Best Pregnancy Instagrams You Need To Follow If You’re Expecting Or New Mom [2023]

Best Pregnancy Instagrams

Article By Edna Skopljak – Medical Doctor (MD)

We all know that mom life can sometimes be very… let’s say, challenging. But we all know it’s much more than that. It is the most beautiful period of your life, but, let’s face it – it’s stressful, exhausting, and overwhelming.

Whether you just started your pregnancy journey, or you are one step away from the birth process, or you are a brand new mom – you are probably seeking support to make these changes easier.

Having fellow new and expecting moms around is always helpful during this time, as they understand exactly what you are going through. And they can give you some great tips to ease this part of your life, called parenting.

But, there are some easier ways to find support as new parents, especially new moms. Thanks to technology and modern living, we can now seek support online and on Instagram accounts.

PRO TIP: Check out my article about new mom hacks to make the first few weeks with a newborn baby a bit easier. You can find there some tips for taking cake of infant, nourishing your postpartum body and dealing with household chores.

What Are The Best Pregnancy Instagram Accounts?

There are many Instagram accounts to follow as a new mom, to seek advice, inspiration, tips, and much more. The online community will make your life easier, trust me. At least, they can provide you with emotional support.

Besides, some of them are really fun and can really cheer you up and make you laugh even on your worst days.

Here are 15 Instagram accounts to follow for pregnancy &new mom life tips.

1. Taking Cara Babies

This Instagram account is led by Cara, a mom of four children. She is a neonatal nurse and certified pediatric sleep consultant. Besides, she’s a wife to a pediatrician.

She is basically a baby sleep expert, talking about baby sleep, and providing advice and tips that actually work to help you and your family sleep. She offers tips, but also online sleep classes.

Some of the sleep hacks on her Instagram account will be very helpful to get your sleepy baby – actually sleep well.

2. Midwifemarley

Marley is a midwife – a labor and delivery nurse and a mom of five. Her Instagram page is full of useful content for (expecting) parents. Besides, some of these Instagram posts are informative – especially for pregnant women, while some of them are there to make you laugh.

Beside, Marley offers free childbirth guides and shares some birth stories in the highlights of her Instagram account.

3. Mommysbundle

This Instagram account run by Ana, a mom of three, really helps out new moms overcome their worries and to become confident in trusting their instincts – moms know the best. Ana is also the author of “Taking Care of Mommy”, fighting for mom’s self-care, to help out moms suffering from anxiety and worry. Happy mommy = happy baby!

Posts on her Instagram account are related to pregnancy, postpartum, breastfeeding, birth, and – generally – life with a baby. She also offers a free postpartum mini-planner for new moms.

4. Bumpdated

This is one of those Instagram accounts that is very versatile. On this Instagram page, you will find honest stories about all pregnancy – “bump” journeys, birth, postpartum, infertility, miscarriage, baby feeding, and more. In some difficult times, it is nice to relate with someone. It can be very comforting.

5. Juna.moms

Sarah is (of course) a mom of two and the creator of Juna.moms. She is a fitness and nutrition application and community for pregnant and postpartum moms. This is one of the best Instagram accounts to follow for fitness tips for moms.

She shares meal ideas, recipes, and workouts, and generally offers educational posts for moms. There is also a free e-book she prepared on the 30 healthy snacks, as well as the free baby registry guide.

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6. Mamadoctorjones

Danielle is a board-certified ObGyn medical doctor – and a mom. We all know how obstetricians and gynecologists are important in our journey to meet our baby. That is one of the reasons you will love this Instagram account.

Danielle shares scientific, informational posts for all moms (and those who are planning to become moms), but also some fun posts and videos that will make you laugh, and understand the job of ObGyn specialists. You will find her blog very helpful when you are pregnant, believe me.

7. Mommy.labornurse

Liesel, the labor and delivery nurse and mom of two wants to help women have a better birth experience but also shares important facts on pregnancy, childbirth, and babies in a creative way. She offers online birth classes, too. This is one of the best pregnancy Instagram accounts and a blog to follow in order to ease your motherhood journey.

But, it’s not only about the advice and tips – you will also find plenty of funny and relatable memes and posts that only a mother can understand.


The online community was made to present expert ideas and mom-to-mom inspiration to mothers exactly when we need it. You will sometimes just sit and cry seeing their post, as it will be so relatable and touching.

This Instagram page full of inspiring stories is exactly what new moms should see. You will find inspiration and expert advice on It is one of the best moms’ Instagram accounts that will really make you feel like you are not alone.

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9. Momlife_comics

Mary is a mom of two, an artist, and a graphic designer. Her Instagram account is filled with illustrations and comics about being a mother, about family life, marriage, double standards – and being overwhelmed. During the first days of your motherhood journey, you will probably need a break for your own sake. This is where you’ll find relatable and hilarious content – from pregnancy forwards.

