UPPAbaby CRUZ Review (Updated 2017)

My rate of stroller:

uppababy-cruz-2UPPAbaby CRUZ is a small brother of the VISTA stroller. It is a standard and compact stroller with toddler seat that can be turn into a travel system, if you decide to purchase also an infant car seat.

UPPAbaby offers a Mesa Car Seat which can be attached to the frame in the same place as the seat, without any adapters!

CRUZ is also compatible with many other infant car seat brands, but you will need an adapter for them.

In this article I reviewed CRUZ 2017 and 2016. Both versions are pretty similar, but there are few upgrades in the newest version. If you would like to go straight to my UPPAbaby CRUZ 2017 review >>CLICK HERE<<

You can also continue reading and find out what features has the 2016 and 2017 versions!

Great thing about CRUZ is that the passenger can face parent or the surrounding and the seat is multi-position recline. The seat can be reclined with only one hand thanks to the wonderful system.

You just have to push one button to raise or lower the seat, instead of two straps which always require using two hands (and moms usually don’t have two free hands! :)). The same reclining system is in VISTA.

I must say that CRUZ and VISTA have many similar features, but there are few differences: CRUZ has smaller wheels and different suspension which makes it less easy to push than VISTA. And the latter one can be turned into a double or even tripple stroller with some extra gear.

What is included in the set

  • Frame made of aluminum alloy
  • Toddler seat
  • Rain and bug shields
  • Bumper bar



Let’s see what functions UPPAbaby CRUZ can offer your family!

UPPAbaby CRUZ Wheels

CRUZ has specially designed AirGo plastic wheels filled with foam. They provide cushioned ride and are very lightweight thanks to foam filling. This tires absorb shocks and never go flat!

Wheels in this stroller are much smaller than in VISTA version. The front ones are 7” and the rear ones are 8.5”. Maneuverability is not enough to go with CRUZ for rough terrain ride, but it’s good while strolling around the town, where the terrain is even.

The stroller rolls nicely and smoothly, but for turning you will need to use both hands (turning may be a little bit difficult because of the londer wheelbase). CRUZ handles pretty well grass and gravel, and the front wheels can be locked for more stability and easier pushing on tougher terrain.

This stroller doesn’t have typical suspension system like many other products, but the wheels are shock-absorbing and they provide comfort ride. For many moms foam tires are convenient feature, because they don’t require air-filling once in a while.



UPPAbaby CRUZ has extendable telescoping handlebar which makes this stroller short and tall parents friendly. The adjustment button is placed in the center of the handle so probably you will need two hand to do this.

The handle bar is covered with foam, expect for the adjustment button which is made of plastic. Similar, telescoping handlebar has also Bugaboo Donkey.



This model has multi-position recline toddler seat. To recline the seat we just need to push one button, so there’s no need for using both hands. It is very easy and convenient.

The seat can be reclined from completely upright to fully recline (but not completely flat, it is 27.8 degrees from the ground, still your baby will be able to take a nap during strolling). Your passenger can ride forwards of backwards.

The toddler seat itself can be used when baby has good head and neck control and up to 50 lbs and 40”. There is also a bumper bar to protect the baby from falling out of the stroller.


Great thing about CRUZ is that you can use it since day one with Infant SnugSeat which is a special pillow that gives your little one perfect neck and head support. The SnugSeat (sold separately) is to be installed in the toddler seat so you don’t have to buy another gear to use this stroller with a newborn.

Infant SnugSeat can be used from birth until the baby is 22 lbs. On the market there is a UPPAbaby CRUZ bassinet which you can purchase separately and turn the stroller into a pram (bassinet weight and height limit is 20 lbs and 25”).

UPPAbaby CRUZ travel system

You can also turn it into a travel system with MESA infant car seat (without any adapters!) or many other car seats which are compatible with CRUZ with an adapter.

Personally, I think MESA car seat is wonderful option because you can attach it without an adapter, so you don’t have to remeber to have another piece of gear with you everywhere you stroll. It really makes life easier.


Removing and changing the seat is very easy and can be done without any struggle. I am very small and short person and I did not have any problems doing this. After the seat is attached to the frame it is not moving or wobbling.

Notice that the newest model of CRUZ can be turned into a stroller for two kids. On the market there is a UPPAbaby CRUZ PiggyBack, which is an additional platform where the older child can stand during a stroll.

Leg and footrest

Both VISTA and CRUZ have adjustable many-position leg and footrest which is very unusual in this category of strollers. It is made of plastic therefore there is no problem to clean it.


