Things New Moms Need For Themselves (To Make Their Life Easier After Having A Baby)

Cute outfits, adorable hats, fuzzy blankets and the trendiest diaper bag – those are all awesome ideas for gifts for babies – but what about new moms and things they need for THEMSELVES?

So often the gifts given to new moms are actually for baby in one way or another. And while that matching set of clothes is super cute, I’d like to suggest some practical and thoughtful gifts that are just what new moms need.

Things New Moms Need For Themselves

On this list you will find things new moms need for themselves; the best gifts to give any mom after giving birth, whether its her first baby or her fifth.

Included are the ‘must-have’ items that new moms need, things they won’t ask for on a registry (or might not even know that they need); practical ones that are a little more personal for healing post-birth, and thoughtful ones that will really help out a new mother, remember, she is going to be exhausted and sleep deprived for those first few months.

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Moms' Favorite Choice
Earth Mama Organic Nipple Butter Cream
Best Features
❤️ Must-have for all breastfeeding moms
❤️ No need to wipe it off before breastfeeding
❤️ Helps to heal (and prevent) sore & cracked nipples, doubles as lubricant for pumping
Recommended by 45,000 verified buyers!
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❤️ Perfect for pregnancy, postpartum & beyond
❤️ Super cozy and comfy, yet very flattering
❤️ Stretchy, but not saggy
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Frida Mom Postpartum Recovery Essentials Kit, New Mom Gifts, Cooling Pad Liners, Ice Maxi Pads, Disposable Underwear, Perineal Healing Foam (11pc Set)
Best Features
❤️ Super practical gift to make the postpartum recovery easier
❤️ Includes disposable underwear, ice maxi pads, cooling pad liners and perineal healing foam - all incredibly useful after vaginal birth
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Think Of The Mother

If you know a first-time mom and are hoping to visit her and her newborn baby soon remember that while the newborn stage is sweet, it can be exhausting for a new mom. If you come to visit, come bearing gifts – practical gifts for the new mom, not just for the baby.

Yes, she may have had a baby shower, but guaranteed she still needs a helping hand with household chores, grocery shopping or even a decent nap! And yes, those can all be given as ‘gifts’ to new mothers.

A Not-So Subtle Hint

If you are the one about to start your motherhood journey, feel free to share this post as a strong hint to your loved ones for essential items moms need postpartum.

They can keep the stuffed animals for later – you’d really appreciate that gift certificate, instead.

13 Important Things New Moms Need For Themselves + Meaningful Gift Ideas (That Are Not For Babies)

I’ve broken this list up into sections, for practical (personal) self care items as new mom gifts, including postpartum care, breastfeeding essentials and maternity clothes.

I know, not very glamorous, but I told you I was going for useful. Most new moms will appreciate and get lots of use out of these items.

1. Postpartum Care Kit After Vaginal Birth

In case you didn’t know, the postpartum period for most moms includes cramping, lots of bleeding and recovering from surgery or a vaginal birth.

You could make your own postpartum recovery kit by buying individual gifts and putting them in a basket together, or take a look at this Frida Mom recovery kit which includes all essentials for healing after giving birth. I’ve heard only good things about this postpartum care kit on Moms’ Facebook Groups.

Frida Mom Postpartum Recovery Essentials

If you prefer to make your own postpartum recovery kit, it should include:

  • Peri-bottle

New moms experience discomfort when using the toilet after birth, and this little bottle can help so much.

  • Medicated, cooling pantyliners

These are a real life-saver for new moms after giving birth. They really help reduce pain and swelling ‘down there’.

  • Disposable underwear

Never heard of disposable underwear before? Welcome to the un-glamorous side of motherhood. Moms experience a great deal of bleeding after delivery, plus plenty of swelling and discomfort those first few days, so their typical underwear may not fit.

By the way, Frida Mom Kit that I recommended above, includes disposable underwear.

  • Perineal spray / Perineal balm

In my opinion this is a must-have for moms recovering from vaginal delivery. My favorite perineal balm is this one from Earth Mama Organics. It includes only organic ingredients that are safe and truly non-toxic (no nasty chemicals that could do more harm than good!). This balm works miracles for healing “down there”, and provides nice cooling and soothing comfort.

Earth Mama Take Care Down There

Some moms prefer spray so you may also want to check out this Herbal Perineal Spray. It’s also organic and brings immediate relief (especially after using a toilet).

  • Stiz bath / Sitz bath salts

Both help to soothe and heal the perineal area, which really went through a traumatic experience during delivery, believe me.

