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Mountain Buggy Duet Review

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As I become a mother of twins, I couldn’t resist to try Mountain Buggy Duet. This is a great side-by-side double stroller for everyday use. It’s perfect vehicle for families living in a city, but it also handles off-road trips!

Mountain Buggy Duet Reviews

I tested it on New York City streets and parks and country roads when we visited my family in North Carolina. Below you can read my full Mountain Buggy Duet review and find out what are the most important features of this stroller!

Mountain Buggy Duet is an investment for years. We can use it from day one till toddlerhood. It can be use with two infant car seats, two bassinets, two regular seats or one of each.

Most Important Advantage
+ Great and slim stroller for two kids, very easy to push and turn
Most Important Disadvantage
– It doesn’t come with convenience items
If your want a double stroller that is compact and easy to use like a single one – Mountain Buggy Duet is perfect for you!

This stroller is equipped with foot-operated brake which gives you and your passenger more safety and is very convenient to use when you are pushing pretty big weight of two children.

Mountain Buggy Duet Reviews
Mountain Buggy Duet is great for city use and off-road trips

Mountain Buggy Duet can be folded with one hand, and after folding it can stand on its own and has automatic frame lock.

Duet is suitable from newborn, thanks to compatibility with many car seat and option of attaching bassinet. The normal full-sized seat with many reclining positions make this vehicle also a great stroller for toddlers.

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I would like to start my Mountain Buggy Duet review by discussing few important features of this stroller.

Features of Mountain Buggy Duet


As for a double side-by-side stroller, Mountain Buggy Duet is really slim and narrow. It’s just 24.5” wide, so its wheel base isn’t wider than a single stroller.

Parents of twins don’t have to worry about fitting through doorways or elevators anymore. Thanks to that compact size this stroller is perfect for getting aroung city and shopping malls with two kids. It fits in narrow store alleys and  tight corners.

Mountain Buggy Duet is slim like a single stroller
Mountain Buggy Duet is as narrow as a single stroller


Mountain Buggy Duet - folded stroller
Mountain Buggy Duet – folded stroller

This buggy is eqipped with one hand folding. The stroller stands on its own when folded which simplifies storaging or transporting in a car trunk.

Folded stroller lies or stands on the wheels, therefore fabrics don’t touch the floor or the ground. When we fold the stroller properly we’ll hear “click” and we can be sure that the frame is locked automatically.

Folding is pretty simple, but it take some practice. Once you’ve got it it’s very easy and comfortable! It has only three steps and it’s quickly and doesn’t require bending all the way down.

After folding dimensions of this stroller are: 26″ x 17.5″ x 38″ (WxHxL).

Unfolding takes two steps and requires two hands, but it is also very easy process.

Maneuverability and ease of using

I was surprised when I took my sons for the first ride in this stroller. It’s so easy to push and turn, that I forgot it is a side-by-side double stroller! It’s very compact and pretty light (as for double buggy).

It handles city streets and old cracked sidewalks very well. Riding over curbs is also easy beacuse we don’t have to use so much force to lift the front wheels, as in many other double strollers.

I’ve read many Mountain Buggy Duet reviews written by other parents and they praise its multifunctionality. This stroller is not only great for city use, but we can count on it during off-road trips too!

Mountain Buggy Duet Reviews
Mountain Buggy Duet is truly all-terrain vehicle

In other Mountain Buggy Duet reviews parents mention also ease of use as a big advantage of this stroller. I totally agree with them. Maneuvering is very convenient, we can push this stroller literally with one hand.


The frame is made of lightweight, but high-quality aluminum. The tires are 10” and filled with air.


Mountain Buggy Duet has four 10” wheels. They have air-filled tires which perfectly absorb shocks and bumps. You can go through all kind of terrain and this buggy will provide you and your passengers with comfy ride!

Mountain Buggy Duet
Mountain Buggy Duet handles wooded trails

The wheels not only glide smoothly over flat surfaces, but also handle rougher terrain! I’ve pushed it over unpaved roads, gravel, grass and sand.

Remember to pump the tires every few weeks or months, depending on how often you use the stroller and the terrain you stroll over. To do that, you can use regular bike pump.

Seating options

Mountain Buggy Duet offers a variety of seating options. We can use this stroller since day one thanks to additional attachment, till toddlerhood with its regular seats.

