Is Kindred Bravely Worth It? – Honest Opinion By Mom Of Three

If you’re searching for new maternity clothes (or those breastfeeding-friendly tops) you’ve probably already come across a brand called Kindred Bravely. Lots of moms raves about their maternity clothing line, but is this brand really that good? Are Kindred Bravely clothes worth the money and good quality? You’ll find out in this article!

Is Kindred Bravely Worth It, Kindred Bravely Review

If you are pregnant for the first time, you are going to need some new clothes. You might not need them until close to the end of the second trimester, or you may start showing earlier and even need them by week 8 – every mama is different.

But no matter when you start investing in maternity clothes, you are going to need to buy a few new tops, bottoms and bras (definitely some new bras).

The question then, is, do you want ‘whatever fits’, or do you want to invest in some quality pieces that you feel comfortable and cute in?

This article is not a substitute for medical advice.

Feel Good In Quality Maternity Clothes

Mama, its very normal to have mixed feelings about your changing body. Wearing ill-fitting or uncomfortable clothes only exacerbates negative feelings for pregnant women.

That’s why investing in a few items of maternity clothing that you feel beautiful and attractive in can really help elevate your self-esteem during a time of major body transformation.

This isn’t just about buying clothes – it’s about buying items that make you, a new mom, feel beautiful.

Practical Maternity Items

Aside from how maternity clothes can make you feel, there is also a practical element: you will probably NEED some new bras.

During pregnancy you may go up a size (or two!) and nursing bras are sooooo helpful for a new mom. Sleep bras are a real life-saver for nursing moms, too.

Some other practical postpartum or maternity clothing include:

  • Maternity nightgown (a great option for a hospital birth)
  • Pumping bra
  • Nursing tops and nursing tanks
  • Postpartum underwear (postpartum recovery panties are an essential if you’ve had a C-section, as the underwear should not touch your incision)

Comfortable Maternity Wear

Maternity clothes are also about comfort. While you might be able to squeeze into your favorite pair of leggings (and now they’re stretched out around the belly), that doesn’t mean that you’re comfortable.

The point of maternity clothing is that it accommodates your belly, considers how you can easily nurse while wearing, and can be great postpartum items for the first months after baby arrives.

Investing in maternity clothes is certainly worth it, as you’re likely to get at least 6 months use out of most of the items (and much longer for the nursing bras and pumping bras), before and after birth.

Kindred Bravely Clothing

If you’re ready to buy maternity items, then check out Kindred Bravely’s line of maternity and postpartum wear, designed specifically for expecting and new moms, so they can look and feel beautiful.

They have everything an expecting mom could need: wonderful selection of bras, sleepwear, professional attire and even swimwear!

They also have consistent great reviews by real moms who wear (and love) their items.

What Is Kindred Bravely?

Kindred Bravely is a company built on the mission of empowering moms and offering clothing that help to make the motherhood journey easier.

Every year, Kindred Bravely gives to important women-centered causes, like the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and the Human Milk Bank Association (for life-saving uses of breast milk), Free the Girls (which fights human trafficking) and many more wonderful causes.

When you make a purchase with Kindred Bravely, you are also making a difference.

Where Are Kindred Bravely Clothes Made?

Kindred Bravely clothes are made in China.

The company is based in Oceanside, California USA.

What Kind Of Maternity & Nursing Clothes Does Kindred Bravely Offer?

A new mom can find everything all types of maternity and nursing items on the Kindred Bravely site. But the real winners, I think, are the pumping bras, nursing bras and loungewear.

Not only are the clothes and bras cute and comfortable, but they are high-quality. Kindred Bravely has won numerous awards, including the Mother’s Choice Awards (Gold), for their bras and other clothing items.

1. Nursing & Pumping Bras

Nursing Bras

If you aren’t sure if you need a nursing bra, believe me, you do! Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom trying to do all the things with a baby in your arms, or if you’re headed back to the office and need something convenient, you need several good nursing bras.

Thankfully, Kindred Bravely has a great line of wonderful nursing bras for everyone, whether you need a sleep bra or a pumping bra, Kindred Bravely has something for you.

There are lots of options on their site, but I will mention some of the favorites:

Sleep Bra

Their French Terry Racerback Nursing Sleep Bra is probably the most popular – and for good reason!

Your sensitive nips and sore breasts during those first days of breastfeeding will be comfortable in this ultra soft terry material and the easy-access design of this nursing sleeping bra.

