Outfit To Bring Baby Home From Hospital In Summer – How To Choose The Right One?

Does a newborn baby need going home outfit? Are onesies enough during summer or should I wrap my baby in a blanket? What if baby gets too cold or how do I know that my little one is overheating?!

I know that getting from the hospital to home for the first time with your precious newborn baby can be quite scary (especially in the summer when it’s so easy for the baby to get overheated), so this post is for you mama. Everything you should know to choose the perfect outfit to bring baby home from hospital in summer.

Outfit To Bring Baby Home From Hospital In Summer

Going home from the hospital with your newborn baby can be exciting, but also a little frightening. This might be baby’s first time ever being in the world; their first time feeling the breeze, first experience in the sun.

And, it’s also your first time carrying baby out of the hospital, into a car and heading home. It can be a little intimidating, taking this tiny, newborn baby home for the first time. You’ll probably be wondering; Is the car seat adjusted correctly? Did I set up the baby monitor in the nursery?

Stay calm – you are a great mama, and you and baby both are going to be just fine.

You may be packing your hospital bag in preparation for the big day and realize, you aren’t sure what clothing or outfits to bring for your newborn to wear home from the hospital. Well, that’s what this post is all about.

This article is not a substitute for medical advice.

Choosing Best Outfit For Your Newborn Coming Home From The Hospital – Things To Consider

Did your great aunt send you a hand-knitted wool sweater for your newborn? Or, did your mother-in-law make a gift box full of cashmere hats for the baby?

Sure, these items are sweet and all, but they aren’t exactly summer clothing, are they? Please don’t dress your baby in thick, heavy items during the hot summer months.

The best outfit for your summer baby to wear home from the hospital is something light and breathable, like a cotton onesie and a simple, baby dress or thin baby pants and some cotton socks.

Does A Baby Need Going Home Outfit?

Yep! You should pack a special outfit to bring baby home from hospital in summer.

If your baby was born in the winter, you might need a whole slew of warm-weather clothes to ward off the cold. However, hot summer temperatures mean packing different items (and skipping others altogether).

Let’s see what you need for baby during the summer months, especially what to bring as “going home clothes”.

bringing baby home from hospital in summer


Material makes a difference: choose breathable cotton or jersey knit over heavy fabric or synthetic material, ones that can more easily cause your baby to feel hot or overheat in the summer.

There are plenty of adorable outfits in cotton fabric for newborns, reach for these as your baby’s “going home” outfit.

Air Conditioning

Most hospitals run a little cool, so if you want to cover your baby with an extra layer, it’s okay. Some moms swear by dressing their newborns in one additional layer than mom is wearing, usually that means the inner onesie and a pair of socks during summer time.

If you are concerned about the air conditioning in the hospital causing a chill, then you might consider packing one long sleeved onesie, but one should be more than enough.

Again – go for cotton, not polyester or wool fabric. Cotton is a great breathable material, and is ideal for a newborn baby’s sensitive skin.


Now, you should pack a few different sizes of clothes, because exactly how big or small your little one will be is always a mystery until after their arrival!

Only after birth will you know if your little man is wearing newborn onesies or if he already can wear 1-month old clothes.


Don’t be too worried about packing enough blankets, most hospitals provide receiving blankets for newborns at no extra cost. You only need to bring your own blankets for taking baby girl home form the hospital.

PRO TIP: Use a receiving blanket as a towel for that first bath after birth, they are much softer than even the softest baby towel and dry really quickly.

What Do Babies Wear Home From Hospital In Summer?

Newborn baby’s skin cannot regular body temperature the way you and I can. It will take a few months for their sensitive skin to develop this ability.

And, a newborn cannot verbalize if they are too hot or too cold. That’s why it’s important that new parents are dressing babies in appropriate clothing for warm weather, and paying attention to their newborn baby’s cues.

The best outfit for going home from the hospital in summer is one made of breathable, cotton material, with removable layers.

