Moby vs. Boba – Which Baby Wrap Should I Get?

Although at the first glance Boba and Moby wraps seem to be similar, but they are not the same. There are some important differences between these two baby wraps that you need to know about before you buy one of them. Here’s my comparison: Moby vs. Boba Wrap.

moby vs.boba wrap

There are tons of options when it comes to choosing the best baby wrap. Boba and Moby are one of the most popular and best-selling wraps.

These two wrap carriers are often chosen by parents who are new to babywearing as well as parents who have already had some experience. Boba and Moby are quite affordable, in contrast to many other good-quality baby wraps, and also pretty easy to use.

But how do they differ and which one is actually better? Which one should you buy: Boba vs. Moby?

I hope that after reading my review and comparison you will have a better idea if the Moby Wrap or the Boba Wrap will be a better fit for you a your little one.

This article is not a substitute for medical advice. It contains affiliate links.

Sturdy & Lightweight Wrap
Moby Wrap Baby Carrier
Fantastic Wrap For Breastfeeding
Boba wrap baby carrier
Best Features
❤️ Evolution version is more airy and lightweight and won't make you sweaty that quickly
❤️ Works well with older and heavier babies
❤️ No sagging
❤️ Stretchy fabric makes it easy to tie and adjust
❤️ Molds around you and the baby - it's easier to find the perfect tightness
❤️ Works great for breastfeeding
❤️ Organic and Serenity versions are more breathable and lightweight
✨ Recommended by 840+ parents
✨ Recommended by 2220+ parents!
Sturdy & Lightweight Wrap
Moby Wrap Baby Carrier
Best Features
❤️ Evolution version is more airy and lightweight and won't make you sweaty that quickly
❤️ Works well with older and heavier babies
❤️ No sagging
✨ Recommended by 840+ parents
Availability & Price
Fantastic Wrap For Breastfeeding
Boba wrap baby carrier
Best Features
❤️ Stretchy fabric makes it easy to tie and adjust
❤️ Molds around you and the baby - it's easier to find the perfect tightness
❤️ Works great for breastfeeding
❤️ Organic and Serenity versions are more breathable and lightweight
✨ Recommended by 2220+ parents!
Availability & Price

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Are Moby And Boba Wraps The Same? – In-Depth Comparison

Let’s take a closer look at all the differences between Moby Wrap and Boba Wrap.

Moby vs. Boba – Weight Limit

These baby wraps have slightly different weight limit. Moby is recommended from 8 to 33 lbs, while Boba is suitable from birth (from about 7 pounds) up to 35 pounds.

Usually parents use Moby Wrap and Boba Wrap for the first 12 months, some moms were able to use it even up to 18 months of age.

both baby carriers can be used even with toddlers, but Boba works best with smaller infants; baby wearing with Moby vs.Boba

Moby Wrap vs. Boba Wrap – Length

Moby Wrap is a bit longer than Boba. This extra length makes it a better choice for plus-size moms and tall dads. For short or petite person, Boba may be better choice than Moby, because there will be less fabric wrapped around wearer’s body.

  • Boba – 5.5 yards / 5 meters long
  • Moby – 6 yards / 5.5 meters long
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Moby vs. Boba – Fabric

This is the biggest difference between these baby carriers. Classic Moby Wrap is made from 100% cotton. It’s soft, but not very stretchy, good for mild weather. You can also choose Evolution Moby Wrap which is made from a 25% cotton+ 75% viscose. It’s lightweight and more breathable which means you don’t get hot in it that quickly.

On the other hand, you have 3 versions of Boba Wrap to choose from. The original Boba Wrap is made from 95% cotton + 5% of spandex which makes it much more stretchy than Moby. But it does get hot quicker than Moby Evolution.

It’s noteworthy that original Boba and classic Moby feel very similar when it comes to fabric thickness, and you may get hot and a bit sweaty in them. The only difference is the stretchiness of Boba Original – it’s more elastic than Moby.