One Kindred Bravely review shared they bought more bras even after they stopped nursing because they love how soft it is, nursing or not! Another Kindred Bravely underwear review have likened it to a mini fuzzy blanket caressing your breasts (which actually sounds wonderful, especially if you’re struggling with starting breastfeeding).

This bra has won several awards, including the Mom’s Choice Awards, What to Expect Sleep Award Winner and the Best Nursing Bra for sleep Award Winner from Good Housekeeping.

Pumping Bras

Kindred Bravely also makes some of the best pumping bras out there.

If you’re a nursing mom, then you probably need something that allows you to be hands-free pumping and nursing, and the Minimalist Kindred Bravely pumping bra fits all styles of pumps, including Elvie and Willow — and even Spectra! (which is probably the hardest to find a god fit for).

PRO TIP: The Spectra pump is great, but it has larger flanges that don’t fit many types of pumping bras. The Kindred Bravely Sublime Pumping Bra has been tried-and-tested with this pump and I can safely say it fits! For more information check out my article here.

What moms love about this bra is that it’s truly a combo nursing and pumping bra: use it for pumping while at work and use it for nursing at home – without having to change.

If you have excess milk production this bra allows you to nurse your infant while easily pumping on the other side.

It is a true fan-favorite which lives up to its minimalist name.

If you want a really good double pump bra and plan on having several bra choices, then check out the Sublime Nursing Tank or Sublime Pumping Bra, as they are both so very comfortable.

Nursing Sports Bra

For as long as you nurse, you may find that your regular sports bras do not fit. Thankfully, Kindred Bravely has made a wonderful, supportive nursing sports bra for active mamas who want to nurse and take a spin class or hit up the gym.

The Sublime Sports Nursing Bra is a real winner for active moms; it allows moms to pump before, during or after a workout, without having to change your clothes, and still provides support for your breasts while running, doing pilates, ect.

2. Nursing Tanks

For nursing at night, I prefer to use either a sleep bra or a nursing tank.

You can easily wear breast pads with Kindred Bravely nursing tanks, too. That’s great if you leak a little, especially during sleep. The Sublime Nursing and Maternity tank is comfortable and perfect for wearing to sleep, or lounging around at home.

Reusable Nursing Pads are great for you, protect your clothes from lanolin stains and help the environment, too. My favorites are those made from super-soft bamboo instead of cotton.

I also like the chic-looking Bamboo Nursing And Maternity Tank: wear it over your bump when you’re pregnant and keep using it for nursing with the easy-access side panels for nursing anywhere, anytime.

3. Maternity And Nursing Pajamas And Nightgowns

Since you might be living in pajamas and loungewear the first few weeks postpartum, you might as well be comfortable AND cute, right?

I love the Jane Maternity pajama set because it is so practical and cute! It has a hidden opening for nursing access (wear a sleep bra inside, if you want) and feel warm and cozy in the pajamas, pre-natal or postpartum.

The Lucille Nursing Maternity Nightgown is a real favorite, too. The fabric stays cool and is ideal for sensitive skin. And the lacy details look soooo pretty!!

Finally, the gown has a built-in shelf bra that moms love (just pop some nursing pads in before you go to sleep!).

Is Kindred Bravely Worth It
Kindred Bravely Lucille Nightgown

4. Nursing-Friendly Lounge Clothes

If you’re breastfeeding, then all of your postpartum clothes should be comfortable and breast-feeding friendly. That’s why Kindred Bravely offers loungewear tops with side-openings for easy nursing and cute loungewear that doubles as a skin-to-skin wrap top, so baby can be close to you during those first weeks of life.

Now, if you want some comfy bottoms, look no further than these award-winning Everyday Joggers (a Mom’s Choice Awards Gold Winner and Best for Mom Award winner) – they are so comfortable and perfect for pre- or postpartum because they sit below your belly and are really flattering.

More than one Kindred Bravely review shared how moms loved these joggers- they bought one in every color! They are perfect for pre- or post partum and look hip and cute, not like frumpy maternity clothes.

5. Maternity Leggings

There is a reason the ‘uniform’ of new moms is generally leggings – they are so darn comfortable!

When your jeans or other pants don’t fit over or under your belly, leggings are pretty forgiving.

Kindred Bravely’s line of Francesca Maternity Leggings are one of my favorites, pre or postpartum because they are high waisted – they won’t slip down over a 8-month pregnant belly and won’t interfere with a C-section incision, either.

6. Underwear

You can either buy maternity panties, or stretch out your regular panties and have to buy new ones, anyway.

