Cybex Eezy S Twist – First Stroller with Revolving Seat

All-new Cybex Eezy S Twist really stands out from other strollers! With its awesome design and innovative revolving seat it is going to be one of the best lightweight strollers of 2020.

Cybex Eezy S Twist Review

Cybex Eezy S Twist is designed for urban parents who are often out and about with their baby and for parents who travel with their little one. They need a compact, lightweight, but well-equipped stroller that is easy to operate. Cybex Eezy S Twist is exactly that stroller!

Check out my review of Cybex Eezy S Twist and find out if this stroller meets your expectations.

Key features:

  • Rotatable seat – reversing the seat is now hassle-free
  • Near-flat recline & high-quality fabrics for baby’s comfort
  • Compatibility with infant car seats and possibility of attaching Cocoon S – you can make this stroller suitable for newborn baby
  • All-wheel suspension for more pleasant ride
  • Price range: $$$

Innovative Cybex Eezy S Twist comes in 5 beautiful colors. You can check which colors are currently available and see their prices here.

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Cybex Eezy S Twist Review – Stroller Features

Cybex Eezy S Twist
Cybex Eezy S Twist 2018

The name of this stroller is of course related to its awesome, innovative feature – revolving seat. You can rotate the seat 360 degrees, without removing it from the frame. Moreover this stroller is very light and nimble.

It’s also very flexible and gives parents possibility of attaching infant car seat or carrycot, which makes it all-in-one stroller, perfect for newborns and toddlers. This multi-functional stroller works best for everyday use in the city and travel with baby (infant or toddler).


This lightweight stroller has revolving seat – innovative feature that no other stroller has. The seat can be facing parent or the World, but you don’t have to remove it from the frame and lift it to reverse it. You can easily change the direction of the seat with one hand! The seat rotates a full 360 degrees (scroll down to see the video).

Cybex Eezy S Twist 2018 - Revolving seat
This is the first stroller that has revolving seat – you don’t have to remove it from the frame to reverse it!

This awesome feature is useful especially for parents who cannot lift heavy things. It’s perfect solution for moms who had C-section and parents who have back pain. No more struggles with lifting the seat. Now you can easily reverse it by twisting. You just need to pull a lever on the bottom of the seat and then just rotate the seat. It can be done when the canopy is open as well.

Usually lightweight strollers don’t offer reversible seat (which, to be honest, sucks) and even if they do, you need to bend, remove it, lift it, turn it and click it again. Sometimes it’s really annoying. Here you can forget about that issue. Cybex Eezy S Twist really makes parents life more easy.

Cybex Eezy S Twist - Reversible revolving seat
Baby can sit facing parent or the World – simply rotate the seat to reverse it

This seat is also nicely padded and has 5-point harness. I like the fabric pads on shoulder straps, I only wish there was a cover for the crotch strap as well.

There is also multi-position recline which provides comfortable place for napping. The lowest position is almost flat (only few degrees reclined) which makes the seat suitable for younger babies.

Cybex Eezy S Twist - Reclining seat
You can lower the backrest on Cybex Eezy S Twist with one hand by using the buckle and strap on the back

To recline the seat you need to use a strap with a buckle on the back of it. You can lower the seat using one hand, but to raise is you will need to use two hands. It’s not a big deal, but something to keep in mind.

Cybex Eezy S Twist - near-flat recline
Such a deep recline is a rare feature on lightweight strollers!

There is also a step where older and taller kids can rest their feet on. However, it’s not adjustable and can be used only when the seat is facing parent.

The seat can accommodate a passenger up to 55 lbs. Really big capacity for such a compact and light stroller!

Cybex Eezy S Twist - Seat padding
Cybex Eezy S Twist has comfortable seat padding made of high-quality fabrics

Seating options for newborns

Although the seat goes really far down, it’s not proper for newborns because it doesn’t give proper support for newborns delicate spine, neck and head. If you want to use this stroller from birth, you will need some additional attachments.

Cocoon S

Cybex Eezy S Twist offers parents option of attaching a Cocoon S to the frame. It’s not classic bassinet, it’s only a small cocoon which gives newborns better support for their back and head. I really like that it’s equipped with summer cover and winter cover, so it will keep your child cozy and warm and prevent him from overheating.

You can check the price and colors for Cybex Cocoon S for example on PishPosh Baby (CLICK).

Cybex Eezy S Twist with newborn cocoon
Cybex Eezy S Twist with newborn cocoon

I recommend using the harness when your infant is in the cocoon to keep him secured in place.

