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BOB Revolution SE Stroller Review

bob-revolution-seBOB Revolution SE is definitely one of the best single strollers for jogging. Its main advatages are: roomy and comfy seat which can be reclined, excellent suspension, easy folding, swivel front wheel which can be locked, huge folding canopy and large wheels so the stroller will work even on the toughest terrain.

BOB Revolution SE is a true off-road vehicle. This is great stroller for running on rough terrain. It is also perfect for jogging on park paths and hiking.

This model is great solution for parents who want to keep up their active lifestyle with their little baby. Thanks to this stylish and multifunctional stroller child can accompany mommy and daddy during morning jogging, strolling along the beach or hiking over wooded trails.

BOB Revolution SE will provide your little passenger with driving comfort on all types of terrain.

Few basic things about BOB Revolution SE

This stroller has lockable swivel front wheel. Then locked it gives stroller more stability, needed during running or riding on rough surfaces. Swiveling front wheel increase stroller’s maneuverability.

BOB Revolution SE folds in two steps. Its frame is made of lightweight materials which makes the stroller easy to storage or transport in a car trunk.

SE has excellent adjustable suspension system which will provide very smooth rides even on bumby grass, forest paths or old sidewalks.

The seat is ultra padded, adjustable and reclining, so the ride will be very comfortable for your little one. This jogger is also equipped with five-point harness for your child safeness.

This model can also be turn into travel system. You will only need car seat adapter which is compatible with many popular infant car seats.

To increase the comfort of using this stroller you may want to consider buying also cup holder or cooler bag, or other accessories compatible with this model.

The producent says this stroller can be used since your baby is 8 weeks old and can accommodate up to 70 lbs. I think any jogger should be used only for baby with full head and neck control (minimum 6 moth old).

BOB Revolution SE has many advantages which make it amazing jogger and truly heavy-duty vehicle. Of course it has some disadvantages. There is no automatic lock or hand brake. The stroller price doesn’t include any accessories, we have to buy them separately. Check out my full review of this jogger!



Here is the description of BOB Revolution SE features and functions. This model is definitely multifunctional and will satisfy many parents!

Swivel front wheel

Front wheel can be set in two ways: swiveling for easier maneuverability or locked which gives you more stability. The front wheel has to be locked when you are jogging. But for riding through tight aisles in the shopping mall or narrow roads, where you need more maneuverability, the front wheel should be swiveling. This stroller can do a 360° turn in a very tight space!



Perfect suspension system provides your little passenger with smooth ride on all-type terrain. This stroller will work on bumpy grass, sandy beaches, park paths, cement, asphalt, snow, gravel, old and broken sidewalks, roads with cracks, pot holes and bumps from tree roots. The suspension handles those conditions very well (of course you have to make sure you locked the front wheel for more stability and traction). BOB SE is easy to steer and navigate, you can do it almost with one finger. This is very important for joggers, because we want to get tired of running, not pushing! Besides, it has good shock absorbers that make riding even on a gravel very smooth! Haley often knocked out after first mile of our ride. For jogging on wooded trails in the forest I prefer PRO 2016 though.


Large wheels

This stroller has air-filled tires and polymer wheels which are shock resistant and will work on the toughest terrain. It will handle even sandy beach (but remember that sand combined with salt water can be damaging to the wheel bearings and other metal components). Front wheel is 12” and the rear wheels are 16”. Large wheels gives you more distance between you and the stroller which is very comfortable for parents who, like my husband, are tall and have long legs. Air-filled tires mean you can get a flat, which can be quite annoying. But even if you get a flat it is not diffucult to fix it. You just need to replace the inner tube or go to the nearest bike shop and they will do it for you. To keep the tires filled, remember about adding some air once in a while. To check and fill the tires you can use normal bike pump.

Huge folding canopy

Great for protecting your child from rain, wind or sun. My Haley was very sensitive to the sun when she was little so this feature was very important when I was searching for the right pushchair. The canopy has five positions and can provide 125° range of coverage. It goes down pretty far, but not all the way down. Nevertheless, this will give your baby lot of shielding.


Canopy is equipped with big peek-a-boo window so you can keep an eye on you little passenger. Unfortunately the window closes with Velcro which for me is a little disadvantage because it’s quite noisy. Magnetic closure would be definitely better solution.

Reclining seat

There is very comfy and adjustable seat for increased driving comfort. It doesn’t go completely flat, but the angle is enough for comfortable napp. To recline the seat you just need to use two straps placed on both sides on the back. The seat is 14.5” wide and 23” high (from the top of the canopy to the bottom of the seat). I must admit the seat is pretty short and placed a little bit to high. I have no problem with the seat height, because I used this stroller only for couple months when my Haley was 7-11 month old. But I heard that some moms had problems like that when their 2y.o. were already too tall for this stroller and had to ride only with canopy folded.