Maternity Underwear

Why not buy Kindred Bravely maternity panties, instead? The comfortable and cute Bamboo Hipster Panties sit low, underneath your belly and many Kindred Bravely Reviews shared they run true-to-size.

Postpartum Underwear

When it comes to Postpartum panties, you really should by 4-5 pairs of slightly larger panties to accomodate maternity pads for the first few weeks post-birth. You should also look for high-waisted panties that won’t rub against an incision if you’ve had a C-section.

Kindred Bravely’s Postpartum Recovery panties are highwaisted, great for fitting those maternity pads, and will be comfortable no matter how your bump has changed since delivery.

PRO TIP: While the recovery panties come in cute colors, like green or blue with pink trim, I really suggest black as the way to go. Choose the “Assorted Neutrals Pack” with lots of dark colors and thank me later.

What Moms Love About Kindred Bravely?

Moms love Kindred Bravely because their maternity and postpartum clothes are made to suit all types of moms (from petite to plus size) and in all sorts of lifestyle: from professional to loungewear.

I love the mission of the company and knowing that my purchase goes on to support worthy, women-centered causes.

Kindred Bravely Pros

All Sizes

Kindred bravely offers bra sizes ranging from A all the way up to DD and E for busty women, a sports bra for nursing, and the softest sleep nursing bras – what’s not to love?

The loungewear is so stretchy and looks great on mamas of all sizes, heights and figures.

Kindred Bravely Discounts

While some of the items are pricey, it seems like the company is always offering sales and discounts.

You can also sign up for their mailing list to receive Kindred Bravely Promo Codes and save even more.

For Real Moms

I personally love that their models are real moms, either currently pregnant or postpartum, and that they share that information with customers. It’s refreshing to shop for maternity and nursing clothes online and see a mom who looks like ME!

They even proudly show off C-section scars and stretch marks in their photos, because that’s the reality of pregnancy and post-partum and we shouldn’t feel ashamed of it.

Award-Winning Products

Several of the Kindred Bravely Products have been named as Mom’s Choice Awards Gold Winner, including the Sublime Kindred Bravely Pumping Bra and the Everyday Joggers, among others.

What Mamas Complain About

One of the complaints is that the bra sizing chart is different than other companies. While Kindred Bravely does offer a bra fitting quiz and a size chart with measurements to help you choose, it would still be nice if they kept it simple, with common sizes.

Another drawback is that some of the items are a bit pricey, like nursing dresses, maternity swimwear and skin-to-skin wrap shirts, and you have to wait for those Kindred Bravely promotions in order to buy them on sale, when they are a more reasonable price.

Final Decision: Is Kindred Bravely Worth The Hype?

All in all, thousands of moms are surely not wrong. When it comes to great maternity bras and pump bras, Kindred Bravely is worth the hype.

Most Kindred Bravely bras (my favorite of their clothing items, anyway) cost about the same as any other regular bra, and you’ll get a lot of use out of it, especially if you nurse or pump for several months.

How To Wash Kindred Bravely Bra?

Each bra comes with specific wash instructions:

  • The popular French terry racerback nursing bra can be washed in your machine (cold water, delicate cycle – and I would recommend within a lingerie bag, if you can)
  • Sublime hands-free pumping bra needs to be hand washed and line dried.

Don’t wash your nursing bras with hot water or a very hot dryer – this will keep the stretchy fabric of the bras in good condition. When in doubt, hand wash and line dry, or check out this article for more instructions on how to wash Kindred Bravely bra.

Also, to keep your bras free of stains, try to wear nursing pads whenever you put on nipple cream or ointment.

Does Kindred Bravely Run Large?

According to a slew of Kindred Bravely Reviews, the items run true-to-size. If you’re unsure, use their sizing charts and check reviews to see what other mamas think about sizing.

When To Buy Nursing Bras During Pregnancy?

It’s a good idea to buy nursing bras during the last trimester, at least. Earlier than that, you probably want a bra with more support (but wireless bra are the most comfortable during pregnancy).

A nursing bra will likely start to get used either after baby is born, or during the last few weeks of your pregnancy, as your breasts may be at their largest and a nursing bra is all that fits!

The purpose of this article is informative. It’s not a substitute for professional medical advice or medical care. Remember: safety first! Consult your doctor/pediatrician in case of any doubts. The author of this article does not accept any responsibility for any liability, loss or risk, personal or otherwise, incurred as a consequence, directly or indirectly, from any information or advice contained here.

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