Cybex Balios S 2018 – All-in-one stroller with chic look

Cybex did a really good job with their new model for 2018 – Cybex Balios S. This multi-functional and stylish stroller is definitely going to be one of the best strollers that come out next year. Here’s why Cybex Balios S is so awesome.

Cybex Balios S 2018
Cybex Balios S 2018

This is a full-sized everyday stroller, really well quipped, yet very compact and not heavy at all. It features few seating options to serve parents from birth to toddlerhood. And the best part is the canopy – I’ve never seen such a HUGE canopy!

Read my Cybex Balios S review and find out more about this amazing stroller.

Cybex Balios S Review – Stroller Features

This is brand new stroller from Cybex that is going to hit the market in 2018. It has modern, minimalist design and it’s made of high-quality materials.

This is all-in-one stroller which offers several seating options which make it suitable for newborns and toddlers. It can be used since day one up to about 4 years. You can find more “infant to toddler” strollers in my ranking of top-quality convertible strollers for 2018.

Thanks to many seating options CYBEX Balios S is suitable for newborns and toddlers
Thanks to many seating options CYBEX Balios S is suitable for newborns and toddlers

Let’s take a closer look at the awesome features of Cybex Balios S 2018.


The regular seat is very roomy and padded with soft fabric. There is 3-position recline with flat recline which make this stroller suitable for smaller and younger infants. To recline the seat you need to use a lever on the back of it, so it is a one-handed system.

Cybex Balios S- Near-flat recline and fully extended canopy
Cybex Balios S features near-flat recline and LARGE extendable canopy

There is also independently adjustable leg rest, that also has 3 different positions. This stroller has also a step that older and taller children can use as a footrest. Keep in mind, that it’s unadjustable and can be used only when the seat is facing forward.

Cybex Balios S - adjustable back rest and leg rest
Cybex Balios S has separately adjustable back rest and leg rest

Moreover, this is a reversible seat so your child can face you or the World. Reversing the seat is very easy thanks to memory button. Everything simply clicks into the frame. The bumper bar rotates and opens from both sides which simplifies putting the baby in and out of the seat.

CYBEX Balios S features reversible seat
Cybex Balios S features reversible seat

There is one more feature worth to mention. The seat is placed pretty high – suitable for eating at the table. So it can be even an alternative for highchair seat!

Cybex Balios S - Seat padding
Cybex Balios S has very comfortable seat with deep and soft padding

The seat has 5-point harness with easy to adjust straps and smooth buckle in the middle. I also love the padding – it’s so soft and nice to the touch.

Cybex Balios S - Harness
This stroller was designed witch child safety and comfort in mind. The adjustable harness keeps baby in place securely. There are also nicely padded covers for shoulder straps (they don’t rub infant skin)

Seating options for newborns

According to the manufacturer the regular seat can be used from birth (when it’s fully reclined, with leg rest fully raised). To be honest, it’s probably the deepest recline on standard stroller I’ve seen!

Cybex Balios S - Folded canopy
Cybex Balios S seat reclines almost fully flat!

However, I would still use additional attachment that provides even more supportive surface and enclosed space. Parents can attach additional infant insert or newborn cocoon (Cybex offers special one for Balios S) to provide proper support for your newborn’s back, neck and head. There is also possibility of attaching bassinet or infant car seat to make this stroller perfect for newborns.

Cybex Balios S - Almost flat recline
Although the seat features near-flat recline I still recommend adding a bassinet, carrycot or infant car seat for the smallest infants

Infant car seat compatibility – Cybex Balios S travel System

There are additional car seat adapters (available separately) so parents can turn this stroller to a travel system. Cybex Balios S 2018 is compatible with Cybex and GB infant car seats. If you want to use this stroller as travel system you need to remove the regular seat and attach the car seat to the frame.

Cybex Balios S with infant car seat
Cybex Balios S with infant car seat

Cot S – Cybex Balios S Pram

Parents can also turn this stroller into a pram with a bassinet called Cot S. It is really big and roomy. There is 2-panel canopy with sun visor and apron that protects infants from sun, wind and rain.

Cybex Balios S - Cot S
Cot S suitable for Cybex Balios S

This bassinet is also equipped with memory foam mattress that provides the best surface and support for newborn’s back. This is very spacious, comfy and sheltered place for the youngest babies.

Cybex Balios S with carrycot
Cybex Balios S with carrycot

Newborn cocoon

The regular seat reclines flat but you can add newborn cocoon for better back support. It’s smaller than bassinet Cot S, but provides proper support and completely flat position. This cocoon is also equipped with two covers – one for summer and one for winter, to protect your child from cold and overheating at the same time.

