NEW: Bugaboo Ant 2019 – 7 Reasons This Lightweight Stroller Will Blow Your Mind!

If you’re familiar with LittleBabyGear a little bit, you know that I’m a stroller addict 🙂 And when I thought I’ve seen it all in the world of strollers and nothing can surprise me, Bugaboo presented new addition to their lineup: Bugaboo Ant. Let me tell you one thing: this lightweight stroller blew me away.

I must admit – when I saw Bugaboo Ant price, before I had a chance to check out the stroller on my own, I thought “that’s quite a lot as for a travel stroller”. But then I saw how beautiful it is and that it really has ALL those features that parents dream about to have on their lightweight stroller! It made me realize that it’s totally worth the money and will quickly become one of the best lightweight strollers for travel (full list here).

But is it really flawless?

I will answer this question in my in-depth review of Bugaboo Ant – there’s everything you need to know to decide whether this stroller is splurge-worthy.

Bugaboo Ant 2019 – Review

Below you can find all details about Ant – features that make this stroller super convenient, as well as some small drawbacks that I found.


Bugaboo Ant 2019
Bugaboo Ant -New lightweight stroller for 2019


Bugaboo Ant seat is completely different than everything we’ve seen on other strollers.

First of all, this is one of the two lightweight strollers with reversible seat (the other one is Cybex Eezy S Twist). This only shows how rare feature this is among compact and light strollers.

And what is so special about reversible seat? You realize how important this feature is, once you become a parent. We all want to keep an eye on our little baby and prefer when they are riding facing us, during the first few months. But once children get older and more interested in everything that surrounds them, they prefer to ride facing out.

Bugaboo Ant - New lightweight stroller with reversible seat
Bugaboo Ant is one of the two lightweight strollers that come with reversible seat!

But as I mentioned earlier, I found some drawbacks – and the mechanism that allows you to reverse the seat is one of them. It’s not that it’s difficult, it just requires a few steps so at the beginning it may feel a bit complicated.

So what you have to do is to slide the backrest down (yes, the back moves up and down!), fold the canopy in (yes, it fully folds!), fold the leg rest and push the seat all the way to the back (or to the front, depending on the direction of the seat). Then you can slide the whole seat unit out of the stroller frame, reserve it and slide it in again and open the whole seat.

I know it sounds like a lot of work but you get used to it after a while.

To see how the whole process looks like, watch the video at the end of my review.

Nevertheless, reversible seat is something really rare among all strollers. It’s a privilege to have it on a lightweight stroller! 🙂

Another feature that your child especially will love is the TRULY UPRIGHT position. Seriously, this is probably the only (good-quality) stroller that allows the toddler to sit really up.

Bugaboo Ant - 3 reclining positions
Bugaboo Ant offers 3 reclining positions – the highest one is upright – your toddler will love it!

All you need to do is to squeeze the buckle on the back of the seat and push the backrest forward to make it fully upright. If your toddler is like all of my three kids, and can stand riding in reclined seat, gets nervous or bored, Bugaboo Ant will be a game changer.

Moreover, this lightweight stroller offers near-flat recline which is perfect for the nap on the go. But I would recommend it for a newborn baby – especially since the seat doesn’t have any side walls that would create enclosed space for small infants.

The good thing is that lowering and raising the backrest is truly one-handed. You don’t have to deal with straps – there is a lever that you can conveniently use with one hand.

Bugaboo Ant features one-hand recline
Bugaboo Ant seat is easy to lower and raise thanks to one-hand lever


Parents often complain that lightweight strollers for travel have small canopies that don’t provide enough shade from the sun.

I was really happy to see that Bugaboo Ant has extendable UPF50+ canopy – there is additional, third panel that opens with a zipper. In upright position the child is protected from sun rays really nicely. When the seat is laying flat the amount of shade is smaller, but still better than on many other compact strollers.

What you are also going to love about Bugaboo Ant 2019 is the peek-a-boo window. It’s made of mesh so it provides additional ventilation and there’s no Velcro – so it’s silent.

I’m glad that Bugaboo added the viewing window to their newest stroller, because their other strollers (like Donkey and Fox) miss this important feature!



This is one of a few lightweight strollers with adjustable handlebar. It is telescopic so it slide up and down – it’s another super rare feature among compact strollers! But that’s not all – the top part of the handle also rotates! So you can adjust its angle and forget about the wrist pain after a long stroll.

