Introducing New GB Pockit+ All-City – First Impression & Review

GB collection of strollers expanded significantly in 2019. The brand released two new version of their iconic, ultra-lightweight and tiny stroller. In this article we will focus on GB Pockit+ All-City. Compared to other models, this one has completely different wheels and a few other improved functions.

Generally speaking the All-City model is very similar to the first model of GB Pockit Plus. It’s very lightweight and portable, features reclining seat and compatibility with infant car seats. However, many features were upgraded and this new stroller has different design. This in turn caused changes in weight and fold size of the stroller, but more on that later.

Now, the most important question, that probably all parents considering the purchase of GB Pockit stroller have, is: “Is GB Pockit Plus All-City better than regular GB Pockit Plus?”. I will help you to find the answer and choose the stroller that is best for your lifestyle.

GB Pockit+ All-City Review

GB Pockit Plus All-City
GB Pockit Plus All-City 2019

Let’s start with the feature that distinguishes All-City among other strollers from GB Pockit collection.

Wheels & Suspension

This new version has redesigned wheels which are now single, not dual like the wheels on Pockit or Pockit+. Front wheels are 5.3″, the rear ones are 5.7″. As you can see they are slightly bigger than wheels on previous models.

Nevertheless, they are still on a small side and most suitable for “smooth city surfaces” – as the brand’s website says.

But according to parents who own this stroller, it works surprisingly good on cracked pavement and cobblestone!

GB Pockit Plus All-City - Single front wheels with suspension
The new All-City model has single wheel design and there is spring suspension in the front wheels

There is also built-in spring suspension in the front wheels to cushion the ride a bit and allow you to operate the stroller more easily. This is another difference between this new model and the previous GB Pockit+ which lacks suspension.

The front wheels are pivoting so the stroller should handle tight corners and narrow places really well.

I haven’t heard any complaints about the wheels suddenly locking or anything like it – which is a good thing of course.


The new GB Pockit Plus All-City also has redesigned frame – it has a different shape and color. I think it looks more sleek now. See the difference in the picture below where I compare All-City and the original Pockit Plus.

Comparison of GB Pockit Plus All-City and Pockit Plus
The frame was redesigned for All-City model. In my opinion it’s more sleek


Similar to other strollers from GB Pockit lineup, this one has a seat suitable from 6 months up to 55 pounds.

The stroller has adjustable backrest which you can lower with one hand to give your baby more comfortable place for a nap. This is an infinite recline which means you can set the backrest at any angle you want. Just keep in mind the lowest position is not flat (it’s about 50-60 degrees from vertical). To raise the backrest again you will need to use both of your hands.

GB Pockit Plus All City - Recline
GB Pockit Plus All-City offers infinite recline which means you can set the backrest at any angle you want. But keep in mind the most upright position is not fully straight, and the lowest position is not fully flat either

There is one significant difference in terms of recline between Pockit+ All-City and other models: when the seat is fully reclined there is no gap between the backrest and the canopy, like on other models. I think it’s a good change because these holes were not practical during colder months.

It’s important to notice that the highest backrest position is not fully upright either – keep that in mind because not all toddlers like to ride in a seat that is always a bit reclined.

GB Pockit Plus All City
GB Pockit Plus All-City has deep cushy padding on the whole seat and some mesh on the backrest

I really like the fabric and padding on the seat – it’s more generous than on other strollers from GB Pockit collection. The is nice mesh cover on the backrest to prevent the child from getting sweaty.

I can’t fail to mention that Pockit All-City also has adjustable calf rest – this is a completely new feature in Pockit collection. For infants and toddlers who like to nap during strolls, this addition will be very useful!

Seating Options For Newborns

GB Pockit Plus All City - Seating configurations for newborn baby - travel system or pram
Pockit+ All-City accepts GB and Cybex infant car seats, as well as the GB Cot To Go

The main seat is not newborn-ready, but there are two options to make this stroller suitable from birth. This new GB Pockit+ All-City is compatible with a carry cot called Cot To Go, as well as GB and Cybex infant car seats.

As you can see you can turn your GB Pockit Plus All-City into a travel system or even a lightweight pram!


It has the same shape as the canopy on Pockit Plus 2018, but it’s a bit bigger.

I’m not going to rave about this canopy. It’s better than the hood on the first GB Pockit stroller, but don’t expect it to always keep the sun out of your baby’s eyes!

Canopy Comparison - GB Pockit Plus All City vs Pockit Plus
Here you can see that the canopy on All-City model is a bit bigger than the canopy on regular Pockit+


The handles have the same design as the handles on other GB Pockits, but they are slightly higher. This is actually a good change because the handles on previous models feel a bit low – for a short person like me they are okay, but for someone taller they might feel less comfortable. Taller handles on the Pockit+ All-City will probably fit more users.

