Baby Jogger City Tour LUX 2018 – Light & Compact Everyday Stroller

Baby Jogger City Tour LUX is a revolutionary and innovative stroller: lightweight, compact, multi-functional and suitable for newborn.

Baby Jogger City Tour LUX 2018
Baby Jogger City Tour LUX 2018

Baby Jogger has upgraded the City Tour to LUX version by adding few useful and versatile features that parents were asking for. The regular City Tour is an awesome stroller, perfect for travel by plane, but it can be used only for child who can sit unassisted (around 6 months). Many parents complained about lack of infant car seat compatibility and lack of possibility to use this stroller for newborns (you can read more about it here). The new model – Baby Jogger City Tour LUX has all that features that we were waiting for!

Every parent who appreciate combination of minimalism, functionality and modern design will love this stroller.

Here is my Baby Jogger City Tour LUX Review with all information we already have on this stroller. Find out if this stroller is worth waiting for and if it is right for you and your little bundle of joy.

Baby Jogger City Tour LUX Review

What features has the new model City Tour LUX 2018 from Baby Jogger? It is very different from previous model of City Tour stroller.

Baby Jogger City Tour LUX 2018
Baby Jogger City Tour LUX has reversible seat

Seating options

Older version of Baby Jogger City Tour is equipped only with a toddler seat, suitable from 6 months and there is no seating option for newborns, since the stroller isn’t compatible with infant car seats and carrycot. The upgraded model – City Tour LUX is the manufacturer answer to customers complaints and requests. It will have much more seating combinations.

Regular seat

The regular, toddler seat is nicely padded and multi-position recline with near-flat position (it’s not completely flat, it’s still few degrees reclined). I really like that we can easily lower or raise the seat with just one hand by using a lever. There is also adjustable leg rest for better baby’s comfort, which also is one-handed.

Baby Jogger City Tour LUX recline
The regular seat features 140 degrees recline

The seat can go in both directions so the baby can face parents or the World. There is 5-point restrain with padding. This seat can hold a passenger from 3 months up to 45 lbs. What I really like about the toddler seat it that it’s much more roomy and deep than in original City Tour!


Baby Jogger City Tour LUX with bassinet
Baby Jogger City Tour LUX with bassinet

This new model offers a carrycot which can be attach to the frame. It provides fully flat position, suitable for younger babies. Thanks to it you can make the stroller suitable for your newborn baby. With the carrycot this is one of the smallest and lightest strollers that can be used since birth.  What’s really great about this bassinet is that it folds with the stroller! You don’t have to remove it to fold your City Tour LUX. It’s very convenient and makes travel with newborn so much easier!

The bassinet is sold separately.

Infant car seat

Baby Jogger City Tour LUX with infant car seat
Baby Jogger City Tour LUX with infant car seat

Yes! Baby Jogger City Tour LUX is compatible with infant car seats! That was the main parents complaint about the older model (regular City Tour) which doesn’t work with car seats. Now you can easily remove the regular seat, click the infant car seat to the stroller frame and you’re ready to go. It’s very useful for parents who often drive or want to run some quick errands or go shopping with their newborn baby.

Thanks to new options for newborns and infants (carrycot and car seats) City Tour LUX can be used since birth! Finally this excellent lightweight stroller is also suitable for smaller and younger babies and makes travel with infant more easy and enjoyable.

Option for the older sibling

Baby Jogger City Tour LUX has reversible seat and you can also attach the Glider Board
Baby Jogger City Tour LUX has reversible seat and you can also attach the Glider Board

There is an option of attaching Glider Board so your older child can also have a ride in City Tour LUX! You can check how this board works here.


This stroller has awesome huge canopy with flip out sun visor. The canopy is not only roomy, giving baby a lot of space to grow, but also provides full shade from the sun and protects baby from the wind. It’s bigger than the canopy on original City Tour stroller.

This canopy has also a peek-a-boo window that gives nice extra air-flow and allows parents to check on their baby during stroll. The window closes with magnets, so no noisy Velcro – yaay!

Baby Jogger City Tour LUX canopy
This sunshade is really huge!