The stroller has big extendable sun shade which you can adjust to your baby height. The canopy is equipped with SPF 50+ to protect your little passenger from harmful UV rays. When the canopy is fully open there is an extra ventilation.


It is also equipped with mesh peek-a-boo window that allows you to watch your passenger during the whole ride.



CRUZ has a parking brake oparated by foot. There is a one big red pedal in the middle of the back of the frame, close to the basket. The brake is easy to set and release even while wearing sandals.

Five-point harness

It is very easy to put on and take off the harness. Adjusting the shoulder height and crotch strap position is also very simple. Thanks to the adjustable crotch strap you will definitely find a good fit for your passenger. The release button is placed in the middle and also is easy to use.


UPPAbaby CRUZ has a large basket below the seat where you can keep your daily essentials up to 25 pounds! I’m sure it will be enough for bag of diapers, baby clothes, wipes, snacks, drinks, your bag and big shopping bag! VISTA version has even bigger basket with weight limit of 30 lbs.

This basket has very easy access from all sides, even the front. And what’s important – no matter what is the position (angle) of the seat, it is very easy to use the bin.



uppababy-cruz-foldedProducent says that CRUZ can be folded with only one hand, but actually it can be done only with two hand. But it’s still quick and easy two-step process.

You can fold it with the seat attached or without it. CRUZ has automatic lock and stands on its own when folded. Dimensions of the folded stroller are: 22” x 14.9” x 36.5”(WxHxL).

Unfolding also requires two hands and two steps and also is very easy. This pushchair is pretty simple for transporting.

For public transportation I recommend to not take off the seat (it is too much hassle), but transporting in a car trunk may require taking off the seat to make the stroller more compact.

Also setup is very easy and can be done in less than 10 (or even 5!) minutes.

Size and weight

CRUZ is smaller and tighter (22.25”) than VISTA and it weighs 21.5 lbs. CRUZ has a much lighter frame than VISTA, which weighs 5 lbs less!


UPPAbaby products are high-quality and CRUZ is an example of it. The material on the seat, canopy and basket is soft and can be easily cleaned with wipes or water with soap.

The bottom of the basket is made of plastic so it will retain its shape and won’t drop low when loaded with this 25 lbs. 🙂 The peek-a-boo window is made of mesh which is very easy to see through.

The frame is made of aluminum alloy and it weighs only a little above 14 lbs. Every piece of the stroller attaches well and the buggy is very sturdy. The design is simple but stylish.


The stroller comes with a rain cover and bug shield so your baby will be protected whatever weather and surrounding you choose for a stroll.


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Pros Cons
Lockable pivoting front wheel Small wheels not good for tough or uneven terrain (but great for city use)
Shocks absorbing plastic wheels that never go flat No suspension system
Extendable telescoping handlebar No parent and child tray, no cup holder included
Extendable and adjustable canopy with SPF 50+ and peek-a-boo window with silent magnetic closure
Reclining toddler seat
The stroller can be turned into a travel system, pram or stroller for two kids
Lightweight frame
Bug and rain shields included
Large basket below the seat with weight capacity of 25 lbs

UPPAbaby CRUZ Accessories

You can purchase separately child and parent tray and a cup holder.

I really like the cup holder because it attaches to the side of the frame. This place is really nice considering baby safety.

You can also purchase all of the accessories as a set. Click here to find out what is included!


Stroller type Standard stroller
Stroller weight Frame: 15 lbs, Seat: 6.5 lbs
Weight limit 50 lbs
Stroller dimensions 22.25” x 37'' x 39.5-42” (WxLxH)
Folded dimensions With the seat attached: 22” x 14” x 37” Without the seat: 22” x 12” x 37” (WxLxH)
Seat to canopy 20-22''
Handlebar height 39.5-42''

Car seats compatible with UPPAbaby CRUZ

This stroller can be used with MESA Car Seat. It attaches to the stroller frame in the same point as the seat and canopy (you have to take off the seat first, to attach other gear). MESA works without any adapters which is very convenient.

CRUZ is also compatible with many other infant car seat brands, that work with an adapter: Maxi-Cosi Mico, Mico AP, Mico NXT, Citi, Cabrio, CabrioFix, Nuna Pipa, Cybex Aton, Aton 2, Aton Q, Chicco Keyfit and Keyfit 30.

UPPAbaby CRUZ vs UPPAbaby VISTA – what are the differences?

