Best Plus Size Maternity Hospital Gowns & Nursing Nightgowns – For Pregnancy, Labor & Breastfeeding

Hospital birthing gowns look so tatty, uncomfortable and not feminine at all! But there’s an alternative. I picked the best cute plus size nursing gowns for hospital that will keep you comfy during and after the labor.

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best plus size maternity hospital gown best plus size nursing nightgowns

Every woman deserves to feel comfortable and pretty even when giving birth! And yes, you can find labor and delivery gowns that are both functional and feminine.

It’s a pity but not all maternity night dresses are designed to fit plus size women! But don’t worry, I found a few nursing labor gowns that come in larger sizes.

If you’re looking for the best plus size maternity gowns you’re in the right place.

I picked 6 awesome maternity gowns that can be a great alternative to hospital gowns.

They are ultra cozy and comfy, provide full coverage and prevent you from giving unintentional peeks, while still offering easy access for prenatal medical examinations, fetal monitoring, epidural placement and incision inspection.

Lots of moms have found them to be hospital bag must-have!

Best Birthing Gown
Kindred Bravely Gown
Best Plus Size Nursing Nightgown
Kindred Bravely Lucille
Inexpensive Plus Size Maternity Gown
Ekouaer Hospital Nursing Nightgown Women's Botton Down Maternity Robe Labor Delivery Breastfeeding Dress Navy Blue XXL
Best Features
❤️ Soft, cozy and functional gown for labor and hospitalization. It has front, back & shoulder snaps. You can use it as a nursing nightie too!
❤️ Best plus size nursing nightgown with romantic lacy neckline. It provides good support for breasts and gives lots of room for growing belly.
❤️ Great, cheap, basic gown with front and shoulder snaps for easy nursing and skin-to-skin contact
Recommended by
✨ Loved by 260+ mamas
✨ Loved by 500+ mamas
✨ Loved by 1000+ mamas!
Best Birthing Gown
Kindred Bravely Gown
Best Features
❤️ Soft, cozy and functional gown for labor and hospitalization. It has front, back & shoulder snaps. You can use it as a nursing nightie too!
Recommended by
✨ Loved by 260+ mamas
Availability & Price
Best Plus Size Nursing Nightgown
Kindred Bravely Lucille
Best Features
❤️ Best plus size nursing nightgown with romantic lacy neckline. It provides good support for breasts and gives lots of room for growing belly.
Recommended by
✨ Loved by 500+ mamas
Availability & Price
Inexpensive Plus Size Maternity Gown
Ekouaer Hospital Nursing Nightgown Women's Botton Down Maternity Robe Labor Delivery Breastfeeding Dress Navy Blue XXL
Best Features
❤️ Great, cheap, basic gown with front and shoulder snaps for easy nursing and skin-to-skin contact
Recommended by
✨ Loved by 1000+ mamas!
Availability & Price

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Plus Size Maternity Gowns For Hospital & Pretty Plus Size Nursing Nightgowns

Here are my favorite maternity gowns that should be in every plus size mama hospital bag.

1. Kindred Bravely Universal Labor & Delivery Gown

In my opinion, Kindred Bravely Universal Labor & Delivery Gown is the best plus size maternity hospital gown.

It will provide you with the comfort you deserve during labor, and functionality that health care professional recommend.

Kindred Bravely Universal Labor and Delivery Gown Plus Size Maternity Gowns

It has Velcro closures in the back and front and along both shoulders.

The front opens fully to ensure quick access for medical checkups, fetal monitoring, ultrasound, and incision inspection. It also allows you for skin-to-skin contact with your newborn baby right after the birth and during postpartum, which is so crucial for mom-baby bonding.

The back has Velcro along its entire length which gives easy access for epidural placement.

If you plan on breastfeeding, you could wear this maternity gown as your nightie at hospital and at home. It’s so cozy and soft, and designed to make nursing easy. When it’s time for midnight feeding, you won’t have to open the front – you can simply unsnap one of the shoulders and pop your breast out.

You can choose from 6 color versions and there are 3 sizes available. The smallest one is designed to fit baby bump up to 45 inches, the next one fits baby bump up to 51 inches, and the largest one fits bump size up to 57″. If you’re a plus size mama (up to ladies size 20), you should pick the biggest one.

PRO TIP: If you want some extra coverage, pair this labor gown with this buttery-soft matching robe. It’s stylish and feminine and perfect for breastfeeding. The robe fits sizes up to 24 so it’s perfect for plus size mothers!

There are 3 more things that I love about this maternity hospital gown. It’s made from ultra soft material and feels comfy like your favorite T-shirt. It also has convenient pockets that can fit your smartphone, keys, tissues or a maternity pad.

And last but not least, this plus-size labor and delivery gown doesn’t have any strings in the back which are usually hard to tie. If you want to feel more comfortable when walking the maternity ward or when the guests visit you, this maternity gown will ensure more discretion and prevent flashing! This is a hospital bag must-have!