Infant car seat compatibility – Cybex Eezy S Twist Travel System

This stroller can be easily turned into a travel system with Cybex and GB infant car seats. Not every lightweight stroller features infant car seat compatibility, so Cybex gets a BIG PLUS.

It’s also great that the car seat attaches to the frame, not to the seat so the stroller doesn’t get much bulkier or heavier. If you want to use Twist stroller as travel system you just need to detach the regular seat and attach the car seat adapters to the frame.

On the video below you can see how to install the infant car seat.


There is 2-panel canopy with sun visor. It’s made of material with UV 50+ to protect the child from harmful sun rays. This sun hood is fairly roomy, but I’d wish it could go lower and had a peek-a-boo window. This is the biggest disadvantage of this stroller that I’ve found.

Cybex Eezy S Twist - Reclining seat and extendable canopy
This stroller has good-sized UPF50+ canopy with pop out sun visor

Wheels & Suspension

When you’re traveling or running errands in the city centre you need a stroller that is easy to steer and maneuvers smoothly through crowds and tight places. And Cybex Eezy S Twist is exactly like that – it’s very agile and easy to operate thanks to front pivoting wheels. Moreover it has small footprint (only 17.7 inches wide) so it easily fits through narrow shopping aisles and tight corners.

The wheels are rather small so they work best on flat surfaces and for indoors use (in the mall or airport). However, this stroller is equipped with all-wheel suspension and thanks to that it can handle not only cracked sidewalks and pavement, but also hard-packed gravel trails and cobblestone. The ride won’t be ultra-smooth, but the stroller won’t shake that much.

Cybex Eezy S Twist - Wheel suspension
Cybex Eezy S Twist has small wheels but they are equipped with suspension, so you can easily push this stroller even over cobblestone

The suspension built in wheels absorb shocks on uneven terrain and provides comfortable ride. Your baby will be able to rest undisturbed while you’re running your errands in the city, shopping at the mall or strolling over cobbled streets during holidays.


There is a single action brake (this type gets more popular in modern lightweight strollers). The pedal is placed in the middle of rear axle. It has convenient size and shape and it’s easy to press and lift in sneakers and sandals.

Cybex Eezy S Twist - Wheels & Brake
Here you can see the wheels and footbrake (it’s very similar to Cybex Balios S brake)

Storage basket

It’s not big, but offers decent storage space and I think you won’t have any problems with fitting your diaper bag and few other items in it. Great thing about this bin is that it offers easy access from each side.


Cybex Eezy S Twist features one-hand easy folding and you can do it no matter if the seat is facing you or out.

Folded Twist stroller takes little space so it fits even in a small car trunk. It’s also perfect choice for parents who don’t have much free space at their home.

And there’s one more awesome thing that will please traveling parents: Cybex Eezy S Twist fits in overhead compartment on most of airplanes! Its folded dimensions are about: 22″ x 17.7″ x 10.2″ so it meets carry-on regulations for most of airlines (but you’ll probably need to detach the seat).

Cybex Eezy S Twist - Compact fold
Cybex Eezy S Twist takes little space when it’s folded – you can easily store it in a closet or small car trunk, put it underneath the train seat or table in restaurant and even take it as carry-on on most airplanes!

This stroller is equipped with a lock that prevents it from opening during transport or storage. It features self-stand and has convenient handle so you can easily carry it up and down the stairs or just carry it around when it’s not in use. As you can see Twist stroller is designed for urban parents and parents who often travel with their kid.

Psst! If you are looking for a compact stroller for holidays with your baby, here is my ranking with other awesome lightweight strollers.


This stroller is very lightweight, which is awesome especially when we consider how well-equipped, agile and maneuverable it is. It weighs about 13.2 lbs! It’s very compact and portable.

Color versions

Cybex Eezy S Twist comes in 5 different colors: Manhattan Grey, Rebel Red, Denim Blue, Passion Pink and Lavastone Black. The price may vary for each color version, so be sure to check it before you decide to buy this stroller.

Cybex Eezy S Twist - All colors
Cybex Eezy S Twist – All colors

Personally, I looove the Manhattan Grey color. It’s so chic and stylish! You can see how much it costs here.

Pros & Cons



+ Comfortable near-flat recline

+ Rotatable seat – no lifting!

+ High-quality, soft fabrics

+ High canopy with lots of head room

+ Compatible with infant car seats and Cocoon S for newborns

+ All-wheel suspension makes the stroller less wobbly on gravel and cobblestone

+ Decent storage basket

+ Easy, quick fold

+ Lightweight and easy to carry (only 17 lbs)


- Small wheels not suitable for very bumpy terrain

- Unadjustable handlebar

- Canopy could extended further

- No peek-a-boo window

Cybex Eezy S Twist – Release Date & Pricing

You’re probably very excited about this innovative stroller and wonder when it is going to be available on the market. Cybex Eezy S Twist release date was scheduled for April 2018 and it is already for sale. If you’d like to check current availability and price you can do it for example on PishPosh Baby – just click here.

