14 Second Baby Must-Haves – What To Put On Baby Registry?

Are you expecting your second child and wondering how you’re going to manage – unless you spontaneously grow another set of hands or hire a full-time nanny?

Believe me, I’ve been there – having an older child and a set of newborn twins was pretty chaotic for a while. So here are my recommendations for second baby must haves: a list of the things that saved my sanity, and gear that I really wish I had when I became a mom for the second time.

Second Baby Must Haves Registry

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Preparing for baby number two can feel a bit like an emotional rollercoaster – the joy and excitement of having another child, but you may also be feeling intimidated (perhaps even a little overwhelmed during this pregnancy) by the new challenges of caring for more than one child.

How will I manage sleeping arrangements – should I buy a second crib? Is there really enough space in my small car for two car seats? Do I need to buy all new baby items, like bottles and pacifiers?

I’ve prepared this post to help you navigate the new territory of “second baby must-haves” (as well as what to skip entirely and how to save money).

My top 3 must-haves for second baby:

Preparing Second Baby Must-Haves

This post has three parts:

(1) what you really need – all those second-baby essentials,

(2) what you might have as carry-over from your first baby that will be useful with your second child,

(3) items that you shouldn’t include in your second baby registry at all!

Some of the items on this list really depend with how old your first child is, like if your first child is still sleeping in a crib, if they have outgrown their high chair or whether they are still riding in a stroller.

But some items on this list are essential, no matter if the age gap between your two kids is one or seven years: like diapers, wipes, and pacifiers for example.

Be encouraged: you are already a parent! You’ve already survived the sleepless nights those first few months, you’ve got breastfeeding under control and you know how to swaddle a newborn. You’re gonna do awesome with baby number two for sure!

Second Baby Registry Must-Haves

1. Diapers & Wipes

Diapers: Babies need diapers, that’s a given. Even if you prefer reusable diapers, if you remember, newborn babies’ poop has a sticky consistency for the first few weeks, so I always prefer to use disposable newborn diapers, no matter what.

And keep in mind that diapers have expiration date (usually 2-3 years), after that they may be less absorbent or even feel damp. So unless there is a very small age gap between your kiddos and you have plenty leftover diapers, you will need to stock up on disposables for sure.

Wipes: For me, wipes are simply baby essentials. Apart from diaper changes, I use them to wipe sticky fingers, clean up messes from the high chair. Besides, you can never have too many wipes in your diaper bag!

2. Diaper Rash Cream & Other Skincare Essentials

Once you open the nappy cream, baby lotion or oil, they usually expire within a few months. That’s why you will need to get all that “beauty” essentials for your second baby.

Here are my recommendations for the best skincare products for baby no. 2.:

Skincare essentials what to buy for second baby

3. Pacifiers

Even if your first child didn’t lose all their binkies under the couch or at the park, most baby pacifiers end up bitten and chewed as your baby grows and starts teething.

In terms of baby gear, pacifiers are pretty standard: get your new baby their own unchewed binky.

PRO TIP: Register for the pacifiers that glow in the dark like these ones. When baby drops it at night in the crib, it’s very easy to find without having to turn on the light!

4. New Bibs

Your new baby likely will need some new bibs, especially once you start BLW or the self-feeding experience.

The bibs from my first baby were either so stained I would be too embarrassed to use them in public, and the other silicone bibs that I had were torn and no longer drool-resistant for that fun teething phase.

5. New Bottle Teats

If the bottles from your first baby are not broken and are in good condition, you can reuse them. Just remember about getting new bottle nipples.

6. Large Backpack Diaper Bag

Was your first diaper bag a shoulder bag? It was probably cute and fashionable and when your diaper days are over you can use it as a cute purse, right?

But, with two kids, it’s really sensible to go for a large diaper backpack bag, instead.

Search for backpack diaper bags that are big enough for two kids essentials: two sets of outfits, three or more bottles, two sizes of diapers, wipes, more snacks… Besides, backpack design will allow you to be hands-free, as opposed to the shoulder bags which always slip off your arm (you trust me, you will need your two hands to manage two kids at the same time!).

