6 Amazing Breastfeeding Swimsuits – Best Swimwear For Nursing At The Beach & By The Pool

Breastfeeding in your bathing suit makes you feel uncomfortable? Here you’ll find the most flattering swimwear designed for nursing mamas. It will slim your post-pregnancy body and will make breastfeeding at the beach stress-free.

It’s time to get the best nursing swimsuit!

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Lots of maternity swimwear highlights the imperfections of a postpartum body, instead of hiding them. Finding a swimsuit that is nursing-friendly, comfortable and flattering at the same time is not an easy job, but don’t worry!

I did the hard work for you and picked the best nursing bathing suits for breastfeeding moms.

Breastfeeding in a tiny, damp bathroom or trying to cover yourself with a towel while nursing at the beach is not something you want to do when enjoying your day outdoors!

Thankfully, there are some bathing suits designed for nursing mamas! I picked 6 best nursing swimsuits that allow to breastfeed comfortably – whether you’re lounging at the beach or spending a day by the pool.

My Personal Choice - Best Nursing Swimsuit
Kindred Bravely One Piece Nursing Swimsuit
Best Nursing Tankini
Kindred Bravely Tie Strap Tankini Top
Cheap Nursing Bathing Suit
Oceanlily Women & Plus Size - Breastfeeding Swimsuit- Post-Partum Nursing One Piece Bathing Suit Black XXL
Best Features
❤️ Beautiful & comfy swimsuit. It's flattering and functional for breastfeeding. It helps to smooth and slim post-pregnancy body.
❤️ Breastfeeding-friendly tankini with cute shoulder ties. It's long enough to cover baby bump or postpartum belly.
❤️ Great inexpensive swimsuit for nursing mamas. It has a discreet nursing opening and convenient non-slip shoulder straps.
✨ It provides great coverage for the tummy and bum.
✨ The top is supportive and modest.
✨ This is an awesome choice for moms on budget.
My Personal Choice - Best Nursing Swimsuit
Kindred Bravely One Piece Nursing Swimsuit
Best Features
❤️ Beautiful & comfy swimsuit. It's flattering and functional for breastfeeding. It helps to smooth and slim post-pregnancy body.
✨ It provides great coverage for the tummy and bum.
Availability & Price
Best Nursing Tankini
Kindred Bravely Tie Strap Tankini Top
Best Features
❤️ Breastfeeding-friendly tankini with cute shoulder ties. It's long enough to cover baby bump or postpartum belly.
✨ The top is supportive and modest.
Availability & Price
Cheap Nursing Bathing Suit
Oceanlily Women & Plus Size - Breastfeeding Swimsuit- Post-Partum Nursing One Piece Bathing Suit Black XXL
Best Features
❤️ Great inexpensive swimsuit for nursing mamas. It has a discreet nursing opening and convenient non-slip shoulder straps.
✨ This is an awesome choice for moms on budget.
Availability & Price

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Best Nursing Bathing Suits – One-Pieces & Tankinis For Breastfeeding Moms

This comfy nursing swimwear was designed to make breastfeeding easier. Thanks to convenient cutouts, double layers, deep V-necks and fold-down cups you’ll be able to nurse without fully exposing your breasts and tummy. No more flashing!

1. Kindred Bravely Nursing & Maternity One Piece Wrap Swimsuit

The best thing about Kindred Bravely Wrap Swimsuit is that it’s so comfy and stretchy that it can be the only bathing suit you’ll need during and after pregnancy. It easily adapts to mom’s changing body and offers plenty room for growing baby bump or postpartum tummy.

Kindred Bravely Nursing & Maternity One Piece Wrap Swimsuit

This swimsuit is not only pretty and gorgeous, but also truly nursing-friendly. Crossover design makes breastfeeding hassle-free and limits the amount of skin you expose. When it’s time to feed the baby, you just need to pull down the inner layer.

The outer layer goes around the breast area and ties at the side which creates flattering wrap effect. Whether you have a baby bump or already had baby but you’re not back into your normal size and body shape yet, this cute nursing swimsuit will make you feel so pretty and sexy!

When I was 6 months postpartum and we were going on holidays, I tried dozens bathing suits and all of them made me feel so unattractive. They looked awful on my postpartum body and didn’t provide good coverage for my post-twin pregnancy belly and they didn’t prevent sagging boobs!