Telescoping handlebar is really awesome because it ensures tall parents with long legs have more space behind the stroller and don’t kick it while walking.

If you and your partner differ in height (or if you are really short or very tall), you will love this handlebar!

It also works like a suitcase handle, but more on that later! 🙂

Bugaboo Ant - New lightweight stroller with truly upright position
Ant has telescoping and rotating handlebar for parents of all heights. Here you can also see how upright the child can sit thanks to Bugaboo Ant awesome seat


I’m a fan of Bugaboo wheels with foam-filled tires which imitate the feeling of air-filled tires.

And I’m very happy that they added the same wheels – of course in a smaller size – to the Bugaboo Ant.

Front wheels are 5″, the rear wheels are 6″.

Of course because of the size, the wheels are not suitable for off road or super bumpy terrain, but they works really impressive on urban surfaces, like cracked pavement, cobblestone or grass. There is also suspension in front and back that smooths the ride.

Storage basket

One more feature that will blow your mind is the large storage basket with capacity of 17 pounds. It’s another feature that is not that common on lightweight strollers.

The basket has two separated parts. The front one is ideal for storing a diaper bag. There is an easy access from the front so you won’t have to struggle with getting your things in and out of the basket.

When the Ant is folded and you pull it like a suitcase, you still have a clear access to rear part of the storage basket - which now serves as a mesh pouch for your essentials
When the Ant is folded and you pull it like a suitcase, you still have a clear access to rear part of the storage basket – which now serves as a mesh pouch for your essentials

There rear part of the basket is like a mesh pouch and it can easily fit all your valuables like phone, wallet or even a small purse. What is really awesome is that you have the access to this pouch even when the stroller is folded! If you’re taking your Bugaboo Ant as carry on, you can put your necessities, some toys or snacks to the mesh pouch and keep them always at hand.

I’m sure you are going to love Bugaboo Ant design and those smart solutions.


I was a bit afraid that because of so many features (like reversible seat, telescoping handle, modern reclining mechanism, big canopy etc.) Ant will be much heavier than other lightweight strollers. I was so surprised when I found out it weighs only 15.8 pounds, so it’s actually similar to BABYZEN YOYO+, UPPAbaby MINU and Baby Jogger City Tour 2!

Carrying it up to 3 floor or loading to the car trunk won’t be a problem for sure.

Bugaboo Ant - lightweight and portable stroller
Bugaboo Ant feels light and you can easily lift it with one hand


Although the folding is a few step process that takes practice, you are going to love the compact size of folded Bugaboo Ant.

I’ve already told you about the first steps because they are the same for reversing the seat and folding the stroller.

So you start with closing the seat unit and once it’s fully folded, you lift two white toggles located on both sides of the stroller frame and the stroller collapses into a compact package that looks like a small suitcase.

Bugaboo Ant - Fold
Bugaboo Ant features very compact fold (9.03 x 14.96 x 21.65 inches)

And it even works like a suitcase because you can pull it with the handle! Just adjust the height of the handlebar and you can pull your Bugaboo Ant just like another piece of luggage.

It’s super convenient solution when you have to move quickly through crowded airport.

Of course you can slide the handlebar in, rotate in down and you’re ready to go on a plane.

Folded Bugaboo Ant dimensions are: 9.03 x 14.96 x 21.65 inches. This means that it meets carry on regulations of some airlines and you can actually take it on board! Another reason to love Ant.

Infant Car Seat Compatibility

Bugaboo Ant is another lightweight stroller that allows you to attach infant car seat – making it suitable from birth.

You just need special adapters that connect the stroller and car seat. Right now we have the information that Bugaboo Ant is compatible with Nuna Pipa Lite, Nuna Pipa Lite LX, Cybex and Maxi Cosi infant car seats. It’s not working with original Nuna Pipa (different width).

Adapters will be of course sold separately – shipping should start in August/September.