  • Perineal cooling pads

Witch hazel pads are a great idea, too, but you need to give them as gifts to the new parent before delivery, so she can pop them into the freezer and the pads will be nice and cool when it comes time to use them.

  • Postpartum pads / Maternity pads

After the first week with a new baby, most new moms need only regular pads, without the cooling or witch hazel, anyway, and they will end up going through a lot these.

Breastfeeding Essentials

The next category is all for our nursing or pumping mamas. Breastfeeding is hard work, but there are plenty of simple new mom gifts that any breastfeeding mom can use. You can add several of these items into a care pack, or add one along with some cute maternity clothes as a lovely gift for a new mother.

2. Nipple Cream

You can’t go wrong with nipple cream for a new mom who is nursing or pumping. And, if you know she is regularly using a breast pump make sure that nipple cream doubles as a pump lubricant, too.

My absolute favorite, which I’ve been using with all my 3 kids is the Earth Mama Organics Nipple Butter. I recommend you to check out my full list of the best nipple creams (which are safe for baby to ingest – meaning mama doesn’t have to wipe it off before nursing!).

Earth Mama Nipple Butter

3. Nursing Bra

Did you know that nursing mom can never have too many nursing bras? It’s true, leaking breast milk makes bras dirty pretty quick. Some moms go through multiple bras in a day, so a new mom will get a lot of use out of a great nursing bra.

You don’t usually have to know a mom’s exact bra size to get a good nursing bra, many come in sizes Small, Medium or Large and are made from elastic fabrics (because boobs size changes during the day A LOT), so you should not have any problems choosing the right one for your fellow mamas to give as gift.

According to mamas on Facebook Groups the best brands for nursing-friendly bras are Kindred Bravely and BRAVADO! Designs if you’re on smaller budget.

This Simply Sublime bra is the best choice if the new mom is only breastfeeding, but if she combines pumping and nursing, or is exclusively pumping make sure to choose this Sublime pumping bra. There are lots of style to choose from, including sporty ones and sexy ones with flattering lace.

Kindred Bravely Pumping and Nursing Bra

4. Nursing Pads

Along with nursing bras, nursing pads are essential for new mothers.

You have two options here: washable, reusable nursing pads (check out these cozy bamboo pads), or disposable ones (like these from Medela).

Mom friends, no judgement here: if she can do the laundry and reuse the nursing pads, what a perfect gift! But, if the laundry is piling up in those early days and your friend does not have the energy to deal with one more chore, then go for the practical gift and give her disposable nursing pads.

5. Lactation Support

Bringing a new life into the world is one thing – keeping it properly fed is a whole other challenge. Help a new mom on her breastfeeding (or pumping) journey with some care items that can make a big difference.

Haakaa Manual Pump

Haakaa is a simple, silicone breast pump that doesn’t require any other parts and is very easy to clean (always a favorite thing for first-time moms!). While it is not a hands-free breast pump, you do not need to buy different sizes – it is a one-size-fits-all item, making it perfect for a new mom.

It’s small enough to bring along in a diaper bag, and a good choice for moms who are exclusively breast feeding (i.e.: not using other breast pumps for saving milk), but who are producing more milk than their baby can consume.

This is a simple but amazing and super useful gift for a new mama, plus it’s budget-friendly, too. You can get Haakaa here >> (you can choose between a standard version or get a newer model with a cap).

If you’re looking for other products that would really nursing mothers in their daily life, shop for:

Nursing Pillow

I personally love the C-shape pillows, because I find them really useful during the first months with new babies and are ideal for moms of twins, too.

When baby is older, you can use the nursing pillow as light back support when practicing independent sitting (of course, always be within arm’s reach of your baby), too.

Microwave Sterilizing Bags For Bottles / Pump Parts

No need to boil water several times a day, these bags have up to 180 uses and need only a microwave to sterilize items. These Munchkin bags seems to be super popular and working really well for busy mamas.

Sterilizing Tablets For Bottles And Pump Parts

Look for something like these Milton brand ones, which work with cold water and don’t require any heating – a great option for moms on the go or those who often pump at work. I’ve been using them when I was traveling with my little ones and I always recommend them to my friends.

Water Bottle That Measures Water Intake

If it’s cute to carry around, a new mom is more likely to consistently drink and stay hydrated).

Another thoughtful gift for breastfeeding moms could be a session with a lactation consultant. A lactation consultant might be included in insurance, or part of a mid-wife’s fees, but if it is not, this can be a great way to help a new mom get a lactation massage and learn how to prevent clogged ducts.

