What To Do With Pregnancy Pillow After Pregnancy – 10 Clever Ideas

What To Do With Pregnancy Pillow After Pregnancy

Did you know that during pregnancy it is recommended that you sleep on your side? Sleeping on your stomach is not advised (and pretty much impossible in the later stages of pregnancy) and sleeping on your back can have negative effects on the blood flow to your baby, too.

I am normally a belly sleeper, but that’s just not possible as the pregnancy progresses. Since pregnant women are recommended to use a side sleeping position for best blood circulation, I found it very hard to get a decent night’s sleep. I knew I couldn’t sleep flat on my stomach, but my hips and legs hurt so much to sleep on my side, I found myself rolling to my back during sleep.

I didn’t think I needed a pregnancy pillow, until I got one, and then I wondered how I managed with out it!

Once I started sleeping with a proper pregnancy pillow (not a pile of regular pillows wedged around me), I found that not only did I get a a more restful sleep, and the pillow helped to alleviate some of the back pain I’d been experiencing, but I also stopped rolling over while I was sleeping. Now I could sleep soundly without worrying that my sleeping position.

Why You Need A Pregnancy Maternity Pillow

Even if you’re sleeping pretty well, I still highly (HIGHLY) recommend trying out a pregnancy pillow and see what a difference it makes! In my opinion maternity pillow is one of the must-have essentials that every pregnant mommy should get to feel more comfortable during those 9 month (and beyond!).

A maternity pillow is specially designed to help support your growing belly, this allows your body to fully relax during sleep.

I found that my full-body support pillow really did make a difference and helped me find a comfortable sleeping position, especially in those final weeks when my baby bump felt so big.

Can we use pregnancy pillow after delivery

Other moms who experienced swelling in their legs or ankles during pregnancy shared that a pregnancy pillow helped reduce this discomfort.

Mamas dealing with lower back pain1, coccyx pain, cramping in the legs or other muscles (it was sciatica for me), you can find the right pregnancy pillow to help reduce these symptoms: a wedge-shaped pillow, a full length body pillow or a U-shaped pillow all have their advantages, depending on what you need.

If you aren’t sure, check out pregnancy pillow reviews and see what other pregnant moms had to say. There are specific pillows that are recommended for hip and belly support, and others that are suggested to prevent discomfort associated with heartburn and chest pain, and still other, versatile pregnancy pillows that offer neck support in the early months and can be adjusted as your pregnancy progresses for a comfortable sleep at 40 weeks.

Hey, you need all the sleep you can get before that newborn arrives, so do what you need to get in that beneficial sleep.

However, if you’re anything like me, then you don’t want to dish out big bucks for something you will only use for a few months.

The good news is, a pregnancy pillow has other uses and benefits outside of only pregnancy. You may just discover that it’s totally worth it, not only for the extra support, but for the multiple uses, long after pregnancy.

If you are using a regular pillow (or three!) instead or a true maternity pillow and are still struggling to get a comfortable position, why not invest in a pregnancy pillow? You can continue to use a pregnancy pillow in lots of ways, even after the birth of your baby.

How To Use A Pregnancy Pillow After Giving Birth

How To Use A Pregnancy Pillow After Giving Birth?

Here are my 10 ideas on what to do with maternity pillow after pregnancy:

1. Support During Postpartum

The first use of a pregnancy pillow after giving birth is during the uncomfortable postpartum period.

You may have had surgery, need support to sit in bed, or are dealing with some residual pain in your belly, hips or shoulders from the birth.

Having a specially-designed pillow that you can use for lower back support can be a life-saver at a time when your body is going through some pretty drastic changes.

2. Nursing Pillow

Did you know that the U-shaped pregnancy pillow can easily convert into a nursing pillow? It may not have the same cute patterns or designs that are sold for nursing pillows, but the shape is almost the same!

The U-shape pillow can wrap around your body to prop up your baby for breastfeeding. Older babies may not need this cushion and support, but newborns are so tiny that many women find that without a pillow, they bend their back to get the proper position for nursing.

Twisting or bending for breastfeeding can lead to back pain, tension in the neck and shoulders or discomfort around the spine.

Even moms who choose bottle feeding find that newborns are just so small the extra support of the U-shaped pillows makes it easier at feeding time2.

You can continue to use pregnancy pillows as a way to cuddle babies close or give the sensation of cradling, the benefit here is that your arms get a chance to relax.

You can also keep on using your pregnancy pillow for back support during your pumping sessions. Especially if you’re exclusively pumping mama, you spend a lot of time during every day sitting and pumping the milk. You may be slouching and maintaining non-ergonomic position – which can strain your back.

To avoid back pain during pumping, use your maternity pillow – so you could sit in more comfy position, with lower back supported. It will also comfy in handy for supporting your forearms, if you need to hold the bottles during pumping.

Can Pregnancy Pillow Be Used For Breastfeeding

3. Reduce Pain In The Joints

Sleeping with pregnancy pillow – which is basically a supportive pillow – can helped reduce joint pain in knees, and it may be a game-changer for people who struggle with lower back pain (which is common after pregnancy and delivery3).

If you’re not suffering from any back pain, maybe your partner does?

Did you know that lots of dads sleep with their wives’ pregnancy pillows? Seriously!