Newborn twins – infant car seats

Mountain Buggy Duet with infant car seats
Mountain Buggy Duet with infant car seats

Mountain Buggy Duet is compatible with many car seats and can be turned into a travel system for one or two babies.

To use this stroller as an infrant car seat frame we just have to purchase proper adapter (for one or two car seats).

Duet is compatible for example with Maxi Cosi Mico, Graco Classic Connect, Chicco Keyfit and Peg Perego Primo Viaggio.

On the picture on the left you can see The Mountain Buggy Duet with two car seats attached.

Mountain Buggy Duet with bassinets
Mountain Buggy Duet with bassinets

Newborn twins – bassinets

We can also use this stroller with bassinets which is a great solution for parents who likes when their newborn children are riding in a flat position.

In my opinion bassinets are the best for strolling with newborns because they provide the best support for their delicate backs. However, it is little more difficult to transfer from the car and house, than when we use this stroller as a car seat frame.

I am a big fan of bassinets and prams and I’m very glad that Mountain Buggy Duet is compatible also with a carrycot.

Mono version with additional Joey basket

Mountain Buggy Duet for one baby
Mountain Buggy Duet – mono version for one baby

Mountain Buggy Duet is also a perfect choice for parents who have only one child but are planning to have bigger family very soon.

We can use Duet with one seat, and the other one replace with additional bag. Therefore we can transport this side-by-side double stroller into a single stroller with a lot of storage.

It is a great stroler for the first time parents, who are planning to have the second baby quickly after the first one. Bugaboo Donkey Twin offers similar solution of transfering double buggy into mono.

Newborn and toddler – car seat/bassinet and regular seat

Mountain Buggy Duet can be also use with two different seats which is a great option for parents who have children of a small age difference. For example we can install one car seat a a toddler seat, or a bassinet and toddler seat.

Parents of two kids of a small age difference can be sure about children’s safety. This side-by-side stroller is very stable. It doesn’t pull to the side and rolls in a straight line, even if one passenger is heavier than the other one.

Mountain Buggy Duet for infant and toddler
Mountain Buggy Duet can be used also for kids of different ages

My twins and 8 m.o. and their sister is 3 y.o. and average size and they love riding in this stroller. If your kids are about that size and age difference this stroller is an excellent option for you!

As you can see Mountain Buggy Duet is a convertible stroller and offers many seating options! This stroller is a perfect choice for parents who like flexibility and versatility!

Toddlers – Full-sized toddler seats

Mountain Buggy Duet - independently reclinging seats
Mountain Buggy Duet – independently reclinging seats

This stroller has two regular seats placed next to each other. The seats recline independently from a fully reclined position suitable for younger babies, to upright position perfect for older kids.

Although the producent says the seat is suitable for newborn, in my opinion we should start using it only when the baby has proper neck and head control and can sit straight.

It is because the seat doesn’t provide enough support for newborn head and back and doesn’t recline to completely flat position.

For infants I would recommend to use this stroller with attached infant car seats.

Separately adjustable seats are very useful features, because many times when one baby wants to nap, the other one wants to sit straight and watch surroundings.

This features is also very handy for parents of two children with a small age difference. They can go for a walk with their younger baby napping in a fully reclined seat and the older one sitting upright.

The seat back height is approximately 31 inches, which means this stroller will serve you for at least 3 or 4 years, depending on your baby’s height and weight.

Mountain Buggy Duet review
Mountain Buggy Duet

Some parents may worry whether their toddler will fit in this narrow seat. There is no need to worry about it! The seat is wide enough for my 3 year old daughter, even with a winter coat or fluffy blanket! I can easily fit my hands on each side.

There are also colored seat liners which are reversible so we can use them depending on our color preferences. During strolling something always spills out and thanks to this washable liners we can clean everything easily and fast. 🙂

This stroller has also a bumper bar (one for both seats) that opens like a gate. Thanks to it we can easily take our children in and out of the stroller.

Safety features

Mountain Buggy Duet provides not only comfortable, but also very safety ride. Here are some features that ensure your little ones are having safety cruise.


The 2016 version of this stroller is equipped with single action foot-operated brakes. They are easy to set and release.

Mountain Buggy Duet brakes
Mountain Buggy Duet brakes

The newest version, Mountain Buggy Duet V3 has an additional brake operated by hand. This one gives parent full control of the speed maneuvering. It’s very useful especially during strolling over hilly terrain.