Comparison of fabrics - Boba vs Moby

Another version of Boba is the Serenity which is made from: 68% bamboo viscose, 25% cotton and 7% spandex. This version is more breathable than original Boba and Moby Classic, and similar to Evolution. However, this wrap is more stretchy, stronger and will last longer.

The last version is the Organic Boba Wrap, made from 95% organic cotton + 5% of spandex. It’s just as elastic as other Boba wraps, but what distinguishes it is the organic material – it’s airy, feel super soft and it’s a safer for baby’s sensitive skin (and our planet).

What’s noteworthy, the Original Boba is the cheapest version, while the Serenity is the most expensive one.

If you’re confused which fabric will work best for you and your baby, here are my tips:

  • Stretchy fabric makes it easy to position the baby in the wrap.
  • It’s more convenient to breastfeed in a stretchy wrap because it’s easier to re-position the baby without untying the wrap.
  • Stretchy wrap may sag a bit, especially if you’re carrying heavier baby for longer period of time.
  • If you want baby wrap carrier that won’t make you hot in few seconds, choose lighter fabric like bamboo, viscose or organic cotton.
  • If your baby has sensitive skin or you’re looking for a baby wrap made from organic fabrics, Organic Boba Wrap will suit you better than Moby.
  • If you want to use the wrap longer, with heavier baby, less stretchy fabric will be a better choice, because sagging won’t be an issue.

Moby vs. Boba – Tying & Ease Of Use

The technique of wrapping is the same for Moby and Boba. The only difference is that you need to fold Moby in half (width-wise, not length-wise) before tying.

After testing different versions of both baby wrap carriers, I found Boba to be easier to tie in general. It feels more “predictable”. With the touch of spandex these wraps are very elastic which makes it easier to position the baby properly.

Boba has much more stretchy material than Moby; Moby vs.Boba review comparison

On the other hand, some moms may find Boba even too stretchy – it may feel a bit intimidating at first. Thankfully there are tons of useful tutorial videos from Boba to help parents learn how to tie the wrap.

Moby feel slightly sturdier, especially the classic version. The Evolution is easier to adjust and “mold” around your chest and baby’s body.

Moby vs. Boba – Carrying Positions

Boba offers only 1 position – you can carry your child on your front, facing in.

Moby is more versatile, because it allows you to carry your baby in two positions: front carry facing inward, as well as hip carry.

Boba vs. Moby Wrap – Which One Is Better For Breastfeeding?

The elasticity of fabric has a huge impact on how easy it is to nurse in a baby wrap. Of course all brands advertise their baby carriers as nursing-friendly, but it turns out that only a few of them make breastfeeding really easy.

If you’re looking for a comfy breastfeeding-friendly baby carrier, Boba wins on that one.

Boba has higher weight caapacity than Moby but it offers only one carrying position, Moby allows for hip carrying in addition to newborn hold

This wrap has more give in it which makes it easier to lower the baby to the breast and re-position your little one once they’re done nursing. And you can do all of that without untying the whole wrap.

If you plan on using baby wrap for longer walks or trips where your baby may get hungry, Boba will be more comfortable for breastfeeding on the go.


Each wrap baby carrier comes in multiple color versions. Currently Moby has bigger collection than Boba, but the availability changes so quickly, you need to check it on your own.

Moby and Boba are available in single-colored versions, as well as more trendy prints and patterns.

My favorite Boba fashions are: adorable Rainbows (in Serenity version) and gender-neutral Dark Grey (in Organic version). You can check current Boba collection here.

From Moby collection I love Starry Nights Of Salvador and Lattice (in Evolution version). Check current availability of Evolution collection here.

Which Is Better: Boba Wrap vs. Moby Wrap? – Final Decision

Moby and Boba wraps are two solid options if you’re looking for the best baby wrap for everyday use that won’t cost you a fortune.

Final decision Boba Wrap vs. Moby Wrap will boil down to choosing baby carrier that you PREFER and what fits your lifestyle better.

