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GB Pockit Plus – The New Version of World’s Tiniest Stroller

Are you curious about the new features and upgrades of the GB Pockit Plus Stroller? We are all super excited about this new model of GB Pockit+ because it has completely different functions!

Moms and dads, I’ve got great news for you: GB Pockit Plus is finally in stores!

GB Pockit Plus 2018 Review

Probably every parent (and future parent) knows Pockit stroller. Through the last two years it was a HIT and definitely a best seller among lightweight travel strollers. Recently the brand released the new, upgraded model of their iconic stroller – GB Pockit+, which was presented at ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas in October 2017.

Key features:

  • Bigger canopy = more shade for the baby
  • Reclining backrest = comfortable napping
  • Compatibility with infant car seats and carrycot = suitability for newborns
  • Roomy seat = suitability for tall & older kids
  • Ultra-compact fold = perfect for travel with baby, small apartment and small car
  • Only 13 lbs = easy carrying
  • Price range: $$$

The new GB Pockit Plus is available in variety of colors. You can check which versions are currently available and compare their prices on Amazon and on PishPosh Baby.

GB Pockit Plus – Review

Original Pockit was excellent lightweight stroller, designed for parents who are often on the go and travel with their kids, but to be honest it lacks many features that would provide comfort and convenience for parents and children. Although it features light construction and ultra-small fold (that fits in overhead compartment on airplanes), it doesn’t have comfortable seat and proper sunshade.

Here you can read more parents’ complaints on original GB Pockit

However, the manufacturer has realized (after many parents’ requests) that strolling with baby is not only about moving from point A to point B, but it should be also enjoyable and comfortable for the baby and parent! And that’s how the new GB Pockit Plus Stroller was created.

Let’s start with the new features that we all have been waiting for!

GB Pockit Plus
GB Pockit Plus 2018


Lack of reclinable backrest was one of parents’ complaints on the previous model of this stroller. The new model has really upgraded and more comfortable seat.


GB Pockit Plus has multi-position recline seat
GB Pockit Plus seat reclines for more comfortable napping

The new GB Pockit+ has multi-position recline now. Yay! It doesn’t go all the way down, but as for such a small travel stroller, it’s sufficient. The recline is low enough for comfortable nap on-the-go.

GB Pockit Plus - Recline
This is the lowest position of the backrest. It’s not a very deep recline, but it should be sufficient for a toddler who likes to nap during strolls

In the new version there is a strap which you need to pull to lower the backrest. You can recline it a bit lower by using the additional zipper on the top of the backrest (you can see it in the picture below).

GB Pockit Plus - Recline mechanism
If you want to fully recline the seat you need to unzip the top of the backrest – it’s easy to do with one hand, but you will need to use both hands to zip it and raise the backrest


The second improvement of the seat is its size. GB Pockit Plus has wider and deeper seat than the older model. It’s really great because thanks to it this stroller can accommodate older and bigger children!

GB Pockit+ 2018
GB Pockit+ 2018 has very roomy seat and can accommodate even a preschooler

I’ve read many parents reviews of original GB Pockit and I found out that some parents use it even for 5 or 6-year-old children (read more here). Now, thanks to more roomy seat preschoolers can feel even more comfortable and even older children can fit in GB Pockit+.


Third thing is the seat padding – there is an upgraded neoprene fabric which is really soft and comfy.

GB Pockit Plus - Harness
The seat has nice padding made of neoprene fabric and adjustable 5-point harness

Options for newborns

Original Pockit is suitable only from 6 months, when the baby can sit unassisted and can’t be used for newborns. However, the new model has two options that allow parents to use it for newborns.

GB Pockit Plus – infant car seats compatibility

First of all, GB Pockit Plus is compatible with GB and Cybex infant car seats (with special adapters which are sold separately, for example on Amazon).

GB Pockit Plus can serve as a travel system with Cybex and GB infant car seats
GB Pockit Plus can serve as a travel system with Cybex and GB infant car seats

Parents can easily turn this stroller into a travel system and use it from birth. Thanks to this features GB Pockit Plus can be actually the only stroller parents will even need (especially if they don’t plan long strolls with their newborn baby). Of course the infant car seat needs to be purchased separately.