Ass you can see Cybex Balios S 2018 is truly 3-in-1 stroller and thanks to so many seating options it can be the only stroller that parents would ever need.


This is the best feature of Cybex Balios S 2018. It has enormous, truly XXL sun canopy! It extends by unzipping the third panel and there’s also flip out sun visor. It really covers the baby from head to toe! Anyway, see for yourself – the picture below shows fully open canopy.

Cybex Balios S - Huge canopy
Cybex Balios S has one of the most generous canopies I’ve ever seen!

When you use the canopy in extended 3-panel version, there is a silent, mesh peek-a-boo window so you can check on your little on whenever you want. It also gives nice extra ventilation. This sun hood is made of fabric with UV 50+ protection.

Cybex Balios S - Canopy
Cybex Balios S has really huge canopy. On the left you can see 2 panels. There is also third panel (picture in the middle and on the right), which you just need to unzip. It is equipped with silent, mesh peek-a-boo window


Cybex Balios S 2018 has adjustable push bar which telescopes in and out. There are 4 different setting, so parents of any height can comfortably steer this stroller.

CYBEX Balios S handlebar
There is a telescoping handlebar to make pushing easy for shorter and taller parents


This new model from Cybex has all-terrain rubberized wheels. You don’t have to worry about inflating or having flat. The rear ones are bigger, while the front ones are pivoting and can be locked for better stability on rough terrain.

Cybex Balios S - Wheels
Cybex Balios S has nice big wheels with rubber tires. Front wheels are pivoting and lockable

There are visible spring on all wheels which give nice suspension, so you can be sure the ride will be comfortable even on harsher surfaces. You can take this stroller over pavement, cobbled streets, grass or gravel and it will remain sturdy and smooth.

Here you can see how the suspension works.


This model is equipped with a single action brake, located in the middle of the rear axle. It’s sandal-friendly, easy to press and release.

Cybex Balios S - Parking brake and easy to access basket
There is very easy to set and release brake pedal. You can use this brake even in flip flops

Storage basket

The basket under the seat is really big and capacious. It can easily accommodate large diaper bag and shopping bags. The seat is mounted high so you can fit big and long items in the basket. The weight limit is about 11 lbs.

Cybex Balios S - Large storage basket
Cybex Balios S 2018 has spacious storage bin which is easy to access, especially from the back

Size & Weight

I’m really happy that this full-sized stroller is not clumsy and bulky. It’s dimensions are: 31.10” x 23.62” x 39-43.31” (L x W x H), so you won’t have any problems with narrow sidewalks or tight corners.

Cybex Balios S 2018 weighs about 24 lbs which is not that big for such a well-equipped and multifunctional stroller. You will be able to carry it up and down the stairs or lift it to the car trunk.


Folding is two-step, but you can do it using one hand and it takes literally few second. You just need to bring the back rest to the front and then push the handlebar down. It’s a piece of cake! And you can do it with the seat attached, both rear and front facing.

Cybex Balios S has one-hand easy folding mechanism
Cybex Balios S 2018 has one-hand easy folding mechanism

The stroller stands on its own when folded and there is also convenient handle so parents can easily carry Balios S between home and car.

Folded stroller is fairly compact, especially if we consider it is a full-sized buggy! Folded stroller dimensions are only: 16.14” x 23.62” x 29.53” which simplifies storage and transport. It fits in most of car trunks and doesn’t take much space at home.

Color versions

Cybex Balios S 2018 offers 5 color versions: Lavastone Black, Rebel Red, Denim Blue, Manhattan Grey and Passion Pink. I must tell you, I love the melange fabrics on this new model!

Cybex Balios S - all color versions
Cybex Balios S 2018 – all color versions

Keep in mind that each color may have different price, so be sure to check it before you decide to purchase this stroller.


Cot S for Cybex Balios S Cot S – This is one option for parents who want to use Cybex Balios S from birth. It provides spacious, comfortable and sheltered place for newborns.
Footmuff for Cybex Balios S Footmuff – Useful accessory for those you live in colder area or just like winter strolls.
Kid Board for Cybex Balios S Kid Board – Perfect solution for older sibling. Thanks to it your older kid can also have a ride when he get tired of walking.
Rain cover for Cybex Balios S Rain cover – If you live in area where it rains often, it is a must have. You can keep this useful shield in a storage basket, just in case.
Organizer for Cybex Balios S Organizer – Although the storage bin is really spacious, many parents likes to have this additional organizer to keep their essentials at hand.