Boba vs Moby - both fit all sizes, including plus size mom and petite mom

Speaking from my experience, I think that Boba is better than Moby Wrap if you want to nurse while babywearing. It’s perfect for babywearing for longer periods, long-distance walks where the baby can get hungry. Boba is more nursing-friendly than Moby Wrap. Thanks to elastic fabric it’s easier to adjust. If you worry that Original Boba will make you hot or won’t be suitable for summer, choose Boba Serenity or Organic version.

On the other hand, Moby Evolution may be a better option than Boba if you want a breathable and lightweight wrap, but you don’t want a stretchy fabric that could sag over time. If you live in cold climate and want a sturdier, thicker fabric – Moby Classic will be better.

Overall, I would recommend Boba Organic or Moby Evolution as they are more light and airy and won’t make you sweaty as quickly as other versions.

Boba Wrap Baby Carrier Review

Boba Wrap is a long piece of fabric (exactly 5.5 yards long) which you need to tie around your body. It’s a one-size-fits-all, it fits petite moms as well as plus-size moms.

The original wrap is made from 95% cotton + 5% spandex blend. This version is good for mild climate, but it can make you sweaty when the weather heats up. The good news is that you can also choose Serenity version which is partially made of bamboo viscose or Organic version made of organic cotton. These two wraps are more breathable, therefore you won’t get hot that quickly.

Boba works better than Moby for nursing in a baby wrap

Whichever version of Boba baby wrap you choose, it will be soft and stretchy. Lots of parents like how elastic the fabric is, because it’s easier to wrap it, adjust it and position the baby in it. It makes breastfeeding in baby wrap more convenient, because it’s easier to shift the baby to the breast without the need to untie the wrap.

Stretchy wrap have some drawbacks tho. If you babywear heavier child, you may feel like the fabric starts sagging. Nevertheless, it feels very secure, supportive and keeps children snuggly on mom’s chest.

Another advantage is that Boba Wrap is machine-washable.

Just like Moby Wrap, Boba is approved as hip-healthy carrier by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute. This means that it’s an ergonomic baby carrier that keeps the baby in natural position with M-shaped legs.

With Boba you can babywear a newborn, and the weight capacity is 35 lbs. According to parents, it’s most comfortable to use during the first year of baby’s life. Boba offers only 1 carrying position: front inward facing. It’s the safest position for newborns and infants.

What’s important, Boba baby wrap is comfortable to wear and ensures even weight distribution across mommy’s body. It doesn’t strain shoulders, back or pelvic area.

With Boba Wrap you’ll have your hands free again to take care of home duties, have a moment for yourself or play with your other kiddos.


Reasons To Choose Boba

- It's more comfortable for breastfeeding in baby wrap

- The fabric stretches for easier wrapping, tying and adjusting

- Finding the proper tightness for babies is easier

- It's easier to master for babywearing beginners

- Boba wraps mold around your body and the baby and hug them snuggly

- It's supportive for infant body (when your little one falls asleep you can gently tuck and secure their head under the fabric for extra neck support)

- It fits parents with different body types (up to ladies size 22)

What To Keep In Mind

- Cotton fabric can make you hot, if you live in warm climate -> choose this bamboo or organic cotton version of Boba to avoid sweating

Moby Wrap Review

Moby comes as a 6 yards long piece of fabric. The extra length makes it a perfect choice for plus-size parents, as well as bustier mamas. For skinny and short women it may feel like there’s a bit too much fabric.

In contrast to Boba Wrap, the Moby is made from 100% cotton. It’s not stretchy, and may get hot pretty quickly.

The good news is that you can also choose Evolution Moby which is made from viscose and cotton blend. It’s more lightweight and allows the air to get through the material. This one is better choice if you have tendency to sweat a lot, live in warmer climate or simply don’t want to overheat your child.

When Moby is wrapped around your body, it ensures proper weight distribution

Both versions are machine-washable which is a big plus. Because the material is not elastic, it doesn’t get saggy and babies don’t dangle in it.