If your husband is dealing with this type of body pain, maybe offer to let them try out your pregnancy pillow to see if it helps. Can’t hurt, right?

4. Tummy Time Or Sitting Support

As your baby grows they can continue to get use out of your versatile pregnancy pillow. Use it for a more challenging tummy time (or just for YOU to be more comfortable during tummy time) or as a support for learning to sit.

  • On mama’s belly

Young babies should be on a safe, flat, but soft surface for tummy time. Sometimes that means Mama’s abdomen, but this can be uncomfortable for you. Try getting a good position by wrapping the pregnancy pillow under your head and shoulders so you don’t strain to look and connect with your baby as they do tummy time on you.

  • For advanced tummy time

As your baby grows and develops stronger neck muscles, they can start to advance in their tummy time routine. If your baby can roll and you want to work on them pushing up on their arms or starting early signs of crawling, you may want to use a pregnancy pillow as a prop under baby’s chest and abdomen.

This provides the support they need to slowly build up those muscles they’ve never used before.

Remember though, never leave your baby unattended on their stomach and be close to them during tummy time.

  • Sitting support

When older babies are ready to learn how to sit, a pregnancy pillow pillow can offer just enough of a supporting backrest. Use the pregnancy pillow behind their body to encourage them to sit independently, but only do this one they have strong neck muscles and an safely support their own head; usually around 4-5 months of age.

Remember to be safe; don’t leave your baby unattended when doing such exercises.

what to do with maternity pillow after pregnancy

5. Playroom Cushion

Many toddlers and older kids go through a phase where they want to build forts and houses and castles out of pillows.

Your couch cushions will likely end up on the floor most days, with your little one asking for even more pillows to build their creations. This is when pregnancy pillows can be really fun. You can keep them in the playroom or your child’s play tent as a ‘bed’ or fun item to nap on for years into their childhood.

6. Stuffing For Sewing And Crafts

If you are a crafty person, you may find use out of the pillow stuffing.

You could create a keepsake stuffed toy as memory of your pregnancy from the filling of your pregnancy pillow.

Depending on what’s inside the pillow, it could be a great craft supply to have on-hand.

7. Provide Support As Knee Padding

Bathing a toddler in a bathtub makes for cute photos, but it can be really hard on Mama’s knees, kneeling down on hard tiles.

A pregnancy pillow helps alleviate this discomfort and provides a supportive base during bath time from an item you already own.

8. Pet Bed

Just because you’ve decided not to sleep with your pregnancy pillow anymore doesn’t mean that no one wants to use it for sleep. Your dog or cat may absolutely love sleeping with this pillow!

It likely smells like you (which your dog loves) and it’s comfortable. Fido will feel as if he’s cuddling with you, without all the dog hair on your bed. Win-Win.

9. Draft Pillow

If you no longer need your pregnancy pillow (or maybe it changed its shape, the filling got loose etc.), you can use it as a draft pillow for the door or window!

10. Donate Or Give Away

If you know someone who is pregnant that might need your gently used pregnancy pillow, consider giving it away. The same benefits that helped you get a good night’s sleep will help her, too.

Programs that support women may accept donations of pregnancy pillows, too. It can’t hurt to ask, and you could be helping ensure a pregnant mama gets some much-needed rest with an item you don’t use anymore.

Can You Resell Used Pregnancy Pillows

Can Pregnancy Pillow Be Used For Breastfeeding?

Some styles of pregnancy pillows can be repurposed as breastfeeding supports.

This is by far the most common use for pregnancy pillows after pregnancy.

U-shaped pillows, for example are convenient ways to help provide support for your little one if you are trying side-lying nursing, or across your lap, to help lift up your infant to your breast like a regular C-shaped nursing pillow.

Since both of these pillows essentially wrap around Mama’s body for nursing, it works to bring baby easily to your breast without causing strong on your back.

Can You Resell Used Pregnancy Pillows?

Some moms do sell their used pregnancy pillows to other expecting moms in the community. It’s a great way to help a mom on a budget with an item she needs, while also getting a little return on your own investment (hey! a new pregnancy pillow isn’t cheap!)

Just make sure you can appropriately clean the pillow before selling or giving it away.

How Do You Disinfect A Pregnancy Pillow

How Do You Disinfect A Pregnancy Pillow?

Whether you intend to sell, donate or share your pregnancy pillow, you may want to know “Should I wash my pregnancy pillow?”. The answer is yes, you should wash the pregnancy pillow.

Even if you are planning to keep your pillow and pop it in storage until your next pregnancy, it’s still a good idea to give it a good wash.

Most cotton, foam or polyester-filled pillows can be washed in a washing machine.

Use the gentle and lay flat to dry. Depending on the filling, it could take a day or two until it’s completely dried out, then you may be able to ‘fluff’ the pillow in your dryer with a few spin on a cool setting.

Always read the care instructions first, though. Some pregnancy pillows come with special covers that may need to be hand-washed or have other cleaning requirements.

The purpose of this article is informative. It’s not a substitute for professional medical advice or medical care. Remember: safety first! Consult your doctor/pediatrician in case of any doubts. The author of this article does not accept any responsibility for any liability, loss or risk, personal or otherwise, incurred as a consequence, directly or indirectly, from any information or advice contained here.





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