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Kindred Bravely One-Piece Nursing Swimsuit was a life-saver and I was finally feeling pretty in my swimwear. I have quite large hips, thighs and bum and I was happy to see that the seams didn’t dig into my skin too much.

The ruffle looks really cute and provides some additional coverage and discretion. You can easily adjust the top portion which is great if you have smaller bust and bigger hips. The cups have removable padding in case you need more modesty and shape. You can also put nursing pads inside – no more worrying about leaking!

Overall I liked this breastfeeding swimsuit for covering my boobs and bum so well and for NOT accenting my stomach.

Kindred Bravely Nursing & Maternity One Piece Wrap Swimsuit with ruffle neckline
Both ladies wear Kindred Bravely Nursing & Maternity Wrap Swimsuit in size M

Lots of moms who have bought these one-piece nursing swimsuits agree that they are flattering and comfortable for all stages of motherhood and really functional for breastfeeding. Lots of moms rave about vertical straps design – it’s an awesome choice if you’re still working on getting your body back after baby. Another advantage is the fabric – it’s has UPF 50 sun protection

Moms recommend sizing up, especially if you have larger breasts.

2. Kindred Bravely Shoulder Tie Nursing & Maternity Tankini

If you’re two-piece kind of gal, you should definitely check out Kindred Bravely Tankini. With shoulder ties this tankini top is perfect for nursing mamas and it looks pretty on pregnant and postpartum body.

Kindred Bravely Shoulder Tie Nursing Tankini with bikini bottom

It’s long enough to cover baby bump or postpartum belly. There is ruching on both sides and the fabric is ultra stretchy to accommodate your changing body size.

These features ensure you can feel comfortable and confident when lounging at the beach or by the pool.

What I love about this nursing tankini top is that you can adjust it to your size. You can tighten the shoulder strap or even cross-tie them behind your back if they are too long or fall down from your shoulders. And when it’s time for breastfeeding, you just need to untie one strap and full the fabric down. It’s easy and quick.

Re-tying may feel a bit tricky at the beginning, but gets easier with practice.

Besides, I love how cute and flattering the straps and the curved neckline look. This tanking will definitely add feminine look to your nursing swimwear and beachwear!

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Another advantage is the removable padding in breast area which provides good support, shape and extra modesty. I was really surprised to see how supportive this tankini top is! The fabric has also UPF50 protection.

The thing that I love the most about Kindred Bravely Nursing Tankini is the coverage it offers. During postpartum I wanted to minimize my sagging tummy, not highlight it. This tankini top was perfect because it wasn’t too tight on the belly area, it was stretchy and long enough to cover my postpartum belly and it still looked flattering on my post-twin pregnancy body!

Overall, this nursing tankini top is a fantastic choice for all stages of pregnancy and motherhood.

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3. Movemama Nursing One Piece Halter Swimsuit

This swimsuit’s designed for all mamas who want to feel pretty when lounging by the water, while still being able to nurse easily without exposing their full bust.

Movemama Nursing One Piece Halter Swimsuit

This one-piece suit with halter neckline has double-layered breast area and shoulder straps with nursing clips just like a nursing bra. When it’s time to feed the baby you just need to undo the clip on one side and pull down the top layer. You’ll be able to breastfeed without revealing your whole breast. It’s very convenient.

The black tied halter top has built-in adjustments and removable pads which offer light support. I only wish the pads were sewn-in, because they can shift or misshape quite easily, especially if you have a grabby baby.

This nursing swimsuit slims the post-baby belly thanks to elastic fabric, high waist and slight ruching in the tummy area.

It has low back and deep V-neck which look really sexy without revealing too much.

Moms recommend sizing up. There’s one more thing to remember – this suit may not be a good choice for busty mamas (above cup size G) as it won’t provide enough support or coverage.

Overall, this is a good quality, medium-priced option. Some mother say that they feel so comfortable in swimsuit they don’t need separate cover when nursing.

PRO TIP: If you like design of this nursing swimsuit but would prefer something cheaper and single-colored, I recommend you this EastElegant Breastfeeding Swimsuit. It offers tummy control and helps to shape post-pregnancy body and makes it look more slim. There are convenient breastfeeding clips and two layers of fabric for discreet nursing. It’s available in black and red wine color. It’s stretchy, soft, provides good coverage and look incredibly sexy. Cheap price is the cherry on top!

