Lillebaby vs Ergo Baby – Which Brand Makes Best Baby Carriers?

Lillebaby and Ergobaby are two popular and best-selling baby carriers. It’s time to compare them and find out which one is the most comfortable and easiest carrier to wear!

If you’ve been searching for the best carrier for your baby, you’ve came across Lillebaby and Ergobaby at some point as these are the most popular baby carrier brands.

Lots of new parents wonder which of these two carriers is actually best. I hope my comparison will help you choose between Lillebaby vs. Ergobaby and choose a baby carrier that will serve you well into toddler years.

Ergobaby vs. Lillebaby – Key Differences

Newborn-ready | Infant insert needed for babies between 7 and 12 lbs

Suitable from 7 lbs | Suitable from 12 lbs without an insert

6 carrying positions (including fetal position for carrying newborns) | 4 carrying positions (outward facing position is ergonomic and seems to be more comfy than in other baby carriers, and puts less pressure on baby’s crotch area)

Wider and thicker straps around shoulders – better for average and plus-size parents | Narrower and thinner straps – fit all body types

Extension waistband buckle available for parents with larger body frame | Ergobaby fits parents up to size 24, but there’s no extension belt

Bigger lumbar support pillow and padding for H-strap buckle for better back support | Good but smaller rear lumbar support

Available in 4 versions: cotton, organic cotton, fully mesh, and mesh + temperature control panel | Available in 2 versions: cotton and cotton + mesh vents

Mesh version (called Airflow) works better for keeping baby cool in summer than other carriers | Cool Air Mesh version with mesh vent works better for warm or mild climate

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Lillebaby Complete vs. Ergobaby 360 – In-Depth Comparison

Weight Range

Lillebaby Complete can be used from 7 to 45 pounds, while the Ergobaby 360 is suitable from 12 lbs to 45 lbs. Ergo carrier can be also used from 7 pounds but you will need a special infant insert (sold separately).

Suitability From Birth & Infant Insert

Only the Lillebaby Complete is newborn-ready and doesn’t require infant insert. It can be used from birth if your baby weighs at least 7 lbs.

On the other hand, Ergo 360 baby carrier can be used from 12 lbs (approx. 4 months). If you want to use it from day one, you baby must be at least 7 lbs and you need to add this infant insert that will make the seat smaller, cozier and more supportive for little infant.

PRO TIP: There’s an upgraded version of Ergo Baby 360 carrier, this Ergo Omni 360. It has the same features, but can be used from 7 pounds without a newborn insert. It’s my favorite newborn-ready soft-structured carrier.

Carrying Positions

Lillebaby carrier offers 6 carrying positions. You can wear it on your chest, facing inward and thanks to adjustable seat there’s an ergonomic position for newborn baby, infant and toddler.

There’s also front carry facing outward position suitable from approx. 6 months. With older babies you can use Lillebaby carrier for hip carry and back carry. Below you can see all positions.

On the other hand, Ergo Baby Carrier has 4 positions: front carry facing in (from 12 lbs), front carry facing out (from 5 months), as well as hip carry and back carry position (from 6 months+).

As you can see the main benefit of Lillebaby carrier is the adjustable seat that can be used for newborns, with legs in or out. This baby carrier keeps small babies in ergonomic M-shaped position and provides good support for their hips and thighs (from knee to knee).

To make the Ergobaby carrier seat smaller and suitable for newborn baby, you need to add an insert.

Keep in mind that if you choose Ergobaby Omni – newer addition to Ergobaby carriers lineup, you won’t need an insert, because the seat is adjustable and suitable for newborns.


The Ergobaby 360 baby carrier, as well as the Lille Complete baby carrier, has been recognized as hip-healthy by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute. This means that their design allows babies to maintain ergonomic, natural position – called frog position or spread squat position.

Both infant carriers keep the baby’s legs M-shaped with knees higher than the bum and thighs supported from the back of one knee to the back of the other knee. This position is safe for baby’s hips and decreases the risk of hip dysplasia.

I must admit that I prefer the Ergobaby 360 in this aspect because I feel like it provides better support for baby’s hips and legs, but that’s just my personal opinion.

Outward Facing

As I mentioned above, both carriers offer the front carry outward facing position. After testing many baby carriers, I find Ergobaby to be the most comfortable baby carrier for outward facing.

Whether you choose the Ergobaby 360 or Omni 360, it will keep your baby in ergonomic position even when they are facing out.

Ergo carriers don’t put pressure on baby’s crotch area like many other carriers. Ergobaby provides better support for baby’s bum and thighs and prevents baby’s legs from dangling, in contrast to many other popular baby carriers.

Lillebaby seems to be a good choice, as it also prevents dangling, but I found the Ergobaby to be more comfy for the baby thanks to its ergonomic design.

Design – Bucket Seat, Adjustable Shoulder Straps, Waist Strap & Lumbar Support

Both Ergo and Lillebaby are soft structured carriers. They have buckle seats that keep the baby in M-shaped position with knees higher than the bum and legs supported from knee to knee.

Each of these baby carriers has a wide padded waist belt and thick shoulder straps with lots of padding.