Backpack bags have gone a long way too – there are fashionable leather ones or classic black that go with anything, and will allow you to be hands-free for getting two babies out of their car seats, or holding your older child’s hand while crossing the street.

7. Stroller For Two Kids

PRO TIP: Whether you will need a stroller for two kids actually depends on your older one’s age and whether they he/she still rides in a stroller. If your firstborn is already beyond their “stroller years”, you will not need a stroller for two kiddos. In that case, you may be able to use your old stroller for the second baby or if it’s too old/broken you will need to get a new single stroller.

Now, if the age gap is 4 or less, you may need a stroller for two kids – but it doesn’t have to necessarily be a double stroller that is double-wide.

Hey, I’m a mom of twins – I know how difficult it is to maneuver a double stroller into a cafe – or even just out my own door or elevator!

Here are the types of strollers second-time moms with older kids should consider:

Expandable Stroller

If you’re looking to buy a new stroller, aim for one that expands from a single to a double stroller. This is a great way to get a two-for-one and it’s super convenient if you sometimes plan on using it just for one child – after all it’s so much easier to push a single than a double stroller!

Expandable stroller offer multiple seat configurations, including one infant car seat, one or two standard seats and you can also mix infant car seat + standard seat.

UPPAbaby VISTA V2 2020 - Expandable stroller for 1, 2 or 3 kids
UPPAbaby VISTA V2 is one of the strollers that grow with your family. It expands from a single to a double stroller. If you add a PiggyBack Board there will be a room even for a third older child!

Tandem Double Stroller With Infant Seat

There are two seats, one behind the other. The back seat can be switched for infant car seat so your newborn baby stays closer to you and faces you, while your older child sits as in a standard stroller and has clear view to observe surroundings. They are usually the width of a regular stroller and don’t take up the whole sidewalk (your neighbors will thank you).

Stand-Up Attachment For Older Siblings

Another option, if your older child is 3-6 years old, is a stand-up attachment. These are also called “stroller boards” and they are a game changer for moving two kids in a stroller. This can make life easier for taking your child to preschool around the corner, without necessarily purchasing a whole new stroller.

8. Infant Car Seat

Did you know that car seats have expiration dates? They do! If you were planning to reuse your infant car seat with your second baby, make sure that it’s safe to do so. Even if it is in good condition, you may have to get a new car seat simply because of the expiration date.

And, if the age gap between your two little ones is small, then you may need two car seats, anyway.

If you do need to purchase a new carseat, you may want to choose a convertible one that offers multiple safe options, so it can grow with your child from infancy into the toddler years.

PRO TIP: If you’re a second-time mom having twins, consider getting slim-line car seats. It’s the only option for small cars to hold three carseats across the back.

9. Car Mirror

How can you check on your baby in a rear-facing car seat? With a car mirror!

If you didn’t have one with your first child, this is another one of the baby registry must-haves you need with your second baby.

It’s like a baby monitor for your car: Is baby asleep? What is your older child doing back there? The safest way to check is with a car mirror.

10. Second Crib

This actually depends on the age gap between your children. If your toddler is still sleeping like a king in the crib, you will need to get a second crib. I recommend you to get a convertible crib that grows with the baby and becomes a toddler bed.

11. Crib Sheets & Mattress Pads

Even if you’re older kiddo is already sleeping in their “big kid bed” and you’re going to re-use their crib, you will need crib sheets, because they wear out pretty fast. It’s always a good idea to get 2-3 crib sheets and a waterproof (that’s actually “pee-proof”) crib liner for your second kid.

12. On-The-Go Diaper Changing Pad

An item of baby gear you maybe didn’t need with your first child that you definitely need with a second baby is an on-the-go diaper changing pad.

Life won’t stop for a new baby: you’ll likely still be headed to the park or play dates for your older child and you won’t be able to leave them unsupervised while you change your newborn’s diapers. A diaper changing pad allows you to safely lay down your baby in the grass, or the backseat of your car, and change dirty diapers without making a mess.

The best changing pads are waterproof and wipeable, and also machine washable. My favorite has a little “dry bag pocket” to put soiled clothes or a mini pack of wipes.

13. Baby Gate

Another must-have item for a second baby registry checklist is a baby gate. Even if you don’t have stairs in your home, a baby gate is so helpful with an older child!

