Are Vibrating Bassinets Safe For Newborns? – Read This Before Buying

It is natural that as a new mom you’re concerned about the safety of your baby. With so many products and options out there, you are bound to feel overwhelmed and confused. No wonder you may be hesitant about the vibrating bassinets, which are recently so popular.

Are you wondering if it’s safe to use a vibrating bassinet for a newborn baby? May it lead to Shaken Baby Syndrome? Keep on reading as I’m about to answer all your questions about vibrating bassinets to help you decide, whether you need one for your child!

Are Vibrating Bassinets Safe For Newborns

Considering that around 2,300 babies die from SIDS each year in United States1, it is no wonder that parents may be hesitant of some baby products, like vibrating bassinets.

When you hear bassinet, you think of a cosy little space for your babies to rest. But then you hear the word “vibrating” as opposed to standard bassinet and immediately begin to wonder how that “shaking” feature might physically affect your babies.

Could it impact baby’s brain development, increase the possibility of Shaken Baby Syndrome or even cause Sudden Infant Death Syndrome? Lets see what the research shows.

This article is not a substitute for medical advice.

Is A Vibrating Bassinet Safe For Newborn Baby?

From the experts point of view, yes, vibrating bassinets are safe for babies. As long as they are accompanied by a Child’s Product Certificate they would be considered as adhering to the required safety standards2. With such certificate, the vibrating bassinets meet and comply with all standards and qualifications of the Consumer Product Safety Commission3.

You can start using vibrating bassinets from as early as birth. With gentle vibrations, they are considered safe for newborns. However, as with any other product, you ought to strictly follow the provided instructions.

Are Vibrations Safe For Newborns?

What is it that would make vibration bad for babies? It really all boils down to the vibration mode or strength.

Sudden and rough handling or movement of a baby is likely to negatively impact child’s brain development, affect the brain tissue and jeopardize baby’s safety4. On the other hand, gentle vibrating motion with small vibrations would be completely safe for infants. Such vibrations are even considered soothing for newborn babies5.

Actually, parents use a different kinds of movements to soothe their crying babies and induce sleep such as rocking and swinging. Therefore, adding vibration to the bassinet isn’t actually nothing ingenious, it just adds more convenience (as long as it is used wisely and in accordance with all the safety standards of course).

Shaken Baby Syndrome

This particular syndrome is not to be underestimated. It is a well known and documented syndrome describing an injury caused to the baby’s head or the brain as a result of extreme shaking. Baby’s brain develops rapidly and hence it is very sensitive to sudden and rough movements, especially if a child’s head hits an object as a result6.

Obviously, the vibration feature in a bassinet would automatically trigger parents’ safety concerns: Can a vibrating bassinet cause shaken baby syndrome?! You don’t need to worry!

There is no evidence that properly designed bassinet that meets CPSC safety standard, used by parents in a safe way, could lead to shaken baby syndrome. Gentle and soothing vibrations are not know to causing harm to children’s health.

Is A Vibrating Bassinet Safe For Newborn Baby

Can Baby Sleep In Vibrating Bassinet?

First, let’s see what is considered “a safe sleep environment for babies”. Such awareness reduces the likelihood of sleep related infant deaths.

The issue is not so much where baby falls asleep as it is where they continue to sleep after falling asleep. It is strongly recommended by pediatricians that a baby sleeps on their back on a firm and flat surface. According to AAP baby could not sleep on their side or stomach7.

According to experts, SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) is largely related to baby’s sleeping position. Parents’ sometimes worry that if babies fall asleep on their backs, it could result in suffocation. However, the truth is quite the opposite.

Baby’s anatomy and gag reflexes ensure that this doesn’t occur. In fact, studies show that if babies sleep on their side or stomachs, their chances of sudden deaths are increased.

Considering AAP safe sleep guidelines, it is safe to say that babies can sleep in a vibrating bassinet, if:

  • Bassinet has CPSC approval.
  • It is equipped with original, firm mattress and had tight-fitted sheet.
  • There are no mattress toppers, loose beddings, blankets that could roll up near baby’s mouth; no toys, bumpers or other objects that could pose a suffocation risk.
  • Baby is placed on their back.

In case you have any concerns about your baby’s health or sleep, it’s always best to consult with your doctor or pediatrician.

Vibrating Bassinet – Benefits

Lots of parents like the convenient soothing features of bassinets such as the calming music and sounds, as well as soothing motions like vibrations.

Here are the benefits of vibrating bassinet that most parents rave about:

  • They Are Soothing

Vibrations work excellent for calming down fussy and crying babies, and help them to fall asleep more quickly.

  • They May Help With Colic

Babies prone to colic and acid reflux will experience prolonged periods of intense crying which often stresses not only them but you as the parents also. Vibrations (accompanied by relaxing music or white noise) may be really helpful for calming down a fussy and colicky baby.