The handlebar on City Tour LUX is similar to the City Select LUX handlebar – the grip has rubber rings which makes it more comfortable to operate and more durable than foam padding. However, the handlebar is unadjustable.

Wheels & Suspension

Front wheels are pivoting to make the stroller more nimble. They can be also locked to increase stroller stability when going over more difficult terrain.

Although the wheels are rather small, they roll really smoothly. And they absorb shocks to provide more comfortable ride and easier pushing. However, these wheels work the best for strolling in the mall and around the city, they are not all-terrain. It can go over gravel or cobblestone but it will wobble a little bit.

And since the wheels are rubber and filled with foam, you don’t have to worry about having flat or remember about inflating.


There is very easy to use handbrake. The toggle is placed on the right side of the handlebar.

Storage basket

Baby Jogger City Tour LUX basket
The storage space is really decent and the bin can accommodate large diaper bag

Under the seat there is a storage bin – it’s not the biggest one, but as for such a small and compact stroller it is sufficient. It can accommodate all your necessities. In the rear part of the basket there is a zippered pocket where you can put your valuables or smaller items.

There is one additional storage pocket on the back of the seat. It’s useful because you can keep there your essentials like phone and keys within reach.


The upgraded model – City Tour LUX folds up similar to the previous model. Folding is super easy, one-hand and takes few seconds. City Tour LUX features one of the easiest fold in the World! All thanks to patented folding mechanism.

Once the City Tour LUX is folded it’s very compact and doesn’t take much space. However, this model is bigger than the previous version so it may not be approved as carry-on on all airlines. You should check specific regulations for the airline you choose to be sure.

Folded City Tour LUX is very compact
Folded City Tour LUX is very compact

This stroller stands on its own when folded and features automatic lock which simplifies storage and transport. There is also a shoulder strap and a handle which are useful for carrying the stroller up and down the stairs or when you use the stroller for older kid who can walk but sometimes needs a break and want to ride in it. You can carry around the City Tour LUX almost effortlessly.

You can also put the folded stroller into a travel bag which has convenient backpack straps. This bag is also useful for storing the City Tour LUX.


This new model is more heavy than the original City Tour which is understandable when we consider it has to hold a carrycot or infant car seat with a newborn baby. It has to be more strong to do that!

It weighs around 19 lbs which is still very impressive and light enough for carry around. The new model, Baby Jogger City Tour LUX is not an umbrella stroller, it’s rather something between lightweight and full-sized stroller.

I love that this stroller is so compact and light, yet really well equipped!


There are few accessories for the new City Tour LUX from Baby Jogger: travel bag, cup holder, bumper bar (all 3 accessories should be included, but it is not confirmed yet) and carrycot (sold separately).

City Tour LUX vs City Tour

If you’d ask me which model is better the original Baby Jogger City Tour or the new Baby Jogger City Tour LUX, I would say, it really depends on your needs. Both stroller are awesome, but have different features and different purpose.

Regular City Tour is great lightweight travel stroller for toddlers. If your child is at least 6 months old and you’re plan on traveling with him, this is the perfect choice for you. However, this would be probably your second stroller, because for the first few months you will need a buggy that is suitable for newborns.

The new City Tour LUX is more like a light everyday stroller which can serve you since infancy to toddlerhood. And it can be the only stroller you will ever need. It is also great for travel, nonetheless it is less likely that you could bring in on the airplane. Even if you can’t take it as carry-on it is still very useful for travel and perfect for road trips! The City Tour LUX is definitely awesome choice for parents who have small apartment and/or car with a small car trunk. It’s really nice to have such a light and compact stroller for everyday use.

So the answer to the question “City Tour LUX or City Tour” depends on when and how you will use this stroller.

If you want to read more about the original City Tour here is my in-depth review of this stroller.

Baby Jogger City Tour LUX – Release Date

We all are super excited about this stroller! Baby Jogger City Tour LUX release date is scheduled for February 2018 but it is a subject to change. I will definitely let you know when this stroller becomes available! Meanwhile you can check out my ranking of all new stroller coming out in 2018!