If you want to keep your toddler out of the kitchen or keep older siblings away from baby’s nursery during nap time, an expandable baby gate is one of my must-haves for blocking doorways, stairs or the back porch.

14. Breast Pump Parts

You should be able to use a quality breast pump for years, however, the pump parts expire within a few months of initial use, so you definitely need to buy new valves and new flanges with a new baby1. Most pump parts need to be purchased online, so it’s best to order them in your third trimester of pregnancy, not after baby is born.

Now, if you didn’t use a pump with your first, don’t be shy about adding one to your second baby registry!

PRO TIP: Whether you’re a working mom or stay-at-home mama, look into a wearable breast pump that can fit inside your bra while you’re at your desk or run around after your older kiddo. Wearable breast pumps like Willow or Elvie, are very discreet and completely hands-free.

Things You May Be Able To Re-Use

Second time moms might be wondering if there is anything they can safely reuse for their second baby?

The good news is there are lots of baby products you can reuse for two children. Besides the obvious high chair and travel crib, there are other items you can reuse, too.

1. Baby Wrap, Ring Sling Or Baby Carrier

We love a good baby carrier to allow mom to be hands-free!

Most baby carriers are washable (some baby wraps have specific wash instructions, to follow them to avoid ruining your wrap). But a good wash is usually all that is needed to refresh your current baby carrier.

Frankly, using a baby carrier for a newborn is a game-changer because then you have free hands to deal with your household tasks or frisky toddler!

2. Bottles

You can reuse your previous bottles, too (sterilize them first).

Even if the nipples of your current bottles are as chewed up as the pacifiers (listed above) don’t toss the bottles! Most brand-name baby products sell separate replacement nipples2 that fit their bottles, so you don’t have to buy all new ones.

3. Reusable Diapers

If you used reusable diapers with your first baby, you may get a second life out of them with your second baby. Check to see if all the diapers are in good condition and maybe just add three or four new diapers, if needed.

If you use diapers with liners, take a day to thoroughly clean the absorbent liners according to manufacturers’ instructions (like very hot water, baking soda, or a bleach cycle).

4. Most Baby Clothes

Even if you are having a baby of a different gender, chances are you can reuse many of your baby clothes, like plain onesies or baby vests, and neutral-colored baby pants or sweaters.

Sort through your clothes and see if there are any particular sizes you need new clothes in, before adding any outfits to your baby registry.

Second Baby Registry Must-Haves

5. Sound Machine

If you have a sound machine that is also a white noise machine and plays lullabies, you’re golden! Use the white noise to drown out voices during nap times, and choose lullabies to help your older child fall asleep, too.

6. Baby Monitor

Depending on your home’s set-up, you can make life easier by reusing your baby monitor. Since your newborn is probably sleeping in the bassinet in the same room as you for the first few months, you may not need an additional baby monitor for nighttime at the beginning.

Once you move your baby to the crib and to the nursery with their sibling, it’s a good idea to set up the monitor at a wide angle to keep an eye on both little ones at night.

If your babies are going to sleep in separate rooms and you’re still using baby monitor for your older child, you will need to get a second baby monitor, or at least second video camera that connects to your current monitor (some baby monitors can have options to view two rooms with two video cameras, so you can switch back and forth between the baby and the older child, even if they are in two separate rooms).

However, there’s no need to get new baby monitor, if your firstborn is 6 y.o. or older and already sleeps comfortably in their own room.

7. Breastfeeding Pillow

You can buy a new breastfeeding pillow cover if you want it to feel like a new item, but there’s no need to spend money on an entire new pillow.

8. High Chair

Definitely reuse your high chair for your second baby. This is a product that should last for years and multiple kids.

9. Pack-N-Play Or Travel Crib

Unfold the pack-n-play because you’re going to be using it again! I found that I used the pack-in-play a lot more with my twins than with my first baby. This is because I could use it when my older child wanted to play with toys that were inappropriate for babies (small parts), and I knew my twins were safe, playing with soft baby toys in the pack-n-play.

10. Nursery Items

Some essential nursery items that you can reuse with other children are changing table, crib and crib mattress. As long as your current crib mattress is in good condition, go ahead and use it again!