Five-point harness

Each seat has a five-point harness with an unlock buckle in the middle. The buckle is easy to open for parents, but difficult enough for small children’s fingers.

Mountain Buggy Duet 5-point harness
Mountain Buggy Duet 5-point harness

The harness can be adjusted to passenger’s height and size. There is one adjustment for upper and lower straps. To change shoulder strap height we have to rethread the strap. There are three different height options. The only drowback is that the crotch strap is not adjustable.


Duet is equipped with adjuable handlebar. Its height range is: 31-42 inches from the ground, so it is suitable and comfortable to push for all-height parents.

Mountain Buggy Duet adjustable handlebar
Mountain Buggy Duet adjustable handlebar


Each seat is equipped with a canopy, adjustable separately. One great thing about this sunshades is nice size, mesh peek-a-boo window with toggle closure, placed on each of them. This window provides nice air flow. Canopies have also flip out visors. I only wish the canopies were bigger to provide better cover.

Mountain Buggy Duet
Mountain Buggy Duet has independently adjustable canopies

Storage basket

This stroller has a large underseat basket, that can accommodate up to 11 lbs. I could easily fit there a large bag of diapers, blanket, some snacks and drinks. The size is enough for a day trip!

Mountain Buggy Duet Review – Video

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Mountain Buggy Duet – Specification

Stroller type Double side-by-side
Stroller weight 32.4 lbs (33.2 lbs as a single)
Weight limit 40 lbs per seat
Suitable for Newborns (with infant car seat or carrycot) and toddlers (up to 4 y.o.)
Stroller dimensions (WxHxL) 24.5″ x 31-42″ x 45″
Folded stroller dimensions (WxHxL) 24.5″ x 17.5″ x 38″

You can also find some information about Mountain Buggy Duet specification and features on the brand’s official website.

Color versions

The 2016 version of Mountain Buggy Duet is available in 7 different colors: Black, Chili (red) Flint (grey), Ocean, Orange, Royal (blue) and Cyber (yellow). The newest 2017 version of this stroller – Mountain Buggy Duet V3 is available in 4 different colors: Grid, Marine, Black and Silver.

Want to see all of the color versions on Amazon? Check out Mountain Buggy Duet 2016 here and Mountain Buggy 2017 Duet V3 here!
Mountain Buggy Duet Review
The newest Mountain Buggy 2017 Duet V3

Pros and cons

My Mountain Buggy Duet review wouldn’t be complete without a discussion of advantages and disadvantages of this stroller. Check out my table with the most important pros and cons!

Pros Cons
Very easy to navigate, push and turn (with one hand!) – you won’t notice you are strolling with a double stroller. For some parents it might be pretty heavy and bulky after folding.
But which double stroller isn’t?! 🙂
Many seating option. We can use the stroller for one or two kids: twins or children of a small age difference.  Canopies are pretty small.
 Two independently reclining seats with bumper bar and washable liners.  There are no convenience items included (like cup holders and covers).
 Air-filled tires for flar surfaces and rougher terrain.
 Adjustable handlebar for parents of a different height.
It is a double stroller, but narrow as a single one, fits easily through doorways
After folding the stroller stands on its own and locks automatically

Mountain Buggy Duet Review Conclusion

If you are looking for a high-quality, convertible and versatile stroller for two kids (siblings or twins) Mountain Buggy Duet might be the perfect option for you! This stroller is great for everyday city use and off-road cruises.

Mountain Buggy Duet features recline seats and all-terrain wheels
Mountain Buggy Duet features reclining seats

Thanks to many seating options you can use this stroller for one or two babies, from day one till toddlerhood. This buggy is an investment for years: you can start strolling with an infant car seat or bassinet attached to the frame, then switch it for a full-sized regular seat for a toddler.

Even if we use this stroller for kids of a different age and weight, the stroller is still stable and doesn’t pull to one side. Mountain Buggy Duet provides not only a safety, but also very comfy ride!

Thanks to compact size parents can go shopping with this stroller and easily fit through narrow store alleys.

As I tried to show in my Mountain Buggy Duet review, I’m sure every parent will be pleased with this stroller functionality and it’s nice look!

Mountain Buggy Duet Review

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