If you’d like to see what parents who own Cybex Twist think about it, you should check customer reviews on Amazon.

Cybex Eezy S Twist is not a cheap stroller, but it’s also not the most expensive one. It has similar price to UPPAbaby MINU and Baby Jogger City Tour LUX. Nevertheless I think the price is reasonable as for such a versatile and lightweight stroller, considering it can be used for newborns and serve as an everyday stroller and travel stroller.

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Cybex Eezy S Twist vs Cybex Eezy S

Cybex Eezy S Twist vs Cybex Eezy S

There is also another version of this stroller, called Cybex Eezy S. What are the similarities and differences between those two models? And most important, which stroller is better: Cybex Eezy S Twist vs Cybex Eezy S?

  • Cybex Eezy S Twist has reversible, revolving seat while Cybex Eezy S has front-facing seat that is not reversible or rotating.
  • Cybex Eezy S Twist seat reclines almost fully-flat while Cybex Eezy S doesn’t feature such a deep recline.
  • According to the manufacturer Cybex Eezy S Twist can be used for newborns (I would recommend adding an infant insert for better support) while Cybex Eezy S is recommended from 6 months.
  • Cybex Eezy S Twist folded dimensions are: 22″ x 17.7″ x 10.2″ while Cybex Eezy S fold measures: 20.8″ x 17.7″ x 10.2″

Cybex Eezy S Twist Review – Conclusion

Keep in mind

It’s not suitable for off-road trips. Cybex Eezy S Twist works best as city stroller and travel stroller. Also, the canopy doesn’t feature peek-a-boo window so when the baby is facing surroundings and you want to check on him, you need to stop and take a look from the side or from the front.

3 Reasons Why You Will Love Cybex Eezy S Twist

1. Thanks to seating options for newborns, this lightweight stroller can be your only stroller. You can use Cybex Eezy S Twist for running everyday errands and for travel with your infant or toddler.

2. For such a versatile and multi-tasking stroller it has really affordable price.

3. No more hustle with lifting the seat, no you can just simply twist it. Revolving seat is perfect solution for parents with back problems and moms after C-section.

My rate:

If you’re interested in other high-quality strollers check my ranking here.

All pictures belong to Cybex. Source:

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50 thoughts on “Cybex Eezy S Twist – First Stroller with Revolving Seat

  1. When adding the cocoon to the stroller- does it’s fold with the cocoon inserted or do you have to remove it for it to fold?

  2. Thanks for a very detailed review. Which do you prefer between eezy s twist and balios s? I have been researching strollers for such a long time and I want something lightweight, reversible, compact, big canopy & includes a peekaboo window. Baby will be coming with me to work so i would have to do everything myself. I’m based in south Africa, I haven’t found anyone selling the balios s locally.

    1. Hey Fathima,
      Between Twist and Balios S I definitely prefer the latter one.
      Balios S has much bigger canopy – more shade for the baby; the seat is more roomy and you don’t feel like your baby is sliding out of it; it feels more sturdy and strong; the wheels are bigger and better and can handle more types of terrain. The only thing is that Balios S is heavier than Twist and doesn’t feel lightweight. I wouldn’t say it’s super heavy, but you definitely feel it (24 pounds). It’s a bigger stroller, it offers more functions, bigger wheels so it has to weigh more … but for me it’s bearable 🙂
      If you’d prefer something lighter then check strollers like UPPAbaby MINU or Baby Jogger City Tour 2 which are around 14 pounds.

  3. Hi I was wondering if the eezy s twist is compatible with a buggy board or seated buggy board. Thanks

  4. Hi Zooey,

    I was researching about the Eezy S and came upon your website. The comparison between the Twist and the S was really helpful. However, I also noticed there is a Eezy S+ on the market, any idea what’s the difference?

    Also, just wondering if you have tried Ergobaby Metro, and how is the Eezy S compared to that?


    1. Hi Ele,
      Here are the main differences between those three strollers:
      -Eezy S Twist – reversible rotating seat, suitability from birth, weighs about 13.2 pounds
      -Eezy S – no reversible seat, just facing front; suitable from 6 months (because of the recline), weighs 13 pounds, slightly smaller fold than Twist
      -Eezy S+ – no reversible seat, just facing front; deeper recline than regular Eezy S, suitable from birth (thanks to flat recline, but I would still recommend adding a cocoon because it gives more support), weighs about 15.4 pounds, fold is slightly bigger than Twist and regular Eezy S. This one has also bigger wheels with larger non-inflatable tires which make the ride noticeably smoother. It’s still not an all-terrain stroller, but it handles old cobbled streets, cracked pavement or gravel much easier and the stroller doesn’t wobble that much on every bump 🙂 It makes it also easier to push.

