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Do You Need A Rocking Chair For Nursing? (+ 5 Budget Alternatives)

Medically reviewed by Macy Tollefson – doula, breastfeeding specialist & prenatal yoga teacher Parents-to-be face a lot of challenges while preparing for their little one’s arrival. Of course it can be an exciting time, but it’s completely understandable for you to feel stressed or even overwhelmed trying to figure everything out – especially with tons […]

41 Surprising Breast Feeding Hacks For New Moms

Are you new to nursing or maybe it turned out to be more difficult than you expected? You’re not sure if you’re doing it the right way and sometimes feel overwhelmed? Don’t worry mama, it’s normal! To help you through this journey, here are the best breast-feeding hacks for new moms from a breastfeeding specialist. […]

Using Willow Pump For Large Breast

Best Bra For Willow Pump, Elvie & Other Hands-Free Pumps

Best pumping bra for Willow & Elvie can make your pumping experience much easier, more comfortable, and truly hands-free. It really matters what kind of nursing bra you wear while pumping with your Willow, Elvie or other portable breast pumps! Here you will find moms’ tips on how to pick the best bra for Willow […]

Pumping bra for Spectra S1

Do You Really Need A Pumping Bra For Spectra?

Getting a hands-free pumping bra for Spectra can make a world of difference for new mamas. But is it REALLY A MUST-HAVE? In this article I’m going to share my opinion on pumping bras for Spectra pump and whether they are splurge-worthy. I’ll let you in on a secret: ‘Parenting’ is just another word for […]