How Many Pacifier Clips Do I Need? (+ 4 Safety Tips)

Did you know that pacifier use has been known to reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome by up to 90%? Or, that pacifiers can improve the suckling reflex of baby who is struggling to breastfeed?

Do you use a pacifier for your baby? Then you need some pacifier clips!

How Many Pacifier Clips Do I Need?

For many moms, pacifiers are baby essentials, especially for newborn needs.

If your baby prefers a pacifier, don’t feel bad! Pacifier usage is a normal thing for many babies, and it can even offer medical benefits! If your little one is fighting an ear infection, for example, the jaw motion from sucking is really helpful for relieving that painful ear pressure.

Despite some rumours out there, pacifiers are not related to nipple confusion for breastfed babies. For breastfeeding moms who think their hungry baby wants to nurse all the time, ask your doctor about trying a pacifier to help. Sucking can soothe babies, which is why using pacifiers can sometimes prevent over-eating.

Even if your young one isn’t using pacifiers now, they may soon! Some babies prefer it as a teething toy to soothe irritated gums. Some breastfed babies may be comforted by a “paccie” if they can’t nurse (mom is on medication or is going back to work).

Many parents find pacifiers helpful when making the transition to bottle feeding, or breast weaning in general.

If your baby is already using one then a pacifier clip is really helpful! It prevents losing pacifiers, as well as keeps it from falling down on dirty floors or outdoor park spaces while you’re out and about.

Some pacifier clips double as teething toys, and other therapeutic benefits with sensory stimulation for older infants.

But – be careful of getting a clip that is too long! This is a serious safety concern for your baby.

It is worth investing in a few safe pacifier clips to help save baby’s pacifier from dropping on a dirty floor, without being a safety hazard.

This article is not a substitute for medical advice or consultation.

What Are Pacifier Clips?

Pacifier clips are sometimes called pacifier holders. These are attached to baby’s pacifiers, usually with a ring or attachment that fits around the hard plastic shield at the front of the pacifier.

The other end has a durable clip, which should be clipped somewhere on your baby’s clothes (the most common place is on baby’s shirt).

The section in between could be made of tough polyester fabric, silicone, plastic or leather.

It is important to pay attention to the length of the pacifier clip. Too long can be dangerous and too short isn’t helpful. Look below for more tips about pacifier clips for infants.

Since the pacifier is connected to the clip, if it falls from your child’s mouth, it will hang down, but not fall down to the ground or dirty floor. This prevents a lost pacifier and ensures it doesn’t get contaminated with germs and bacteria.

As your infant grows, he or she can learn to find their pacifier on their own, by the attached clip and learn how to put it back in their mouth on their own, too.

How Many Pacifier Clips Do I Need For My Baby?

How Many Pacifier Clips Do I Need For My Baby?

The question remains, how many pacifier holders do you need?

Fortunately, pacifier clips are not expensive. If you buy online, they usually come in a pack of 4 or 6 for less than $10. That’s cheaper than 4 or 6 pacifiers!

And, since they prevent lost pacifiers – you’ll probably end up saving a bit of money because you’re not buying new pacifiers every two weeks.

You may only need 2 pacifier clips. If you’re going the minimalist route, two pacifier clips is enough; one to wash, another to use while that one dries.

Packs of pacifier clips are cheap and some offer a variety of designs, even different textures as sensory play, too, I’d say buy a pack of 4 or more, just so you have some different options to match with baby’s clothes.

This way you can have one at home, and a back-up always in the diaper bag, too.

By the way, make sure to check out my article about baby pacifiers and my tips for how many you should get for your baby, too.

How many pacifier clips should I buy for baby

Benefits Of Pacifier Clips

  • Keep Pacifier Clean

Pacifier clips prevent pacifiers from falling to the ground.

Even if baby takes it out of their mouth, they will just hang from the pacifier clip and won’t get contaminated.

Since cleaning pacifiers while you’re out and about can be a headache, this makes life much easier and ends up preventing you baby from being exposed to germs.

  • Prevent Lost Pacifiers

No more searching between couch cushions or under the crib, the clip prevents the pacifier from being lost. It also ensures the prolonged use of pacifiers, since they aren’t constantly lost.

Since you won’t be losing all those pacifiers, this will end up saving you money and a hassle in the long-run.

  • Cute Accessories

Many clips are cute and can be a type of toy in and of themselves, like ones with small soft animals or characters on them.

They can also be a clothing accessory. Choose colorful ones that can be an adorable addition to baby’s outfit.

  • Help With Teething

There are two ways pacifier holders can help a fussy baby during the teething phase.

They can help soothe your child’s gums. Some pacifier clips are made of sturdy silicone braids or one single piece of texture that looks like beads but is not a choking hazard. This material is designed to be chewed and gnawed on to help soothe baby’s sore gums during the teething phase.

They also keep baby’s favorite pacifier within arm’s reach for anytime they want it. No more rooting around baby’s diaper bag for that elusive (and crumb-covered) pacifier.