The material is easy to wash, but should be cleaned with regular sponge and water with mild soap, since it’s not machine washable and you shouldn’t wash it with detergent.

Five-point harness

Soft padded safety belts will protect your baby from falling out. They are adjustable so you can set them properly to fit your baby. Release button is placed in the middle.


Foot-operated parking brake

This brake is located between rear wheels and lock both of them in place. It can be a little difficult to operate this brake while wearing flip-flops. There is no hand brake, so if you are running downhill, you may have less ability to stop the stroller only with the safety strap when it starts running away from you. For me it is the main reason I prefer PRO version.

Wrist strap

This model is equipped with a safety wrist strap which is attached to the handle bar. It will give you and your baby extra security is case the pushchair runs away from you during strolling or jogging.

One more thing, the handlebar has really soft padding. However, it is not adjustable. The handlebar is located 40” from the ground and its height can’t be change. Adjustable handle bar is very nice feature for parents of different height. I’m quite short and for me this handlebar was good, but my husband who is a foot taller than me (he’s 6’2”) and he found the handlebar little inconvenient. It was fine for light walking but pretty awkward to push for a long time. This was especially inconvenient with the safety strap being quite short.

Plenty storage

The stroller has a basket below the seat for your baby gear or your essentials, which is very big and easy to access. There are two additional pockets inside the seat and one big pocket on the back of the seat.



There is easy two-step folding and lighweight frame for convenient storage and transport. You have to use both hands to fold the stroller. It is pretty easy, but usually moms don’t have both hands free ;).There is no automatic lock and the stroller doesn’t stand on its own after folding. The dimensions of the folded stroller are: L 39” x W 25.5” x H 16”. It’s good that you can take the rear wheels off to make the stroller a little bit more compact and fit it into the car trunk. Still it does take up a decent amount of space, so if you plan to have huge shopping or to travel often and your car is small, you might have a problem with fitting it all in the trunk.


Weight and size 

BOB Revolution SE weighs 25 lbs which is quite heavy, but not that much for a jogger. It is 5.5 lbs lighter than PRO 2016 version. Still, it may be quite heavy to lift it up some stairs.

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Pros Cons
Swivel front wheel which can be locked No hand brake
Large pumped wheels for the toughest terrain No adjustable handlebar
Excellent suspension No one-hand folding
Huge adjustible canopy with peek-a-boo window No automatic lock
Reclining seat No extra accessories included
Safety features: five-point harness, wrist strap, parking brake
Plenty storage (three pockets and big basket)

Video review

Here you can watch a wideo with BOB Revolution SE review! It is a previous version, but very similar to the newest model.


Stroller type Jogging stroller
Stroller weight 25 lbs
Weight limit 70 lbs
Stroller dimensions 51.6’’ x 25.4’’ x 40’’ (LxWxH)
Folded dimensions 39’’ x 25.5’’ x 16’'
Handle bar height 40’’
Seat to canopy height 23’’

Available color versions

BOB Revolution SE is available in three colors: Black, Navy and Orange Fashion. Depending on the color the price of this stroller may be a little different. Here you can check out all of the color versions.


BOB Revolution SE has limited five-year warranty on the frame and limited one-year warranty on other components and fabric


There are many great accessories compatible with BOB Revolution SE stroller, but unfortunately not included in the set. You need to purchase them separately.

  • BOB 2016 Single Infant Car Seat Adapter – it will let you turn the jogger into the travel system. There are couple adapters on the market, so be sure you are buying the one compatible with your car sear.
  • BOB Single Snack Tray – I’m surprised this is not included in the stroller price. It is absolutely necessary for the baby to have it. There is a snak tray compatible with many BOB models: SE, CE, Sport Utility and Stroller Strides.
  • Adult console – this is another thing you need to buy separately because it doesn’t come with the stroller. It is equipped with two cup/bottle holders and a pocket between them. It is essential to have a place for a water bottle during jogging or stroll.
  • BOB Weather Shield – it will protect your baby from the rain and wind. The shield has a large window which is water resistant and let you keep an eye on your little one. I remember that few times during jogging with my baby it started to rain heavily but I kept the weather shield in the basket below the seat, just in case. It was very useful and easy to install.
  • BOB Sun Shield – it is designed to protect your baby from sun or flying insects. It gives baby extra shade, quite useful if the baby is sensitive to the sun.


BOB Revolution SE is good for jogging and every day use. Of course it can be little bulky in some situations since it is not the smallest vehicle on the market. But this stroller will handle shopping malls alleys, where the comfort and maneuverability is a key. It is the best for parents who want to start running with their young kids. It works perfectly for walks and rides through parks. BOB Revolution SE is a great off-road stroller!



Hello Moms! I am Zooey. I am a wife and a mother of three amazing kids: 3-year-old Haley and almost 1-year-old twins Jesse and Matthew. I am a jogger, cooker and blogger

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