      Ergobaby Metro performs similar to Twist and regular Eezy S, in terms of the ease of pushing and handling the terrain. It’s simple city stroller for fairly flat terrain. In Europe you can get for it a carry cot and use it form birth, in contrast to Eezy S which is not suitable from birth. However the carry cot is not available (at least not right now) in the USA. Something that I like about Metro stroller is adjustable calf rest – something that Cybex Twist and Eezy S are missing (they don’t have calf rest at all actually).

  5. For those asking about the bumper bar, we have one BUT it only fits rear facing! and you have to remove the seat from the actual frame to fit/remove the bar mounts that are quite tough to click on to the frame

  6. We’ve just bought the Eezy S Twist and trialled it with our 1 year old today. We’ve found it awful.

    When he’s rear facing (us) in a semi reclined position and harnessed correctly (the pads are terrible by the way) He grabs the side bars and pulls himself forward and hangs forward almost out of the stroller.. if it were not for the harness he’d be out of the seat and face first on the floor!

    the seat back pulls forward with him, it has no locking. Is this normal?? if so we will be returning it as he is constantly hanging forward almost out of the seat!

    1. Hi Dave,
      You should definitely contact the seller or manufacturer, I don’t think it’s normal!

      1. Because of the way the seat reclines, that’s not a manufacturer’s fault. It was as moved on a toggle instead of a frame, so it’s going to move forward with him if he’s strapped too it.

    2. This is exactly how mine is. I have the S+. The back of the seat is literally held back with a Velcro strap, as soon as my daughter leans forwards she’s practically hanging out of the thing. I want to return it but I don’t think I’m able to now. Did you manage to find a solution?

  7. Hi Zooey,
    Many thanks for the reply! The seat does seem too small for our toddler in the long run, especially in winter clothes, and if we’d like him to take his nap in the stroller. Bummer! They loook so handy. I guess I will have to continue looking. Best wishes,

    1. Hi Maria!
      You’re right that Twist seat could feel tight in winter jacket. If you need a stroller with compact fold I can recommend you Babyzen Yoyo+. Fold dimensions are even a bit smaller. The seat is wider (about 14″), the backrest is about 18″, but there is plenty of room from the backrest end to the top of the canopy (altogether the seat is about 26″). Unfortunately it is not reversible.
      Take care 🙂

  8. Hi,
    Thanks for the review! I am looking for a lightweight stroller for travelling, and I would love the reversible seat, which is, as you write, rare in these small strollers. My concern with Eezy S Twist is that the seat looks small, with little support for the legs. I have 15-month old, who is already quite tall. Usually takes his nap in the pram. Do you know what the dimensions of the seat are, lenght of the seat and hight of the back rest?

    1. Hi Maria! The seat is about 11 inches wide, so it’s rather narrow and may be too tight for chunky kiddos. The backrest is about 18.5 inches long, and there are about 5 extra inches above to backrest, to the top of the canopy. It should fit a 3 year old (skinny) child.

  9. Hi,
    Thanks to your detailed review.
    Have you tried this on other surfaces? You mentiomed.that on smooth surfaces it really worked well but yet to try on other surfaces.

    1. Hi there! Twist was designed as city stroller. It can handle other surfaces like bricks, cobbled streets or flat hard-packed gravel. But keep in mind that the more rugged terrain, the more bumpy ride 🙂

  10. Hi! I have a Cybex Aton car seat. I saw on the video that some kind of adapters are needed to mount the car seat in the frame. Are they included? Or do I need to buy separately?

    1. Hi Xin!
      These strollers are actually quite similar, both designed for city use. Both have small wheels that handle urban surfaces like sidewalks, pavement, hard-packed gravel and indoor surfaces. They are not good for bumpy terrain 🙂 Both stroller are high-quality and have beautiful fabrics on the seat.

      MINU is lighter (about 2 lbs), but Twist has smaller fold which is more likely to fit in overhead compartment on some airplanes. MINU’s fold is very compact as well and won’t take up much space at home or in a car trunk, but it probably won’t fit as carry-on (or maybe only on few airlines).

      Both strollers are compatible with car seat (I love MESA car seat that works with MINU) and cocoon – if you want to use them for newborn baby. Both cocoons for MINU and Twist are sold separately.