PRO TIP: Kindred Bravely Labor Gown doesn’t have built-in shelf bra – if you’re used to sleeping in a bra or simply want more support for your breasts, you will need a bra. I recommend you to pick one of the best nursing sleep bras to wear under this gown.

2. Baby Be Mine 3in1 Labor / Delivery / Nursing Hospital Gown

This is a beautiful and inexpensive nursing gown for hospital for plus size mamas.

It’s so comfy and functional that you can wear it throughout the pregnancy, delivery and after the birth for nursing.

Baby Be Mine 3in1 Labor, Delivery, Nursing Gown Plus Size

Baby Be Mine 3in1 Gown comes in 2 sizes. The bigger one is designed to fit pre-pregnancy sizes 12-22. If you’re a plus size mama and looking for comfortable nursing gown for hospital, this is a fantastic and inexpensive option!

This maternity hospital gown has discreet front flap so you can move freely at hospital or at home without flashing, while still having easy access for medical examinations. When it’s time for ultrasound, fetal monitoring or C-section incision inspection, you won’t have to unsnap or untie anything. It’s SO CONVENIENT!

There are snaps down the back for easy epidural access which is a huge advantage. There are no strings in the back that would be really hard to tie when you’re in pain after giving birth. This also means no flashing!

PRO TIP: If you’re looking for more discretion and coverage, I recommend you this matching nursing robe. It’s perfect for postpartum hospitalization – you’ll be able to move freely around the maternity ward and you’ll feel more comfortable when guests visit you.

There are few more things that new moms love about this nursing hospital gown. It has elastic neckline plus snaps on both shoulders for easy breastfeeding. Besides, it’s sleeveless so it works perfect for mamas who need an IV.

You can also unsnap both shoulders and pull the upper part down for skin-to-skin cuddles with your little bundle of joy.

One thing to keep in mind – there’s nothing to hold the back part of the shoulder strap up. To snap the strap you may have to reach behind your back and twist a bit. It may be hard to do after C-section.

This maternity hospital gown has adjustable empire waistline with a lot of room for your growing baby bump or postpartum belly. No jabbing or digging in!

What you are also going to love is how pretty this gown looks! There are 20+ color versions to choose from – my favorite is this Navy Blue one. Some moms have noticed that single-color gowns feel a bit softer than gowns with printed patterns (the print makes them a bit stiffer, at least before you wash them a few times).

I’m sure you’ll get tons of compliments from hospital staff about this pretty and versatile gown!

3. Motherhood Maternity 3in1 Labor, Delivery And Nursing Gown

This is a fantastic medium-priced option, great alternative to hospital birthing gowns.

In contrast to Kindred Bravely gown, this one has a bit more feminine look. Every mama deserves to feel pretty, even when giving birth!

Motherhood Maternity Plus Size Labor Delivery and Nursing Gown

It comes in sizes up to 3X (ladies size 22-24) – make sure to check availability here.

It has front and back snaps along its entire length which ensure easy access for medical checkups and epidural placement, yet it provide you with coverage that you need.

With additional shoulder snaps, this labor gown makes breastfeeding much easier and allows for skin-to-skin contact. The best thing is that shoulder straps are designed to stay in place so they don’t fall back and you don’t have to twist to snap them. It’s really convenient, especially for mamas who had C-section and are in pain.

This plus size nursing nightgown has V neck – you can pull the fabric aside for breastfeeding, if you don’t want to unsnap the shoulder straps.

It also has elastic empire waistline which sits above your baby bump – it looks really pretty. Overall this plus size labor and delivery gown looks really stylish and feminine, like a simple black dress!

Motherhood Maternity hospital gowns is made from cotton+modal+spandex blend which makes it buttery soft and stretchy. It’s so nice to the touch and doesn’t feel tight or restrictive.

There are two useful pockets for your small essentials.

This 3in1 gown is so functional that you can also use it as your post-pregnancy sleepwear! It works perfect as plus size nursing nightgown. Besides, it’s pretty and provides you with the right amount of modesty in case you have guests at hospital or at home.

PRO TIP: Looking for the best nursing bra for large breasts? > Check out my top recommendations <

4. Ekouaer Maternity Dress, Breastfeeding & Birthing Gown

I recommend this maternity dress to all plus size moms on tight budget who want a comfy gown for postpartum hospitalization.

Ekouaer Birthing Gown Plus Size Labor Gowns

In contrast to other hospital gowns that I reviewed earlier, this one doesn’t have openings and snaps in the back. It may not be the best choice for labor as it doesn’t give quick epidural access. But it does have front snaps and shoulder snaps for prenatal examinations, post-delivery checkups, and easy breastfeeding. The front opens fully so you could enjoy skin-to-skin bonding with your little one.

I found Ekouaer maternity hospital gown very functional and cozy. It may serve you before and after the delivery and when you’re back at home with your newborn baby this may be your nursing nightgown.

What moms love about these nursing hospital gowns is that you can move freely, without the risk of unintentional peeks. It provides excellent coverage.