Cot To Go – Carrycot for GB Pockit Plus

Cot To Go - new piece of gear for GB Pockit +
Cot To Go – new piece of gear for GB Pockit+

The is also another option to accommodate newborn – a carrycot that can be attached to the frame. This piece of gear is also sold separately (you can already check it on Amazon).

Cot To Go is perfect option for parents who would like to travel with their newborn baby or infant who cannot sit yet. It weighs only 9.7 lbs.

It’s suitable for babies up to 6 months / 19.8 lbs. It offers completely flat position which properly supports infant’s back and head. There is softly padded memory foam mattress. It has also good-sized canopy and apron that together protect little baby from sun and wind.

With this carrycot parents can use GB Pockit Plus since birth! Traveling with infants has never been easier.
With this carrycot parents can use GB Pockit Plus since birth! Traveling with infants has never been easier.

This carrycot has one more great feature – just like the stroller it also folds up into super tiny, compact package which easily fits in mom’s handbag or carry-on luggage.Opening and folding takes literally few seconds!

Cot To Go is not only compatible with GB Pockit+, but also Qbit+.

GB Pockit Plus carrycot folded
When it’s not in use, this carrycot folds up compactly

That’s not all new features!


When GB presented their new stroller on ABC Kids Expo 2017 it turned out it has completely different canopy design (although at first the manufacturer wanted to keep the small shade).

GB Pockit Plus - Bigger canopy
GB Pockit Plus Stroller has significantly bigger canopy

The new GB Pockit Plus stroller has bigger canopy to provide better coverage from the sun, rain and wind. It’s still not the biggest canopy on the market, but it’s significantly bigger than in older model (that one actually doesn’t cover baby at all).

The upgraded canopy has rounded shape and at least partially shades the child. It’s made of UPF 50+ fabric that protects baby from harmful sun rays.

GB Pockit Plus - Canopy
GB Pockit Plus Stroller has completely different sunshade!

Size and weight

You are probably wondering if the new GB Pockit+ stroller is bigger and heavier because of these new features.

This upgraded model weighs more than original Pockit. The new GB Pockit Plus weight is 13 lbs (instead of 9.5 lbs), so it is a significant change. But it is understandable that the stroller has to be stronger and more robust to hold an infant car seat! However, it is still a lightweight stroller, easy to lift and carry.

The size also has change, but don’t worry, it’s only a slight difference. When the stroller is open it’s 1″ wider and 0.5″ higher.

Although the size and weight changes a little bit, folded GB Pockit Plus still fits into overhead compartment on airplanes
Although the size and weight changes a little bit, folded GB Pockit Plus still fits into overhead compartment on airplanes

The most important thing is that the folding size has changed only a little bit and the GB Pockit Plus remains the tiniest stroller in the World. Its folded dimensions are: 12.5″ x 7.8″ x 14.9″ (instead of 11.8″ x 7.1″ x 13.8″). You can still bring it on the plane as it folds into small handbag-sized package. 🙂

Other features of GB Pockit+

Apart from these changes, Pockit Plus remains the same.

Folding mechanism

GB Pockit Plus Folded Stroller
Folding and opening the stroller works exactly the same as in older model. Here you can see the most compact fold

Folding mechanism hasn’t changed and the new GB Pockit+ stroller has also an automatic lock. It prevents stroller from opening during storage and transportation. Besides, it stands on its own when folded so you can keep it under the table in a busy restaurant or coffee shop.

GB Pockit Plus Stroller features self-stand
GB Pockit Plus Stroller features self-stand

This space-saver is also perfect for parents who have small apartment or car with a small car trunk (besides, this stroller is so small when folded that you can keep it behind the seat or in your bag!).

