Announcing Twin Pregnancy – 29 Adorable Ideas To Share Your Double Joy

Announcing Twin Pregnancy

Congratulations parents! You’re soon to welcome two bundles of joy!

I am sure you’re looking to announce your twin pregnancy in STYLE! Capturing this moment in pictures will not only have your loved ones doubling over with excitement when you post them on your social media but also serve as a beautiful keepsake, something to look back to once your babies have grown up!

If you’re looking for the perfect twin pregnancy announcement, we have handpicked some cute announcement ideas that will melt your heart as you scroll down the list.

This article is not a substitute for medical advice or consultation.

How Do You Announce Twins? – 29 Fun & Cute Ideas

Here are my favorite ways to announce twin pregnancy, whether you want to create lovely keepsake, share the wonderful news on social media or just surprise your family!

1. Surprise, Surprise!

If you’re still unable to wrap your head around having two babies (just like you felt after that first ultrasound), why not use the same theme in a fun way? Here’s a perfect example of a surprise twin pregnancy announcement.

You can write your sentiments on a letter board, or a writing board, or even get onesies made for your twin babies. Your family and friends will surely be surprised.

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2. Mom’s T-shirts For Twin Pregnancy Announcement

Here are a few creative ways to announce a twin pregnancy using T-shirts. Not only will this T-shirt become memorable in the long run, but you can also use it for photoshoots once your twins join you earthside.

Such an adorable idea for twin parents to twin for their twin pregnancy announcement. See what I did there?

3. Double Ultrasound Twin Pregnancy Announcement

This is a beautiful and cute way to announce your good news to friends and family. You can simply take a photo of both the ultrasound photos and share on your social media that you are expecting twins!

Hold the ultrasound images lovingly in front of your bump. The best part, you won’t even need any props for this announcement.

4. Pose With Your Ultrasound Picture

This is your sign to put on your favorite dress and take some pictures holding the ultrasound photo in your hands. You can have your partner pose with you too, and this picture will go down in baby books for sure.

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5. Letterboards

Letter boards are one of the most creative ways for sharing your twins pregnancy announcement.

Take out your letter boards and tell your family and friends about your multiples with this adorable twin pregnancy announcement photo.

6. Our Family Is Growing By TWO

What better twin announcement than to tell your people exactly what’s going on? Share this beautiful pregnancy announcement and let everyone on your social media know that your family is growing by two little hearts and four tiny feet.

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7. Family Photoshoot

This one is for my ladies who are looking for fun twin pregnancy announcement ideas, including if their partners don’t know yet.

Plan a surprise photoshoot with your family, where you get to capture their emotions forever in a picture. The best part? You can share the photo on your social media to tell the world about your twin babies.

8. Best Friends Forever

One of the greatest joys about being twin parents is that you know you’re about to welcome two besties. Here is an adorable idea for your twin pregnancy announcement photo.

You can get customized onesies or baby bodysuits to announce your twin pregnancy.

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9. Twice As Lucky

This is such a cute way to express your feelings as you make your big announcement. Having twins is a special kind of blessing.

Mom can hold out the ultrasound photo while she thanks her lucky stars for her twins.

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10. Older Siblings

The cutest twin pregnancy announcements often have older siblings sharing the good news with the world.

The options are endless; you can take them by surprise or have them in on the plan. Nevertheless, celebrate with your older kids as you get ready to welcome your twins.

11. Baby Shoes For Announcing Twin Pregnancy

This has got to be the cutest way to announce your twin pregnancy. Though people use various props such as clothes, diapers, ultrasound images, etc, to me the baby shoes are just too darn cute!

Get two pairs of the cutest shoes for your two babies. They serve as one of the cutest twin pregnancy announcement ideas ever. Period.

12. Buns In The Oven

Here’s a little twist on the old “bun in the oven”. You can get two buns, put them in the oven, and take this iconic photo to announce your twin pregnancy.

If you have other kids, take it up a notch and have them pose with the buns in the oven for your twin pregnancy announcement picture.

13. Hilarious Twin Pregnancy Announcement

There are a ton of hilarious twin pregnancy announcement ideas and we have selected a few just for you. Let your people know you’re expecting twins in these fun ways.

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14. Your Fur Babies

Taking the help of your fur babies to make your twin pregnancy announcement is surely one of the best ways to announce that you’re expecting. Chances are, they might just make the best of friends with your twins once they arrive.