  • They Help Babies To Self-Soothe

They allow babies to continue with their sleep without you having to pick them up every time.

  • Vibrations Can Be Useful For Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a serious disorder in which continuation of breathing is affected, especially in premature babies.

Premature newborns or newborns in general tend to sometimes “forget” to breath due to their nervous system not having completely developed yet. In such instances, babies might require a “reminder” to start breathing again.

This is where vibrating bassinets come in handy. Gentle vibrations throughout sleep serve as a reminder to infants to start breathing again and thus not only making vibrations safe but quiet useful.

  • Auto Shut-Off

Many bassinets have an auto shut-off feature which allows you to set a timer for the vibrations to switch off once the baby is sound asleep.

  • Portability

Many vibrating bassinets have wheels making them really easy to move from one room to another. They are portable vibrating soothers!

  • Cry Detection Technology

If you have a bigger budget you may choose a bassinet with cry detection technology which starts gentle movements when baby is fussy and cries.

Vibrating Bassinets – What To Keep In Mind

As presented throughout this article, vibrating bassinets are generally proven as not only convenient but also safe for newborns. Nonetheless, parents should still keep certain things in mind when they use a vibrating bassinet.

  • Always check the vibration mode and its strength. Ensure that the vibrations are soothing and not disruptive to the baby.
  • An overstimulating bassinet vibrations, sounds, music and night light can sometimes be disruptive to baby’s sleep patterns. It all depends on your little one and what they prefer.
  • Depending on the type and the brand of a vibrating bassinet, some parents complain about them being loud, so do keep that in mind when choosing a bassinet for your little one.

Essentially, when deciding on the vibrating bassinet for your baby, please ensure that you thoroughly examine all of its features and do a bit of comparative research yourself.

Can Baby Sleep In Vibrating Bassinet

Vibrating Bassinet – FAQ

Here are a few more things you should know about bassinets with vibration, before you decide to get one for you baby.

Should I Get A Vibrating Bassinet?

Basically, having a vibrating bassinet is not a must, but it could be useful in many ways. If you choose to purchase one, ensure that it is the best vibrating bassinet, and the vibrations are gentle and soothing, and won’t overstimulate your little one.

Even if you decide to skip the vibration function, getting a bassinet is still a great idea as it provides safe and cozy sleep place for baby during the first 6 months.

If you plan on nursing, check out the best bassinets for breastfeeding moms.

Do you live in a small apartment? I have also prepared a list of the best bassinets for small spaces!

Can You Leave Vibration On Bassinet On All Night?

The simple answer is “yes”. As long as the vibrating functions are set to soothing, gentle and non-disruptive level, than there is no reason for shutting them off.

Does Vibration Help Baby Sleep?

All babies are different and have different sleep preferences. Having said this, most babies seem to prefer and benefit from soft vibrations during their sleep.

Research seems to indicate that vibrations help babies fall asleep faster and easier, as well as assist in regulating their sleep. Vibration and other soothing functions tend to make babies more relaxed and less fussy.

Does Vibration Help Gassy Babies?

Gas in babies is very common and in most cases it’s completely normal. It occurs for many reasons such as inadequate latching, increased crying, reaction to a mother’s diet and others.

Vibration is said to be able to mitigate gas discomfort. Gassy babies are usually fussy. As noted earlier, fussy babies can be calmed with vibrating movements.

Vibration has been also proved to be effective in reducing and releasing gas buildup from baby’s tummy.

Why Do Newborn Babies Like Vibrations?

Newborns normally love vibrations. This is probably something that makes most sense to all of us, especially mothers.

Simply, vibrations pretty much mimic the motion of being in mommy’s belly. This has been their safety zone for 9 months and has supported them through the development process. It is natural that movement which closely imitates the experience in the womb, would be familiar and soothing for a newborn baby.

Can My Baby Sleep In A Vibrating Bouncer Or Seat?

In contrast to vibrating bassinets, baby cannot sleep in vibrating bouncers or seats8.

Vibrating or bouncy seat is essentially designed for feeding a baby, or as a temporary area where a baby can safely be placed to play.

Whilst bouncer seats are quiet effective in soothing irritable and crying babies, they should only be used when the baby is in the awake state.

Due to their shape, they are just not able to comfortably accommodate a sleeping baby. If you notice that your newborn baby fell asleep in a vibrating bouncer or seat, you should move them to their safe sleeping space (bassinet, crib or pack n’ play).

Along with many other concerns, vibrating bouncers are known to cause injuries to sleeping babies as a result of intense vibrations, severe rocking and bouncing.

The purpose of this article is informative. It’s not a substitute for professional medical advice or medical care. Remember: safety first! Consult your doctor/pediatrician in case of any doubts. The author of this article does not accept any responsibility for any liability, loss or risk, personal or otherwise, incurred as a consequence, directly or indirectly, from any information or advice contained here.


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