Storage Space

This is not a secret that the storage basket on Pockit and Pockit+ is tiny and can only fit a very small diaper bag.

The new Pockit+ All-City has more spacious basket – the difference is not huge but I’m happy about it anyway!

Weight, Size, Fold

As I briefly mentioned earlier, change in wheels and frame design caused changes in stroller’s weight and fold dimensions.

The new GB Pockit Plus All-City weighs about 13.3 lbs and its folded dimensions are: 12.6″ x 7.9″ x 18.9″. As you can see it’s slightly heavier than the 2018 model (which weighs 13 pounds), and the fold is a bit bigger (regular Pockit Plus fold: 12.5″ x 7.8″ x 14.9″).

GB Pockit Plus All City - Self-standing fold
GB Pockit Plus All City stands on its own when folded

I can’t fail to mention that All-City is significantly heavier than the first GB Pockit stroller. The original model is about 3.7 lbs lighter and folds into a very compact package (11.8″ x 7.1″ x 13.8″) which is noticeably smaller than All-City fold.

Nevertheless, this new stroller is super tiny and compact and meets carry on regulations probably on all airlines. I still recommend you to check your airline regulations before your trip, just to be sure.

After folding Pockit+ All-City stands on its own which makes it easy to store at home or in the car. Besides, it’s so small that it won’t take up a lot of space in your closet or hall. You can even put it in your bag!

Overall Performance

I think the improvements made for GB Pockit Plus All-City make it more convenient to use – not only as a travel stroller but also as an everyday city stroller. It’s more comfortable for the little passenger during prolonged use.

Pockit+ All-City handles slightly bumpy terrain surprisingly well. Thanks to added front-wheel suspension it holds up really impressive and it can handle small cracks. On rougher terrain you may feel some vibrations but the stroller doesn’t wiggle that much and the child feels less shocks. Nevertheless, I wouldn’t recommend using this stroller off road or on very bumpy roads.

Release Date

The new GB Pockit Plus All-City is in the stores from May 2019. You can find it in many online stores, for example on Amazon or on PishPosh Baby.

Pros & Cons



+ Small and lightweight design

+ Easy to carry

+ Fits in overhead lockers on most airplanes, behind the driver's seats and even in mom's purse!

+ Works very decent on slightly rough terrain (like cobblestone)

+ Easy to steer and navigate in small space

+ In comparison to other Pockits: more comfortable seat and more elegant look

+ In comparison to Pockit Plus: easier folding


- Basket is a bit bigger than on other Pockits but still on a small side

What other parents say about GB Pockit+ All-City?

I checked this stroller’s online reviews to find out if parents love it so much as other Pockits. It hasn’t had so many reviews yet, but it seems like it’s getting more and more popular and parents really like all the upgrades.

As the biggest advantages customers mention: easy maneuverability and very compact size – perfect for traveling by airplane. Folding works better on this stroller than on previous Pockit Plus which is a big plus!

Reclining seat and bigger canopy are the two things that may encourage you to choose this model instead of original Pockit – according to some parents.

Previous buyers seem to like the single wheels and added suspension as well – this stroller handles old streets and bumpy sidewalks with no problem.

The main complaint is the small basket under the seat. Some parents say that additional organizer or pockets for keys and phone would be very useful.

All in all, it seems that parents like the improvements that were made for Pockit+ All-City. GB has really put a lot of effort to fix the issues that parents were facing with the regular Pockit Plus.

I encourage you to visit Amazon and read the reviews written by customers who had really bought this stroller – it may help you to make your decision whether All-City suits your needs. Click here to go to Amazon.


Stroller TypeLightweight
Stroller Weight13.2 lbs
Weight Limit55 lbs
Fold Dimensions13.4" x 7.9" x 16.5"
Wheels SizeFront - 5.3", Rear - 5.7"


At the time of writing this review, this new stroller comes in 6 colors, but keep in mind the fashion collections change often, and the availability changes too. Make sure to check which colors are for sale right now and choose your favorite one. My favorite is definitely the Night Blue.

GB Pockit+ All-City - Colors
GB Pockit+ All-City offers many stylish fashions – make sure to check which ones are currently available as the collections change often. In the picture you can see 6 colors from left): Night Blue, Velvet Black, Vanilla Beige, Atlantic Orange, Desert Black, Velvet Black with grey details

