What To Stock Up On Before Baby – 37 Most Useful Items You Will Need

What To Stock Up On Before Baby

If you’re in your third trimester you may be feeling the pressure (and I don’t mean just pressure from the weight of your belly).

The first few weeks with a new baby are wonderful – and chaotic. You’ll face sleepless nights, more laundry than you ever imagined and will likely be doing everything one-handed as your carry your newborn in your arms.

That’s why it’s imperative that you stock up on some basic household items before baby arrives! You don’t want to be running errands during a snow storm or heat wave with a newborn baby.

If you’ve prepared in advance, you can relax a little after giving birth and just enjoy cuddles with your precious angel or focus on postpartum recovery, not running out to buy important items at the last minute.

This post give you the ultimate list of what to stock up on before baby arrives so you know that you need to make it through those first weeks of new mom life.

If you’re wondering what to stock up on before baby arrives, I always remind moms not to forget about themselves. This list includes lifesavers for postpartum life, from nipple cream to peri bottles, and non-baby items that many parents forget about, like toilet paper and trash bags.

If you’ve started stocking up for baby then you need this list!

I share everything you (truly) need to be prepared before baby arrives: food, household essentials and baby gear, so that you can relax and just count down to your due date, stress-free.

I also have a list of things you should NOT register for, which I hope will help you to save some money on items that are advertised as must-have but in reality are just useless!

This article is not a substitute for medical advice or consultation.

What Should I Stockpile During Pregnancy?

You should stockpile any essential household items that you use every week or every day, like toilet paper, pet food and trash bags. Life gets turned upside down pretty quickly with a newborn baby (in the most wonderful way possible!) but your pet still needs to eat and the garbage is only going to multiply during those first weeks.

Focus on basic cleaning supplies, hygiene items, and kitchen and food staples as your major checklist items to stock up on before baby arrives. There are a few baby items to stockpile, but in general, babies grow so fast and they may have sensitivities or allergies, so stocking up on baby soaps and detergents is not always a good idea.

What Should I Stock My House With Before My Baby Comes?

When it comes to items to stock up before baby arrives, there are a few different categories: postpartum needs, toiletries, home essentials and, of course – food (I learned after baby arrived that one can never have too many freezer meals).

What Should I Stockpile For Baby?

Postpartum Essentials

If this is your first pregnancy, then you may not know exactly what your postpartum body needs. Your recovery depends on the type of delivery you had, but all new moms need to stay hydrated and to rest.

Since these are non-baby items, it is easy to overlook these important postpartum items – but you matter, too Mama!

1. Water Bottle

If you don’t already own a water bottle – get one! If you’re breastfeeding it is especially important to monitor your water intake. Having a water bottle nearby is a super handy way to remember to drink up.

2. Pain Relief

Your doctor may have prescribed pain medication before you left the hospital – make sure to fill the prescription.

It is important that you don’t take just any pain medication, especially if you are breastfeeding. Use only what is prescribed by your doctor.

Other options include:

  • Hot water bottle (to help with cramps),
  • Peri bottle
  • DIY cooling pads made with natural aloe vera and witch hazel.

3. Pads

Speaking of pads – you’re definitely going to need a good supply of maternity-grade pads. Lochia, or “postpartum period” is normal bleeding that occurs after giving birth. If this is your first baby, then you may not be aware that you’ll probably be wearing pads for several weeks postpartum. They are definitely must-have postpartum items, both after C-section and natural birth.

4. Nipple Cream

If you’re planning to breastfeed, then nipple cream may be your new best friend. Make sure to check out my list of the best nipple creams to find the best one for you (they will help to heal cracked nipples, caused by nursing OR pumping).

5. Vitamins

Yes, you needed prenatal vitamins during pregnancy and you need postnatal vitamins for 6 months or more postpartum. Stock up on your favorite brand’s postpartum vitamins before your due date.

PRO TIP: If you’re giving birth during summer, you will also need to add some loose, lightweight and breathable clothing to your wardrobe, that will keep you comfy during the recovery time. Here’s my list of the best postpartum summer clothes for new moms.

