Using Willow Pump With Milk Bags vs Milk Containers – What’s Best For You?

Are you wondering whether it’s best to use the Willow Pump with milk bags or whether you should invest in Willow milk containers? Let’s take a closer look at these two accessories and see which one is better for moms who are only pumping occasionally, as well as for exclusively pumping moms!

willow milk bags vs milk containers

In this article I will compare the use of Willow Pump with milk bags and milk containers. Each accessory has its own benefits, and I hope my comparison will help you decide what’s more convenient FOR YOU.

If you have read my review of Willow Pump you already know how impressed I am with this smart hands-free breast pump. Now it’s time to see how to get the most out of the pump with the use of milk containers and milk bags. Let’s find out which ones are easier to use and cheaper in the long run.

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Willow Pump With Milk Bags

When you buy the Willow smart pump you receive a pack of 24 4oz. milk bags. If you’re exclusively pumping this supply may last you only for a couple of days. If you plan on using the pump to create a small stock in your fridge, in case you need to separate from your baby, this pack may be enough for a few weeks.

Willow Milk Bag

Using the Willow Pump with milk bags is very convenient, because you pump directly into the bag, which also double as a storage bag.

You don’t need to pour the milk into separate container – you can toss the Willow milk bag into a cooler bag, refrigerator or freezer.

Moreover, I like the way these bags are designed. There is one-way valve which means that your expressed milk goes in, but doesn’t spills out of it. You can pump in any position: when lying down while reading a book, when playing with your little one (even if you often bend down!), when sitting down and working on a laptop or even during a stroll.

Another advantage is that these bags are self-sealing, keeping your precious nutrients in a safe and hygienic way.

For some moms a huge advantage will be the fact that these milk bags are disposable and recyclable. Once you’re done pumping, you have less parts to clean, because there are no additional containers.

Willow Self-Sealing Milk Bag

Willow milk bags are definitely a wonderful solution for moms who returned to work and want to remain a good milk supply when they are away from their baby.

It’s a convenient choice for traveling moms too, because it allows to pump on-the-go. Once you’ve finished your pumping session, you can toss the milk bag into a cooler bag without the need to transfer it into another storage container (which would be really annoying when you’re out and about).

However, for EPing moms the use of milk bags may be quite expensive (the pack of 48 bags costs $23.99). So in my opinion, Willow milk bags work best for moms who pump occasionally or when you need to pump on-the go, when you’re away from your home, or traveling.

For moms who pump more frequently Willow has a fantastic, more pocket-friendly solution.

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Willow Pump With Milk Containers

For moms exclusively pumping or creating breast milk freezer stash, the Willow milk containers will be better option – and definitely more affordable solution in the long run.

The use of Willow Wearable Breast Pump with milk containers may be very convenient too, because once you’re done pumping, you can pour the milk into a feeding bottle and serve it to your little one, or store in the fridge or freezer.

Willow with milk container

The good news is that many feeding bottle are freezer-safe! For example Nanobebe, Tommee Tippee, and Medela bottles can be used for freezing the milk, if you purchase special lids. Some baby bottle brands also offer freezer storage bags.

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The best thing about milk containers is the fact that they are reusable. Each container holds up two 4 oz. When you finish pumping, you simply pour the milk into a feeding bottle or other storage container, wash the Willow milk containers and you’re ready for next pumping session.

These containers are dishwasher-safe, which makes the whole process even easier.

Willow Milk Container - Transferring the milk into storage bottle

When you buy the Willow pump with milk bags only, you need to choose the right size of the flanges to avoid nipple soreness. It’s the same case with milk containers. They are available in 3 sizes: 21 mm, 24 mm and 27 mm. If you’re not sure which size will fit you best, you can find useful tips on Willow website1.

The containers easily connect with the pump, without any long cords allowing you to pump basically everywhere. And just like with the milk bags, you can pump in any position when using the milk containers too!

The pack of 2 milk containers – one for each breast – costs $49.99 which initially is more than a pack of milk bags, but in the long run it’s a more affordable solution because you can use the containers multiple times.

How to connect Willow with milk container

So if you are pumping frequently (or exclusively), or you are stay-at-home mom and plan on making bigger freezer stash of your breast milk, or simply prefer reusable containers over disposable bags, the Willow milk containers will be a good choice for you.

The purpose of this article is informative. It’s not a substitute for medical consultation or medical care. The author of this article does not accept any responsibility for any liability, loss or risk, personal or otherwise, incurred as a consequence, directly or indirectly, from any information or advice contained here. The article contains affiliate links – your support helps us run this blog! All pictures of Willow Pump belong to Willow2.

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2 thoughts on “Using Willow Pump With Milk Bags vs Milk Containers – What’s Best For You?

  1. I was wondering, if I froze the willow disposable bag would it fit in a standard bottle warmer when I needed to use it?

    1. Hi Neisha! If you mean a bottle warmer that fits only 1 bottle then it could be too small and you would have to break up the milk to fit the bag in the warmer. I’ve heard that parents use bigger bottle warmers, that can fit 2 bottles, for unfreezing milk bags. You can also just put the bag in a bowl of warm (not hot) water or hold it under running warm water. BTW, it’s not safe to unfreeze Willow bags (and breast milk in general) in microwave.

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