Comparison: GB Pockit Plus All-City vs GB Qbit Plus All City

FeatureGB Pockit Plus All CityGB Qbit Plus All City
DesignGB Pockit Plus All City - Exclusive PishPosh Baby VersionGB Qbit Plus All City
Weight13.3 lbs17 lbs
FoldingAlways requires using both handsOne-hand folding possible
Fold SizeMore compact fold, allowed as carry on by many airlines (12.6" x 7.9" x 18.9")Still compact, but exceeds carry on dimensions (10.6" x 16.9" x 22.8")
WheelsSmaller wheelsBigger front & rear wheels - Qbit can handle more types of terrain
SuspensionFront-wheel suspension - good performance even on slightly rough terrainAll-wheel suspension (like on bigger and more high-end strollers) - Qbit works quite well even on gravel, cobblestone and cracked concrete without a lot of shaking
HandlebarTwo separate handlesOne single handlebar
SteeringRequires both hands most of the timeOne-hand steering possible
WindowNo peek-a-boo window or mesh vents

Mesh seat top vent for extra air-flow and checking on the baby (usable when the seat is reclined)

ReclineThe recline is okay for toddler's quick nap on the goDeeper, near-flat recline
FootrestFabric cover on the footrest, less easy to clean from muddy shoesPlastic footrest, easier to clean
Storage BasketSmall basket that can fit a small diaper bag, easily accessible form the front and backBigger basket that can hold a medium-size diaper bag
BrakeUnique, horizontal footbrake on the supporting axle above the rear axle (it may be a bit less convenient to use, because you need to lift you foot higher)

Vertical footbrake on the rear axle (similar to brakes on dozens of other strollers)

Best ApplicationTraveling by airplane, train or car, and not very extensive daily city use (like short walks and running errands)Traveling by car or train, daily use (especially if the roads and sidewalks near you are not perfectly smooth) - but keep in mind that the competition in this category is HUGE

Keep in mind

The wheels are bigger than on previous Pockit strollers and now there is also front-wheel suspension but this is still a small and very lightweight stroller – not suitable for bumpy trails and any off-road use!

3 Reasons Why You Will Love GB Pockit+ All-City

1. Folding mechanism works smoother than on previous Pockit Plus. Whether you’re at the airport or shopping mall and need to quickly close the stroller, you won’t have problems with it.

2. Spring suspension in front wheels makes the ride more comfortable for the child.

3. Small and easy to navigate in tight places. Once folded – it takes up a little space.

My rate:

If you came to the conclusion that Pockit+ All-City doesn’t meet your need, I invite you to read my ranking of the best lightweight strollers or check the most amazing strollers available on the market in 2020 – here.

All pictures belong to GB. Source:

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25 thoughts on “Introducing New GB Pockit+ All-City – First Impression & Review

  1. Hi do you know if the pocket plus all city comes with a Tavel bag or do I have to purchase this separately

  2. Hi! I recently purchased the GB Pockit All City and I love it because it’s lightweight and easy to maneuver. However I wish it came with a belly bar/bumper bar. Do you know if there’s a universal bumper bar that I can purchase separately that would fit the All City stroller?

    1. Hi Natalie! GB doesn’t make bumper bar for Pockit and unfortunately I haven’t heard of any universal bar that would securely attach to stroller 🙁

  3. Will you be publishing a comparison between GB Pockit Plus All-City vs GB Qbit + All-City? Thank you!

    1. Hi Stefanie!
      That’s an interesting comparison. I’ll do my research and update the review soon 🙂
      EDIT: the comparison is live! Let me know if you have further questions!

  4. Hi
    I am questioning between the GB Pockit + All City Strollers and the GB Qbit+ Strollers. MY tendencies are going to the Pockit, just because of the size when its folded. I am only concerned that the round handle of the Qbit is abit more comfortable as the handles of the Pockit. Do you know anything about it? Thank you anyway for the great reviews.

    1. Hi Julia!
      I do prefer strollers with single handlebar (like the one on Qbit), but surprisingly the handles on Pockit+ are also quite comfortable, especially if you’re not very tall. I’m 5’2″ and the handles felt okay, although they make the stroller more difficult to push with one hand.
      Keep in mind that Qbit and Pockit have also different wheels size (Qbit has about 1 inch bigger wheels).

    1. Hi Shannon,
      It’s similar to the original GB Pockit – about 24-25″ from the bottom of the seat to the top of the canopy.

    1. It will probably shake on cracks and bumps, similar to other lightweight strollers with small wheels, but yes, it can be used. For short walks it will be okay.

    1. It depends 🙂
      If you need a stroller for travel by airplane (and want the stroller to fit as carry on) or if you have a tall toddler or older child who usually doesn’t nap in the stroller – then GB Pockit.
      If you travel by bus, train, and/or have a younger child who still takes naps during the day and you’ll be using the stroller for long strolls – then ZOE.

      1. I bought the Qbit+ All city and im a mother who travel in bus, train and usually my baby take a nap. The lightweight and the easy close, make me bought iT!

        1. Hey Sophia,
          Actually after some tests I’m leaning more towards the All-City version. It’s not about the wheels, but more about the suspension which is built in the single wheels.

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