canopy with three extendable panels, sun visor and peek-a-boo window.
  • Handlebar – The handlebar is non-adjustable and rubberized (no foam covers!), just like on the original City Tour stroller.
  • Wheels – Just like the previous version, Baby Jogger City Tour 2 has rather small wheels that are suitable mostly for flat surfaces, but short grass or cobblestone shouldn’t be a problem for it either.
  • Storage – The basket underneath the seat stayed the same. It’s not tiny, but not large either. It’s just sufficient for medium diaper bag.

Baby Jogger City Tour 2 2019 – Release Date

According to brand’s latest information Baby Jogger City Tour 2 launches in February 2019. Can’t wait!

Baby Jogger City Tour 2 vs Baby Jogger City Tour vs Baby Jogger City Tour LUX (Comparison)

The biggest differences we can find between the original City Tour and City Tour 2. The new model has deeper seat (finally, yay!!), features infant car seat compatibility and can be used with bassinet. Another difference between City Tour and City Tour 2 is that the latter one has adjustable calf support, upgraded folding mechanism and slightly bigger (but flatter) fold.

On the other hand, the new Baby Jogger City Tour 2 seems quite similar to the City Tour LUX, at least when we consider the features, not the appearance. So you may want to ask: what is the difference and which stroller should I choose: City Tour 2 or City Tour LUX? Major difference between these two models is weight and fold size. City Tour 2 is lighter than the City Tour LUX and features smaller fold. It makes it better choice for parents who often travel by car, train or plane.

But City Tour LUX has some advantages as well. It has reversible seat which is super useful. The whole seat unit is removable, so when you can to use this stroller with infant car seat or bassinet, you attach it to the frame, not onto the seat. Of course, it requires removing the regular seat first which may be a bit annoying, but thanks to that the stroller doesn’t get much heavier when you add the car seat or carrycot.

With City Tour 2 the carrycot and infant car seat attach onto the regular seat (here we don’t have removable seat unit), so the stroller gets heavier in this configuration.

Stay tuned for latest updates on the new Baby Jogger City Tour 2

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