Lactation Cookies

Here’s a fun breastfeeding gift – cookies or snacks that help increase milk supply! laction-friendly snacks make great gifts for new moms, or even simple (but useful) Mother’s Day gifts.

Making breast milk is hard work, moms need to eat an additional 300-500 calories every day for adequate milk production, so bring on the (healthy) snacks!

You can order delicious-tasting lactation cookies online, or buy them at the grocery store. They make a great addition to any new mom care package: a few personal care items, a bunch of bright flowers and some yummy oatmeal-flax seed cookies to top it all off.

6. Lip Balm

During and after pregnancy lots of moms have problems with chapped lips. Good and moisturizing lip balm is something that a new mom definitely needs for herself, and it’s a perfect gift if you’re on a smaller budget.

Make sure to choose a chapstick that is made only from natural and safe ingredients, without any nasty chemicals. I really like this set of 4 lip balms – each has a unique and beautiful natural scent.

Earth Mama Lip Balms

7. Hand Cream

In addition to always feeling thirsty, many nursing mothers find they have constantly dry and chapped hands (from hand-washing 15x a day).

This is especially true for moms who have longer hospital stays, because of the dry air and harsh hand soap. A simple (and very budget-friendly) gift is an unscented hand cream to sooth raw hands.

Don’t give a scented hand cream, as this might not be allowed in a hospital environment, or might not be good for a newborn with sensitive skin.

8. Underwear For Recovery Time

As mentioned for a postpartum recovery kit, disposable underwear is actually a great gift, and one of the things new moms need. But you can only use disposable underwear for so long (the first few days), after that, a new mom needs some cotton panties.

Dark colored, high waisted underwear (like these panties) will get plenty of use during the first month or so, and mom will feel comfortable as she relaxes at home with her new baby.

Make sure to get high-waisted for any C-section mamas, so the waistband doesn’t touch their scar.

8. Comfy & Flattering Lounge Wear

Comfort is the name of the game, so look for maternity-friendly lounge wear (or stretchy yoga pants) that your friend can wear 24/7.

New parents tend to stay at home a lot more with newborns, because of their lower immunity, until around 3 months of age. This means, they won’t be dressing up too often, so comfy sweats, loose maternity shirts and yoga pants are the way to go.

Kindred Bravely Maternity Clothes

Here you can check out my favorite joggers. They are incredibly cozy – I spent my last pregnancy in these joggers and kept wearing them during postpartum… and beyond!

And for all nursing mamas I recommend this T-shirt. It has hidden underlayer for easy access to breasts when it’s time to breastfeed. At the same time it looks very flattering (both on baby bump and postpartum belly).

Getting the right clothes for postpartum recovery is not (only) about fashion and looking pretty, but mainly about your own comfort and speeding up the healing.

Therefore: no tight clothes that would dig into your skin (especially if you had C-section – avoid bottoms and tops that irritate your incision site), and ideally no synthetic fabrics that would make you sweating and overheating (by the way, here’s my list of the best postpartum summer clothes).

9. Safe & Nourishing Skincare Products

Pamper a new mom with some self-care products, just for her. Lotions or body oils for her shrinking belly are a great idea, especially that during and after pregnancy lots of women have dry skin. Hydrating body lotion made with safe and nourishing ingredients will definitely come in handy! My best recommendation for dry (and sensitive) skin: this Earth Mama butter packed with organic ingredients.

Earth Mama Belly Bundle

You could also opt for a black castor oil shampoo to help with postpartum hair loss. Yes, first-time moms often are surprised by ‘shedding’ of hair that happens around the time their new baby is 5 – 7 months old. No shampoo cannot stop this entirely, but ingredients like castor oil might be able to help new hair grow in faster and thicker.

10. Groceries Delivered Or Meal Service

If you’re stumped on what to get new parents, then please hear this: buy them FOOD.

You cannot go wrong with giving food in some form: you can send over a few meals that are already prepared or have food delivered.

Meal Service

You could do this as a one-time gift (send over a pizza or Chinese take-out), or you could sign the new parents up for a meal service like Blue Apron or Home Chef that sends all the ingredients for a delicious, homemade meal right to their house, so they don’t have to worry about shopping for groceries every few days.

If you like to cook, you could also prepare some tasty and nutritious meals for your new mama friend. Check out my favorite recipes and meals to cook for a new mom.