Baby Jogger City Tour LUX – Price

The expected price of Baby Jogger City Tour LUX is around $299, but it is not confirmed yet. In the meantime you can check current discounts on original Baby Jogger City Tour on Amazon.

Keep in mind

This new model rather won’t fit in overhead compartment on airplane, but it’s still useful stroller for travel with baby.

3 Reasons Why You Will Love Baby Jogger City Tour LUX

1. Since it has seating options for newborns, it can be the only stroller you will ever need. You won’t have to buy another stroller so you can actually save a lot of money!

2. The stroller with regular seat is much more compact and lightweight than other everyday strollers, yet it is really well-equipped.

3. This stroller is a space-saver, so it’s great choice for parents who have small cars or don’t have much free space at home.

Stay tuned for more information about City Tour LUX release date and exact price!

Hello Moms! I am Zooey. I am a wife and a mother of three amazing kids: 3-year-old Haley and almost 1-year-old twins Jesse and Matthew. I am a jogger, cooker and blogger

If you have a question or a comment, do not hesitate to write to me! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Baby Jogger City Tour LUX 2018 – Light & Compact Everyday Stroller

    1. Hi Seanna! That’s very interesting comparison. At first glance City Tour LUX is a bit more compact than City Mini, but it is about 1 lbs heavier.
      Both strollers are designed for everyday use for urban parents but there are few difference.
      I would say the biggest difference is in switching between different seating options.
      -City Tour LUX has removable seat unit (it easily snaps out) and when you want to use it as a travel system, you attach the infant car seat to the frame instead of the regular seat. In City Mini you attach the infant car seat to the frame while the regular seat is also attached (the seat unit is not removable, you can take off the seat fabric of course, but it would be annoying if you had to do it frequently)
      -City Tour LUX seat is reversible which in my opinion is very useful, because I prefer when my baby is facing me during the first months so I can keep an eye on him the whole time, but when the baby gets older and more curious about the World it’s good to have an option of reversing the seat so the baby can face front and observe everything. City Mini doesn’t have reversible seat.
      -City Tour LUX has deeper recline and fully adjustable calf rest (you can see that in the picture above) and in my opinion the recline mechanism is better than in City Mini (there is a lever that you can use easily with one hand to lower and raise the seat, instead of straps and buckle). Also, in City Tour LUX the whole seat unit reclines, in City Mini only the back rest goes lower.
      -Both models have different wheels design – City Mini has three wheel design with dual front wheel (which gives strong foundation) while the City Tour LUX has four wheels.
      -City Tour LUX has definitely smaller storage basket than City Mini.
      -LUX has hand-operated parking brake, instead of a foot-operated brake; it will come with a shoulder strap and travel bag with backpack strap.
      -Folding is also different, in City Tour LUX it takes few steps but it is still very easy and quick. Folded LUX is smaller but not as flat as City Mini.

      When LUX becomes available I will try it on different terrains and compare it to the City Mini performance as well.

      Let me know if you have more questions, take care! 🙂

  1. Hi there!
    How would you compare its maneuverability and ease of use to the Uppababy Minu? I’m a suburban mom with a small house and car. I want something that can be my one and only stroller. It’ll mostly be used on pavement for neighborhood walks, malls, sidewalks, and maybe occasionally a park.

    1. Hi Lauri!
      I haven’t had a chance to test both strollers outdoors to compare their maneuverability, but I will definitely do that when both models are available for sale.
      Generally speaking City Tour LUX and MINU have similar small wheel and suspension so they will be perfect for going over sidewalks, gravel in parks and indoor use like at the mall or airport.
      UPPAbaby MINU has more compact fold than City Tour LUX. It can be even folded with the bassinet (From Newborn Kit) attached therefore I would say it would work better for small house and small trunk.
      I also prefer MINU seat recline and the folding mechanism which is easier than in City Tour LUX. And the MINU is much lighter (about 5 lbs) and more portable. It’s perfect if you need to run some quick errands or go to grocery store, you can fold it in few seconds, throw into your car trunk – no matter if you use it with bassinet for your newborn baby or with regular seat.

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