Your little one should wear cotton socks to keep the toes cozy.

Your baby girl can wear an optional cotton hat, but avoid tight headbands until she’s a little older.

There’s no rule about packing only one outfit; if you aren’t sure if you’re expecting a newborn baby boy or a baby girl, you can certainly bring two! Newborn clothes are so tiny, they won’t take up much space in your bag.

what newborn baby should wear in summer

What To Pack In Your Hospital Bag For Summer Baby

Here are the types of newborn clothes to pack in your hospital bag:

  • Several summer baby body suits or dresses

Your little princess can wear a onesie with a sweet dress over it, while little boys can wear a onesie with a simple light blanket wrapped around them, or a cotton body suit for the ride home.

These outfits should not be bulky or stiff; go for soft and easy-for-you to carry

  • Onesies

Extra onesies!

Cotton or jersey knit material are your best bet. They can be any color or style, for little girls or a baby boy, but aim for short-sleeved or sleeveless onesies.

  • Socks

It’s a good idea to pack extra socks in various sizes, as you never know how big (or little) your newborn baby’s feet will be.

  • A lightweight hat

I love a cute knot cap on a baby boy!

  • Mittens

Not heavy winter-weather mittens. These should be light an just covering the hands, so that your newborn doesn’t scratch with those extra-sharp newborn fingernails.

(It is so tricky to trim newborns fingernails. Not something I want to tackle on the first few days of life… let baby enjoy her big day without the worry of razor-like nails).

  • A front-button sweater for an extra layer

Putting things over your baby boy or girl’s head is such a hassle, I love extra layers that zip or button in the front, so you don’t have to worry about supporting their neck or disturbing their sleep when you unzip it.

  • A thin baby blanket / swaddle

Choose something super soft, but not heavy. You can use a swaddle made from breathable linnen fabric, if your little one needs extra cover. If you find your baby is too warm, simply remove the blanket during the trip home.If they are wearing too much clothing on the way home from the hospital, then you have to stop the car, take baby out of the car seat and undress them. That’s why a light blanket is so much easier, just lift it off.

What Not to Pack to Bring Baby Home From the Hospital in Summer

Perhaps just as pertinent as what to pack is what to leave out of your bag.

Here are some items you don’t need to bring to the hospital:

  • Toys & stuffed animals

Your baby will not play with them for many months, yet. Save them for later.

  • Shoes

you are the only one who is going to be walking! socks are just fine for newborns.

  • Fleece baby suit

great for the winter, as part of a baby-appropriate coat. It is not necessary for summer.

  • Warm hats

Simple cotton hats are fine, but make sure they are light weight and don’t hesitate to remove them if your baby appears hot.

PRO TIP: Ask friends and family to send gifts to your house, not the hospital. This will mean less things for you to carry when going home, and you’ll feel warmly welcomed with the flowers and balloons at your home.

The Perfect Coming Home Outfit

It’s understandable if you want your baby’s coming home outfit to be something special, as first time parents love taking photos of this momentous day. Newborn outfits can be fun, and really, they grow so fast they only have a few chances to wear them, right?

Especially for twins or multiple babies, some parents plan matching coming home outfits.

The fun thing about bringing baby home in the summer is that the weather permits you to stand outside and take photos (not something you can do in the dead of winter!)

But, on the flip side, there is no rule that a baby needs a designated outfit to wear on the trip home, all that matters is if your newborn boy or girl is dressed appropriately.

The best outfit for baby to wear when coming home from the hospital is a onesie with one additional layer overtop (dress or pants), socks and a light blanket.

Other Baby Essentials To Pack In Your Hospital Bag

The hospital, or your baby’s pediatrician may have already given you a simple list of requirements to pack in your hospital bag, like:

  • Diapers and wipes
  • Coconut oil or diaper cream (these make frequent diaper changes easier because the meconium from new baby first poos is so sticky).
  • Baby formula and bottles (if you’re bottle feeding)
  • Pacifiers
  • Baby blankets or receiving blankets

And, of course, bring an infant car seat – new one, which has never been in a car accident before.

