How Should I Dress While Breastfeeding? – Best Nursing Clothing For Moms

Nursing clothes are a great way to make breastfeeding as easy and comfortable as possible for you and your baby. They can be worn during pregnancy, after birth, and onwards while you’re still nursing. There are many different styles of nursing clothes that range from casual wear to formal attire. In this article we’ll explore different types of nursing clothing, what they look like, the benefits of breastfeeding-friendly clothes, and more!

Do I Really Need Nursing Clothes For Breastfeeding?

Nursing clothes keep you comfortable, but also ensure you have easy access to your breast. Plus, they provide modesty and discretion when you’re feeding your baby.

Nursing clothes should be practical and not restrictive in any way (other than providing full coverage).

It can take practice getting used to feeding in public if you aren’t practicing already.

Make sure there isn’t anything uncomfortable about how these nursing tank tops or dresses fit around the chest area; otherwise, you will become frustrated with wanting to nurse in public places versus staying at home.

Keep on reading to find out what type of clothing works best for different women while they transition into nursing their baby.

You can feel comfortable and look stylish in nursing clothes too!

Types Of Nursing Clothes

Nursing clothes are available in many different styles which can make breastfeeding easier without having to worry about flashing.

To make breastfeeding easier, new mama has a wide choice of nursing clothes: nursing tank tops, nursing dresses, nursing hoodies, and of course nursing bras. Postpartum leggings are also a key part of new mom wardrobe.

Here’s a list of what you can find on the market:

– Postpartum bras / nursing bras – These have clip-down cups for easy access and no annoying underwire. They are a great investment during and after pregnancy because they can be used while nursing. Besides, nursing bras are elastic and designed to expand and contract as your breast change post-pregnancy. It is good to have 3 or 4 nursing bras. Bras for breastfeeding mamas come in many styles and sizes: we have sexy nursing bras with lacy details, sleep nursing bras, sports bras for breastfeeding, as well as amazing nursing bras for large breasts.

– Nursing tank tops – This type of clothing is great for any occasion. You can choose between a cami with built-in bra and clip-down cups or a tank top with double layer design. The latter type provides you with more discretion and gives you more coverage when you’re breastfeeding. With the best nursing tank tops and camis you can minimize how much of your skin is exposed when you’re nursing in public.

– Nursing dresses – These are another great type of nursing clothing. They typically have clip-down cups or wrap-style design that allows you for quick access to your breast while keeping your top on.

– Nursing hoodie – This type of clothing is very convenient for colder weather because it can be worn when you’re in public but don’t want to expose your entire chest area during nursing, or if you just feel like wearing something more comfortable at home.

– Postpartum leggings – Leggings are a must-have during pregnancy and even more so after the baby is born. They can be worn with any top and are great for nursing, because they have high waistband that will give extra coverage for your postpartum belly. Here’s my list of the best postpartum leggings.

– Nursing swimwear – If you plan on going to a pool or beach after your baby is born, nursing swimwear is the best option. It’s very similar to regular bikini tops but with a special opening for easy access while breastfeeding and/or pumping during those months when it feels like you have no time at all! Check out my favorite nursing swimwear and breastfeeding-friendly swimsuits.

– Nursing pajamas – These are a great option to make breastfeeding on demand easier. They typically have an opening for access and are made of soft materials that feel comfortable on your skin or against baby’s mouth while you’re feeding them at night. You can choose classic nursing pajamas with a top and bottoms or nursing nightgown. There are so many beautiful and flattering lacy nighties that are breastfeeding-friendly.

What Are The Benefits Of Nursing Clothes?

Wearing nursing clothes while breastfeeding has lots of benefits. Simply put, they make nursing easier.

They allow you to to keep your baby close and facilitate skin-to-skin contact, which is one of the best feelings ever!

It’s easier to breastfeed in public because nursing clothes are specially designed with easy boob access panels – this makes it easier and more discreet for you to feed your little one in public places, like at family gatherings or restaurants.

New mom can feel confident about her body after giving birth. Nursing clothes are designed to fit your size and breastfeeding needs. They’re comfortable, stylish and classy – not just breastfeeding-friendly!

Some nursing clothes are designed to fit breastfeeding moms who need help with breastfeeding during the early nursing stage. Then there are breastfeeding clothes for more formal occasions like weddings, and nursing sport clothes like nursing sports bras and tank tops.

So go ahead and enjoy your body after giving birth! Breastfeed in style wearing nursing clothes that make breastfeeding easier for you.

Tips On How To Nurse Discreetly In Public

1. Wear a loose fitting t-shirt over your nursing bra or choose nursing tank with built-in bra.

2. Carry an extra shirt in your bag for quick changes if you need to nurse discreetly.

3. Choose clothes that are easy to pull up and down.

4. Use the “boob hider” technique by pulling one side of your shirt or dress up, then quickly pulling it back down when done nursing.

5. If you’re wearing an outfit with long sleeves, use them as a cover for your breasts.

One of the most popular brands that makes excellent nursing clothes is Kindred Bravely. Their collection includes maternity, nursing and pumping bras, nursing tops and tanks, nursing pajamas an nighties, leggings and pants for postpartum, maternity and postpartum undies, reusable nursing breast pads and more!

They are known for their simple and stylish designs, as well as the high quality and durability of the fabric. They also have an excellent customer service to help you with any sizing problems.

Other brands where you can find nursing clothes include Mamalicious which is a New Zealand brand specializing in nursing bras and panties. Motherhood Maternity offers low prices maternity wear but they also sell some nice dresses and tops that work great when breastfeeding.

There are hundreds more stores out there such as H&M or Old Navy where you can find attractive outfits at affordable costs so it really depends on your personal taste (and budget).

What Should You NOT Wear While Breastfeeding?

Too tight clothes that are too difficult to unbutton or a top that is too short and has too many buttons, can make breastfeeding much harder. Pants should also be comfortable and loose enough for easy access and provide good coverage for your belly.

There is nothing more frustrating than having an outfit that doesn’t work perfectly with breastfeeding. It can be especially challenging if you’re attending a social event or on vacation.

When choosing clothes, it’s best to avoid anything that cuts across your body too tightly like skinny jeans for example.

Clothing items with zippers are also not ideal since they make access difficult while nursing in public (plus who wants their stomach exposed?). Some clothing materials will also make nursing impossible because of how tight they fit e.g., tight fitting shirts/dresses, thick waistbands etc..

I don’t recommend regular T-shirts because you can’t breastfeed in them without exposing your belly.

Avoid wearing bras with underwire when nursing, because it can cut into your skin and hurt you.

Overall, it’s best to wear loose-fitting clothes that give easy access for nursing in public places. Try not wearing anything too tight or revealing.

As much as possible don’t wear anything too tight around your belly area while breastfeeding. This will be uncomfortable for you and baby, and may also restrict breastfeeding sessions because it can interfere with your milk supply (if it digs into your breasts and blocks the ducts).

Wearing clothes that are too loose is not good either because they won’t provide proper support for your body during postpartum period. After the pregnancy and giving birth your muscles (particularly the pelvic floor muscles and abdominal muscles) are weakened, your uterus is swollen and your breast get filled with milk – they need extra support and stability.

Clothes designed for nursing mamas provide that support, in contrast to regular clothes that are too loose (or too tight).

The purpose of this article is informative and entertaining. It’s not a substitute for medical consultation or medical care. Remember: safety first! The author of this article does not accept any responsibility for any liability, loss or risk, personal or otherwise, incurred as a consequence, directly or indirectly, from any information or advice contained here.

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