Pacifier clips have many benefits and they can serve as a teether for teething baby

Risks Of Using Pacifier Clips

There can be serious safety hazards with anything hanging near your baby’s neck. The two biggest safety hazards are choking or strangling.

  • Choking Hazard

Any small parts that could detach pose a choking hazard. Make sure your pacifier clips don’t have any parts that could come loose. Babies learn to play and pull on everything, and they will certainly tug on their pacifier clip, too.

I’ve seen a few “DIY pacifier clips” online that are made with beads – beads are a serious choking hazard! Please don’t purchase these or make this style yourself.

  • Strangulation

The concern of strangling has to do with the length of the pacifier clip, in case it becomes detached from your child’s clothing. The pacifier clip should not be long enough to wrap around your infant’s neck, even if it were to detach.

If your pacifier clip is long enough to attach on the waistband of baby’s pants, it is probably too long. Pacifier clips should reasonably only work when attached to baby’s shirt.

  • Sleep Safety

Also, always remove a pacifier clip before baby sleep, just to be on the safe side. They can keep using the pacifier while they nap, but they shouldn’t have the clip.

Pacifier Clips Choking Hazard

Should You Use Pacifier Clips?

If your baby is using a pacifier, a pacifier clip will be very helpful. You will lose less pacifiers, and won’t have to worry about dirty pacifiers that have dropped on the floor of the grocery store.

Now, if you are using the newborns style of pacifiers that are a single piece of hollow silicone, be careful to use the appropriate clips. If you find these are the best pacifiers for your newborn then pay attention to holders and clips that fit these, specifically, as some have very small holes to secure a pacifier clip.

Is A Pacifier Holder Necessary?

No, it’s not a must-have item of baby gear. But, pacifier clips can be really helpful.

It helps you keep track of pacifiers and can help calm down a crying baby in a matter of seconds, because you know exactly where your baby’s pacifier is.

However, if you’re set on helping your baby stop using a pacifier, then maybe losing all those pacifiers will be a good idea! If you think your baby is done or almost done with pacifiers in general, you might not need to save them or worry about repeatedly cleaning them from the floor.

How long should pacifier clips be

How Long Should Pacifier Clips Be?

Look for pacifier clips that are 8 inches or less, from the end-to-end.

The reasons for this are mentioned above, specifically for baby safety and preventing risk of strangulation1.

Where Should Pacifier Clips Be Placed?

No matter your child’s age, you should connect the pacifier clip to your baby’s shirt. Since the clip should only be 8 inches long, this is necessary for it to reach their mouth.

I use baby’s nose as the marker for where the pacifier should reach in order to easily get to baby’s mouth without straining, then I clip it somewhere within that distance on to the shirt.

How To Choose The Right Pacifier Clip

There are several things to consider when purchasing a pacifier clip: material, hazards, your child’s age and the type of pacifier to clip it with.

1. Material

I prefer pacifier clips that are made of easily washable material.

My favorite materials are:

  • Silicone (hand wash with warm water or run through the dishwasher),
  • polyester fabric (similar to lanyard material) that can be washed in the washing machine
  • polyester cord (chose a thick cord that doesn’t have too much stretch) (hand wash with warm water).

Metal clips can rust if left wet. Use plastic clips (durable, strong plastic) or make sure you dry your metal clips very well.

2. Safety & Hazards

Look out for any any small parts that could detach, such as beads, or the metal or plastic clip itself.

If you’ve been tempted to try and DIY your own pacifier clips – beware! Beads are very dangerous, especially if a homemade pacifier clip breaks on accident.

3. Your Child’s Age

Older babies might appreciate different textures to touch, grab or chew on. There are high-quality baby pacifier clips that can safely be used as a baby teething toy, which is helpful when your baby is fussy from sore gums.

4. The Brand Of Pacifiers You Already Use

Some pacifier clips fit specifically with certain designs of pacifiers. Make sure whichever clips you buy are suitable with the type of pacifiers baby uses.

Safety Tips For Using Pacifier Clips how to choose the right pacifier

Safety Tips For Using Pacifier Clips

Always remove a pacifier clip when putting baby to sleep. Babies should not sleep with anything connected to their clothing or on their head. Pacifiers alone are okay, but not the pacifier clip, hats or headbands2.

If you are using the cute stuffed animals that have a pacifier attached, these have to get out of baby’s crib, as well. Remember – no pillows or stuffed animals until baby turns 1 year old.

Make sure to clean the pacifier clips and holders regularly.

Only use pacifier clips that are 8 inches long or less. Too long is a serious risk!

The purpose of this article is informative. It’s not a substitute for professional medical advice or medical care. Remember: safety first! Consult your doctor/pediatrician in case of any doubts. The author of this article does not accept any responsibility for any liability, loss or risk, personal or otherwise, incurred as a consequence, directly or indirectly, from any information or advice contained here.


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