I decided to compare VISTA and CRUZ, because these strollers have many similar features, but also couple of differences. CRUZ is smaller than VISTA so it is a better option for strolling around neighbourhood, taking baby to busy shops or restaurants and using public transportation. If you are deciding UPPAbaby VISTA vs CRUZ, here is the list of differences.

Weight Frame 20 lbs, Seat 7.5 lbs, Bassinet 8.4 lbs Frame 15 lbs, Seat 6.5 lbs
Size Unfolded: 26.5”W x 37”L x 39.5”H Folded with seat attached: 26.5”W x 14”L x 33”H Folded without seat attached: 26.5”W x 13.5”L x 33”H Unfolded: 22.25”W x 37”L x 39.5”H Folded with seat attached: 22”W x 14”L x 37”H Folded without seat attached: 22”W x 12”L x 37”H
Wheels Foam filled, rubber Plastic, filled with foam; smaller than VISTA
Suspension All-wheel suspension No suspension, only shock-absorbing wheels
Basket Weight limit up to 30 lbs Weight limit up to 25 lbs
Max. Numer of childer 3 (with additional accessories) 2 (with additional accesories)
Accessories included Frame, Bassinet, Bassinet bug shield, Bassinet storage bag, Toddler seat, Toddler seat rain and bug shields, Bumper bar. Frame, Toddler seat, Toddler seat rain and bug shield, Bumper bar.

If you like UPPAbaby products as much as I do, you can also take a look on my review of UPPAbaby G-LUXE lightweight stroller.

UPPAbaby CRUZ 2017 – features of the new version

UPPAbaby has released the new version of CRUZ, but actually it is pretty similar to the previous one. However, there are few upgrades, that are worth mentioning.

Dimensions CRUZ 2017 is 1.5′ shorter than 2016 version. Other dimensions and the weight remained the same.
Colors UPPAbaby CRUZ 2017 has new color versions: Sabrina (pink), Greory (graphite), Austin (green), Loic (white), Pascal (grey), Taylor (dark blue), Dennison (bordeaux), Jake (black fabric and frame).
Handlebar and bumper bar The newest version of CRUZ has upgraded handlebar and bumper bar. The new genuine leather bars are included in Austin, Hunter and Loic versions. We can also purchase separately these new leather covers for other color versions and models.
Fabrics The canopy is now made of new, woven fabric. This material is smoother and softer, and it won’t wrinkle as much as the fabric on the previous version. The sunshade has also the same UPF 50+ protection.
Canopy The canopy works better on UPPAbaby CRUZ 2017. Now it stays in places better, because it locks when we slide it up or down.
Wheels CRUZ 2017 has all new wheels. The stroller is equipped with never-flat PolyUrethane tires. There are lighter and more durable. Now we don’t have to worry about getting flat during strolls!

My UPPAbaby CRUZ 2017 review

With the toddler seat that is icluded in the set, we can use UPPAbaby CRUZ 2017 from 3 months to 50 lbs. We can also use this stroller for a newborn if we purchase additionally a bassinet or Infant SnugSeat.

This stroller is an amazing solution for parents who are looking a long-lasting, durable stroller, that will serve from day one till toddlerhood.  

Another great option of CRUZ is that we can turn it into a travel system, by using it with MESA infant car seat or any other car seat with an adapter.

Besides, UPPAbaby CRUZ 2017 has many advantages: the frame is very compact, toddler seat can be facing front or rear, there are four reclining positions and we can recline the seat with one hand!

The handlebar is telescoping extendable, the sunshade is adjustable, made of a soft material and has UPF 50+ to protect our little passenger from harmful sun rays. Folding the stroller is pretty simple, no matter if the seat is attached or not.

There is one more great thing about UPPAbaby CRUZ 2017: it has extra large basket under the seat with 25 lbs weight limit! I think every mom will love that feature!

”In my opinion UPPAbaby CRUZ 2017 is one of the greatest strollers on the market today.” ~ Zooey

To sum up…

UPPAbaby CRUZ is a great stroller for every day city use. It has many great features that everyone will find something for themselves. I find this stroller perfect for strolling around the city, it works great on the pavement, and with the large basket under the seat you can do shopping with it for weekly supplies for the whole family. 😀

If you purchase the SnugSeat or infant car seat you can use this stroller from newborn to toddlerhood. CRUZ offers high-quality, great features and amazing performance and it is a pleasure to use it.

It will meet almost any need you can have and it is definitely worth its price. If you are looking for a quality stroller that you will use mostly in the city and that will serve you for couple of years, UPPAbaby CRUZ is a great choice.



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