GB Pockit Plus - Folded
If you don’t fold the wheels before closing the stroller, it will look like this – it’s still very small and easy to fit behind the driver seat


The new model also has swivel front wheels which can be locked for more rough terrain. However keep in mind, that these wheels are less than 5″ so they can handle flat surfaces, but are not suitable for bumpy terrain.

GB Pockit Plus - Swivel lockable front wheels
NEW GB Pockit+ has the same lockable front wheels

Maneuverability and ease of use

This stroller is so small and easy to maneuver that it can be pushed with one hand! On even terrain it rolls pretty smoothly, but I don’t recommend you using it for off-road cruising.

GB Pockit Plus - Wheels
GB Pockit Plus still has very small wheels which are not great for uneven terrain


The new GB Pockit+ has two separate handles, just like the older model. According to customers, they are comfortable for short and average in height parents, but they may be too low for a person over 6ft tall.

GB Pockit Plus - Handles
The handles are quite convenient, but only for short and average in height people


GB Pockit+ stroller has small brake pedal placed between rear dual wheels on the right side. Because of the size and location, this brake is pretty difficult to operate, however it’s something that parents can get used to.

GB Pockit Plus - Parking brake
GB Pockit Plus – Small parking brake pedal

I tested this parking brake while wearing winter boots with heels and this tiny pedal was really hard to press – I didn’t feel if I push it properly or not. Disengaging the brake is more easy – you just lift the pedal. I didn’t have any problems with it in my boots, but I’m not sure it would be comfortable in open-toed shoes.

GB Pockit Plus - Small brake pedal
GB Pockit Plus has really small brake pedal – it was hard to “find it” in my winter boots

Storage space

There is a storage bin under the seat which can hold up to 11 lbs, however it’s really small so it may accommodate a tiny diaper bag or few baby items put separately (like a blanket, sippy cup, few diapers and some snacks). Good thing about this bin is that it has easy access.

GB Pockit Plus - Tiny storage basket
GB Pockit Plus – Tiny storage basket


These is a 5-point no-rethread harness which can be adjusted as the baby grows (check it in the picture above).


The new GB Pockit+ can still accommodate passenger up to 55 lbs.

Pros & Cons

  • Thanks to compatibility with carrycot and infant car seats, GB Pockit Plus can be used from birth
  • The standard seat is roomy enough even for a 5-year-old child
  • Reclining backrest provides comfy positions for napping
  • Bigger canopy than the original GB Pockit has
  • Nice padding on the seat
  • Easy to maneuver with one hand
  • Great for tight, crowded places – narrow sidewalks, stores, restaurants
  • Very light and portable
  • Perfect for travel by plane – fits in overhead compartment and under the seat
  • Small wheels – not good for uneven terrain
  • Rather small basket under the seat
  • Handles are not adjustable and a bit too low for tall parents (above 6ft tall)

GB Pockit Plus – Release Date

We all have been waiting for this moment! GB Pockit Plus has been finally released on the market! You can check latest price on Amazon or on PishPosh.

You can also check if there are any discounts on Amazon for the original GB Pockit by clicking here.

What other parents think about GB Pockit Plus Stroller?

I checked this stroller on Amazon to find out what customers think about this new model. It’s getting more and more popular and receives new customer reviews quite often. Original GB Pockit was a best-seller, no wonder the new GB Pockit+ is getting a lot of fans as well.

Here is my summary of Amazon customer reviews – features that parents like and dislike the most.

As advantage parents mention a bit bigger seat (when compared to previous version) – it fits larger/older kids more comfortably (for example read this review). The canopy finally does the job and blocks off the sun (mainly when the seat is in upright position). Another advantage is the compatibility with infant car seats.

Recline function is nice addition, however some parents complain about the mechanism itself and the upright position – which is not very straight (check review #1 or review #2).

It’s heavier than original version, but still portable and easy to carry. Tiny fold is perfect for travel – on most airplanes it fits in overhead compartment and under the seat! Moreover, it takes up a little space in car trunk and at home.

Nevertheless few customers complains folding is not easy, some say it takes few tries while other say it’s hard and difficult (for example review #1 and review #2). Recommendation from other parents: don’t expect it to fold up and open in few seconds or with one hand. It takes longer, especially at the beginning and definitely requires using both hands.