You can find more ideas for including your pets in this big announcement in my article: 27 ideas for announcing pregnancy with dogs.

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15. Surprising The Family

For the witty parents out there, this is a fun way for announcing your news to your homies that you’re expecting twins.

You can bring out these onesies or announcement cookies at a family gathering and see the surprised reactions followed closely by laughter.

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16. Announcement Cookies

Being pregnant is a beautiful experience. Now multiplying that by 2 makes it even more exciting. Why not share your excitement with your family and buddies with these cute announcement cookies?

If you want your twin pregnancy announcement to stand out, choose your favorite cookies and let the world know in style that you’re pregnant with twins!

Announcement cookies are a fantastic idea for baby shower party!

17. Announcing Twin Pregnancy With Cupcakes

Why stick to just cookies? Here are some yummy cupcakes for your twin pregnancy announcement. You can also serve these cute cupcakes at the baby shower party!

18. Prayed For One, Blessed With Two

Being blessed with not one but two babies is surely having your prayers answered.

The entire journey of getting pregnant, creating a beautiful life within us, and giving birth is nothing less than a miracle.

These ideas make you express your gratitude while you make your twin pregnancy announcement.

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19. Plot Twist

If your twin pregnancy came as a surprise for you, why not use the sentiment to share the big news with your friends?

This funny take on a twin pregnancy announcement will surely become the talk of the town.

You can use onesies for your twin announcement.

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20. Chalkboard Twin Pregnancy Announcements

If you have got a chalkboard lying around somewhere, this is the perfect time to whip it out. Chalkboard is one of the most loved twin pregnancy announcement ideas and rightly so. You can write, draw, and doodle; the options are endless.

Here are a few examples of how you can use your chalkboard for twin pregnancy announcements.

21. Pink Or Blue, We Love You

If you’ve found out the genders of your twin babies, this is one of the cutest twin pregnancy announcement ideas ever.

You can choose onesies that tell them apart, or you can even have their names printed on the bodysuits.

There is also option to do this announcement without revealing babies’ gender, if you’re not ready yet!

22. We Can Bear-ly Wait!

This super cute idea for twin pregnancy announcements has been doing the rounds recently, You can use two teddy bears along with the ultrasound pictures for your twin pregnancy announcement.

23. Foil Balloons

One of the most versatile twin pregnancy announcement ideas, foil balloons showcase your creativity as you tell the world your good news.

You can get the letters “TWINS”, or get creative and get those baby foil balloons for your pregnancy announcement options.

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24. Eating For Three

Nothing beats this fun idea for your pregnancy announcement. Besides, food makes everything better.

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25. Due With Two

How cute are these adorable cakes? Celebrate yourself and order yourself some cake that tells your good news to the world.

P.S.: Make sure to take a photo before you dive right into it.

26. Double Trouble

As the saying goes, twice the fun, twice the trouble! This is a cute and funny idea for sharing your twin pregnancy news. If you’re having two boys, this could be really befitting, (coming from a boy mom).

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27. Seasonal Pregnancy Announcements

If you just found out you’re expecting two babies and holidays are nearby, feel free to include your good news in the festivities.

The more the merrier!
Here are some adorable twin pregnancy announcement ideas during Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Halloween.

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28. Announcing Twin Pregnancy At Easter

Be creative and use any stuffed toy that you’d like for your baby announcement. The bunnies can be a great way to announce your twin pregnancy around Easter.

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29. IVF Twins Announcement (For Infertility Survivors)

Going through infertility and finally having your prayers answered in the form of twins will really make you appreciate this.
If you’re looking to add some creativity to it, we’ve got you covered too. Your friends will be chuckling away as they find out your big news.

When Should You Announce Your Twin Pregnancy?

When you find out you’re pregnant, you have to wait till the 6th to 8th week of pregnancy (the first ultrasound) to find out if you’re having twins.

Most parents prefer to make the big announcement until after the 12th week. The reasons are that the risk of miscarriage declines, so to be on the safe side, it’s a good bet. Plus, mom and dad get to see their twins clearly on their 12th-week ultrasound.

That being said, it’s really your own preference.

The purpose of this article is informative. It’s not a substitute for professional medical advice or medical care. Remember: safety first! Consult your doctor/pediatrician in case of any doubts. The author of this article does not accept any responsibility for any liability, loss or risk, personal or otherwise, incurred as a consequence, directly or indirectly, from any information or advice contained here.

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