Moreover, those short sleeves open fully which means you’ll be able to get dressed easily even with an IV.

This Ekouaer maternity dress is designed for plus size women. Mamas who were size 16-18 pre-pregnancy, found the XXL to be a great fit with a room for growth. These gowns are made from soft and stretchy fabric so they don’t cling to your body in an unflattering way.

PRO TIP: If you’re looking for cheap plus size nursing gown for hospital with snaps in the back, check out this Ekouaer Maternity Nightgown. It’s made from silky soft and breathable fabric and has shoulder snaps for easy breastfeeding access. But keep in mind that it doesn’t have front snaps so it’s not designed for skin-to-skin contact. Nevertheless, it’s still very useful during and after pregnancy. Thanks to relaxed fit, medical checkups are not a problem. This lovely nursing nightie is perfect for plus size mamas who were size 18-22 pre-pregnancy.

5. Kindred Bravely Lucille Maternity & Nursing Nightgown

I picked Lucille Nightgown as one of the best nursing pajamas for new moms. It’s really functional, provides light support for breasts, offers lots of room for growing belly and can be used through the pregnancy and breastfeeding journey. Besides, it has such a pretty and romantic lace bodice!

Kindred Bravely Lucille Maternity Nightgown For Hospital Plus Size

It has built-in shelf bra, so you don’t need to wear a nursing bra under this nightie. Clip-down shoulder straps make breastfeeding a breeze! When your little one wakes up in the middle of the night for feeding, you’ll be able to open the strap with one hand.

And thanks to racerback design, the strap won’t slide, therefore you won’t have to struggle to put it back on. And trust me, this is really important when you nurse 2 or 3 times during the night and you’re half-awake!

This nightdress is designed for relaxed fit therefore it won’t cling to you, dig in or feel tight.

It’s made from modal with a touch of spandex which make it buttery soft and elastic – perfect for delicate skin and growing baby bump. Besides, it doesn’t look like a typical nursing gown. Those lacy feminine decorations will make you feel so sexy and pretty!

Moms have been wearing this nightie throughout third trimester, at hospital after giving birth and at home as a nursing nightgown.

Lots of mamas recommend this maternity nightgown by Kindred Bravely for plus size women. It fits sizes 16-18 pre pregnancy.

6. Motherhood Maternity Essential Nursing Nightgown

If you pack this nightie to your hospital bag, I’m pretty sure you’ll get tons of compliments!

You can wear it during pregnancy, for post-delivery breastfeeding and skin-to-skin contact, and later it can be your favorite nursing nightdress.

Motherhood Maternity Essentials Best Plus Size Nursing Nightgowns

The best thing is that Motherhood Maternity nightie comes in sizes 1X-3X for plus size mamas therefore it fits even sizes 22-24 pre-pregnancy!

Overall, this is my top recommendation for chubby mommy.

This nightgown has clip-down shoulder straps for easy nursing and built-in shelf bra and non-removable pads that provides light support – exactly what you need at night. The cups will provide you full coverage, even if have larger chest.

The elastic empire waistline looks so pretty on growing belly and doesn’t dig in. There’s lots of room for a baby bump or postpartum belly.

Thanks to soft, lightweight and stretchy rayon fabric this plus size nursing nightgown feels incredibly cozy and comfortable.

Plus Size Maternity Hospital Gown – FAQ

Here’s basic information about what you can and can’t wear during your hospital stay.

Can You Wear Your Own Hospital Gown During Labor?

In most cases – yes, you can wear your own gown during labor. You should pick special labor and delivery gown that ensures easy access for medical checkups, epidural, IV, and breastfeeding – just like the gowns that I reviewed in this article. It should make the labor easier, not harder – the gown should keep you comfortable, confident and not block your movements.

However, keep in mind that not all hospitals allow women to wear their own clothes during labor and require wearing hospital gowns.

You should definitely check this with your hospital. If they don’t have strict policy about what you should wear when giving birth, a comfy labor and nursing dress is one of the essentials that you should pack in your hospital bag.

Besides, even if you end up giving birth in a hospital gown or naked, your own cozy and pretty nursing nightgown will come in handy after the delivery.

Do You Have To Wear Hospital Gown After Delivery?

You don’t have to wear hospital gowns after delivery, you can wear your own nursing nightgown. You can buy your own 3in1 delivery gowns – one for the labor and one or two for postpartum, or get a nursing maternity nightgown. Whichever you choose, remember that breastfeeding should be easy in it, and it should also give quick access for medical checkups.

Wearing your own clothes after delivery will make you feel more comfortable and convenient! Lots of moms who have bring their own gowns or night dresses to the maternity ward say that this made them feel like a woman.

The purpose of this article is informative and entertaining. It’s not a substitute for medical consultation or medical care. Remember: safety first! The author of this article does not accept any responsibility for any liability, loss or risk, personal or otherwise, incurred as a consequence, directly or indirectly, from any information or advice contained here.

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