      There are some differences when it comes to the regular seat. MINU seat is not reversible, the child can ride only facing front. Twist gives you option of reversing the seat (by twisting). It’s useful because lots of parents prefer when the child rides facing them during the first few months, but when the child gets older and more interested in watching surroundings front-facing position is very useful. So Cybex stroller wins here.

      MINU has better canopy – it’s bigger and has longer sun visor so the baby is protected from sun rays even better. Besides, MINU has a peek-a-boo window so you could keep an eye on your child. Twist doesn’t have it 🙁

      I find folding MINU easier than folding Twist, it’s quicker and more user-friendly. MINU has also shoulder strap and includes storage bag!

      Oh, and the parking brake is easier to use and more flip flop friendly on MINU.

      So, when it comes to fold size and reversible seat – Cybex Eezy S Twist wins. But in other categories like canopy, brake, folding mechanism, weight, accessories for transport and storage – UPPAbaby MINU is better 🙂

      1. Thank you for such detail info, Zooey!
        My son is 3 months old, and I do like how the seat of Cybex can face to me. But I see there is not much foot rest on Cybex. Not sure if it is comfortable for sitting. Have you tried it out? And what are the width of both seats?


        1. Xin, both these strollers have rather short calf rest (check the picture). MINU has slightly longer one, but the difference is not very big.
          Calf rest on UPPAbaby MINU and Cybex Eezy S Twist
          For a small baby it’s fine, but with toddler it depends on his preferences. Mine doesn’t mind if his feet dangle a bit, but I know some children don’t like that. Frankly, not many lightweight strollers have a full calf rest with foot rest (you can find it on Baby Jogger City Tour or ZOE XLT Deluxe).
          MINU and Twist have a foot rest (the platform between wheels for kid’s feet), but he won’t probably use it until he’s like 2 years old 🙂 (on Twist it can be only used when the seat is facing front).
          MINU seat is about 13” wide, I don’t have exact dimension of Twist but it’s slightly narrower.

  11. I enjoyed reading your reviews. Have you tried the joovy balloon, inglesina zippy light and the evezo?

    1. Hi Janice! Joovy Balloon is great if you need a stroller for indoor use or truly flat terrain, because it doesn’t handle other surfaces well (even those slightly rough). Inglesina Zippy can go over more types of terrain, however it’s quite big and the fold isn’t small either. I haven’t tried Evezo so can’t compare it to other strollers.
      If you tell me more about the features you’re looking for I may help you to choose a stroller that suits you best 🙂

  12. Hi Zooey! I read your review about Eezy.
    Is it possible to connect Bumper bar?
    If then, where I can buy bumper bar?

    1. Hi! I checked on Cybex website that there’s bumper bar for Cybex Eezy S, but not for Eezy S Twist. Which stroller do you have?
      I found the bumper bar here, you can also check Cybex official website to find the retailer near you 🙂

  13. When folded it looks like the back of the seat just hangs is there a velcro or snap that keeps it more neatly together when folded?

    1. Hi! Currently there is only one adapter designed for CYBEX and selected GB infant car seats. But keep in mind it’s an adapter for Cybex Eezy S stroller, not Eezy S Twist (this one is not on the market yet). I’m not sure if the manufacturer is going to release adapters for other brands in the future.

  14. Hi there, I love you’re reviews which are very informative and the videos really help too. I noticed that the Cybex Eezy S Twist Stroller wasn’t featured in your 2018 best lightweight stroller list does that mean it didn’t make the cut or have you not added it because it has just came out?
    Kindest Regards,

      1. It seems like both strollers are very similar and if Cybex Eezy S Twist is going to cost about $300 it could be a great alternative for YOYO (although it’s a bit heavier). Cybex stroller features deeper recline and of course it has reversible seat – which is very useful because you can set the seat facing you when your baby is little and you want to keep an eye on him and then set it forward facing when the baby is older and wants to observe the World.
        When it comes to riding comfort I can only tell you right now that both strollers have small wheels which are designed for smooth surfaces. YOYO works great at the mall and airport, on sidewalks and pavement. On cobblestone it wobbles a bit. I’ve only seen how Cybex stroller works for indoor use and it rolls really smoothly. I’m still waiting when it’s for sale to test it on different surfaces and I will definitely let you know how it works 🙂

    1. Hi Leanne 🙂 Cybex Eezy S Twist seems like an awesome lightweight stroller, but it’s still not out yet. When it finally hit the stores I will test how it performs and if it’s user-friendly. Then I will be able to update my ranking 🙂

    1. Hello Ana,
      This stroller should be available from April. I will definitely post an info when it’s for sale 🙂

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