It’s important to notice that straps on Lillebaby Complete are bigger and thicker, and might seem bulky for petite mommy or even slide off her shoulders. Thankfully, these straps are crossable – which is a useful feature for women with narrow frame. In contrast to Lille, Ergo 360 shoulder straps are not crossable.

Another noteworthy difference between Lillebaby vs Ergo is the lumbar support. I have to admit that it is noticeably better on Lillebaby carrier.

Ergo 360 has really good padding in the back part of the waist belt, but Lillebaby Complete has a large supportive pillow in that part. This special lumbar pillow makes babywearing easier on your back.

What’s more Lillebaby Complete baby carrier has a padded pillow for the H-strap buckle – located between your shoulder blades. This means that nothing digs in! Ergobaby doesn’t have padding for this buckle.

Each of these soft-structured baby carriers has a foldable neck pillow for extra head support. It will come in heady for younger infants with less head and neck control.

Ergo 360 has also a fabric tuck-away hood. It provides extra provide when you need to nurse on the go, as well as food coverage from harmful sun rays. When not in use, the hood can be folded away and stored in zippered pocket. In contrast to Ergo, Lillebaby Complete Airflow has a hood made of mesh. It offers good sun protection and extra discretion without blocking the airflow. On other versions you can find fabric hood.

Another difference between Lillebaby vs Ergo 360 is that the latter one doesn’t have storage pockets. On the other Complete baby carrier by Lillebaby features a zippered pouch where you can stash your small valuables like keys or change.


Maximum length of the waist belt is similar on both baby carriers (for Lille it’s 52″, for Ergo it’s approx. 53″). Both baby carriers are good option for plus-size moms and usually fit women wearing sizes 22 and 24.

There’s one noteworthy difference tho. You can purchase a belt extender for Lillebaby Complete baby carrier which will give you extra 9 inches. This is one of the reasons why we picked Complete as one of the best baby carriers for plus-size moms and dads. Unfortunately, Ergobaby doesn’t offer extenders.

There’s one more thing to keep in mind. These baby carriers are better choice for average in size parents or women and men with larger body frame.

Lillebaby has wide and thick shoulder straps which may be too bulky for skinny women with narrow upper body. They may stick out or slide off. Ergobaby 360 baby carrier has a bit thinner adjustable shoulder straps, but they are not crossable – that’s why I think they work better for average in size than petite moms.


Lillebaby Complete baby carrier is available in 4 versions, while Ergobaby 360 comes in 2 fabric versions. Below you can see the differences between them.

Lillebaby Complete:

  • Original Carrier – Made of 100% cotton. Good choice for mild and cold climate as you may get hot in it.
  • All-Seasons Carrier – Made of cotton, but you can unzip the back panel to reveal mesh back. Thanks to the temperature-control panel this is your go-to carrier for different weather conditions.
  • Airflow Carrier – The whole seat and back panel are made of mesh which makes it an amazing breathable carrier for hot weather and summer.
  • Organi-Touch Carrier – Made of organic cotton which is softer and more eco-friendly.

Ergobaby 360:

  • Cotton – Made of 100% cotton which is good for baby’s delicate skin but it also gets hot quickly.
  • Cool Air Mesh – There are mesh parts on the back panel and around baby’s legs for better airflow and less sweating.

What’s noteworthy, the Cool Air Mesh version of Ergo carrier is not fully made of mesh, it only has a few mesh vents, in contrast to Lille Complete Airflow which is fully made of breathable mesh. This makes Lillebaby Airflow better option for warm climate than Ergobaby.


Whether you choose Ergo in cotton or mesh version, the price is the same (unless there is a sale of course). On the other hand, Lille Complete baby carrier price varies depending on the version you pick. Original is the cheapest model, Airflow is next. All-Seasons and Organic versions are a bit more pricey. Ergo cost is somewhere between and Allseasons Lille Airflow.

PRO TIP: Last time I checked Lillebaby Website, some colors from the Lillebaby All-Seasons lineup were even $50 OFF! >>Check here if the discount is still available <<

Final Decision: Which Baby Carrier Is Better, Ergobaby vs. Lillebaby?

Choosing between Ergobaby vs. Lillebaby is not an easy task – they both are ultra-comfy and extremely popular baby carriers that allow parents to carry their kids for long periods and enjoy those hands-free moments.

But which one is actually better? It will highly depending on your lifestyle and preferences.

Lillebaby is an all-in-one carrier suitable for newborns, which makes it a good solution if you want to start baby-wearing from day one. New moms rarely have their both hands free to do other tasks, but thanks to Lille Complete those first few weeks and months ma be a lot easier.

Moreover, if you life in- or often travel to warmer climates, Lille Airflow is your go-to-carrier. Thanks to its mesh material you and your baby won’t sweat that much.

On the other hand, Ergobaby 360 is the best baby carrier if you plan on babywearing for at least 3 years. In contrast in many other soft-structured baby carriers, this one has actually an ergonomic and comfortable outward facing position which so many toddler love.

This backpack-style carrier is very easy to adjust, it’s breastfeeding-friendly and doesn’t feel bulky in contrast to other carriers. It’s a great carrier for small, average and plus-size parents, and it’s a fantastic choice it you plan on sharing it with other caregivers who have a different body type.

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