Although this obviously doesn’t fit in a hospital bag, a car seat pertinent to mention for bringing baby home as many hospitals require to see and approve of them before discharging mama and baby.

PRO TIP: For long trips, it’s worth it to consider a shade to cover the window near baby’s seat. The sun’s rays can be very hot even through a tinted window. Protect your little one with a screen or shade on your car windows.

Signs That Your Baby Is Overheating

Babies generally prefer temperatures around 70 degrees Fahrenheit (68°F-72°F). During the summer, temperatures may climb well above this, so keep your baby cool.

Even though your baby cannot talk, he or she can still give signs that they are uncomfortable1. Look for these signs to prevent overheating for your summer baby:

  • Irritability
  • Red skin
  • Baby’s skin feels warm when touched
  • Fussing in their stroller or crib

Remember, if the weather feels hot to you, it likely is hot for your baby, also.

How to check if baby is overheating or too cold

How To Prevent Overheating

The first thing to do to prevent overheating is to remove some clothing, un-dress your baby out of his or her outfit and leave them in just a little onesie.

You likely do not need to cover them with a blanket at all.

A baby who is overheating may vomit or appear hot to the touch, but are not sweating.


Sweating does not always indicate that a baby is hot, sometimes it is just their active forehead glands.

Before you stress over your baby’s sweaty forehead, feel your baby’s temperature with your hand to see if their skin is hot to the touch2.

Signs That Your Baby Is Too Cold

Alternatively, your baby can feel too cold. A newborn baby cannot control her body temperature, so she is more susceptible to cold weather than you are.

Even in the summer, some early mornings and evenings may have a cooler temperature and your newborn might experience feeling cold.

My favorite way to keep baby from feeling cold is to use layers with onsies: put some pants over their onesies, give a your baby little girl a dress overtop a onesie, put newborns in sleepers with a sleeveless onesie.

These extra clothes are easy to remove if temperatures go up, but will keep your baby warm and cosy in the cool temperature, too.

How To Keep Baby Cool In Summer

Start by dressing babies in light layers, and remove layers as the temperature rises throughout the day.

Choose breathable fabrics for your baby’s outfits. That also applies to sleeping sacks that you use during summer – choose one made from lightweight and airy material.

Don’t be afraid to strip baby down to a onesie and socks if they appear hot.

Monitor your baby by touching their skin, feel at their neck and under their shirt.

If your baby is very hot, wipe a damp cloth or small towel (use cool water not ice water!) on their neck, chest and cheeks to help cool them down.

Remove blankets, but put a proper shade over your child when going out in the sun.

Consider getting a stroller fan (it’s the perfect gift for summer babies!). If you’re into babywearing, make sure to choose a breathable wrap or structured carrier suitable for summer and warm weather.

Offer breast or bottle more frequently on hot days, to ensure your baby is properly hydrated. Do not give babies younger than 3 months old water to drink, unless advised by your baby’s pediatrician.

You can also move to a cooler room, or head to a shopping mall for some free air conditioning if temperatures are higher than 90°F in your area.


Your baby only comes home from the hospital once, so go ahead and dress your little one in a cute onesie or special coming home outfit.

When temperatures are high, have baby wear just a simple onesie and some socks, with a light blanket as an extra layer.

Too much heavy clothing could cause them to overheat. Dress your newborn in a simple summer outfit to wear home from the hospital.

The purpose of this article is informative. It’s not a substitute for professional medical advice or medical care. Remember: safety first! Consult your doctor/pediatrician in case of any doubts. The author of this article does not accept any responsibility for any liability, loss or risk, personal or otherwise, incurred as a consequence, directly or indirectly, from any information or advice contained here.




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