Some parents say it feels sturdier, while other say it’s more wobbly. One of the drawbacks that customers mention is the small storage basket (the same as on original stroller).

You can want to check the Amazon reviews on your own – just click here.


Stroller typeLightweight
Stroller weight13 lbs
Weight limit55 lbs
Stroller dimensions28″ x 18.5″ x 40.3″ (L x W x H)
Folded dimensions 12.5″ x 7.8″ x 14.9″
Wheel size 4.5″

Color Versions For The New Model

The new GB Pockit Plus comes in different colors than the original GB Pockit does. It is available in Satin Black, Laguna Blue, Silver Fox, Cherry Red and Sapphire Blue. Don’t forget to check which colors are currently available!

Accessories For GB Pockit+

GB Pockit Plus - Cot To Go Cot To Go – This new model can be used for newborn baby thanks to compatibility with a carrycot. It provides proper support for infant’s back and great protection from the sun and wind. What’s really awesome about this carrycot is that it folds into ultra-compact package which is easy to store (for the next baby) and transport. Now you can have a lightweight stroller for newborn!
GB Pockit Plus - Adapters for infant car seats Adapters For Infant Car Seats – GB Pockit Plus Stroller is compatible with GB and CYBEX car seats. You just need these adapters to connect the stroller with the infant car seat. This feature make GB Pockit+ suitable from birth.
GB Pockit - Travel Bag GB Pockit Travel Bag – Thanks to this bag transporting and storing GB Pockit Plus will be even more easy. And you can carry it on a shoulder almost effortlessly, since the new model weighs only about 13 lbs.
GB Pockit - Footmuff Footmuff – If you like winter stroller make sure to add this Footmuff to keep your child always warm and cozy, even on chilly days.

GB Pockit Plus – Video

Below you can see a video from ABC Kids Expo 2017 in Las Vegas, where GB brand presented three models of Pockit: original Pockit, Pockit+ and Pockit Go.

You’re probably wondering what is this third model – Pockit Go. Well, it is the same frame than original Pockit has, but without any fabrics, which serves as just infant car seat carrier. As the baby grows up, parents can buy the fabrics additionally. But you can also buy a Pockit+ which is compatible with infant car seats and comes with the seat and all fabrics.

Comparison: GB Pockit vs GB Pockit Plus

As you can see the new model differs from the original version in many ways. Below you can see all the differences between GB Pockit and GB Pockit+. If you want to learn more about the original version here is my review of GB Pockit.

FeatureGB PockitGB Pockit+
SeatNo reclineMulti-position recline
Suitability for newbornsNot suitable for newborns, not compatible with infant car seatsCompatible with infant car seats and Cot To Got carrycot
CanopyTiny hood that doesn’t give shadeBigger, rounded canopy that covers the baby
Weight9.5 lbs13 lbs
Size (L x W x H)28″ x 17.5″ x 39.8″28″ x 18.5″ x 40.3″
Folded dimensions 11.8″ x 7.1″ x 13.8″12.5″ x 7.8″ x 14.9″
PriceCheck latest price on AmazonCheck latest price on Amazon

GB Pockit Plus – Review Conclusion

The original Pockit was a best seller, although it is rather minimalist stroller. The new model, GB Pockit Plus Stroller is still super compact and small, but additionally it has many features that increase baby’s and parent’s comfort, so I really have a feeling it is going to be one of the best umbrella strollers for 2018!

Keep in mind

This stroller works best for travel with baby or everyday use in the city. It’s not suitable for rough terrain or unbeaten roads.

3 Reasons Why You Will Love GB Pockit+

1. It features the tiniest fold in the World which fits in overhead compartment on airplanes and mom’s handbag!

2. With multi-position recline your baby can lie back comfortably and take a nap. And thanks to bigger canopy sun and wind won’t disturb your sleeping child.

3. Thanks to compatibility with infant car seats and Cot To Go carrycot, GB Pockit+ can be used since birth and it can be the only stroller you will ever need.