4. Oceanlily One-Piece Nursing Bathing Suit

This is one of the most popular breastfeeding swimsuits. It’s flattering, modest and very functional for nursing at the same time. It allows you to feed the baby at the beach without flashing.

Oceanlily One-Piece Nursing Bathing Suit

I love this bathing suit design. It’s thick and has sewn-in padding which add extra discretion plus it has double layers in the breasts area. Whenever you need to nurse, you just need to pull the top layer up and use the front opening to pop out your boob. It makes breastfeeding in public stress-free. I really like that the nursing access is so easy, without being obvious. Oceanlily looks just like a regular feminine swimsuit!

It covers booty and boobs really well. The amount of breast support is decent, so your bust won’t look saggy. It has a little bit of tummy control and looks really flattering on mom’s stomach.

There is built-in bra with soft cups. The material is elastic so it easily adapts to your changing breast size which is crucial when you’re breastfeeding.

I also like the shoulder strap design and the racerback. It makes getting the suit on a bit hard, but the good news is that it feels really secure. I hate straps falling down constantly therefore Oceanlily racerback design is a big plus for me.

This swimsuit is rather only for nursing, not pregnancy. It doesn’t stretch out that much to accommodate growing baby bump. It could be okay for first months when your belly is not big, but I would recommend it mainly as a nursing bathing suit. It seems to smooth out post-pregnancy belly and hide post-baby ‘imperfections’.

One last thing – some moms say that getting this suit on and off is a bit hard because the straps don’t have any clasps. It may be a bit tricky to take it off in a toilet when you have to keep an eye on your kid(s) at the same time!

Nevertheless, I think Oceanlily swimsuits are fantastic option especially if you’re on a budget and want a bit more modest (but still attractive) nursing suit. This is probably the best cheap nursing-friendly suit.

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5. CUPSHE Women’s One-Piece Swimsuit

This is one of the best-selling women’s swimsuits. It hasn’t been design for breastfeeding, but many moms say that it’s really nursing-friendly.

CUPSHE Women's One-Piece Swimsuit

With a wrap design and tie at a side this swimsuit allows you to take your breast out quickly when it’s nursing time. It works quite similar to Kindred Bravely Wrap Swimsuit (but this one is about half the price!). What’s more, the wrap design gives this suit feminine look and helps to hide post-baby belly.

There is removable bra padding which offers extra shape and support.

This swimsuit has low back and the bottom par has pretty deep cuts so make sure you’re okay with that, because it means less coverage for your bum and hips.

Moms women have complained about the suit being a bit loose in the armpit area and showing some side boob, especially if you have large breasts. Other than that it’s fantastic – flattering and good quality.

It’s available in two colors: green and red wine (my favorite).

If you’re on tight budget and looking for sexy or even a bit cheeky swimsuit with quick nursing access, CUPSHE is an awesome choice.

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6. COCOSHIP Retro One-Piece Swimsuit

Even though this bathing suit hasn’t been specifically designed for nursing mamas, it’s quite breastfeeding-friendly. It’s definitely one of the prettiest and sexiest swimsuits and I’m sure women who like retro style or pin-up look, will love this suit!

COCOSHIP Retro One Piece Swimsuit High Waisted Pin Up Swimwear

This one-piece halter swimsuit has high waist which is awesome cause offers more coverage for your post-baby tummy and bum.

Keep in mind that this suit comes in two style: backless or with crossable straps. The backless version gives literally no support for breasts. That’s why I recommend the strap version for nursing moms because it provides a bit more support. The good news is that you can tie the straps in various ways that will look so pretty on your back. Plus, you can use the straps for extra tummy control!

PRO TIP: Because there’s no built-in bra or molded cups, this suit is a better choice for lounging by the water than jogging on the sand or jumping into the pool.

To nurse, you just need to pull the fabric aside to expose one breast. Unfortunately there’s no nursing panel to provide extra coverage, but at least you have extremely easy and quick access to your boobs when your little one gets hungry.

This bathing suit is available in multiple colors – my favorite is this black & white version with long crossable straps.

It’s not a maternity swimsuit, but it’s perfect for post-pregnancy holidays and chilling at the beach or by the pool. It looks sexy, but it’s modest at the same time. And it’s one of the cheapest swimsuits for nursing mamas!

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