When Is Baby Too Old For Playpen?

Like many new parents, you may be wading through the many baby products advertised online at at baby stores and wondering which ones are truly essentials and which are just hyped-up. Like playpens: are they really necessary? And how long can babies us a playpen, anyway? Things for babies safety and babies sleep (like swaddles, […]

How Many Baby Wipes Do I Need? (For A Day, Month & Year)

If there’s one thing a parent cannot have too much of, it’s baby wipes. Even when your little one has grown out of diapers, you may still find them handy for cleaning sticky fingers or wiping up messes. Many parents find they keep a stash of wipes with them for the first 10 years of […]

How To Dress Baby In Summer Months To Avoid Overheating

Did you know that it takes a newborn longer to cool down than older children or adults? While many parents worry about their infant being too cold in the winter, don’t forget to consider how to keep your baby cool during the summer, too. The good news is that it’s not very complicated to avoid […]

Buying Baby Stuff Before Pregnant – Is It BAD Luck?

Have you ever wandered into the baby aisle just to ooh-and-ahh over the adorable baby stuff? Those little socks! That sweet tiny hat! It can be tempting to shop for adorable baby clothes, even if you are not pregnant. However, some moms worry that if they purchase items ‘too soon’ it can be back luck. […]

Is Rosehip Oil Safe During Pregnancy?

Article By Edna Skopljak – Medical Doctor (MD) When it comes to skincare during pregnancy, moms can get pretty worried and lost in their skin changes. And, between their skin – and their growing baby, they are looking for safe and effective topical formulations – good for both – their skin cells and health of […]