My rate:

Are you thinking about buying GB Pockit Plus? Don’t forget to check customer reviews and available discounts.

Click here to skip to Amazon

If this stroller is not what you need, here is my ranking of the best lightweight strollers for 2018. You may also want to check my list of other great strollers that come out in 2018.

Pictures with the sign were taken by me. Other pictures belong to GB (source: and

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28 thoughts on “GB Pockit Plus – The New Version of World’s Tiniest Stroller

  1. Do you still have access to the basket underneath when the seat is reclined? With my current lightweight stroller, whenever my daughter is reclined in the seat, I can’t access the basket underneath – really annoying! Would like to be able to put things in and take things out of the basket even if she’s asleep!

    1. Hi Allison! I think the basket is quite easily accessible, even when the seat is reclined (I attach here some photos). Of course you need to bend down a little bit to take out your things. Just keep in mind that the basket is not very big, I can fit there my daughter small backpack, but that’s it.

      Here you can see that there's clear access to the storage basket, when the seat is reclined all the way down

  2. Hi, I am going on a cruise, and space is limited, so I’m looking for a compact stroller that can fit in my trunk. This stroller price fits my budget. But I have read reviews about this stroller not being sturdy. Would you still recommend this stroller over other compact ones?

    1. Hi Sarah! When I tried this stroller it felt REALLY light and sometimes I was worried about its sturdiness although I haven’t had any troubles with it. If you’ll stick to the pavement and other smooth and flat surfaces it should work fine. For me it felt sturdy with a kiddo in it actually.
      Surprisingly the original Pockit felt a bit more sturdy (although it’s even lighter!) and I’ve read many reviews that also confirm that. Have you considered this stroller?
      Among other lightweight strollers the Babyzen Yoyo+ feels more strong and sturdy for me but it’s more pricey 🙁

  3. I just got this stroller! I love it, but I’m now trying to find a backpack that would fit this. I plan on carrying it while walking with my 2 year old until he gets tired and needs to use the stroller. Have you found any bags this could fit in? Thank you! Debating about returning this stroller and getting the first gen.

    1. Hi Erika! GB Pockit Plus should fit in backpack that is approved as carry on, for example this model and basically every other backpack that is bigger than 12.5″ x 7.8″ x 14.9″. There is also a travel bag for Pockit (this one) but you can only carry it on your shoulder.
      If you’re thinking about getting the original GB Pockit, keep in mind that the seat doesn’t recline and the canopy is smaller and pretty useless on that model. Take care! 🙂

  4. Does the fabric of the seat still completely snap off? For washing or for decreasing wear and weight while using it with and infant seat.

    1. Hi! I checked GB Pockit Plus on Amazon (here) and there is option of shipping to Indonesia. I don’t know how much it cost, you need to check on your own 🙂

  5. Hi. I’m cuurently using the cuurent pockit+. Is it possible for me to upgrade the canopy for the current pockit + which I have now??

    1. Hi Hilme! I’m not sure if the bigger canopy will be sold separately – there are no official information about it. I guess we have to wait until the upgraded Pockit Plus will be available for sale.

  6. Hi
    I’ve read your comments & I wonder if in France it could be in the same for the end of fall/ begginning of spring?

    Thanks for your informations!


    1. Hi Karen,
      I pre-ordered mine end of December (on the web) and supposed to receive it tomorrow (France) following thacking number.


  7. GB had stated this stroller’s release date was pushed back to Spring this year, earliest being March 2018. Have you heard differently? I am tempted to purchase the first edition as my third baby is due before then. But I would much prefer the new upgraded model!

    1. Hi Tawny!
      Yes, I have read that it’s scheduled for March/April for UK and February for the US. I’m getting a little bit impatient 🙁 I prefer the new model too, as GB finally made the canopy more useful.

    1. Hi Naomi! According to the latest information there will be a travel bag, car seat adapters and footmuff for the Pockit+, but no rain cover 🙁
      I will let you know if it changes.

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