7 Reasons Why Bugaboo Ant Will Blow Your Mind

  • Reversible seat – It’s one of the two lightweight strollers on the market, equipped with reversible seat! It’s a huge advantage because you can change the direction your child is facing, depending on their age and mood.
  • Truly upright seat – Toddlers usually get bored in a seat that is reclined even in the most upright position. And you can’t blame them – they are interested in the World and want to see everything. But finding a stroller that has really upright seat is almost impossible. That’s why I think this is the biggest advantage of Bugaboo Ant. It really allows the child to sit straight, look around and observe everything.
  • Adjustable handlebar – Ant comes with 2in1 handlebar – it’s telescopes in and out and rotates as well! You won’t find it on any other stroller. This handle makes pushing equally convenient for short, average and tall parents.
  • Extendable canopy – Although this is not the biggest canopy I’ve ever seen, it’s much bigger than canopies on many other lightweight strollers.
  • Small fold & lightweight construction – Folded Bugaboo Ant fits in storage compartments on airplanes (check it with your airline prior to your travel) and it’s very easy to lift and carry.
  • Suitcase style – You can actually pull it like a suitcase with the handlebar (and adjust it to your height of course) so it’s very convenient for crowded places. Moreover, when the stroller is folded you have a quick access to one part of the basket where you can put your necessities to keep them at hand. It’s a very practical solution. I found this pouch very useful when you’re getting through airport and want to keep a few diapers and some wipes always at hand.
  • Customization & beautiful look – This is something I haven’t mentioned yet, but my review of Bugaboo Ant wouldn’t be completed if I haven’t told you about the stroller look and how you can customize each part of it! You can choose the color of the frame and there are also a few choices for the seat and canopy. The fabric and all color versions look so cute and high quality. My favorites colors are Grey Melange and Steel Blue! You can also change your canopy later and buy it separately in a different color. That’s not all. The wheel caps and the side protectors can be customized too. Bugaboo is famous for their strollers personalization, and their newest model, Ant, is no exception.
Bugaboo Ant colors
Here you can see some of the color versions of Bugaboo Ant. As you can see the frame is available in two colors: black and aluminum, there are multiple options for the seat fabric and canopy

You can already preorder Bugaboo Ant
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About Me - Zooey BarnettHello Moms! I am Zooey. I am a wife and a mother of three amazing kids: almost 5-year-old Haley and 2-year-old twins Jesse and Matthew. I am a jogger, cooker and blogger.

If you have a question or a comment, do not hesitate to write to me! 🙂

3 thoughts on “NEW: Bugaboo Ant 2019 – 7 Reasons This Lightweight Stroller Will Blow Your Mind!

  1. I’m exited to get this stroller for all the reasons you mentioned! Thanks for your review. I have also heard complaints about various things. Could you tell me if any of these are also complaints that you have, and if you think they’re deal breakers?

    – too many steps to the fold. Everyone seems to love the one-handed fold, and have been complaining that this one takes to long. Is that really a problem?

    – canopy gets in the way of taller children. When compared to the Yoyo, the Ant seat back is technically taller, but apparently the canopy comes down lower and makes it fee shorter , and unusable for a child older than 2? Is this true?!

    – the telescopic handle and wheels feel flimsy. I’ve heard that the handle bar wiggles and jiggles and makes the stroller feel cheap and hard to push, especially when there’s more weight in it. Did you experience this?

    – no carrying strap. Although I love the luggage mode, I’ve heard complaints that it’s more convenient to carry a travel stroller with a shoulder strap like the Yoyo. Did you find it useful to drag it behind you? I can’t decide what I think will be more useful!

    Basically, I sold my Yoyo to buy this so I’m hoping it’s really the best! Would love your thoughts.

    1. Hi Hannah!
      -In my opinion the fold is not that bad. But it does take many steps and some of them require using both hands (you can try to do all of this with one hand while holding your baby, click everything on one side, then on the other side, but this just adds more steps…). It may be a bit annoying especially if you’re going to load the stroller to the car trunk everyday or even few times a day. For me it wouldn’t be a deal breaker, but it depends on your life style and if you can get used to this mechanism.
      -The canopy on Ant is mounted right above the backrest, there is no “gap” between the two (like on Yoyo), so there is no additional head space for growing toddler. Altogether the Ant seat is a few inches shorter than Yoyo. Is this a deal breaker? It depends on child’s age. If I was buying a stroller for newborn baby or 6mo infant it wouldn’t be a huge problem, but if I was looking for a stroller for a child 1.5/2yo I would check in a store if my baby has enough room in it and check other options too.
      -The stroller feels light, I didn’t feel like the handlebar was flimsy but definitely … delicate 🙂 But I’ve heard some complaints about it too.
      -Luggage mode is convenient if you don’t have other luggage to pull, if you have one or two additional suitcases the shoulder strap would be more useful.
      Ant offers a few really nice and unique solutions which I love, but I’m not sure all of its features are better than Yoyo’s!

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