There are also other accessories which allow parents to customize their Cybex Balios S. There is a snack tray, cup holder, adapters for infant car seats, parents gloves and changing bag. You can check more additional accessories here.

Cybex Balios S – Price

Estimated price of Cybex Balios S is $399, but it is a subject to change. I will let you know about the price as soon as this stroller becomes available on the market.

Cybex Balios S - Reclining seat with bumper bar
I love how deeply this seat reclines. And it’s equipped with belly bar!

Cybex Balios S – Release Date

There is no official information when this stroller is going to be available, however the estimated release date of Cybex Balios S is March 2018. Stay tuned for more info! 🙂

In the meantime you can check out my ranking with other new strollers that come out in 2018.

Cybex Balios S Review – Conclusion

Keep in mind

This is an everyday full-sized stroller, so it’s heavier and bigger than lightweight travel strollers. For example it’s heavier than Cybex Eezy S Twist. It’s still quite compact, but doesn’t fit in overhead compartment on airplanes.

3 Reasons Why You Will Love Cybex Balios S 2018

1. This stroller has the biggest canopy ever! It provides full coverage, but you don’t have to worry about the ventilation. Mesh window gives extra air-flow. Thanks to these features you can be sure your child is well protected from the harmful sun rays and overheating at the same time. 

2. It has every feature that parents may need: all-terrain wheels, large storage basket, adjustable telescoping handlebar – all to provide convenient and easy use. It won’t let you down during shopping, running errands, off-road cruising and road trips.

3. It has many seating options suitable for newborns and toddlers – it can be your primary and only stroller

Hello Moms! I am Zooey. I am a wife and a mother of three amazing kids: 3-year-old Haley and almost 1-year-old twins Jesse and Matthew. I am a jogger, cooker and blogger

If you have a question or a comment, do not hesitate to write to me! 🙂

16 thoughts on “Cybex Balios S 2018 – All-in-one stroller with chic look

  1. Hi,

    thanks for the review.
    We are hesitating between Balios M and Balios S. Main concern is our elevator, we want to be sure it fit in lenght, when equipped with the the cocoon.
    Would you have minimum overall lenght for Balios S with the coocon Cot S (and maybe Balios M / Cot M also) ?

  2. Hi, could I please have seat dimensions in cm, Height, width, depth for the Balios s and the Eezy S Twist as want to make sure my
    Toddler is comfortable as she is too small for abuggy that is meant to last until
    She’s 3. Thank you

    1. Hi Alice. The dimensions of Cybex Balios S seat: The seat is about 49 cm long, 30 cm wide, 23 cm deep. The calf rest is about 20 cm long.
      I haven’t had the chance to measure Eezy S Twist, when I get mine I will definitely add this info 🙂

  3. Do you have any idea where we can buy a newborn cot for balios s?
    I got info from cybex the cocoon will not be available until June btw

    1. Hi Petya, thanks for the information. Cot S for Cybex Balios S is not available on Amazon yet (I think it will be very soon), however you can already buy the carrycot for example on Pishposh.

    1. Hello! Thank you 🙂 The external dimensions are about: 34.6 x 16.1 x 9.8 inches, the internal dimensions are: 30.3 x 12.6 x 8.3 inches.

      1. Actually, I am unable to find any adapters for balios s whatsoever…. I do not think they are produced just yet

        1. Petya, this stroller and accessories for it are available in some online stores (not on Amazon yet though). Cybex is a German brand, maybe that’s why these products are available in the US a bit later 🙂 I found adapter for Balios S (that connects GB and Cybex car seats) on Pishposh.
          I have also received information from Cybex that this adapter is designed to work with GB and Cybex infant car seats, but it might be compatible with other brands (like Maxi Cosi) as well. However you would have to check it in one of the retailers stores, if the adapter connects the car seat properly.
          But if you’d ask for my opinion, I wouldn’t use this adapter with other car seat brands. It was tested with GB and Cybex car seats and only with these car seats you can be sure everything fits properly and your baby is safe. I would recommend matching it with one of these car seats 🙂

  4. Could you please tell a bit more in details about infant insert or newborn cocoon from Cybex? I could not find them

    1. Hi! I don’t have any new information. When Cybex presented Balios S for the first time last year there was information that the stroller could be used with the newborn cocoon as well, but I checked on their official website and it’s not on sale. Maybe they decided not to release it on the market… Anyway, I will let you know if the newborn cocoon is on sale.

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