Self Care Items For The New Mom

6. Dry Shampoo

While you may prefer to do a full shower and use shampoo and conditioner, some days that’s just not possible with a new baby. Spray or dust-on dry shampoo and go on your way with convenient dry shampoo.

7. Hand Cream

I prefer hand washing over hand sanitizer, but sometimes you just have to use hand sanitizer and it dries your hands out so fast! That’s why you need a good hand cream. Make sure to get an unscented one.



Don’t forget the daily essentials like toiletries that you need to use every day.

8. Hand Soap

9. Shampoo & Conditioner

10. Body Wash

11. Toilet Paper

12. Deodorant

Food, Drinks & Pantry Items To Stock Up Before Baby

13. Freezer Meals

Freezer meals can be a real life saver for new parents. Stock up on cheap and easy frozen meals (like pizza and hot pockets). But since store-bought frozen meals have an extra cost, consider making some of your own DIY freezer meals like lasagna and casseroles, too.

You can prepare freezer meals weeks in advance, but always leave a little room in the freezer in case friends or family want to bring some frozen meals over, too.

PRO TIP: Freezer meals usually focus on dinners, but you need breakfast too! Get items you can carry with one hand – like frozen waffles, bagels or muffins for easier mornings.

14. Side Dishes

Food preparation often takes a back seat to feeding baby or your own sleep. So, having some easy side-dishes you can whip up in under ten minutes is wonderful for new parents to make easy balanced meals (especially if you have other children who also need to eat!)

Here are some great sides to keep stocked in the freezer:

  • Dinner rolls/soup buns (pre-cooked or partially cooked)
  • French fries or potato wedges
  • Stir- fry veggies
  • Vegetable medleys

15. Frozen Fruit

Frozen fruit is so easy to drop into a blender for smoothies, add to yogurt or use as a topping for waffles for an easy, healthy breakfast.

I love to keep bags of frozen berries, frozen mangoes and frozen peaches in my freezer at all times.

16. Soups

Don’t underestimate the power of a good soup when you’re pressed for time. Canned or boxed soup is a great, quick lunch while baby is napping.

I also love prepared soups because older kids can safely warm up soup in the microwave or stove top, and allow Mama to get in a much-needed nap.

What Should I Stockpile During Pregnancy

17. Convenience Foods

Keep your home prepared with easy, convenient foods for easy snacks, late-night snacks or quick meals.

  • Pasta sauce
  • Pasta noodles
  • Ramen noodles
  • Quick-cook rice
  • Granola bars
  • Nut butters
  • Crackers
  • Dry cereal
  • Nuts
  • Mama’s favorite snacks

If you’re breastfeeding – you may be hungry all the time. Make sure to stock your pantry with your favorite snacks.

18. Lactation Cookies

These actually are really delicious, just made with ingredients that promote milk production, so buy a few boxes (or order online) before baby arrives.

19. Drinks

  • Coffee or tea (whichever you prefer)
  • Creamer (if you use it)
  • Juice
  • Flavored water (if regular tap water isn’t your thing, flavored water is a good solution. Just stay hydrated!)

Household Items To Stock

All too often moms forget about the household items, probably because they are non-baby items they are easy to overlook. Make sure to stock up on:

20. Garbage Bags

21. Paper Towels

22. Dish soap

23. Dishwasher Pods

24. Batteries

Not sure why, but batteries seem to always be overlooked – but they are important!

White noise machines, nursery night lights and even some bedside bassinets use batteries, so stock up!

25. Paper Plates

Make your life easier and skip washing dishes some nights by opting for disposable plates instead.

26. Cleaning Supplies

Before baby arrives, stock up on cleaning supplies like toilet cleaner and shower spray, so you don’t have to think about it during those challenging first few weeks with newborn baby.

27. Disinfectant Wipes

This is a favorite household item, because they make cleaning quick and easy.

28. Laundry Detergent

When the baby arrives, there will be a lot of laundry (baby spitting up on your T-shirt, milk leakage on your bras, milk coming out of your little one’s nose and leaving stain on baby’s onesie…).