It’s noteworthy that Moby wraps feel more sturdy and they do not stretch. Even though the material is not stiff, it may feel a bit more difficult to tie because there’s no give in it.

For moms new to babywearing, it may be hard to find the proper tightness and position the baby inside the wrap. Lots of mamas agree that Moby has a learning curve and may be quite difficult to master.

Just like the Boba baby wrap, Moby is recognized as hip-healthy and allows children to maintain ergonomic position with knees higher than the bum. This is also a newborn-friendly baby carrier, suitable from 8 to 33 pounds.

There’s one huge benefit of Moby Wrap vs. Boba – you can carry your babies on your chest facing in, or on your hip.


Reasons To Choose Moby

- It's longer therefore it fits tall, busty and chubby mamas better

- Moby Wrap Evolution feels light and breathable - it doesn't make you sweaty as quickly as Moby Original or Boba Original, and it's good for warm weather

-Material doesn't sag

- It feels sturdy even with a toddler

- In contrast to Boba, it offers 2 baby-wearing positions

What To Keep In Mind

- It doesn't stretch which makes nursing in baby wrap carrier more difficult

- There's learning curve which means it requires more practice to master how to tie this wrap

- Original Moby material is quite thick and gets hot, Evolution has lighter and more airy material

Boba Wrap vs. Moby – FAQ & Babywearing Tips

Before you decide between Boba Wrap vs. Moby Wrap, here are more details about these carriers. If you still have some questions like which version of Moby or Boba to choose?, let me know in the comment section.

What Is The Difference Between Moby Wraps?

The main difference between Moby wraps is the type of fabric they are made of.

Classic is made of 100% cotton (conventional, not organic one). It’s the most strong and thick version.

Evolution Wrap is made of 70% viscose + 30% cotton knit which makes this version more lightweight and breathable.

Flex Wraps are made from 100% polyester mesh fabric, ideal for sporty parents and outdoor activities.

Fit Hybrid Carrier stands out from other Moby wraps, because it has two separate parts. One part slips on like a T-shirt, the other one is a safety sash that you put on separately for extra support for your baby. This design is very similar to Baby K’tan Wrap. This version of Moby wrap is a mixture of soft structured carrier ease of adjustments with closeness that baby wrap guarantees.

When Can You Use A Moby Wrap?

You can use Moby Wrap, Classic and Evolution, from birth – if your newborn baby weighs at least 8 pounds – up to 33 pounds.

Can You Use Boba With Newborn?

You can use Boba with a newborn baby, from about 7 pounds. Some parents also use Boba with preemies. If you want to babywear your premature baby, you should consult with the pediatrician first.

Do Boba Wraps Stretch Out?

Boba wraps are made with a touch of spandex that allows the wrap to retain its shape. There are some pros and cons of stretchy fabric.

Elasticity makes the fabric easy to adjust. It clings to wearer’s body and keeps the baby snuggled and contained.

However, with an older and heavier child you may feel like the fabric is sagging a bit.

PRO TIP: If you want a baby wrap that is easy to tie and adjust, but it’s not TOO stretchy, check out this Solly Baby Wrap! If you’re curious if it’s better than Boba, read my detailed comparison Solly vs. Boba.

What Are Boba Wraps Made Out Of?

Original Boba wraps are made of 95% french terry cotton with a touch of spandex.

Serenity Boba is made of 68% viscose from bamboo, 25% cotton and 7% spandex.

Organic Boba is made of 95% organic cotton and 5% spandex.

The purpose of this article is informative. It’s not a substitute for medical consultation or medical care. Remember: safety first! Consult your doctor/pediatrician in case of any doubts, and before you introduce tummy time. The author of this article does not accept any responsibility for any liability, loss or risk, personal or otherwise, incurred as a consequence, directly or indirectly, from any information or advice contained here. The article contains affiliate links – your support helps us run this blog!

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