10. Missconceptioncoach

This Instagram page is aimed at daily tips, inspiration, and posts on fertility wellness, and TTC support. In fact, it is also dedicated to grief support, to help you deal with trauma, pregnancy (baby) loss, and the overwhelming processes of IVF or IUI.

These are some of the most difficult things about having – or wanting to have a child. Just imagine seeing a pregnant woman, or coming across new moms at the park with their babies after you’ve just lost your child. It is very difficult, and this account will help you deal with it.

11. Pregnancynurse

Hilary, a labor and delivery nurse is the author behind this Insta account. And she’s also going to guide you through your pregnancy journey and prepare you to get – and feel prepared for birth.

Her primary wish is to make pregnant mommies ready for birth in a way that there are no surprises and “no one told me about it” situations. Hilary also writes a blog and offers online prenatal classes for expecting moms. You will definitely benefit from following her during your pregnancy.

12. Thepediatricianmom

Krupa is a medical doctor, a board-certified pediatrician, and most importantly – a MOM. So, she can help you with all of your worries, from pregnancy to first aid for your newborn baby.

She offers evidence-based medicine, but also practical advice in a very compassionate and interesting way. So, you can rest assured – and yes, you can stop googling your baby’s issues, you will find your answers on this account. I would recommend you start following Dr. Krupa even during pregnancy with your bump.

13. Birthwithbeth_

Beth Ryan is the author of this pregnancy Instagram. She is a midwife and a mom, and shares lots of tips for moms-to-be for preparing to labour and giving brith, making postpartum easier and taking care of a newborn baby.

By the way, if you prefer podcasts than reading blog posts, Beth has also a podcast where she talks about birth from her professional perspective as midwife, and also shares other moms’ birth stories.

Her podcast is an awesome source of information and useful hacks, and can also give you lots of emotional support when you’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed during your pregnancy or before birth.

14. Moveyourbump

Nancy is a prenatal, pregnancy, and postnatal fitness trainer. She has really great recipes and fitness tips and videos for your “bump” body on Instagram. “Move your bump” covers fitness and nutrition for women trying to conceive, are pregnant, and for brand new moms.

Also, she will melt away all your concerns about working out during pregnancy, and educate you about the benefits of physical activity and a healthy diet in a motivational way (plus – there are amazing and easy recipes).

15. The.Food.Doula

This Instagram is run by Lindsay Taylor who shares her tips for pregnant and new moms about prenatal nutrition, easy meals for postpartum and healthy snacks for busy mamas.

She also helps to deal with common issues during pregnancy (like constipation, low iron, nausea…) by adjusting your diet. Her ideas for meals and snacks are easy and quick – she knows really well that being pregnant or a new mom means you’re always in a hurry or have only one hand free.

16. Healthiestbaby

Another pediatrician you need to follow. It is never too early to prepare for a toddler phase. In a blink of an eye, you will celebrate your baby’s first birthday. And then the fun part starts. Toddler phase is difficult and it’s never to early to prepare for it (even if you are still pregnant). So, Dr. Cathryn is a pediatric specialist, toddler expert that will help you get through this parenting phase with ease. And she’s doing so in a very creative manner.

17. Teacherista_

This is an awesome pregnancy fashion Instagram run by Jen Johnston. If you lack ideas what to wear during pregnancy to feel comfortable and look gorgeous at the same time, you should definitely check this out.

By the way, if you’re looking for some pregnancy outfit ideas, check out my list of the best pregnant fashion blogs!

Jen also shares her thought about infertility, loosing a child and grief that she experienced.

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18. Something Navy

Arielle is a mom and a founder of a style blog – Something Navy. She offers fashion advice and editorial content. On her Instagram account, you will find posts about life with a baby, and life as a mother, but also all kinds of topics and posts for new moms. In fact, her account will be so much fun for you.

Besides, you will get inspiration to make fancy outfits for your child- but also for yourself. You will find inspirational outfits on this feed, so you don’t get lost in motherhood. Fashion still matters, right?

Are you following any interesting Instagram accounts about pregnancy or new mom’s life? Let me know in the comment section below!

Article By Edna Skopljak

Edna Skopljak is Medical Doctor (MD) who works in University Medical Centre in Ljubljana. She’s a She also worked as an editor at BJBMS medical journal for several years. She wrote content for several health-related websites and the BJBMS blog. She’s a mom of a 15-month-old.

The purpose of this article is informative. It’s not a substitute for professional medical advice or medical care. Remember: safety first! Consult your doctor/pediatrician in case of any doubts. The author of this article does not accept any responsibility for any liability, loss or risk, personal or otherwise, incurred as a consequence, directly or indirectly, from any information or advice contained here.

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