You’ll also need a separate kind of detergent for baby clothes.

Stocking Up For Baby

Pet Supplies

Don’t forget your furry babies! They still have needs, so include their must-have items, too.

29. Pet Food

30. Cat Litter

What Should I Stockpile For Baby?

Since I’m sharing what to stock up on before baby, of course there are some baby items to stock up on before baby arrives, too.

Here are the obvious baby items to stock, and some not-so-obvious items that will be a lifesaver with a newborn.

31. Wipes

The number one thing I suggest new moms stock up before baby is born are baby wipes! Wipes won’t expire, you’ll definitely use them up, and your baby won’t outgrow them, either.

Just incase your baby has sensitive skin, stockpile natural, water-only wipes.

32. Baby Items – Diapers

Obvious items: you definitely need some diapers. Even if you are going the reusable route, I still suggest getting some disposables for the first few weeks. Many reusable nappies are bulky on newborns and will result in a lot of laundry, since newborn babies poop every 2-3 hours.

If you decide to stockpile diapers, though, do your research. Make sure that the company or store you order from allows for exchanges. If your baby has an allergy to a specific brand, then you can swap for another kind. Or, if your baby grows super fast, you can switch an unopened pack for the next size up.

It’s a good idea to stock up on diapers, but make sure you have flexibility, too.

PRO TIP: Newborn can go through 10 diapers a day! That’s 70 diapers a week. But, you don’t know how long they will wear newborn size, so get plenty of size 0 and size 1 for the first weeks.

33. Diaper Rash Cream

Many of the all-natural zinc-based creams go a long way, so a small tin will likely last for many months. Hopefully, you won’t be facing regular use though!

If you’re wondering if you should buy just one diaper cream or stockpile on it, check out this article.

I also have a post about the most effective diaper rash creams that really treat and heal your baby’s bum.

34. Baby Laundry Detergent

You should do your baby’s laundry separately (and wash all their clothes and swaddles before use). Your baby needs a gentle, hypo-allergenic laundry detergent.

Since you will do a lot of laundry for a newborn, you should have several detergents stocked up.

What To Stock Up On Before Baby Comes

35. Odor-Stopping Diaper Bags

Okay, this one isn’t for baby, its for you, mama!

You are going to go through a lot of dirty diapers – but you don’t have to smell them all! If you have a diaper genie, make sure to buy plenty of the odor-locking bags that fit your unit.

36. Containers For Pre-Measured Formula Powder

If you’re planning to formula feed your baby, here are two other must haves:

These little containers might be convenient for on the go, but they are a true life saver for nighttime feeds.

When you are facing sleepless nights and are so fatigued you can hardly remember your own name (okay, maybe it won’t be that extreme), you will be so thankful that you or your partner measured out the formula earlier that day.

37. Bottle Sterilizer Tabs

You should boil baby bottles once a day to sterilizer them. If you don’t own 6 bottles, one option is to use cold water chlorine tabs to quickly clean bottles after morning and afternoon feeds and save the boiling for night-time.

Conclusion – What To Stock Up On Before Baby Comes

Wipes, diapers, baby laundry detergent and odor-stopping trash bags.

The good news is, none of these items expire quickly, so you have easily buy these things anytime during your third trimester.

Stocking Up For Baby – Extra Tips

  • Freebies

When selecting your baby registry, check for free offers. Companies like Target, Amazon (available for those who are Amazon Prime members) and Walmart offer a special “new mom gift” just for registering!

  • Buy ahead & look out for sales

Look for discounted items or coupons for items for older babies, like developmental toys and clothing bundles.

It may be summer now, but buy baby’s winter coat when it’s 50% off – just make sure to buy for the age they will be those months ahead.

The purpose of this article is informative. It’s not a substitute for professional medical advice or medical care. Remember: safety first! Consult your doctor/pediatrician in case of any doubts. The author of this article does not accept any responsibility for any liability, loss or risk, personal or otherwise, incurred as a consequence, directly or indirectly, from any information or advice contained here.





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