Speaking of groceries: you could go grocery shopping for them. Fruits like apples, peaches, bananas, or fresh berries are always a great gift for a new mom because they can be eaten one-handed and don’t need to be prepared – just wash and eat.

Meal delivery or groceries delivery gift for new mom

11. House Keeping Service

Sendng food is the easiest go-to gift for new parents, but if you want to know what I think ranks at the top of the list of things new moms need for themselves it is a a home cleaning service.

Let it be a weekly house cleaning with laundry services included, or a one-time ‘nesting mama’s dream’ full-on house cleaning by professionals a week before the baby is due, this is always a much-appreciated gesture.

Don’t underestimate the power of a clean house to a tired mama who just started her motherhood journey and would rather spend those precious hours cuddling her baby, or having her own naptime than mopping her kitchen floor.

12. Gift Card

If you want to pamper a new mama and make her feel extra-special, I suggest giving her a gift card.

Since new moms don’t have much free time, a gift certificate allows her to schedule in self care days as she has time.

Send her for a spa day and let her pick if she wants a massage or a pedicure. If she loves having her hair done, her to the salon.

13. Time For Herself

How do you give a new mom time? You offer to babysit, or take on some household chores so she has less tasks on her plate.

This is especially helpful for a mom with multiple children. If it’s a first baby, she can give the little one all her attention, but if she is a mommy to a toddler or older children, they want her attention, too.

You can help by preparing school lunches for the week, doing the dishes, taking the older kids on a fun excursion so she can take a nap with her newborn.

Don’t just ask “can I help you?” because a new mom might not feel comfortable to designate chores to you during a visit.

Instead, say something like, “Could I come on Wednesday or Thursday this week, for 3 hours? I was thinking I could clean all the baby bottles and take Johnny to the park, but I’m open to anything that would help you get some rest during this time.”

The difference here is specific days (with options, in case she has a baby check-up that week), and flexible ideas that will really benefit her, not just allow you to hold the adorable new baby.

One of the important needs that every mama has is to have some time just for herself, to be able to do something that she likes or… to catch up on some sleep! Being supportive and being there for her is a perfect gift.

What new moms need for themselves, not for the baby

Tips For Visiting New Moms – Do’s & Don’ts

If you’re a new mom reading this post, then please, share THIS with friends and family before your new baby arrives.


Don’t Visit If You Are Feeling Unwell

The worst thing a new mom needs is to catch your cold – or worse! for the new baby to get sick. Stay home and visit only when you are healthy.

Don’t Ask To Hold A Sleeping Or Nursing Baby

I promise you, mama knows you want to cuddle the cute newborn. When she feels ready, she will offer for you to hold him/her. But mama knows if her baby will wake easily and right now needs a good rest. So just be patient.

Don’t Make Body Comments About The Mother

I wish this was so obvious it didn’t need to be mentioned, but it is all too-common. I don’t care if a new mom looks fabulous and ‘has lost all the baby weight already’ or if you want to encourage her that “breastfeeding will totally help you trim down”.

DO. NOT. SAY. IT! New moms are usually body-conscious and comments like these are not helpful, even if you think they are positive.

Don’t Bring Gifts To The Hospital

Even if it is a great gift, it’s just one more thing the new parents have to pack up and take home. Bring it to their house when you visit them at home, instead.


Ask Before Coming Over

A new mom may only have a small window of time to shower or get in a little nap in the afternoon. Always arrange a time for visiting, never surprise a new parent at home.

Come Bearing Gifts – For Mommy

When you come over for a visit, bring something for the new mom (and maybe, the baby, if you want). If you don’t know what to bring, default to food: healthy snacks, fresh fruits or a frozen dinner she can make when she wants to.

Encourage A New Nom

This isn’t advise (she’s getting enough unsolicited advice, believe me) but is something encouraging like,

  • “you look so happy”
  • “your baby is so healthy”
  • “you are doing a great job, mama!”

Final Word

Remember, the journey of motherhood is a wild ride and the support of friends and family is so important. There are plenty of great gifts to give new mothers, but the practical and thoughtful ones are the most cherished by new moms.

The purpose of this article is informative. It’s not a substitute for professional medical advice or medical care. Remember: safety first! Consult your doctor/pediatrician in case of any doubts. The author of this article does not accept any responsibility for any liability, loss or risk, personal or otherwise, incurred as a consequence, directly or indirectly, from any information or advice contained here. This article contains affiliate links – if you make a purchase through the links I may get a small commission, at no extra cost to you. This helps me to run this website!

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