Top Rated Double Strollers

If you are expecting twins or already have two kids of a small age difference, you need a special double stroller. This type can accommodate two passengers at the same time. On the market there are two different kinds of double pushchairs: side-by-side and tandem versions. Let’s see what features they can offer and consider how to choose the best double stroller. Enjoy my top rated double strollers reviews!

Tandem double strollers

In tandem version one baby sits behind the other one or the kids can be facing each other. In some models the back seat is placed a little bit higher that the front one. This version is called stadium seat. Thanks to that kind of seating option both kids can explore surrounding during a stroll. Here you can see some photos of it.

Tandem stroller has the same width as a single stroller, but it is much longer. It makes going through curbs much more difficult. There is also one more disadvantage of this type: when we recline the front seat, the kid in the back seat has smaller space for legs.

Baby Jogger City Select with 2nd Seat


This type easily fits thru doorways or narrow spaces, because it is as wide as single stroller.

Folded tandem takes up only a little more space than single stroller.

Some models offers infant car seat compatibility for one or even both seats!


×It might be pretty difficult to steer, turn and get over curbs.

×Most tandem strollers are quite heavy and long which makes them hard to navigate for small parents. 

×Baby in the rear seat has smaller legroom, especially if we recline the front seat.

Side-by-side double strollers

In side-by-side stroller kids sit next to each other. This type is as long as a single strollers, but it is much wider. Nevertheless, I have never had any problems with going thru normal doorways or elevator. The width can be a problem when we are trying to fit into narrow shop alleys – it can be really difficult not to bump into any shelves or stands. However, I really like this type of double stroller., because I know seating next to each other is so much fun for the little passengers!

Personally, I prefer side-by-side than tandem version and I use it for 3 months now with my boys 🙂

Top Rated Double Strollers
Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double


Children have more contact and more fun when sitting next to each other.

This type goes thru curbs much better than tandem version.

Some models allows to swap a toddler seat for an infant car seat which is great option if we have two children of a similar age.


×If there’s a big weight difference between both kids, the stroller may pull to one side (I try this type with a 2-year old and 3-month old and I didn’t have that problems, but it may happen with a bigger age and weight difference). My advice: look for the most stable and sturdy model.

×I have never complained about fitting thru normal doorways, however the stroller’s width might sometimes cause some difficulties.

×Even folded side-by-side stroller takes up a lot of space.

Other features of double strollers

Both types of double strollers have similar features as single ones. They are equipped with canopies, foot-operated brakes, amortization and suspension system, they usually have pretty big wheels and they can be folded for convenient storage or transportation. There are also a lot of accessories for double strollers: weather and bug shields, cup holders, parent and children trays etc.

Remember that nowadays there are also infant car seat frames for twins! We can use them during first 6 or even 12 months for strolling with our little passengers. Excellent example of double stroller frame is Bugaboo Donkey Twin. I love it!

My favorite double strollers!

When it comes to standard side-by-side double strollers, I have two favorites: Baby Jogger 2016 City Mini Double and Baby Jogger 2016 City Mini GT Double (read my full review). Both strollers are very similar, but also have little differences.

They both have big canopies with UV 50+ protection. Each sun shade is individually adjustable and has two peek-a-boo windows. Seats also recline individually, so one passenger can sleep during riding and the other one can explore surroundings. These strollers provide excellent ventilation, thanks to vented seat tops. The best features of both strollers is probably their patented folding technology named fold™. To fold Baby Jogger City Mini Double and City Mini GT Double we just need to lift the straps and then the magic starts… The stroller folds itself! In my opinion this is the best folding system I’ve ever used. Both strollers have an automatic lock to keep closed position.

There are of course some differences between Baby Jogger City Mini Double and City Mini GT Double.

Baby Jogger City Mini Double Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double
Seat Weight Capacity 100lb 100lb
Stroller Weight 28.6lb 32.6lb
Ajustable Handlebar No Yes
Brake Type Foot-operated Hand-operated
All-terrain wheels No Yes

The best tandem for me is Baby Jogger City Select with 2nd Seat. This stroller will serve the whole family for many years, as it grows with children. It can be used with bassinets, infant car seats or normal toddler seats. Kids can seat facing each other, facing parent or forward.

This stroller is also eqipped with hand-operated parking brake and it folds itself thanks to amazing Quick-Fold Technology. It has also telescopic handlebar, large canopy with UV 50+ protection and peek-a-boo window. This stroller has front wheel suspension. Remember that it is not a jogger (although the name may suggest it).



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