If you were using a bassinet with your firstborn, and he/she sleeps in the cirb/toddler bed, you can also re-use the bassinet!

11. Single Stroller

If your first child is no longer riding in a stroller, you won’t need to splurge on a double stroller. What’s more, you still have your first single stroller, you can definitely reuse it!

Inspect it for any damages or tears, check the wheels, suspension, and test the brakes. Give it a good cleaning and definitely check for any mold in the seat.

What Not To Put On Second Baby Registry

What Not To Put On Second Baby Registry

There are some things that don’t need to be on a second baby registry (or any baby checklist at all, in some cases). Here are the things a second-time parent doesn’t need:

1. Wipe Warmers

These are a waste of money. Wipes are used for cleaning a dirty baby butt and you THROW THEM AWAY afterwards! Please don’t waste your money.

2. Bath Thermometers

Sure, they are cute, but I always, always checked the temperature of the baby’s bath water with my elbow anyway – so what’s the point, really?

Keep to the tried-and-true method of touching the water yourself and skip this baby product.

3. Newborn Clothes

Whether you are having a baby of the same gender or not, chances are, your newborns clothes will work just fine. Most newborn clothes are neutral tones, and they will only wear them for approximately 3-4 weeks, anyway! You need very, very few outfits for newborns because they grow so fast.

If you would like to include baby clothes on your second baby registry, add only clothes in sizes that you need.

4. Crib Bumpers

Not only are crib bumpers unnecessary, but they are also unsafe. Please do not have anything (not even a blanket!) in your child’s bassinet or crib for the first 12 months.

5. Pee-Pee Covers

If you didn’t know, these are little triangular covers to “supposedly” prevent boys from giving a surprise pee-shower during a diaper change.

Save yourself this product and just have the next diaper ready to go as a “cover”.

6. Microwavable Bottle Sterilizer

I thought this would make my life easier, but it is so easy to burn yourself with a microwave bottle sterilizer. I found myself worried that my older child would accidentally open the microwave after 3 seconds and get scalded, so I put it in the pantry and stopped using it entirely.

Instead, I found that using cold water sterilizing tablets or a once-a-day boil of all the bottles worked best for me.

PRO TIP: Are you wondering if your toddler knows that you’re pregnant with baby no.2? When is the right time to tell them that new baby is coming? And how to prepare them for the role of big brother or big sister?! You’ll find all answer in this article.

Should I Create A Registry For Second Baby?

Making a second baby registry is completely up to you. It can be nice to for your family and friends some guidance for a baby checklist of things you actually want and need – otherwise you may end up with more baby blankets and cute baby hats than you can use.

Is It Okay To Have A Baby Registry For A Second Baby?

Actually, I’d say having a baby registry for a second baby is preferred. Why? Because with a first baby, friends and family can assume you’re starting from scratch, but with baby number two, no one knows what you kept or gave away, or what you need.

A baby registry gives some direction for what would bless your family the most, without just cluttering up your home.

Remember a baby registry isn’t a form of demanding gifts; it’s a not-so-subtle way to share what you would prefer, in case someone does want to give you a gift for this second bundle of joy.

Can I Have A Baby Shower For A Second Baby?

Having a baby is cause for celebration, so yes, you can have a second baby shower.

Go ahead, have a baby shower while you’re pregnant with a second baby, why not? Most of your friends and family members would probably love an excuse to get together and have a little party.

Other reasons for having a baby shower for a second-time mom include3:

  • Large large gap between children (mom may have given away a lot of baby items),
  • You’re due with a baby of a different gender,
  • You’re having twins and need double of everything,
  • Didn’t get a baby shower with your first baby,
  • You are in a different phase of life (going back to work, have a new partner),
  • You moved since you had your first baby and need to set up a nursery all over again.

The purpose of this article is informative. It’s not a substitute for professional medical advice or medical care. Remember: safety first! Consult your doctor/pediatrician in case of any doubts. The author of this article does not accept any responsibility for any liability, loss or risk, personal or otherwise, incurred as a consequence, directly or indirectly, from any information or advice contained here. This article contains affiliate links.





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